19 Best Corporate Event Ideas in Las Vegas, NV

By: | Updated: October 02, 2023

Here is our list of the best corporate event ideas in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Corporate event ideas in Las Vegas are unique and exciting activities that strengthen teams while encouraging deeper relationships. For example, a Grand Canyon Tour, Slotzilla Zipline, or a Cirque Du Soleil show. The purpose of these activities is to reward hard work and to celebrate milestones in the entertainment city.

These ideas can work as conference entertainment or retreat activities. These activities are similar to Las Vegas company outings and team building ideas in Las Vegas.

This list includes:

  • corporate event ideas in Las Vegas for adults
  • outdoor corporate events in Las Vegas, NV
  • corporate party ideas in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • large group corporate event activities in Las Vegas
  • corporate conference ideas in Las Vegas

Let’s get started!

List of corporate event ideas in Las Vegas

If you are planning a corporate event in this unique city, then there are many exciting options. Whether you are looking for activities inside or outside or large groups or small, inspiring opportunities await. Here are the best ideas for corporate events in Las Vegas.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown (Top Choice)

Teams can enjoy an innovative team building experience with Ultimate Trivia Showdown! Participants will go head-to-head in this engaging and entertaining competition.

Ultimate Trivia Showdown features the following:

  • 90 minutes with a talented host
  • unique trivia questions in categories like history and pop culture
  • engaging games like The Champion Challenge and Smarty Pants Ultimate Trivia
  • exciting games, puzzles, and question rounds
  • optional trivia personalization for a customized experience

We will meet you at your chosen venue with any needed materials to keep planning simple. During this high-energy experience, each player will get the chance to shine.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. Mix n’ Mingle (Popular)

During Mix n’ Mingle, participants can have flourishing conversations and create lasting bonds. Rather than traditional networking techniques, our innovative experience uses new games and experiences to help start discussions.

Mix n’ Mingle includes the following:

  • a 90-minute session with an experienced host
  • icebreakers that spark in-depth conversations
  • engaging group discussions and challenges
  • diverse perspectives, shared interests, and common goals

To make party planning seamless, we will meet you at your chosen venue with all the needed supplies. Through Mix n’ Mingle, you can unlock the power of networking and expand your corporate circle.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

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3. The Great Guac Off™️ (Team Favorite)

Guacamole making competition

The Great Guac Off is a thrilling avocado-based experience that puts your team in a head-to-head competition! Teams will play mini-games and make their best guacamole recipes during this high-energy competition.

During The Great Guac Off, you can expect:

  • 90 minutes with an experienced facilitator
  • premium guacamole ingredients and dippers
  • an optional secret ingredient to spice up the competition
  • intriguing avocado facts, trivia, and mini-games
  • a competitive guacamole-making session

To make planning easy, we will bring all the necessary ingredients to your chosen venue. If you are interested, you can customize the trivia questions specifically for your organization. Be sure to check out The Great Guac Off to cultivate connections and boost teamwork!

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4. Sky Combat Ace

Sky Combat Ace offers thrilling flight experiences for both new and experienced flyers.

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Operation Recon: Perfect for the whole team, this option provides breathtaking views above the Las Vegas Strip while introducing you to the basics of airplane aerobatics.
  • The Afterburner: This experience allows you to dive into the world of aerobatics, ranging from basic maneuvers to more advanced techniques. Certified flight instructors will guide you.
  • Sky Combat: For those seeking the ultimate thrill, Sky Combat offers air-to-air combat scenarios. You take the reins and fly the plane under the guidance of a trained SCA fighter pilot.
  • Tailwheel Endorsement: If you are already a licensed pilot, then you can earn your tailwheel endorsement through their two-day or three-day course.
  • Upset Recovery Training: Learn how to regain control of an aircraft in flight with this training. Recovery training is a valuable skill for any pilot.

No matter which adventure you choose, you are in for a memorable day filled with excitement, learning, and incredible views of Las Vegas. Sky Combat Ace tailors their experiences to your comfort level, creating an unforgettable adventure.

Learn more about Sky Combat Ace.

5. Electric Vegas Rentals

Electric Vegas Rentals offers an exciting way to explore Las Vegas with their fleet of Electric Fun Utility Vehicles, or FUVs. These FUVs are electric vehicles designed for two passengers, capable of reaching speeds of up to 75 MPH and covering 100 city miles on a single charge. No special motorcycle skills are required to operate them.

Visitors can rent FUVs for two, four, or eight hours, allowing them to explore all that the city has to offer. For instance, drivers can cruise down the iconic Las Vegas Strip, visit the historic Hoover Dam, or enjoy the beautiful vistas of the Red Rock Canyon. Electric Vegas Rentals offers a fun and unique way to experience the city.

Learn more about Electric Vegas Rentals.

