16 Best Online Drawing Games for Remote Teams

By: | Updated: February 26, 2024

Here is our list of the best online drawing games.

Online drawing games are virtual contests where players make sketches alongside other participants. These games sharpen participants’ brainstorming skills and promote communication. Examples include Skribbl, Drawception, and Drawaria. The purpose of these games is to connect with colleagues and other remote players in a fun way.

These games are similar to virtual Pictionary games, virtual games for team meetings, online family games, and virtual games to play on Zoom. Playing games at work helps improve employee satisfaction and boost morale and motivation.


This list includes:

  • online guess the drawing games
  • free online drawing games
  • online drawing games for Zoom
  • drawing apps

Let’s get to it!

List of online drawing games

Engaging in drawing games can improve participants’ communication skills. From Drawasaurus to Sketchful, here are fun virtual drawing games you can play with friends.

1. Skribbl.io

Skribbl is one of the most fun free games for drawing online. In this activity, a player chooses a word to draw. Then, other players try to guess what the drawing depicts. This game is a fun game to play for all group sizes.

Skribbl has a “private room” option for teams and can accommodate between two to 80 players at once. You can send an invite link to team members to join in this activity. You can also customize the number of rounds and the allocated time for guessing. Furthermore, at every round, each player gains points based on the speed and accuracy of their guessing. At the end of the matches, the winner is the participant with the highest points. If you are playing this game with your group, then you can prepare prizes for the top three players to make the experience more fun.

​Learn more about Skribbl.

2. Let’sdraw.it

Let’sdraw.it is a creative game featuring various multiplayer drawing activities. Examples include Draw Best, Draw Copy, and Guess n Draw. Draw Best is a drawing contest where players choose a word and draw. The player with the best pictures wins at the end of the game. On the other hand, Draw Copy allows you to recreate an image. Again, the player with the best copy of the picture wins. Finally, in Guess n Draw, the host draws pictures while the players guess the drawn image. You earn points by guessing correctly in this game. The player with the highest number of points wins.

This game is available in many languages, including English, Dutch, and French, to encourage players globally to participate. You can draw pictures in a public chat room or create a private space with your colleagues.

​Learn more about Let’sdraw.it.

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3. Panda Draw

Panda Draw is one of the best online drawing contests. You can build a private room for you and your team or play with random participants by joining an existing space. This game is quite easy to play. First, you pick a word from a selection of four words. After, you draw the word for other players in the room to guess. If all players guess the word correctly, then you score more points. In addition, the players earn points based on how fast they guess correctly.

Furthermore, the game contains various color pallets to make the drawing fun. Plus, you can purchase more colors with gems. The game also allows you to choose and personalize an animal avatar. Additionally, you can easily play the game online on your devices without downloading or installing the application.

​Learn more about Panda Draw.

4. Gartic.io

Gartic.io is a fun team-based online drawing and guessing game to play with friends. In this game, you can choose and personalize an avatar. You can select public rooms where you play against players from all over the world. You can also create a private room alone.

At every round, the game system selects players to draw. After a player draws, you must guess what the picture is. The first player to guess correctly and accumulate the most points wins. Another great feature of this game is the hint option. If an image seems too hard to guess, then you can hit the hint button to make the game easier. Additionally, this drawing activity features various themes, including animals and food. You can also create your own theme and play with your friends on your desktop or mobile devices.

This game is one of the most fun drawing apps for teams.

​Learn more about Gartic.io.

5. Drawize

Drawize is one of the simple yet fun online drawing games for adults. To play this game, a player chooses a word and tries to sketch it in a provided box. You can customize the words to your preference or utilize Drawize’s provided prompts. Other participants then try to guess the correct word. The first player to guess correctly will earn points. In the end, the player with the highest number of points wins.

You can invite team members to play by sending a room code or a link. Participants can play the game actively or watch other players passively via the “spectate” mode. Drawize is suitable for groups of up to 100 members.

​Learn more about Drawize.

6. Sketchful.io

Sketchful.io is one of the best guessing and drawing games to play online. At every round, you take turns as a guesser or an artist. As an artist, you will secretly receive words to draw, which other players must guess. If you are the first to guess accurately, then you win points. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins.

