128 Fun Have You Ever Questions for Work

By: | Updated: January 05, 2023

You found our list of the best have you ever questions for teams.

Have You Ever questions are fun prompts to get to know each other better and gain insight on your group members. This game involves participants holding up one hand and lowering one finger each time another player lists off a past behavior that they have done. Some versions of the game can get racy, however the Have You Ever inquiries on this list are clean and appropriate for work.

Have You Ever is a type of question game and these prompts can double as icebreaker questions. These sayings are similar to never have I ever questions.

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Here we go!

Funny have you ever questions

  1. Ghosted a group chat and responded way too late with a gif
  2. Started several books and not finished a single one
  3. Prank called someone
  4. Tried to get into the wrong car
  5. Gone to the store for one thing and left with anything but
  6. Seen a ghost and slept with all the lights on
  7. Turned your video off so you could lick your plate during a Zoom lunch
  8. Been relieved when you got someone’s voicemail instead of having to talk to a live person
  9. Sung a commercial jingle in the shower
  10. Hid the last of a snack so you would be the one to eat it
  11. Gotten into an argument over how to pronounce a word
  12. Imagined your wedding to a celebrity
  13. Drawn a mustache onto a photo in the newspaper
  14. Ordered takeout because you didn’t feel like doing the dishes
  15. Shouted out commands to characters in a horror movie

Have you ever questions for adults

  1. Gone out of your way to avoid a kid’s lemonade stand
  2. Used the hashtag #adulting in a serious way
  3. Gone on a trip with your best friend
  4. Dated someone you knew your friends hated
  5. Worn an adult onesie
  6. Given someone a fake phone number
  7. Started a podcast
  8. Had a crush on your friend’s parent or sibling as a kid
  9. Made a goal to learn a new language…and stuck through it?
  10. Bought a toy or game that you couldn’t have as a kid
  11. Pretended you liked a meal cooked by someone else
  12. Lied about your age
  13. Eaten ice cream as a meal
  14. Used the word “adulting”
  15. Actually redeemed a business loyalty rewards card
  16. Had a childhood phase that embarasses you now

Have you ever questions for friends

  1. Told your parents you were seeing a certain movie but snuck into a different one
  2. Gone roller skating at a roller rink
  3. Accidentally said “I love you” to someone
  4. Broken something at someone’s house and hid it
  5. Watched an entire series with someone long distance, hitting start at the same time
  6. Dated someone your parents hated
  7. Forgotten a friend’s birthday
  8. Lied to ditch plans so you could go to sleep early
  9. Worn the same clothes for a week straight
  10. Spent most of a party playing with the host’s pets
  11. Accidentally shown someone an embarrassing picture on your phone
  12. Walked around your house without pants when no one else was home
  13. “Cleaned” by shoving a mess into a closet

Have you ever questions for coworkers

  1. Unknowingly eaten someone else’s food out of the work refrigerator
  2. Asked a coworker to lunch that you barely knew
  3. Shown a lot of pictures of your kid/pet to coworkers unsolicitedly
  4. Say you’ll hang outside of work but always cancel
  5. Applied for a job at a company just to work with your best friend
  6. Been late because you couldn’t figure out what to wear
  7. Gotten a gym membership that you never used but still pay for
  8. Worked with a family member
  9. Had a dance party at work
  10. Taken a break to play with your pets while working from home
  11. Changed into nice clothes just for a Zoom meeting
  12. Played a prank on your boss
  13. Worked a really strange job
  14. Had a bizarre interaction with a client
  15. Gone to the bathroom to play on your phone

Clean have you ever questions

  1. Participated in a talent contest
  2. Collected something
  3. Built a fort
  4. Taken dance lessons
  5. Thanked someone who helped you get where you are today
  6. Thrown a surprise party
  7. Owned a telescope
  8. Won a snowball fight
  9. Waterskiid
  10. Taken a cruise
  11. Hosted a foreign exchange student
  12. Broken a record
  13. Been in the live audience of a film shooting
  14. Visited the grand canyon
  15. Been in a wedding party