6. Lost Spirits Distillery

Lost Spirits is a rum-focused distillery that produces 19th-century style spirits by hand. Visitors can enjoy a tasting menu that features four rum flavors, like Cherry Bounce and Pineapple Rum. Additionally, Lost Spirits is more than just a distillery. This space features live shows by over 44 resident performers! Shows range from juggling to acrobatics to contortionists. Also, the space itself is interactive, as guests can walk through a maze of stages, lounges, and magical sets with drinks in hand. Teams interested in an upgraded experience can also purchase a fine-dining package called 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Diners will enjoy a 16-course tasting menu, featuring plenty of rum, of course! Larger teams can purchase a group booking, and tickets always include the rum tasting. For a one-of-a-kind distillery experience, be sure to check out Lost Spirits Distillery!

Learn more about Lost Spirits Distillery.

7. Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum

Fans of the supernatural will love adding Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum to their agendas. Zak Bagans hosts the acclaimed TV show Ghost Adventures, and this museum is a collection of his best original collectibles. The museum spans an impressive 11,000 square feet and is said to be haunted itself! Guests can explore over 30 unique rooms in this space filled with artifacts from Bagans’ travels. The exhibits themselves are haunted as well, like the staircase from Indiana’s “Demon House.” After the stairs’ installation, several contractors left the job and would not return. The museum has many other artifacts, like The Devil’s Rocking Chair, Lugosi’s Mirror, and Peggy the Doll. If that is not creepy enough, then your team can even go on a late-night flashlight ghost tour! During this 90-minute experience, visitors get full access to the museum at night, equipped with flashlights and paranormal equipment. To add a spooky element to your next corporate event, stop by this spot!

Learn more about Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum.

8. Blackout

Las Vegas has plenty of amazing dining experiences, and Blackout is no exception! This unique venue offers a delicious seven-course mystery meal for diners to enjoy. The only catch is the restaurant is in total darkness! Guests must eat their meals without seeing them. The purpose is to heighten diners’ senses and encourage them to focus more heavily on the food. The restaurant does not leave you alone in the dark, with servers equipped with night-vision goggles who guide you through the experience. After the meal, guests will then learn what they have been eating. Also, the team will ask about any food allergies before the meal so all attendees can eat dinner safely. Best of all, larger groups can book the space for a private event. You can have a whole new sensory experience at Blackout!

Learn more about Blackout.

9. minus5 Ice Bar

Las Vegas is in the middle of the Nevada desert, and it can get blisteringly hot. So consider taking your team to cool off at minus5 Ice Bar! This unique bar is made completely from ice, even the chairs and drinking glasses! The venue keeps the temperature to a brisk 23 degrees Fahrenheit. If you forgot to bring your coat, then the ice bar will equip you with gloves and a parka or coat. The bar includes rotating ice sculptures, an LED light show, and upbeat music, making the environment incredibly dynamic. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of specialty cocktails, many of them focused on vodka. Party planners can also contact the bar to book it for private events, making this among the top corporate event ideas in Las Vegas for adults. If you want to check out this spot, then you can stop by one of the three Las Vegas locations!

Learn more about minus5 Ice Bar.

10. Breathe Oxygen Bar

Las Vegas is home to many unique attractions, including oxygen bars! Breathe Oxygen Bar is a wellness bar that lets visitors breathe in 90% pure oxygen. The venue claims that breathing in this concentrated oxygen can improve energy, boost concentration, and relieve headaches. Visitors can belly up to this bar across The Strip and enjoy some fresh air. If your team is interested in even more self-care, then they can try out Breathe’s aqua massage. During this experience, waterjets give guests a full-body massage that soothes muscles. For a refreshing activity, swing by this spot!

Learn more about Breathe Oxygen Bar.

11. The Punk Rock Museum

Punk rock has been a driving musical force for over 45 years, and The Punk Rock Museum memorializes some of the genre’s best history and culture. Guests can enjoy the museum during a self-guided or guided tour. Among many artifacts, visitors will find punk rock fliers, photos, clothes, instruments, and artwork. Featured artifacts include FEAR’s saxophone and the Cro-Mags setlist for July 20 at Rock Hotel. Best of all, punk fans can play genuine guitars played by real punk bands like Rise Against and Sick of it All. The venue also features other attractions, like The Triple Down Bar and a tattoo shop. Be sure to rock out at this unique museum!

Learn more about The Punk Rock Museum.

12. Grand Canyon Tour

The Grand Canyon is one of the Natural Wonders of the World. This awe-inspiring natural phenomenon is one of the best outdoor corporate events in Las Vegas, NV. There are a variety of ways to experience the natural rock formations. Depending on your group size and budget, you can take in the sights in a helicopter, airplane, or bus tour. Plus, there are many hikes with varying difficulties to challenge participants while they experience this once-in-a-lifetime sight. Because The Grand Canyon is a drive from Vegas, plan a full-day trip.

Schedule a Grand Canyon tour.

