17 Team Building Camps to Visit

By: | Updated: February 13, 2024

Here is our list of the best team building camps.

Team building camps are fun locations where teams can spend time together and engage in exciting experiences. Examples include Oaker Wood, High Africa, and Camp Stella Maris. The purpose of these camps is to teach campers basic skills for building a strong team, such as proper communication, problem-solving, and collaboration.

These camps are fun outdoor team building ideas and can build company culture. The camps feature team building games and trust-building activities.

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So, let’s get to it!

List of team building camps

Team building camps are great if you want to grow as a strong team outside your regular workspace. These camps often feature a wide range of outdoor activities like swimming, high rope initiatives, and canoeing. From Back 2 Basics Adventure Camps to Camp Tecumseh, here are the best camps you can visit for an ultimate team building experience:

1. The Outdoor Adventure Company

Location: Wisemans Ferry, New South Wales, Australia

Located on Webbs Creek, The Outdoor Adventure Company is one of the best team building camp companies for corporate groups. This camp company will help you create a program that aligns with your training goals. There is a wide range of team building activities, including ice-breaking exercises, rock climbing, and pack and paddle. The program is available in one-day or half-day options. During the one-day program, you will have six-hour activities in the morning and afternoon, including a gourmet BBQ lunch.

You can also opt for the overnight bivouac program if your team prefers a campfire dinner experience. The training will start with the facilitator explaining the instructions and ends with a debriefing highlighting the value of teamwork. At the end of the camp, you can expect your team members to have a shared sense of purpose and respect one another.

Learn more about The Outdoor Adventure Company.

2. Common Ground Center

Location: Oberlin, Ohio, United States

Common Ground Center sets up fun camp experiences for all group types and ages. The company will design your experience to address your team’s needs. The available activities are fun and designed to promote team bonding, support, and communication.

Common Ground Center also hosts zipline canopy tours lasting up to three hours. In addition, the company offers a recreational tree-climbing experience for groups having at least five members. Finally, you can choose one of the offered catering services to give your group a great dining experience during your stay. You are also free to bring your own catered meal.

Learn more about Common Ground Center.

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3. Oaker Wood

Location: Herefordshire, United Kingdom

Oaker Wood is one of the best team building campsites on the Worcestershire border. Two camping locations are available onsite, each with an occupancy capacity of 60 guests.

Your group will also have exclusive access to one of these camping areas. The experiences you can enjoy during your stay include an escape room, ice ropes, and codebreaker. You will also do corporate activities like laser clays, paintball matches, and quads.

Oaker Wood customizes the camping experience to fit each client’s needs and budget. In addition, you can extend your camping experience to include a group meeting at the onsite woodland meeting room. Oaker Wood offers family-friendly activities as well as experiences for adults.

Learn more about Oaker Wood.

4. Camp Kawartha

Location: Ontario, Canada

Camp Kawartha is one of the best camps where you and your colleagues can learn more about positive communication. The camp offers a variety of challenges, each running for 2.5 hours. For example, the “Challenge by Adventure” experience features high and low rope courses and a fully accessible climbing wall. Camp Kawartha designed this activity to foster trust and improve effective communication.

If your group is into problem-solving tasks, then you can opt for the “On The Ground Challenge.” This challenge includes team building activities like group drawing, lycra tube, and the electric grid. Camp Kawartha has an award-winning staff to take your group through your team building camp experience.

Learn more about Camp Kawartha.

5. Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park

Location: Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

Saiyuen is one of the most fun team building camps in Hong Kong. Whether you plan to do a corporate family fun day or a leadership training session, Saiyuen will design the program to match your training objectives. There are tons of team building activities to occupy your group, from lawn games to soccer pool.

You and your team can also stop by the goat pen to observe, feed, and take pictures with these cute animals. Certified instructors are available onsite to guide your team throughout the fun experience. Furthermore, Saiyuen has up to eight accommodation options. You and your group members can bring your own tent and have a wild camping experience at the Seaview BYOT Zone. This site also offers a scenic ocean view and fresh air. Furthermore, you can camp your group at the African Safari Link, which has a dining area with a barbeque stove.

Learn more about Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park.

6. Iluka Retreat

Location: Shoreham, Australia

Iluka is a great camping location to visit if you would love to do lakeside team building activities with your group. This campsite conveniently sits around a bush, allowing campers to enjoy outdoor activities in the fresh air. You can also do many art challenges and cook in the bush with your colleagues. From treasure hunts to races around Iluka, the camp company offers diverse activities to encourage your team to work together.

You can try out the “Bush Survival” experience if your team would love to learn basic survival skills in a forest. Other activities to explore are stand-up paddling, canoeing, obstacle course, and raft building.

Learn more about Iluka Retreat and check out more survival team building experiences.