Have you ever questions for students

  1. Seen someone eating alone and gone over to sit with them
  2. Been assigned a group project that you wound up doing by yourself
  3. Doodled while a teacher was talking
  4. Traded lunches at school with another student
  5. Not raised your hand when you knew the answer to a question
  6. Started a band
  7. Started a Dungeons and Dragons group
  8. Worn an outfit you were scared to wear but felt really powerful in
  9. Gotten on the wrong bus
  10. Decorated a friends locker
  11. Waited until the day of a quiz to study
  12. Played sick because you forgot to to an assignment
  13. Fallen asleep in class
  14. Made a project you were really proud of
  15. Accidentally called your teacher “mom”

Christmas have you ever questions

  1. Gone on vacation somewhere warm for Christmas
  2. Been the wrapping paper collector
  3. Gotten all your christmas shopping done before December
  4. Watched every Christmas episode of your favorite TV show
  5. Worn a sweater you thought was cute and someone thought it was your Ugly Christmas sweater
  6. Chopped down your own Christmas tree
  7. Burned or ruined Christmas dinner and ordered in
  8. Driven around neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights
  9. Grown up celebrating Christmas and another winter holiday
  10. Believed in Santa Claus
  11. Pulled off a christmas miracle/surprise that you were proud of
  12. Witnessed an engagement or proposed on Christmas

Icebreaker have you ever questions

  1. Had a “no technology day” where you were unreachable
  2. Gone to a concert of your favorite artist/band?
  3. Made your own bread
  4. Been a road trip solo
  5. Given a speech at a wedding
  6. Used the public library
  7. Completed a New York Times crossword puzzle solo
  8. Read an entire book in a day
  9. Given a fake name at a coffee establishment/reservation
  10. Made a bucket list
  11. Completed your New Year’s Resolutions
  12. Maintained a friendship since childhood
  13. Attended your high school reunion

Strange have you ever questions

  1. Stood in the Superman or Wonder Woman pose before entering a room
  2. Eaten a snack in your bag that you’re not sure how long it had been there
  3. Painted your dog’s toenails
  4. Gotten lost in a store as a kid and thought you were lost forever
  5. Forgotten to pick your kid up from somewhere
  6. Eaten a peanut butter and pickle sandwich
  7. Screamed into a pillow
  8. Learned an internet dance
  9. Had an argument with yourself
  10. Had a fridge drawer full of fast food sauce packets
  11. Looked at online house listings just for fun
  12. Lied about it being your birthday to try to score a freebie
  13. Met someone with the same name as you
  14. Gotten a really bad haircut

Final Thoughts

Have You Ever is one of the easiest and most well-known icebreakers. The game works from remote groups, big and small groups, and even groups who think they know each other well. The exercise could be a fun happy hour game after hours or a team bonding game for meetings. While some folks play the game in risque ways, there are many innocuous questions that keep the game fun and comfortable for all players. This exercise is great for uncovering fascinating facts about employees and creating common bonds with folks you never knew you had.

For more fun, check out guessing games and how well do you know me questions.

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FAQ: Have You Ever 

Here are answers to questions about have you ever.

How do you play have you ever?

The most standard way to play Have You Ever is for participants to raise five fingers, and lower one finger every time a statement applies. Other ways to play the game include, using yes or no signs and asking players to sit or stand accordingly. You can also play Have You  Ever virtually, either by sticking to the finger method, or by asking participants who have committed the action to keep their webcams on while folks who have never done the deed turn their webcams off.

What are some good have you ever questions to ask coworkers?

Some good Have Your Ever questions for work include:

  • Shown a lot of pictures of your kid/pet to coworkers unsolicitedly
  • Had a “no technology day” where you were unreachable
  • Used the public library
  • Gone to a concert of your favorite artist/band?
  • Unknowingly eaten someone else’s food out of the work refrigerator

These questions can reveal interesting insights about fellow team members and spark fun and spirited conversations.

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