15 Top HR Outsourcing Companies & Services

By: | Updated: December 12, 2023

You found our list of the best HR outsourcing companies.

HR outsourcing companies are third party vendors that offer human resource services to companies. These organizations offer functions like risk management, payroll, training onboarding, and talent acquisition. The purpose of these companies is to lend expertise, cut costs, and manage human resources needs and regulations for organizations that lack in-house HR departments.

These entities are similar to professional employer organizations. Businesses can also outsource human resources by using HR software and other methods learned at HR conferences.

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List of HR outsourcing companies

Here is a list of human resources outsourcing services to handle human capital needs in companies big or small.

1. Insperity

Ideal For: Growing and scaling companies, enterprises, organizations looking for full-service and full-scope HR

Insperity is one of the more popular enterprise HR outsourcing providers. The company covers the full spectrum of HR needs from recruitment to retirement, including bookkeeping, payroll, benefits, and insurance. Insperity has packages for companies as small as five or as large as five thousand. The company keeps HR systems organized and compliant and has a staff of HR consultants available at a moments’ notice to offer guidance.

Notable Offerings: Enterprise-level benefits packages, online HR hub with a wide array of features, designated HR specialists, virtual courses and coaching

Learn more about Insperity.

2. Oasis Outsourcing

Ideal For: Organizations that need help with payroll, especially in hospitality and professional services industries

Oasis is one of the most popular HR payroll outsourcing companies. This PEO is part of the Paychex software family and syncs with many accounting softwares. The company offers a 24/7 payroll portal for easy access, as well as a customizable calendar to run payroll. The platform regularly updates compliance tools to keep pace with changing regulations.

Beyond payroll, Oasis has tools to help train and retain employees, recruit and hire, and administer benefits.

Notable Offerings: HR Infrastructure development, compliance assistance, employee relationship coaching, growth & development plans, talent acquisition

Learn more about Oasis Outsourcing.

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3. Accenture HR

Ideal For: Companies that favor data-driven decisions & automation with a human touch

Accenture HR is a talent-focused HR outsourcing organization that emphasizes finding and developing the right employees. This service automates rote HR tasks like applicant tracking, attendance monitoring, and daily performance evaluation so that employers can focus on individualized employee coaching. The system is adaptive and responsive to change, identifying opportunities for improvement and enabling employers to adjust to meet shifting employee needs. Accenture HR’s databases can regularly compile reports that guide the organizational decision making process.

Notable Offerings: Combo AI-aided human service, talent acquisition and employee retention strategies, employee development, flexible HR delivery models

Learn more about Accenture HR.

4. CPEhr

Ideal For: Companies who want a choice between PEO, HRO, and selectable HR services

CPEhr is one of the more flexible HR outsourcing services. This provider offers multiple plan options that range from a-la-carte, use-it-as-you-need it HR, to full human capital management. CPEhr offers standard services such as benefits and payroll administration, policy development assistance, and risk management consulting. Meanwhile, the outsourcing company’s sister site, ModernHR provides webinars, training, and resources to help users develop into more knowledgeable and skilled human resource professionals.

Notable Offerings: Choice between PEO/HRO/a la carte services, OSHA-compliant safety trainings, certification and recertification assistance, management training, employee assistance programs

Learn more about CPEhr.

5. G&A Partners

Ideal For: Small businesses and scaling businesses, especially in health and skilled trade fields

G&A Partners is one of the best HR consulting services for small businesses with big plans. This provider caters primarily to companies hoping to grow and looking for an HR solution that scales to fit evolving organizational needs. G&A Partners provides stand outsourcing services such as safety consulting, small business payroll management, insurance and benefits distribution, performance management, and audit assistance. However, this PEO is tailored to be more industry specific, and can help employers in fields like healthcare and manufacturing find and recruit team members with particular areas of expertise, certifications, or experience.

Notable Offerings: Small business payroll, performance management consulting, online training portal, workplace safety assessment, client success advocates

Learn more about G&A Partners.

6. Bambee

Ideal For: Small to midsize companies that want to simulate the experience of having an in-house HR staff

While many other HR outsourcing companies substitute technology and software for human resources staff, Bambee’s approach centers around assigning dedicated HR professionals to organizations. Instead of reaching a different representative with every call, users have a direct line to a personal HR manager. These consultants are reachable by phone, email, or chat, and ready to offer guidance on matters like policy creation, hiring or termination, compensation review, conflict resolution, and performance management. Bambee hosts a digital library of policy templates as well as a dashboard for new policy formulation and implementation, and also offers handy tools like e-signing capabilities, an online paperwork portal, and a streamlined digital filing system.