7. Camp Kupugani

Location: Illinois, United States

Camp Kupugani is among the best team building camps for adults. The company offers team building programs lasting one to three days. You can have the experience tailored to meet your organization’s expectations. You and your colleagues will have fun going through the five stages required to grow as a team: forming, norming, storming, performing, and closure.

The facilitator will first explain the basics of team building to your group. Later, you and your group members will learn more about communication and problem-solving. The camp is around two hours west of Chicago, Illinois. Also, the camp seats within a natural environment featuring a five-acre lake, wildlife, and 126 acres of forests.

Learn more about Camp Kupugani.

8. Camp Fire Sandusky County

Location: Ohio, United States

Camp Fire Sandusky County offers year-round camping programs for various experiences, including business retreats. The company will customize the activities to your group’s needs and expectations. You will find these activities helpful in improving your group’s communication, feedback, teamwork, and decision-making.

Camp Fire Sandusky County will supply all the needed materials for you and your colleagues. You can have your camping event on the company’s site or have the experience set up in your preferred location. The campsite also has a meeting room that can seat approximately 40 attendees. This company’s team building camp experience is impactful, cost-effective, and features the “Tuckman’s 5 Stages of Group Development” techniques.

Learn more about Camp Fire Sandusky County.

9. Bridge Valley

Location: Nelson, New Zealand

Bridge Valley is among the best team building camp companies with motel-style rooms and cabins. Also, the company prioritizes campers’ dining experience and offers various catering options, from classic BBQ to fine dining.

Bridge Valley features an artificial valley and beautiful scenery that will impress your group members. During a retreat at this location, you will do fun team building activities like kayaking, rock climbing, water sports, and high ropes. You can also access a nine-hole mini-golf course. Bridge Valley’s programs are fully customizable to fit your goals and specific needs. Furthermore, the company offers two unique lodges and eight cabins featuring bunk-style accommodation.

Learn more about Bridge Valley.

10. Base Camp Wallaroo

Location: Darwin, Australia

Base Camp Wallaroo is one of the most fascinating camps to visit for corporate team building. From fishing to canoeing, you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities with your colleagues. You can also learn tricks for making fire through the fire drill method traditionally used by the Kakadu indigenous people.

Base Camp Wallaroo also organizes a painting and storytelling experience where you can tell powerful stories through painting. The facilities onsite include BBQ tools, a natural billabong, showers, and toiles. You can also access the natural timber seminar room to hold a meeting with your team. Base Camp Wallaroo is a great camp choice if your group wants to learn bush survival skills together. You will embark on a bush walk to observe the natural environment and learn how to “listen” to the land. Furthermore, your group can learn more about traditional hunting, songs, and dance moves. Base Camp Wallaroo’s games are fun and designed with corporate team building in mind.

Learn more about Base Camp Wallaroo.

11. Back 2 Basics Adventure Camps

Location: Grabouw, South Africa

Located about 60 minutes from Cape Town, Back 2 Basics Adventure is one of the best corporate team building camps. The company can accommodate groups of all sizes having various objectives, from team building to leadership training and outdoor adventures.

Back 2 Basics has two campsites, the largest having an occupancy capacity of 250 campers. Also, the site’s amenities include a fully equipped kitchen, hall, bathrooms, and army tents. If you have a smaller group, then the bush camp will be an ideal space to use. Back 2 Basics Adventure Camps conveniently sit in a natural environment with a large dam, pine trees, and mountains.

Learn more about Back 2 Basics Adventure Camps.

12. Camp Ghormley

Location: Washington, United States

Camp Ghormley offers low and high-rope courses, which allow campers to have fun and grow as a team. You can embark on a series of challenges led by the company’s expert staff. Camp Ghormley has three lodges with varying occupancy capacities. You can enjoy exclusive access to a lodge if you expect at least 120 guests at the camp. In each lodge, you can find a fireplace, audio-visual equipment, a meeting area, and a kitchenette.

Camp Ghormley also provides outstanding food service and accommodates various dietary restrictions. If you would love to enhance your group’s dining experience, then you can opt for upgraded meal offers. While onsite, you and your teammates can enjoy various activities, such as a frisbee golf course, campfire rings, brook hockey, and hiking.

Learn more about Camp Ghormley.

13. Camp Stella Maris

Location: New York, United States

Camp Stella Maris is one of the best team building camps catering to various groups, from adult professionals to sports groups. The company organizes a variety of team building activities, including low-rope initiatives.

The activities are ideal for groups of all levels and abilities. During the experience, you and your colleagues will embark on a series of challenges with real and imaginary obstacles. These challenges demand a high amount of teamwork to complete. Furthermore, Camp Stella Maris’ staff members are friendly and committed to delivering the best experience for clients.

