18 Creative Sales Meeting Ideas to Motivate Your Team

By: | Updated: February 13, 2024

Here is our list of the best sales meeting ideas.

Sales meeting ideas are creative and innovative ways to host a meeting with your sales team. For example, conducting role-playing exercises, hosting lunch and learn sessions, and watching motivational videos together. These activities aim to create lively and energetic meetings that motivate your sales team.

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This list includes:

  • sales meeting team building activities
  • annual sales meeting ideas
  • daily sales meeting ideas
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  • sales training meeting games

Let’s get started!

List of sales meeting ideas

Sales meetings can be a fun way to catch up with your team while becoming motivated for the upcoming week. Here are a few ideas for sales meetings to energize your team.

1. Action-Packed Meeting Agenda

Preparing an agenda is one of the best daily sales meeting ideas to help you stay on track. A meeting agenda is a list of topics the team will cover during the meeting.

Here are a few topics to add to your sales meeting agenda:

  • Question of the day icebreaker
  • Top accomplishments of this week
  • Critical objectives for next week
  • Upcoming projects, assignments, and deadlines
  • Roundtable questions and feedback

Your agenda should serve as the main guide for the meeting. Preparing a plan ahead of time can help you ensure that your team stays on topic and uses the designated meeting time wisely.

2. “Sell Yourself” Icebreaker

If you are looking for fun sales meeting team building activities, then we recommend playing an icebreaker called “Sell Yourself.” The objective of this game is to describe yourself to teammates as if you were trying to sell your strongest features.


  • Hi team, my name is Jane Doe, and I am a sales associate at ABC Company.
  • I am a motivated and driven salesperson.
  • Last year, I was among the top ten sellers in my district.
  • I am a highly organized and efficient employee.
  • I can adapt easily to new environments.

Playing this game during a sales meeting allows employees to sharpen essential sales skills, such as storytelling and persuasion.

Here are more icebreaker games for small groups.

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3. Sales Role-Playing

Conducting a role-playing exercise is one of the best sales meeting team building activities. As part of this game, team members must work together to resolve issues in hypothetical scenarios.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Divide the team into multiple groups of two.
  2. In each group, assign each player the role of a seller or customer.
  3. Provide each group with one scenario. For example, selling a pen or persuading an uninterested customer.
  4. Give the teams 15 to 20 minutes to work on a role-play.
  5. Have each team perform their role-play in front of the larger group.

Role-playing exercises allow employees to act out scenarios they may encounter in the field. This game also provides teammates with practice in resolving these types of situations.

For similar activities, check out this list of improv games.

4. Elevator Pitch

One of the most insightful sales training meeting games is Elevator Pitch. This game allows employees to pitch the company in their own words. The objective of this game is to help team members practice their timed pitching skills, a critical competency for all salespeople.

As part of the Elevator Pitch activity, you should give employees 10 to 15 minutes to brainstorm. During that time, participants should develop a quick pitch describing the company. Once the brainstorming portion of the game is complete, each employee should receive 40 seconds to deliver their sales pitch to the rest of the team.

After each teammate has shared their pitch, the group can choose a winner based on the best content, delivery, and timeliness. We suggest giving away a valuable prize, such as a Starbucks gift card or an extra day of paid time off.

5. Team Tutorials

Sales teams are more effective when members learn from each other. We recommend having teammates share tutorials and guidance on their favorite tools and programs during the meeting.

For example, if one employee uses Mircosoft Excel to keep track of leads, then this teammate can share their tips and tricks with the group. Potential tips can include commands, shortcuts, and formulas for Excel.

Participating in a Team Tutorial activity can help educate the rest of the team on new tools and programs to use at work.

6. External Speaker Insights

To add variety to your sales meetings, we recommend bringing an industry expert to speak with your team. External speakers should share stories and insights related to their careers and experiences in the sales field.

Bringing in an outside party to lead a group discussion can be beneficial in providing your team with a new outlook on sales topics like pitching, persuasion, and rejection. Plus, your team may be more receptive to hearing advice from an outsider rather than their manager.

Check out this list of virtual keynote speakers.

