19 Team Building Ideas for Sales Teams

By: | Updated: February 26, 2024

Here is our list of the best team building ideas for sales teams.

Team building ideas for sales teams are activities and exercises that help the salespersons work efficiently. These activities strengthen relationships among salespersons and build trust. Examples include trivia events, scavenger hunts, personality tests, etc. The purpose of these activities is to create a fun and engaging environment and boost the morale of the salespersons so that they can communicate and interact better.

These ideas are examples of team building games and team exercises and are similar to sales meeting activities and sales games.


This list includes:

  • motivational activities for sales teams
  • team building ideas for salespeople
  • fun sales team meeting ideas
  • sales team building strategies
  • sales team building games

So, let’s get started!

List of team building ideas for sales teams

Team building activities are also beneficial for the sales team and the organization. If you want to build great sales teams, then here is our list of team bonding ideas for sales teams.

1. Trivia Events

A trivia event is a fun idea to build a good relationship among your sales team. The trivia can be online and in-person, depending on the work environment. Asking questions and letting the participants use their brains can boost morale and help the employees collaborate. Plus, since sales folks tend to enjoy friendly rivalry, this collaborative yet competitive activity is a great choice.

Here is how you can conduct a trivia event in the office:

  1. Break the salespersons into two or more teams.
  2. Plan topics and questions beforehand. You can also break it into different categories. It is better to choose topics that spark the interests of your sales team.
  3. Ask questions and let the teams answer them.
  4. Make sure to record the score.
  5. Reward the team that wins at the end.

A trivia event can boost your sales team’s thinking skills and confidence and offer them a short break from work.

2. Escape Rooms

An escape room activity is among the best sales team building games because it involves tasks similar to typical sales duties and can help sales team members polish their thinking and problem-solving skills.

An escape room includes puzzles and gives clues that players must solve to break out of the space within the time limit. An escape room can be an excellent way for employees to develop a unique bond when playing in groups. The exercise will also boost teammates’ creativity and problem-solving powers.

You can find escape rooms in your area by doing quick online research.

However, companies with remote teams can also opt for virtual escape rooms to keep the fun alive!

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3. Scavenger Hunts

In a scavenger hunt, the players complete tasks or solve clues and work their way to an end.

Scavenger hunt comes in various categories and themes. However, it is better to choose a theme that suits the interests of your salespersons. The players will solve the clues in groups to collaborate and develop healthy and cooperative relationships.

You can play this game in the city or any location that suits the theme. You can also keep a record of the game and the location of the players by using Badger Maps.

4. The Egg Drop

The egg drop game can help enhance and explain the sales team building strategies to your salespersons. The egg drop game seems simple but requires critical thinking and planning.

You will have to divide your sales team into groups. Then, give each team some straws and masking tape, and ask them to build a structure that prevents the egg from breaking when dropped from a height.

The teams will think strategically, make the structure, and present it while explaining how it will protect the egg.

5. Mine Field

The purpose of the mine field game is to build trust among sales teams. Such fun sales team meeting ideas and activities also keep the players engaged.

The mine field game consists of a team in which one player is blindfolded and has to pass through obstacles, like chairs, tables, and the other players guide teammates through crossing the obstacles and reaching the end of the course.

The participants will develop a sense of trust by playing this game, which will be a source of team building. Instead of competing in the workplace, the employees will work together and help others build a strong foundation.

6. Personality Tests

Personality tests are an excellent example of sales team building ideas for salespeople. These quizzes develop a good relationship and understanding among the employees. Although the participants will solve the questions independently, they can share the results at the activity’s end to help coworkers learn more about each other.

16personalities offers a free personality test with fun questions. The test also summarizes your personality and traits at the end. The best thing about personality tests is that remote sales teams can also solve them and know more about their coworkers.

Check out more personality tests for teams.

7. Sell It To Me

The “sell it to me” game can help you achieve your goal if you are looking for motivational activities for sales teams. The game is similar to the work of salespersons, and it will polish employees’ pitching skills.

You can make groups of your sales team and ask one team to sell any random object to another in one minute. Be sure to let the other team decide on the item to sell. It can be a small object like a pen, book, or mat, or larger and expensive items like a camera, mobile phone, office chair, etc. The team that comes up with the best sales pitch wins.

8. Adventure Sports

Hiking is a great idea to place your sales teams into new environments. Instead of playing games and activities in the office, you can plan adventure sports for your sales team. Hiking into the woods or mountains will give a sense of peace to your employees and help them get out of their mundane routines. Plus, the change of scenery will help the team adapt to new environments and adopt new perspectives, which can make team members better salespeople.

Spending time with nature will also freshen up the minds of your sales team and improve their physical and mental health, which is a sure way of boosting their morale.

9. Two Truths And One Lie

Playing “two truths and one lie” will build communication and understanding among your sales team. Employees often do not get enough time to know about each other’s interests due to their hectic routines.

In this game, each participant will have to list down two truths and one lie about themselves. Then, the participant will share the statements and the other players must guess the truths and lies.

This game can improve the mind-reading skills of your sales team, which is an important aspect of selling products and obtaining new customers.

Check out more small group icebreakers.

10. Trade The Item

The “Trade The Item” game involves the tasks the employees do in their daily work routine. However, this game will help in team building because you will make different groups of your salespersons.

To play this game:

  1. Give the same item to each team, like a pen, paper, or folder.
  2. Ask participants to go out in public and get strangers to trade the item. Make sure to specify that players cannot sell or exchange the item for money.
  3. Set the time limit to two hours.
  4. The team that comes back first with the best-traded item wins at the end of the activity.

This game sharpens salesperson’s essential persuasive skills.