Learn more about Camp Stella Maris.

14. Camp Tecumseh

Location: Indiana, United States

Camp Tecumseh’s camping experience occurs in a natural setting near the Tippecanoe River, measuring over 600 acres. This camp company offers VIP winterized cabins where you can enjoy various activities led by a qualified instructor. The company has experienced staff to take up the hassle of planning your camping experience. You can rest assured that Camp Tecumseh will handle your trip’s logistics.

The company equally offers meeting spaces with audio-visual systems. You can also access the Tecumseh Leadership Center, which has an intimate setting and can accommodate groups with less than 70 campers. Camp Tecumseh takes pride in tailoring the experience to fit different groups’ objectives. You can choose from various events, ranging from indoor challenges to high rope initiatives.

Learn more about Camp Tecumseh.

15. Camp Kokoda

Location: Queensland, Australia

Camp Kokoda is one of the best team building campsites in a wilderness setting. During your stay, you can rest assured that your team members will not encounter any distractions from outside the camp. This camp company designed the available activities to promote appreciation, understanding, and development within your team.

Your reservation with Camp Kokoda will cover the needed camping equipment, catering, and experienced outdoor instructors to lead your group. Whether you plan to spend a day or a few weeks at the camping site, your group will create lasting memories together at Camp Kokoda. The offered experiences include canoeing, free fall, low ropes, hiking, and navigation.

Learn more about Camp Kokoda.

16. Pilgrim Day Camp

Location: Massachusetts, United States

Pilgrim Day Camp offers two campsites, Shady Woods and Pine Notch. This company has decades of experience organizing camping experiences for various objectives, including team building. You can also enhance your experience with multiple add-on options, such as arts, meals, sports, and outdoor cooking. In addition, the company will customize the event time and schedule to meet your needs.

This camp company can accommodate no more than 60 participants per day. If you have a large group, then Pilgrim Day Camp will schedule different dates for participants. In the end, your group will receive video footage containing records of your camping experience. During the session, the instructor will split campers into three traveling groups and rotate each team every hour.

Learn more about Pilgrim Day Camp.

17. High Africa

Location: Worcester, South Africa

High Africa is one of the best team building camps for adults. During the experience, the campers learn more about themselves and build trust. High Africa offers various team building challenges, from Long Walk to The Minefield and Freedom to Puzzle Bridges. The company designs these activities to be engaging for everyone on your team. Aside from team building games, you can also go canoeing and climb the high rope courses.

Furthermore, High Africa features a cinema-style conference room with a data projector and flip chart. The company also provides accommodation with different unique settings and occupancy capacities. For example, the “Under the Bluegums” site can seat up to 80 guests and has a pub and braai area. High Africa can customize your team’s catering needs to suit different dietary requirements.

Learn more about High Africa.


Camping is an effective way to build a team and have fun. This experience usually takes place outside the regular work environment and offers a space where campers can interact with less pressure. Team building camps also teach campers strategic thinking, effective communication, problem-solving, and mutual respect. Depending on your preference, the camp experience can last a day or weeks. Furthermore, team building camps usually make the perfect getaway to reboot your group’s morale and break the work monopoly. Aside from a stronger team, the camps’ outcome includes increased productivity and physical fitness.

Next, check our lists of team building events, corporate retreats, and executive leadership retreats. You can also check these examples of team building and types of team building. Plus, check out this list of the best corporate retreat locations.

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FAQ: Team building camps

Here are answers to questions about team building camps.

What are team building camps?

Team building camps are sites where you and your colleagues can spend the day or week engaging in fun activities. The camp companies typically design these activities to promote teamwork and facilitate communication. Also, accommodation is usually available onsite. But you may have to bring your own tent and comfy items, depending on the camp you visit.

What are the best camps for team building?

The best camps for team building include Camp Ghormley, Back 2 Basics Adventure Camps, Bridge Valley, Camp Fire Sandusky Camp, Camp Tecumseh, High Africa, Pilgrim Day Camp, and Camp Kupugani.

What do you do at team building camps?

In team building camps, campers usually do activities like bushwalking, storytelling around a campfire, escape room, kayaking, paintball, and laser tag. Many of these challenges focus on encouraging teams to work together to solve a problem.

Why should I take my team to a team building camp?

A good reason you should take your team to a team building camp is to do team building activities properly. Team building camps have the facilities and natural environment required for an exhilarating experience. Also, changing your environment for team building can make the experience much more effective. Besides, folks get bored of being in the same environment for a long time. But if you visit a team building camp, then your team can get excited and have more interest in the activities you propose. Also, you can consider visiting a team building camp as an opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural environment with your teammates. Alongside creating a strong bond among team members, the visit can boost your team’s morale and even increase campers’ job satisfaction.

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