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You found our list of top corporate team building activities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Corporate team-building activities in Philadelphia are games, meetings, and events to foster a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect. Examples include Museum Hack, food tours, and escape rooms. These team-building activities are essential for building trust and better communication among employees who work closely together in the City of Brotherly Love.

This roundup includes small group team building ideas, indoor team activities, and outdoor team building activities. These ideas are similar to corporate event ideas in Philly and Philadelphia company outings.

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List of corporate team-building ideas in Philadelphia

If you are in Philadelphia, the following are corporate team building activities you can try with your team:

1. The Great Guac Off

This guacamole-based event offers a unique and exciting experience for your next company retreat. During this activity, team members will split into smaller groups with the challenge of making the best guacamole recipe in Philadelphia. However, there is much more to this team-building activity than merely mashing avocados. Each Guac Off event lasts about 90 minutes and is jam-packed with contests, challenges, and avocados puns. The Great Guac Off is one of the most fun and productive options for corporate team building in the Philadelphia area.

Learn more about the Great Guac Off.

2. The Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is one of the finest holiday-themed team building activities for small groups in Philadelphia. If your workplace traditionally hosts a holiday party for employees, then call the elves at Gingerbread Wars to bring in the holiday spirit for festivities. In this epic gingerbread competition, teams will compete to discover who can design and build the most impressive gingerbread house in the office. Snacks, catering, and BYOB are all optional add-ons. Gingerbread Wars facilitators will even decorate your workplace or rented space in Philadelphia with gingerbread before the competition begins. This activity is a great way to have fun at the next team gathering.

Find out more about Gingerbread Wars.

3. City Food Tours

A great way to see Philadelphia is to combine a delicious food experience with a corporate event. You can schedule a team building activity with City Food Tours and learn about the local dining scene from a local expert. Themed tours of Philadelphia’s best sandwich shops, dessert stands, bakeries, and restaurants representing a wide range of cultures are among the many options available for team building activities. In addition, you may switch up the event entirely by scheduling a cook-off amongst your staff to foster healthy rivalry and team camaraderie.

Find out more about City Food Tours.

4. Philadelphia Zoo

When you imagine team building activities, you might not immediately conjure pictures of cuddly, charming zoo animals. However, a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo makes an excellent team outing. You can spend a day together as a team exploring the inner workings of the Philadelphia Zoo and having a thrilling time. Exhibits include a bear area, a big cat preserve, and a conservation center with endangered animals. The zoo often hosts events like brewery nights and Pride celebrations. The attraction has refreshments and event spaces available on-site. The zoo also offers special discounts for groups larger than 25.

Find out more about the Philadelphia Zoo.

5. Improv at ComedySportz

A few of your employees may shudder at the concept of improv, but it is genuinely an easy-to-learn talent that can come in handy on the job. Many of the skills learned in improv are applicable in the workplace, making this activity an excellent choice for team building. Improv is a great way to improve your communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and cognitive abilities. Trained teachers at ComedySportz Philadelphia are professional performers who have expertise in passing on the talents they have refined throughout their careers to students. Your team will connect, and you will get to know some of your employees better by seeing a side of them they do not show on the job.

Find out more about ComedySportz.

6. North Bowl

Bowling is a tried and tested corporate activity that a group of coworkers can enjoy and a terrific idea for your team event. If your team needs a break, healthy competition, and an excuse to get out of the office, then bowling is a great option. There are many bowling alleys across Philadelphia, and North Bowl is one of the most interesting options. As you and your employees unwind by seeing who can knock off the most pins, you can munch on snacks and have a drink. Due to widespread familiarity with the sport, bowling makes for a simple Philadelphia team building activity. North Bowl is an excellent option for corporate team building activities for large groups in Philadelphia since you can book out the alley for a private party.

Find out more about North Bowl.