Notable Offerings: Dedicated HR manager available by phone, email or chat, Sample HR Materials, user friendly and error reducing software platform, onboarding/termination/corrective action tools

Learn more about Bambee.

7. MSI Global Transformation Solutions

Ideal For: Remote companies, international companies, hybrid companies

MSI Global Transformation Solutions specializes in offering HR services to organizations with remote offices or international locations. This servicer guides companies through the nuances of tax, labor, and payroll regulations in different states or countries. The company also leads clients through hiring and immigration processes. MSI Global Transformation Solutions aims to simplify the setup of virtual and global operations and provide a centralized HR homebase for dispersed workforces.

Notable Offerings: International payroll and tax compliance, relocation services, immigration consulting, remote worker care

Learn more about MSI Global Transformation Solutions.

8. Globalization Partners

Ideal For: Companies with international locations or organizations looking to hire remote workers abroad

Globalization Partners is one of the better global HR outsourcing companies. This human resource outsourcer employs a staff of experts from around the world to ensure that organizations stay in compliance with national and local laws in different countries. Globalization Partners helps with onboarding, tax filing, as well as benefits and compensation. The in-country HR representatives serve as a readily reachable local point of contact for international employees, as well as guides to cultural norms and practices for locations abroad. Whether an employer has a sole international employee, a small satellite staff, or a new overseas office, this outsourcing partner offers HR solutions to navigate the divide effectively.

Notable Offerings: Operations in 100+ countries, interantional payroll & onboarding compliance, multi-time zone customer service, online library of resources

Learn more about Globalization Partners.

9. Aon Hewitt

Ideal For: Companies looking to reduce risk and increase psychological safety for employees

Aon Hewitt consults in areas of human capital management, risk, and reinsurance. The aim of the organization is to lessen volatility and increase profitability for clients. The company uses a data-analytics-driven approach to give companies insight on how best to minimize risk and improve efficiency. This servicer identifies opportunities for risk transfer to insurers that cover a variety of issues, and also assists with the claims process. Aon also offers a wide array of retirement and health options for organizations.

Notable Offerings: Claims advocacy, workforce resilience assessment, international retirement plans, global-level health insurance consulting, risk transfers for dozens of circumstances

Learn more about Aon Hewitt.

10. People Strategy

Ideal For: Small companies looking to attract big talent

People Strategy’s main mission is employee retention. The company offers a variety of features that help organizations find, develop, and keep talent. For example, by providing clients with an enterprise-level HR software suite that helps companies keep human resources functions organized and efficient. These tools include attendance tracking features, performance review functions, onboarding, and training. People Strategy also partners with a variety of other providers such as accountants, financial servicers, HR consultants, and associations. Their programming is customizable to the client and can help small and mid sized businesses offer employees benefits and services comparable with enterprises.

Notable Offerings: Employee benefits advisors, partnerships with supplementary organizations, human capital management software

Learn more about People Strategy.

11. Astron Solutions

Ideal For: Employers looking to boost employee engagement and retention

Astron Solutions is a talent management and HR consulting company with two decades of experience helping small and midsize businesses. The company’s software systems have mechanisms to trigger employee rewards, as well as performance reviews and compensation evaluations. These programs ensure that employees are not overlooked and get recognized and rewarded for good performance, thereby increasing the likelihood that these team members remain with the company. Astron Solutions can also help improve internal communications, and contains tools to disperse employee engagement surveys.

Notable Offerings: Web-based talent management, employee rewards and retention programs, employee engagement consulting

Learn more about Astron Solutions. For more ways to reward employees, check out this list of employee engagement software.

12. Alliant

Ideal For: Employers of all sizes who want to reduce risk, increase coverage, and build a customized benefits package

Alliant is a benefits broker that helps companies obtain health insurance and other employee perks and benefits for workers. The company aims to help companies control the costs associated with coverage and provide options that help organizations build personalized packages for their workforce. Alliant outsourcer seeks to streamline insurance and assistance so that all offerings funnel through one central channel. The platform is responsive to changes and can help keep employers current with emerging regulations or changing conditions.

Notable Offerings: Industry benefits benchmarking, healthcare analytics, voluntary benefits and supplementary insurance, healthcare regulation compliance,

Learn more about Alliant and check out this list of benefits administration software.

13. Acadia HR

Ideal For: Independent businesses looking to streamline HR functions

Acadia HR provides PEO, HRO, and payroll services for small and midsize companies. This HR outsourcer helps companies stay current on employment regulations and supporting documentation. Other solutions include payroll distribution and reporting and taxation. Acadia also helps employers design and implement hiring and onboarding processes, as well as draft company policies and procedures. The online portal is straightforward and intuitive and streamlines HR operations into one easy-to-access area for busy small business owners.

