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44 Fun One Must Go Questions For Team Building in 2024

You found our list of the best One Must Go questions for work.

One Must Go is a game where players review three to four options and decide which one they can live without. You can play as individuals or teams. Examples of game questions include: One Must Go: Stevie Nicks, Beyonce, Dolly Parton, Aretha Franklin or One Must Go: showering, brushing your teeth, changing your socks, or brushing your hair. The purpose of this game is to encourage conversation and allow your team to get to know each other.

One Must Go prompts are subsets of question games and icebreaker questions. These questions are similar to This or That questions, Would You Rather questions, rapidfire questions, and poll questions.

This list includes:

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Here we go!

One best answer questions

  1. One must go:
    Your favorite outfit
    Your favorite morning beverage
    Your favorite meal
    Your favorite song
  2. One must go:
    Captain America
  3. One must go:
    4th of July
    Valentine’s Day
    New Year’s Eve
  4. One must go:
    Oatmeal cookie
    Chocolate chip cookie
    Ice sugar cookie
  5. One must go:
    Godfather Part II
    Gangs of New York

One has to go challenge questions

  1. One must go:
    Fuzzy blankets
  2. One must go:
    New York City
  3. One must go:
  4. One must go:
    Hoodies under blazers
    Low rise jeans
    Track suits
  5. One must go:
    Best friend
    Beloved pet

One’s gotta go questions

  1. One must go:
    The Bronx
  2. One must go:
    Daniel Craig
    Pierce Brosnan
    Sean Connery
    Roger Moore
  3. One must go:
    Blue Apron
    Hello Fresh
    Home Chef
  4. One must go:
    Ice cream
  5. One must go:
    Tik Tok

One must go questions for teams

  1. One must go:
    Scooby-Doo Gang
    Sherlock and Watson
    Mulder and Scully
    Stabler and Benson
  2. One must go:
    1995-96 Chicago Bulls
    2016-17 Golden State Warriors
    1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks
    1985-86 Boston Celtics
  3. One must go:
  4. One must go:
  5. One must go:
    Pride and Prejudice
    Little Women
    Anne of Green Gables
    Jane Eyre

One must go questions for remote workers

  1. One must go:
    Wearing comfy clothes
    Grabbing a midday nap
    Preparing an elaborate lunch
    Exercising whenever
  2. One must go:
    Blue Apron
    Hello Fresh
    Home Chef
  3. One must go:
    Forgetting your on mute
    Spotty internet
    Accidentally sharing your entire screen
    Getting stuck in a cat filter during an important virtual meeting
  4. One must go:
    Squid Game
    Schitts Creek
    The Great British Baking Show
    Abbot Elementary
  5. One must go:
    Lizzo’s “About Damn Time”
    Lizzo’s “Juice”
    Lizzo’s “Good as Hell”
    Lizzo’s “Grrrls”

One must go questions for work

  1. One must go:
    Invention of the wheel
    Invention of the printing press
    Invention of the internet
    Invention of the telephone
  2. One must go:
  3. One must go:
    Meeting that could have been an email
    Co-worker stealing your lunch
    Awkward Monday chit chat
    Office gossip
  4. One must go:
    Corralling the new interns
    Organizing the year end company party
    Realizing you had food in your teeth AFTER your presentation
    Submitting expense reports

Funny one must go questions

  1. One must go:
    Lip gloss
  2. One must go:
  3. One must go:
    Pumpkin Spice Latte
    Green Tea Creme Frappuccino
    Strawberry Açaí Refresher
    Toasted White Chocolate Mocha
  4. One must go:
    Your favorite craft beer
    Classic Martini
    Perfect Bloody Mary
    Fragrant glass of wine
  5. One must go:
    Grocery store sushi
    Shrink wrapped tuna sandwich
    Vending machine chips
    Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Hard one must go questions

  1. One must go:
    Dorothy Zbornak
    Blanche Devereaux
    Rose Nylund
    Sophia Petrillo
  2. One must go:
  3. One must go:
    Georgia O’Keefe
    Yayoi Kusama
    Frida Kahlo
    Artemisia Gentileschi
  4. One must go:
  5. One must go:
    Potato Chips
    Cheese doodles
    Pop corn

One must go questions for kids

  1. One must go:
    Captain America
  2. One must go:
  3. One must go:
    Sponge Bob Square Pants
    Steven Universe
    Gumball Watterson
    Twilight Sparkle
  4. One must go:
    Walk to school
    Parents drive you to school
    Take the bus
    Ride a bike
  5. One must go:
    Clean your room
    Empty the dishwasher
    Vacuum the entire house
    Mow the lawn

Final Thoughts

One Must Go is a great alternative to standard ice breakers. The game works well when bringing different teams together. One Must Go can jumpstart conversations around television shows, snacks, and company values. The activity also is great for introducing new staff members.

You can adapt One Must Go prompts to include company values. You can also introduce issues relating to company culture. When using the game mechanics to have deeper conversations start with lighter categories and allow staff to get comfortable with the format before introducing more serious topics.

For more fun games, check out Family Feud questions and who’s most likely to questions.

FAQ: One Must Go 

Here are answers to common questions about One Must Go.

What is One Must Go?

One Must Go is a game that is an excellent substitute for an icebreaker. The prompts force participants to choose which item from a list of related things must go. Questions can focus on pop culture phenomenons like fashion styles, or you can focus on topics like company values and culture. The game works especially well for newly formed teams or teams welcoming a new member or two.

How do you play One Must Go?

To play One Must Go, first, come up with a few lists of prompts. We like to organize our mini lists by theme. Having a theme ensures that the lists include items that are similar in value. If each choice brings something to the table, deciding which ‘must go’ is harder and more fun.

If playing as individuals, try starting with a few prepared prompts. You can pose each prompt to the group and open it up for discussion. You can also invite your staff to offer up their own One Must Go questions.

If your aim is to introduce team members that do not work together often try to play in smaller groups. You can treat it like a round-robin. Set a timer for each round and see how many prompts folks can get through in the allotted time. Then rotate, set the timer, and repeat.

What are some good One Must Go game questions to ask coworkers?

Some good One Must Go game questions to ask coworkers are:

  1. One must go:
    The 90s
    The 80s
    The 00s
    The 70s
  2. One must go:
    Dinner and dancing
    Bowling and beer
    Movie at home and snacks
    Go to bed early
  3. One must go:
    Walk to work
    Ride your bike
    Public transit

These questions are general in scope yet can reveal some intense options and result in fun discussion.

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