7. Motivational Video Watch Party

If you have any visual learners on your team, then we recommend hosting a Motivational Video Watch Party. To prepare for this activity, you should ask all team members to share their favorite motivational videos ahead of time. Motivational videos can include TED Talks, university speeches, or movie scenes. For this exercise, the videos do not have to be directly related to sales. Instead, the focus of the videos should be motivational and inspirational words that can positively impact your team members.

Depending on how many videos you receive, we suggest choosing one or two videos to begin each meeting. You can also create a library of motivational videos for team members to reference at their leisure.

8. Annual Goal-Setting

Goal setting is one of the best annual sales meeting ideas to kick off the year. For this activity, we recommend sitting down as a team to go over goals for the upcoming year.

For example:

  • Increase the total number of yearly sales
  • Improve customer satisfaction rates
  • Reduce our number of negative reviews
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost
  • Increase marketing tactics to bring in new customers
  • Invest in the team’s professional development

In addition, your team should list small actions each member can take toward achieving these goals. For example, if you want to increase marketing tactics, your team can create a social media campaign that showcases positive customer testimonials and success stories. These positive stories from past clients can help bring in a new set of customers.

Annual goal setting is an ideal exercise to help get your team in a positive and motivated mindset for the upcoming year.

Here is a list of goal-setting activities.

9. Employee of the Week

During your next sales meeting, we recommend dedicating a few minutes to a weekly employee spotlight. We suggest spotlighting one team member who can serve as the “Employee of the Week.” The chosen teammate should share weekly highlights, such as reaching the monthly sales goals. In addition, the Employee of the Week can also share their top inspirations or any lessons learned from the past week.

The Employee of the Week exercise is a fun sales meeting activity that will make your team members feel special.

Similarly, here is a list of employee of the month ideas.

10. Lunch and Learn

We suggest hosting a Lunch and Learn session at your next sales meeting to help employees build crucial sales skills. To host a Lunch and Learn session, you should put together activities and courses aimed at skill-building. For example, you can bring in a speaker from a different department to share unique perspectives and insights on a topic, such as best practices for customer service.

Lunch and Learns are a great way to help your team build core skills in a fun and innovative way. Potential topics for a Lunch and Learn workshop include marketing, persuasion, customer service, effective communication, and resilience.

Check out this list of virtual lunch and learn ideas.

11. Product Demos

Salespeople should be experts on the products and services that they sell. Therefore, a product demo is one of the most beneficial sales team meeting ideas. These events are in-depth presentations demonstrating a specific product or service and its features.

For this meeting activity, we recommend inviting an employee from your product team who can speak about the importance of a specific offering. It would help if you encouraged your sales team to take notes during the product demo. By the end of the session, your team should walk away with an idea of how they can better sell products to prospective customers and clients.

12. Roundtable Accomplishments

During your sales meeting, you should allow time for each team member to share their thoughts, feedback, and any highlights from their week. Then, before closing out the next meeting, we recommend participating in Roundtable Accomplishments.

Roundtable Accomplishments is an exercise where you go around the room and let each teammate share their top accomplishments for the week.

Examples include:

  • Cold-called 15+ potential customers daily
  • Closed 20% of deals from cold-calling clients
  • Sent 20+ daily emails to potential clients
  • Scheduled intake calls with 25 potential customers
  • Saved an average of $500 for the company
  • Created and implemented five process efficiencies for the entire team

Giving team members time to share their weekly accomplishments is a great way to end the meeting on a high note. Plus, the Roundtable Accomplishments exercise allows teammates to celebrate each other’s success.

13. High Achiever Hall of Fame

One of the most inspirational sales team meeting ideas is recognizing the team’s highest achievers. We suggest creating a High Achiever Hall of Fame during your monthly team meeting. As part of this activity, you should recognize the highest achievers on your team for their hard work and dedication.

High achievers are employees who go above and beyond in reaching sales goals and acting as role models. You can recognize these top employees monthly with a few kind words and a small token of appreciation, such as a trophy or medal. Also, remember to thank these employees for being exceptional team members.

Creating a culture of recognition allows employees to feel excited about reaching milestones and achieving success. Plus, this exercise can motivate the rest of your team to work hard and achieve goals to gain recognition at the next meeting.