13. Slotzilla Zipline

Everything in Las Vegas is a bit more exciting than in other places, including zip lines. In this one-of-a-kind thrill ride, participants get the chance to soar seven stories over historic Fremont Street. Flyers get to ride in a seated position and take in the classic sites of the original strip. For a more daring adventure, consider the Zoomline. This thrilling ride starts at an incredible 114 feet in the air, travels 1,750 feet down Freemont, and ends at the Golden Gate. Riders are in the prone, or “superhero” position, so they get a perfect view of everything beneath them.

Schedule a Slotzilla Zipline adventure.

14. SpeedVegas

If you have car lovers on your team, then there are no better corporate party ideas in Las Vegas, Nevada, than SpeedVegas. At this genuinely fast-paced event, you are sure to impress all levels of team members, from CEOs to interns. There is not a more exciting turn-key event than scheduling a day at this track. The experienced team at SpeedVegas will guide your group through instruction and driving. The day even includes hospitality and take-home gifts. You can choose between supercar driving, off-road jumping, and go-kart racing. Very few drivers would not love the chance to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Plan a group event at SpeedVegas.

15. Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil is one of the most classic large group corporate event activities in Las Vegas. This show, which began in the 1980s in a small town in Canada, has taken the world by storm. Cirque Du Soleil shows offer attendees a glimpse into the incredible and inspiring. Plus, with a wide variety of themes, your team is bound to find a show that interests the entire team. There are six shows to pick from, including Mad Apple at New York New York, The Beatles Love at Mirage, and KA at MGM Grand. Your team can experience artistic revolution at its finest. The acrobats in each of these shows will take your breath away.

Pick a Cirque Du Soleil show for your team.

16. Lost Games

It is no secret that escape rooms are some of the best ways to build up your team while developing essential skills for the office, like problem-solving and communication. Lost Games in Las Vegas takes this activity to another level. Your team will be stuck in a room and must solve a series of puzzles to escape. One of the most unique rooms at Lost Games is The Floor is Lava. This immersive deduction game is for 7 to 22 people. Players each have a role and are on one of two teams. Participants must work together to figure out who is on what team while eliminating the opposition. Whoever controls the most land in the end wins. The dedicated game masters ensure the events go smoothly. The rooms can accommodate up to 42 players, making this escape room one of the best corporate conference ideas in Las Vegas.

Schedule an escape room at Lost Games.

17. Springs Preserve

While many groups look for thrilling and exciting adventures, others prefer to take in nature. The Springs Preserve promises a little excitement with an intense dose of nature. The vision of a sustainable future is what drives this unique venue. On location, there is a museum, botanical garden, interpretive trail system, galleries, and scenic wetland habitat. Springs Preserve is conveniently located just three miles from downtown Las Vegas. This location is also on the National Register of Historic Places, meaning your team can experience one of the richest and most unique cultural institutions in Las Vegas.

Head out to Springs Preserve.

18. Kraft Mountain Loop

Taking your team hiking is a fantastic way to get the group outside and encourage physical activity. Whether you go for a simple walk in the neighborhood or head out to an awe-inspiring location like Kraft Mountain Loop, team members get a chance to clear their minds and feel refreshed. Hikes challenge teammates to push their limits and see what they can physically complete. Then, the group will bring this new mindset back to the office. Kraft Mountain Loop is just over three miles of moderately trafficked yet still breathtaking trails. Your team will see wildflowers and scenery during this moderate hike.

Learn more about Kraft Mountain Loop.

19. Battlefield Vegas

Host your next corporate event at Battlefield Vegas, the ultimate military experience. This unique venue offers everything you need, from banquet seating to a full bar to DJs to catering. If required, the staff can provide transportation from the strip in authentic Humvees. Your team will get the chance to shoot fully automatic weapons or crush a car in a tank in a safe environment while enjoying the Vegas skyline.

Reach out to Battlefield Vegas.


If you are looking for the best corporate event ideas in Las Vegas, then you thankfully do not have to look far, as there are thrilling and unique activities seemingly around every corner. Las Vegas is an exciting city that is much more than the strip tourists love visiting. The destination offers museums, racetracks, national landmarks, and scenic locations sure to entertain all ages and interests.

Next, check out these lists of ways to have fun at work with employees and company offsite ideas.

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FAQ: Corporate event ideas in Las Vegas, NV

Here are the answers to common questions about corporate event ideas in Las Vegas.

What are some ideas for corporate events in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is full of incredible ideas and locations for corporate events. For example, you can take your team to Springs Preserve to go on a nature hike, visit botanical gardens, and learn about sustainability.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in Las Vegas?

There are many ways to entertain attendees at corporate events in Las Vegas, depending on where you host the event. For example, you can take your team to drive supercars at SpeedVegas where the professional staff does all the work for you. Your team shows up and has the experience of a lifetime. Or, you can take your team to a Cirque Du Soleil show where the activity is all the entertainment anyone should need!

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