Notable Offerings: New hire management, secure web based portal, labor cost reporting, HR consultant expertise, internal policy drafting and documentation

Learn more about Acadia HR.

14. XcelHR

Ideal For: Growing small businesses

XcelHR doubles as a professional employer organization (PEO) and an administrative services organization (ASO.) By handling the more bureaucratic aspects of HR, this provider vows to help companies hire and retain talent, maximize profit, and supercharge growth. Services include a smart payroll system with accompanying reporting features, talent acquisition assistance, robust benefits programs, and HR consulting. XcelHR also boasts a world class information technology system that makes it easy to keep records, monitor staff lifecycles, and respond to audits.

Notable Offerings: “Connect” information system, employee coaching and development consulting, Fortune 500 level benefits, workplace safety assessments and assistance

Learn more about XcelHR.

15. Adecco

Ideal For: Companies with high employee turnover, organizations planning to scale, service-related industries

Adecco is a staffing group with locations across the world. The company specializes in temporary staffing and temp-to-hire situations, yet also facilitates direct hiring. The firm facilitates hiring and onboarding for both remote and in-person positions. Adecco has brand notoriety as a staffing agency, giving employees a more diverse and expansive candidate pool to pull from.

Adecco specializes mostly in blue collar industries but does dabble in white collar hiring as well. If this particular company does not service your field, then it still may be worth looking into contracting with a staffing agency to assist with recruitment and hiring.

Notable Offerings: Temporary staffing and direct hire, master vendor program, onsite management, recruitment/interviewing/onboarding assistance

Learn more about Adecco, and check out this list of applicant tracking systems.


Not every company needs or can afford an on-staff HR department. Human resources outsourcing companies provide a vital service to organizations who need human resources assistance. These HRservice providers can offer the full range of HR functions to companies too small to employ an in-house HR person, and can streamline human resource delivery for larger enterprises. These providers can also assist with more specialized HR fields such as international human capital management, benefits administration, and staffing or recruitment. Outsourcers can function as a supplement or substitute to traditional HR departments. Plus, since HR encompasses a wide range of areas and regulations change frequently, these consultants can help companies stay organized and compliant to shifting conditions.

Next, check out this guide to HR skills and competencies, our list of the best HR books, and this list of the best HR blogs.

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FAQ: HR outsourcing companies

Here are answers to common questions about HR outsourcing companies.

What are HR outsourcing companies?

HR outsourcing companies are third party vendors who handle human resource responsibilities for outside organizations. These servicers often handle jobs like recruiting and onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, and performance management. Contracting with an HR outsourcing company is often more cost-effective than staffing a full HR department, especially for smaller and midsize businesses. These providers can also help companies keep organized and compliant with numerous HR regulations, and offer expertise in specialized areas such as health insurance, labor rights, or international regulations.

How do HR outsourcing services work?

HR outsourcing companies serve as third party vendors that manage agreed-upon HR functions. The employer and the HRO enter into a deal determining a monthly fee for certain services. Then, the company sends employee information or employees self-report through an online portal, and the HRO coordinates human resources for the company. Many of these tasks are facilitated through the use of HR software, however outsourcing companies also tend to employ HR professionals on-staff to answer questions and help guide clients.

How much does HR outsourcing cost?

The cost of HR outsourcing companies varies based on the services provided and the number of employees involved. Services can range from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars a month, depending on the scope of the tasks. For smaller businesses, these fees are often less expensive than the costs of hiring, training, and retaining an HR director or department.

Another budget alternative to hiring in-house HR professionals is using HR software to automate basic human resources functions. In fact, many HR outsourcing companies use human resource technology to automate tasks and provide more cost-effective services to clients.

What should you consider when deciding whether to outsource HR?

When deciding whether to outsource HR, first compare the costs of traditional HR employees vs a third party vendor. Think about the amount of team members that will be involved with the system, and also consider plans to scale or grow the company. An in-house HR provider may not be able to keep pace with rapid growth. The fit of HR outsourcing also depends on how much control employers want to have over administrative functions and company culture. Leaders should factor in the long term goals of the company, decide which HR functions are most important, and find a servicer that is willing to work to build a package that caters to company needs.

What is the difference between PEO and HRO?

PEO, or professional employer organizations and HRO, or human resources outsourcing companies, tend to facilitate similar tasks. The main difference between the two types of servicers is the level of employer involvement. HROs tend to be more hands-on and tailored to organizations, and leaders have more control over the administration of services. Meanwhile, PEO’s tend to take over HR functions and handle the tasks without much employer input.

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