5 Printable Team Building Activities

By: | Updated: January 19, 2024

Here is our list of the best printable team building activities.

Printable team building activities are PDFs you can print to distribute to your team during events and meetings. Examples include get to know you Bingo and office party games bundle. The purpose of these activities is to help meeting facilitators run activities for colleagues to interact and connect.

This list is similar to printable escape room ideas, printable scavenger hunt templates, and team building templates.

This list includes:

  • printable team building exercises
  • printable team bonding exercises
  • printable team building activities for adults

Here we go!

List of printable team building activities

Printing team building activities helps organize your meetings and structure your events. Here is our list of the best team building activities you can print.

1. Office Party Games Bundle

Hosting an office party can be an intimidating task. Deciding what games to play can make or break the event. With this office party games bundle, you can download nine printable worksheets.

The games included are:

  • This or That
  • What’s On Your Phone?
  • Mind Match
  • Coworker Bingo
  • Find Someone Who
  • Who Knows the Boss Best?
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Most Likely To
  • Think Fast

Once you purchase this bundle, you can download it immediately and print it as many times as you would like. These printable team building exercises are perfect for networking events or meetings.

Download the office party games bundle.

2. Group Decision-Making

This group decision-making bundle turns the classic deserted island game on its head!

Your team can talk their way through three different survival scenarios, including:

  • Desert island
  • Fallout shelter
  • Space mission

During this 20-minute activity, players must collaborate to decide which items are essential to survive in their environment. This bundle includes detailed instruction sheets, item cards with cute images, and multiple rounds featuring different scenarios. With these printables, your team can make decisions more quickly and effectively than ever!

Learn more about the group decision-making pack.

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3. Conversation Starters

Icebreakers can be as simple as asking your colleague’s favorite food or band, but sometimes, you may need more conversation inspiration. To help you out, consider downloading this 80-pack of conversation starters!

Inside, you will find topics such as:

  • What do you spend too much time doing?
  • Do you believe in ghosts?
  • What’s one thing that has taken you a really long time to perfect?
  • What is your guilty pleasure TV show?

To use these questions for a team building exercise:

  1. Print and cut out the icebreaker questions.
  2. Pair participants into groups of two.
  3. Give each participant a small stack of cards.
  4. Let teams chat amongst themselves.
  5. To keep the activity rolling, collect the cards and redistribute the piles to different groups.

Conversation starters are some of the best printable team bonding exercises. Giving your team premade icebreaker cards takes the pressure off of small talk and allows them to focus on enjoying each other’s company.

Download the conversation starters pack.

4. Think Fast: Work Edition

To get employees’ blood pumping and brains moving on sluggish Monday mornings, try out this printable work edition of think fast!

Employees must think of three items in several categories, such as:

  • Pen brands
  • Happy hour spots
  • Items in your desk drawer

To make this Scattergories-type game more challenging, set a 90-second timer before the game starts. If you want to add additional Scattergories style to this worksheet, then do not count repeated answers. You can even award a prize to the employee who thinks of the most items!

Check out the think fast: work edition worksheet.

5. Get To Know You Bingo

Bingo is a classic team building activity, and with these printable team building activities for adults, your team can take their sheets on the go!

This template includes Bingo squares such as:

  • Does not have Instagram
  • Drives a red vehicle
  • Has been to Asia
  • Drinks their coffee black

Plus, you can edit these templates and customize the questions any way you would like! Get to know you Bingo is a great activity for new teams trying to connect.

Learn more about get to know you Bingo.


Printable team building activities make office team building easy. You can download the files, print them out, distribute the papers to workers, and have fun! You can incorporate these printouts into your next meeting, retreat, or team building event. Having printables available helps start conversations and encourage connections. The best part is most of these printouts are customizable, so you can add your own company flair!

Next, check out our lists of virtual team building activities, team building games, and indoor team building activities.

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FAQ: Printable team building activities

Here are answers to common questions about printable team building activities.

What are printable team building activities?

Printable team building activities are exercises you can download, print, and share with colleagues. Usually, these printables come in PDF form, and they are often customizable.

What are some good printable team building activities?

The best printable team building activities include the office party games bundle, group decision-making, and think fast: work edition.

How do you use printable activities for team building?

You can use these printables in a wide variety of team building events.

To use printable activities for team building:

  1. Go to the site with the downloads you are interested in.
  2. Purchase the documents and download them.
  3. If needed, customize the documents.
  4. Print out as many copies as needed.
  5. Pass the printables out to the team, and enjoy!

When using printable activities for your event, be sure to have plenty of working pens or pencils on hand so employees can fill out their sheets. Depending on the exercise, you can even collect the forms and display them, reuse them, or use them to inform future events!

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