One of this game’s notable features is the color palette accessibility. You can easily choose from different colors to draw more detailed pictures. Various tools and brush sizes also make the experience more fun. Additionally, this game contains a public leaderboard where you can see your rank, including other players worldwide.

You can create private lobbies to play with your friends alone. If you want to play with other participants worldwide, then you can join existing rooms.

​Learn more about Sketchful.io.

7. Drawasaurus

Drawasaurus is one of the most online drawing games accessible for free. You can choose custom words and have participants sketch out the prompts. Players then try to guess the word from the drawing.

In this game, you can create a private room or join a public space to play with other participants worldwide. Additionally, a room can accommodate up to 16 players. You can also customize the timeframe for drawing and guessing for a maximum of two minutes. To invite players, copy and send the “invite link” to recipients. The best part is this game works on any browser.

​Learn more about Drawasaurus.

8. Partners in Pen

Partners in Pen is one of the best options for playing on Zoom. Generally, the game involves two teams exchanging words and using clues to guess the word. However, in this drawing variation, participants will use sketches as clues instead of words.

To play this game on Zoom:

  1. Divide your group into two teams of two.
  2. Split the players into breakout rooms if you have a larger group. There should be only two teams in each room.
  3. Instruct the first player on the first team to pick a secret word unknown to their partner and the opponents.
  4. The player should also give clues by drawing five images relating to the selected word.
  5. After, the opponents can try guessing the word through the clues.
  6. The opposing team earns a point if any of their players make a correct guess. Otherwise, the first player’s partner will take turns guessing the word.
  7. If the partner guesses correctly, then the first team wins a point.
  8. However, if none of the teams’ guesses are correct, then the round will end with zero points for both sides.

In the end, the team with the most points wins. If you are playing in more than one breakout room, then you can shuffle the team members regularly to encourage players to interact.

9. Draw Battle

Draw Battle is a fun and simple online drawing game. Participants will play in two teams, taking turns guessing and drawing the provided prompt. Also, each group requires two or more players. Each round of this game lasts for about 60 seconds. If you are not interested in playing, then you can join the game as a spectator or in streamer mode.

In the end, there will be a final drawdown game to determine the winning team. You can play this drawing game on a phone, computer, or tablet. Also, you can invite your friends to join your game by sending a link leading to your game directly.

Learn more about Draw Battle.​

10. Drawaria

Drawaria is one of the best online guess the drawing games with a multiplayer mode. The game also has a free drawing mode with an option to download your drawings to the online gallery. During a multiplayer game, each player takes turns drawing a word from the prompts while other participants guess. The first player to guess the word gets three points. On the other hand, the drawer will receive two points for the first correct answer given. The player with the most points wins the game.

Furthermore, the website displays a scoreboard showing the ranks of players with the most wins. You can access this game on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone through different sites, including Discord, Reddit, or Google.

​Learn more about Drawaria.

11. Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is an engaging online drawing game for adults. The game uses machine learning and a neural network that tries to guess what you are drawing. Then, the players try to doodle an object as close as possible to the prompt provided by the neural network. The prompts include simple ideas like a dog, camel, or carrot. Also, you score a point once the neural network recognizes your doodle as a match.

The game comes in a single-player mode only. Furthermore, you can play in different languages, from English to Spanish. Quick, Draw! attempts to improve how well a neural network can recognize doodlings. Your doodles will be public to help in machine learning research.

​Learn more about Quick, Draw!

12. Depict-it

Depict-it is one of the best online drawing contests where you can connect with friends. The fun game combines elements of Pictionary and Telephone. This multiplayer game requires a minimum of four players for the best experience. Each player will receive a text prompt to draw on the provided canvas. After, the AI will reveal the first player’s drawing to the second player. The latter will attempt to describe the drawing in text. The AI will then show the text the second player describes to the third player, who will try to draw the text.

This process continues until all players get a chance to participate. Also, each player must complete their drawing within a specified time. In the end, the players will get a view of the prompt progression and vote on which prompt is the funniest. The player with the most votes wins. You can play Depict-it online on a smartphone or tablet.

Learn more about ​Depict-it.