11. Pictionary

Pictionary is a great game to bring out the creative side of your sales team and let them showcase their drawing skills. In this game, one player receives a piece of paper with a word or two. The player will draw that word on the board, and the other team members will guess the drawing.

The team that guesses the correct answer in the shortest time wins the round. Pictionary is best for folks on your sales team that love drawing and are quick guessers. This activity will also encourage collaboration and thinking skills among the employees.

Check out this list of virtual Pictionary games.

12. Company Jeopardy

Company Jeopardy is among the sales team building games that can make training fun. The sales team gets a better insight into their company by participating in this fun activity.

Company Jeopardy involves two teams that answer questions about their company. If one team gets the answer wrong, the other team gets the chance to give the correct answer and get bonus points.

You can divide the questions into different categories as well.  After learning facts in this fun game, sales team members will feel more confident while doing sales work.

Examples of questions are:

  • What is the price of this product?
  • How many total products does our company sell?
  • What are the different categories of our products?
  • What is the meaning of our company logo?
  • How many employees do we have in total?

Check out this guide to team Jeopardy.

13. Award Ceremony

Celebrating the differences and strengths of employees is a priority for the organization. When your sales team has people with different interests, it is better to celebrate these differences and appreciate them to show their talents.

You can hold an award ceremony for your sales team and reward them for their hidden talents. You can also include awards for work performances.

Some examples are:

  • Best salesperson of the year
  • Best negotiator
  • Best performance
  • Best productivity
  • Improvement
  • Attendance

These awards will boost the confidence of your sales team and encourage members to perform even better in the coming year.

Here is a list of virtual award ceremony ideas.

14. Make A Movie

Making a movie is a great idea to encourage team building in your sales team.

You can give a specific theme or topic or let the members choose the subject of the short. It is even better to encourage all the participants to be a part of the video and encourage your actors to play more than one role. A short four to five minute movie will enhance problem-solving skills and boost confidence. It will also make the salespersons comfortable performing, which is an important skill for the job.

The team with the most creative idea and the best acting will win in the end.

15. Team Jigsaw

Team jigsaw is a fun game that will help build a friendly relationship among your employees as they work together to solve each other’s problems.

In this game, you will give a simple jigsaw puzzle to both teams. However, a twist in the game would be that you will put a few pieces of one puzzle into another. To solve the puzzle, both teams must communicate to get the desired missing pieces. In this way, one team will help the other solve their issues, which will develop a sense of trust and friendship among the sales team.

16. Magazine Story

A magazine story can be a fun and engaging game for a sales team. This activity requires participants to think out of the box to come up with creative ideas to pitch to clients.

To play this game:

  1. Divide the people into two or more groups.
  2. Each group will create a magazine story for their upcoming project or any completed project in the past.
  3. The groups will not have to come up with a complete story. The required information will be images, quotes, headline, and sidebars.

Creating a magazine story from scratch in the form of groups will encourage team building and critical thinking in your sales team. This exercise will also give knowledge to participants about things they do not already know.

17. Back Of The Napkin

Back of the napkin is an activity that provokes thinking and improves the problem-solving skills of the sales team.

In this activity, you will give each team a problem or any issue which can be serious or silly. Then, give a napkin and a pen to the teams. The teams will discuss and give a solution to the problem in the form of an image, graph, or chart.

Then, both teams will present their solutions and explain them. The team that comes up with the best solution and explanation will be the winners.

Check out more problem-solving activities.

18. Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a game that requires your sales team to use their creativity. Although the salespeople are already selling your products in the market, they will develop their own products in this game.

You can divide your sales team into different groups and ask each to develop a unique product with new features. They will also make a complete marketing strategy and target audience in two to three hours. Then, each team will present the features and marketing plan to others. A panel of judges will select the winning idea.

19. Penny For Thoughts

Penny for thoughts is a fun activity that will make your employees dig into the past and make them know each other better.

In this game, you will collect coins from different years. But, ensure that these coins do not include years in which the employees were not born. Each member will pick one coin from this collection and tell a story or incident that happened that year.


The best team building ideas for sales teams are the ones that can boost their confidence and problem-solving skills. These activities freshen up the participants’ minds while ensuring a professional relationship. To create a focused sales team, it is better to engage the salespeople in physical and mental activities from time to time.

Engaging your sales team in fun activities will break the barriers of awkwardness among them. They will develop communication skills and work together in a collaborative environment.

Next, check out virtual sales kickoff ideas and sales training programs.

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FAQ: Team building ideas for sales teams

Here are answers to questions about team building ideas for sales teams.

What are team building ideas for sales teams?

Team building ideas for sales teams include fun activities and games that build a collaborative environment and enhance the trust and relationship among salespeople. When the participants play in groups, they communicate and develop professional relationships. Team building games also develop confidence in the salespersons so they can perform better in front of the world. These ideas include sales team building games.

What are some good team building ideas for sales teams?

Sales team building ideas include both mental and physical activities. These games aim to ensure great team building and offer a break from the mundane routine.

Examples of mental team building activities for sales teams include:

  • Company Jeopardy
  • Magazine story
  • Pictionary
  • Personality tests
  • Back of the napkin
  • Shark tank
  • Trivia events
  • Penny for thoughts

Some examples of physical team building activities for sales teams are scavenger hunts, making a movie, escape rooms, and award ceremonies.

How do you do team building with sales teams?

You can do team building with sales teams by engaging the salespeople in fun activities and games. It is better to include out-of-the-box games to keep the participants engaged and give them a break from work. You should also focus on activities that boost confidence and help build strong relationships among the individuals. When all the employees work together in teams to solve problems, it helps them communicate better and perform different roles as a team.

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