14. Collaborative Brainstorming

If you are looking for daily sales meeting ideas, then we recommend hosting a Collaborative Brainstorming session with your team. For this exercise, you should dedicate 10 to 15 minutes of the meeting to brainstorm new strategies for your sales team. For example, if cold calling clients is not working well, your team might devise a solution to prioritize emails over phone calls.

Collaborative Brainstorming allows each team member to share their insights while improving key processes at the company.

15. Employee Skill Planning

Sales employees should constantly search for ways to sharpen their skills. We recommend incorporating a skill planning activity into your next team meeting to help employees work on their professional development plan. A skills plan is a list of skills that an employee would like to develop or improve. The skills plan should also include actionable steps that an employee can take to work on achieving these development goals.

For example, you may have an employee who would like to improve their communication skills.

Example actions to add to the skill plan:

  • Take an online course on effective communication
  • Set up weekly one-on-one meetings with teammates
  • Read a self-help book on communicating

Creating a list of skill goals and a plan to develop these skills is an effective way for employees to grow personally and professionally. Not to mention, Employee Skill Planning is a great sales meeting activity that can motivate and inspire your team to improve.

16. Focused Coworking Session

If your team is responsible for delivering a project on a tight deadline, then we recommend designating some time to work on this initiative during your meeting. Working on a project together is a great way to get all teammates involved and engaged.

To host a successful Focused Coworking Session, you should notify employees ahead of time. Before the meeting, we recommend sending a note sharing which project the team will work on together. This heads-up allows employees to come to the call with ideas and suggestions.

Hosting a working session with your team can help promote teamwork and collaboration while ensuring that your team delivers the project on time.

17. Team Poll

If you are looking for ways to collect feedback and insights from your team quickly, then you should consider bringing a Team Poll to your next meeting. A team poll is a quick questionnaire soliciting all team members’ feedback and responses.

In your poll, you can include questions like:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you as an employee at our company?
  • Are there any specific areas where the leadership team can improve?
  • Do you feel like you are supported at work?
  • What two to three topics would you like us to discuss at the next meeting?
  • Are there any changes you would make to the meeting agenda?

A Team Poll is the quickest way to gather your team’s thoughts on specific topics. In addition, your employees’ responses can help you decide on areas of improvement to increase employee satisfaction.

Check out these lists of poll questions and employee engagement survey questions.

18. Meeting Minutes

One of the most important sales meeting ideas is to take notes throughout your meeting. Meeting notes should capture all topics and insights shared by your team. We suggest using your agenda as a starting point when putting together meeting notes. Then, you can fill in the document with specific action items, feedback, and takeaways from the day’s meeting.

Meeting notes can help all team members refresh their minds on key topics and insights. These notes will also serve as a recap for team members who could not attend.


Sales meetings are a great time to bring your team together to discuss goals, progress, and company updates. However, sticking to the same meeting format can become tiring for some employees. We recommend adding variety to your meetings through activities like team building exercises, role-playing games, and product demos.

Finding different activities to make your meeting fun is a creative way to keep employees engaged and motivated. Plus, your team members will surely appreciate the element of surprise each time they attend a sales meeting.

For more tips, check out these lists of sales books and negotiation books, and this guide to customer appreciation day.

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FAQ: Sales meeting ideas

Here are answers to questions about sales meeting ideas.

What are sales meetings?

Sales meetings are forums for discussion in which all sales team members gather together. During this meeting, the team may discuss important projects, sales goals, progress, policy changes, or new products and services. Most sales meetings are recurring daily, weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly.

What are some good activities for sales meetings?

Incorporating various activities is the best way to keep employees engaged at a sales meeting. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Role-Playing Exercises
  • Lunch and Learn Sessions
  • Goal-Setting activities
  • Roundtable Accomplishments
  • Team Polls

Adding different games and activities to your meeting can make the entire group more interactive and exciting.

How do you make sales meetings motivating?

Building motivation among sales teams is important because happy employees can positively impact your company. There are many ways to make your sales meetings motivating, such as:

  • Sharing inspirational quotes with each other
  • Watching motivational videos together
  • Sharing top accomplishments of the week
  • Reading positive customer testimonials and reviews
  • Participating in team building exercises

One of the best ways to build motivation is by first building trust among your team. In addition to participating in motivational activities, we recommend asking team members for feedback on leadership, processes, and responsibilities.

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