13. Gartic Show

Gartic Show is a fun drawing game open to different players globally to play simultaneously. You can challenge your audience to guess what you are drawing by live streaming your drawings to viewers. Also, the streamer can choose to draw their own word or a prompt generated on the site. Other participants can try guessing what the word is through a text chat. Each player will earn points based on how fast they guessed correctly. You can also customize the game to determine the time limit for a streamer to draw their prompt.

Furthermore, you can play this drawing game in several languages, including English, Spanish, and French. In addition, this game is great because you do not need advanced drawing skills to participate.

​Learn more about Gartic Show.

14. Drawception

Drawception is an excellent choice for playing with adults. In this multiplayer game, a player will receive a phrase like “flying sandwich” to draw. After, the AI will show the drawing to the second player, who will also attempt to write a descriptive phrase for that drawing. Similarly, the AI will display the descriptive word from the second player to the third player. The third player will attempt to draw the phrase. Notably, the players cannot write descriptive phrases in their drawings. The process continues until all participants guess a chance to draw a phrase or guess the drawing.

Also, each player has around ten minutes to complete their turns. In the end, you and the other players will get a complete illustration of your game featuring the drawings and phrases of each participant. You can enjoy this online drawing experience privately with your friends or generally with other players worldwide.

Learn more about Drawception. ​

15. Color Pixel Art Classic

Color Pixel Art Classic is a creative online drawing game developed by Crazy Games. This pixel-based game allows you to draw a replica of an object chosen from a selection of premade objects. Also, you must match the drawings with similar colors used in the original drawing.

The game features easy-to-draw images with a few color palettes. For a more challenging experience, you can also play the advanced drawings with more color palettes. You can drag the colors list from left to right to reveal additional colors. You can also zoom in to view the drawing canvas better. The best part is that Color Pixel Art Classic is available on mobile, desktop, or tablet view and requires no application installation.

​Learn more about Color Pixel Art Classic.

16. Speed Drawing Contest

The Speed Drawing Contest is among the most fun games for drawing on Zoom. The idea is to play Pictionary using Zoom’s whiteboard features.

To run this contest:

  1. Start a meeting on Zoom, and invite participants.
  2. Prepare a character or idea players will sketch.
  3. Read the contest’s rules to all participants.
  4. Depending on how long you want the experience to last, set a time limit for the activity.
  5. The idea is for each player to stretch the same character or idea three times. The player must complete the drawing within ten seconds for the first attempt, one minute for the second, and ten minutes for the third.
  6. Encourage players to share their screens so participants can view each other’s sketches.

Once time runs out, ask participants to take screenshots of their sketches in each round and send the images to the host. The host will display the drawings to the group while participants vote on the best sketch for each round. The participants with the most votes win.


Playing online drawing games is a fun and engaging way to connect with your friends remotely. The platforms also connect players from different parts of the world. These games are similar to Pictionary and are available in different variations. For instance, several games require the host to draw while other players guess the drawing. You will also find variations where the players guess the drawing or phrases suggested by prior players. These games are great for all ages. Also, you do not need advanced drawing skills to participate.

Next up, check out these lists of virtual games for Microsoft Teams, online team building games, and games to play with coworkers.

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FAQ: Online drawing games

Here are answers to questions about online drawing games.

What are online drawing games?

Online drawing games are games where players create art using online tools provided on the websites. These games come in different forms, from drawing and guessing to recreating a given image. Usually, players can easily access these games online through their mobile devices without installing the applications. Also, most of these games allow players to connect with other participants worldwide or with friends in a private room. The tools you can access on these online platforms include color palettes, varying brush sizes, and pencils.

What are the best games for drawing online?

The best games for drawing online include Drawception, Drawaria, and Skribbl. You can play these games for free on your mobile devices and desktops.

How do you play virtual drawing games?

To play virtual drawing games, first decide on the variation you prefer. Depending on your selected game, the activity can involve players taking turns to draw and guess the drawing. The game can also require players to recreate a given image. To choose a game, consider if you want to play with your friends alone or with other players worldwide. Many online drawing platforms allow you to create a private room and send an invitation link to your friends. The best part of virtual drawing games is that the activities require little to no cost. Additionally, if you are playing with your colleagues, then you can reserve prizes for the top players to make the experience more fun.

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