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79 Best Icebreaker Questions About Food For Work in 2024

You found our list of fun icebreaker questions about food.

Food icebreaker questions are simple and effective conversation prompts about eating. For example “What is your go-to dish for a potluck” or “What is something you didn’t like to eat as a kid that you do now?” The purpose of these questions is to make connections and maybe even get ideas for what foods to bring to the office as snacks!

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This list includes:

  • funny food icebreaker questions
  • interesting food icebreaker questions
  • food-themed would you rather questions
  • this or that questions about food
  • food preference icebreaker questions
  • have you ever food icebreaker questions
  • icebreaker questions about cooking

Let’s get to it!

Funny food icebreaker questions

  1. Have you ever pretended to like someone’s cooking? What was it?
  2. Tell us about the worst meal you ever made.
  3. Are you a dip-your-fries-in-your-shake kind of person or do you like to keep your salts and sweets separate?
  4. Is a hot dog a taco or a sandwich?
  5. Do you take a picture of your food at restaurants to post on social media?
  6. Which fruit or vegetable best describes you and why?
  7. What’s the last thing you ordered on a food delivery app?
  8. What is your ultimate fast food combination, pairing any and all places? For example, a crunchwrap supreme from Taco Bell and a side of curly fries from Arby’s

Interesting food icebreaker questions

  1. Name the best food to eat on a first date
  2. It’s midnight, what are you grabbing a snack?
  3. What is the first thing you drink when you wake up?
  4. What’s an uncommon combination of food you enjoy? For instance, pickles on a peanut butter sandwich
  5. What is one cuisine from around the world that you’ve always wanted to try?
  6. What is your comfort food?
  7. What is your most frequently ordered take-out place?
  8. What would you pack for a picnic?
  9. What is your go-to dish to bring for a potluck?
  10. Are you known for any of your meals? like “Priyanka’s bringing her famous chicken”?
  11. You get to pick someone to eat brunch with, dead or alive, fictional or historical. Who is it, and why?
  12. What is a food you think the group should try?

Food-themed would you rather questions

  1. Would you rather have to lose a night of sleep or not get to eat for a day?
  2. Would you rather eat something over-salted or under-salted?
  3. Would you rather hand chop or use a machine?
  4. Would you rather always cook your own food or never cook your own food?
  5. Would you rather have fruity desserts or chocolate?
  6. Would you rather live in a world without caffeine or live in a world with only raw foods?
  7. Would you rather live in a world with only raw food or only frozen food?
  8. You’re in charge of the world, would you rather we eat things from the sea or things from land for the rest of time?
  9. Would you rather have Dunkin or Starbucks?
  10. Would you rather have to eat all your meals with a spoon, a fork, or chopsticks?
  11. Who would you rather eat a meal from: Julia Child or Wolfgang Puck?
  12. Who would you rather eat a meal from: Gordon Ramsay or Ina Garten?
  13. Would you rather be a competitor on an episode of Chopped or Hell’s Kitchen?

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This or that questions about food

  1. Sweet potato fries or regular fries?
  2. Spicy or mild?
  3. Sweet or savory?
  4. Take out or dine out?
  5. Ketchup or mustard?
  6. Trader Joe’s or any other grocery store?
  7. Cooking the meal or cleaning up afterwards?
  8. Salad before or after your main meal?
  9. Plate of tiny tacos or plate of sushi rolls?
  10. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day or wait until lunch?
  11. Great British Bake Off or Iron Chef?
  12. Food truck or dine in?
  13. It costs extra, guacamole or queso?
  14. Appetizers or dessert out?

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Food preference icebreaker questions

  1. Do you like to combine foods on your plate or do you prefer to keep each food separate and eat one thing at a time?
  2. What is your favorite fruit candy flavor?
  3. What is something you didn’t like to eat as a kid that you do now?
  4. What is your least favorite ice cream flavor?
  5. You get to pick one type of junk food for the rest of your life. What are you picking?
  6. Favorite drive-thru?
  7. Favorite road trip snack?
  8. What is your favorite holiday-related meal?
  9. How do you like your eggs?
  10. What is your pickiest food preference?
  11. Is there a food you’d banish from the planet if you could?

Have you ever food icebreaker questions

  1. Have you ever passed something store bought off as homemade? What was it?
  2. Have you ever traveled to a place to have the authentic experience of tasting the food at its origin?
  3. Have you ever applied to be on a cooking show or competition?
  4. Have you ever filmed a food-related video for social media?
  5. Have you ever brought something to lunch as a kid that others thought was weird that you stand behind and are proud of? What was it?
  6. Have you ever cooked a meal for your pet?
  7. Have you ever eaten the same thing for every meal for longer than a week?

Icebreaker questions about cooking

  1. What is your go-to meal to cook when you don’t have any time?
  2. What is something you cannot cook well?
  3. Which do you do more: cook breakfast or grab-n-go breakfast? What do you make or grab?
  4. Do you have a go-to person you call for all cooking questions? Who?
  5. Do you prefer to bake or cook?
  6. Who was the first person who taught you how to cook?
  7. What was the first thing you learned how to cook?
  8. Is it true that food tastes better when someone else makes it?
  9. What is something you’re afraid to cook?
  10. What is your favorite cooking show?
  11. Do you have a favorite cookbook?
  12. What is an ingredient you add to every meal that’s not in the recipe?
  13. Biggest pet peeve about cooking for others?
  14. What is your favorite part of cooking for someone else? Cooking for yourself?

Final Thoughts

Questions about food are an easy conversation topic for work or social gatherings because everyone eats. Oftentimes food is a source of comfort, cultural expression, and discovery and a great place to find both commonalities and new facts about each other. We also use food to tell stories about who we are, where we come from, and how we celebrate or honor moments in life, so food is rich with possibilities for bonding. Spend five minutes getting to know someone’s Chipotle order and you’re BFFs. This activity is worth the time and increases connection within the workplace effectively.

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FAQ: Icebreakers about food

Here are answers to common questions about icebreakers about food.

What are some good food-themed icebreaker questions to ask coworkers?

Some good food-themed questions include:

  • “You get to pick one type of junk food for the rest of your life? What are you picking?”
  • “Which fruit or vegetable best describes you and why?”
  • “Would you rather live in a world without caffeine or live in a world with only raw foods?”
  • “How do you like your eggs?”
  • “What was the first thing you learned how to cook?”

These questions help facilitate conversations with coworkers that may reveal funny, sweet, or interesting facts that help everyone connect on a deeper level.

Why should you ask icebreaker questions about food?

You should ask icebreaker questions about food because food is a factor we all share and have a unique relationship with, and thus is an easy way to get to know coworkers. Whether you ask about the meal teammates grew up eating as a kid or favorite midnight snacks, you will understand who colleagues are as a people through these questions. The subject is also something we interact with everyday, much like your co-workers, so you can learn more about their preferences, allergies, and who on the team is the best baker. You may even inspire a coworker to bring fresh-baked cookies or world-famous homemade chili into the office, or to share a favorite brownie recipe!

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