7. Escape the Room Philly

Escape Rooms are perhaps one of the most common corporate team building activities. Options in Philadelphia range from the innovative “Escape the Museum” by Museum Hack to the more standard Escape the Room Philly. During your Escape Room, you and your employees will be imprisoned in a room and tasked with escaping. The event is a race against the clock as you and your colleagues try to escape a chamber with just a set of cryptic clues. Escape rooms are a great option for team building events because they encourage cooperation, creative problem solving, and open communication.

Find out more about Escape the Room Philly.

8. Painting with a Twist

Your next team building event could use some creativity. Painting parties are rapidly becoming one of Philadelphia’s most popular adult group activities. Painting with a Twist offers more than 6,000 unique paintings for your private painting party or team event. The group will meet with the teacher in a separate room and learn how to paint the selected scene. The event price covers every resource you need, from paintbrushes to easels to smocks. You can bring your own food and drinks to the studio to make your party more fun.

Find out more about Painting with a Twist.

9. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

Ultimate Trivia Showdown is a 90-minute, high-intensity game of trivia, unlike your regular pub trivia night. Your host will lead you and your team through numerous rounds of high-energy, unique trivia that will test more than just your general knowledge. At the Ultimate Trivia Showdown, your team will have more fun than they ever thought possible playing trivia like Majority Rules and the Champion Challenge.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

10. Arnold’s Family Fun Center

At Arnold’s Family Fun Center, you can relive your childhood through nostalgic classic games and activities like laser tag, go-kart racing, and bowling. A private dining room with an on-site catering menu, an open bar, and a movie room with A/V connections are all available for your team to rent for your next corporate meeting or team adventure. In addition, the theater at Arnold’s Family Fun Center can accommodate up to 150 guests, making it an ideal location for a company outing.

Find out more about Arnold’s Family Fun Center.

11. Yay Clay!

You can make your pottery at Yay Clay! This facility, located in the center of Philadelphia, is a great idea for your next team building activity. Instructors from Yay Clay! will show you and your employees how to use a pottery wheel to create one-of-a-kind ceramic works. In addition to the primary attraction, the studio has an arcade where your crew may unwind. Yay Clay! has partnered with a local caterer to take care of your food and drink requirements, making this event a simple, all-inclusive team building event that your employees will love.

Find out more about Yay Clay!.

12. Philadelphia’s Wine School

The Wine School of Philadelphia is the place for business team building activities. The staff will assist you in organizing a fun and productive team activity that includes a taste of fine wine, pairings, whiskey tastings, and visits with the in-house winemaker as part of team-building. Perhaps a wine and cheese tasting or a cocktail party would be more up your team’s alley. The Wine School of Philadelphia can help you organize a memorable corporate event that will have your team clinking glasses, laughing, and learning new information together, no matter what your group’s interests are.

Find out more about Wine School of Philadelphia.

13. iFLY

Indoor skydiving at iFLY is a unique team building event that will provide an incredible experience. Your team can enjoy all the excitement of skydiving without facing the fear of leaping out of an airplane, thanks to an indoor wind tunnel that simulates the sensation of free fall. If your group is looking for a shared adrenaline-pumping experience, or if you want to give teammates a reason to get together, then iFLY is a fantastic choice. iFLY can provide a stunning event for your next quarterly meeting by providing a conference space, audiovisual equipment, and food services.

Find out more about iFLY.

14. Ping-Pong at SPIN Philadelphia

You can reserve a private room at SPIN Philadelphia and play a few rounds of ping pong with your employees to break the ice and have some fun. SPIN Philadelphia’s private room has tables, a lounge area, and a private VIP bar. SPIN provides every resource you need for your next team building event, including on-site food and alcoholic beverages.

Find out more about SPIN Philadelphia.

15. Urban Axes

Urban Axes is a novel and exciting option for this unique team building exercise if you have ever been curious about the art of ax throwing. This venue may provide the services you need if you are looking for an off-site or team building retreat. Group sizes at Urban Axes can range from six people to several dozen. The facility allows teams to come with their food and drinks. The event winners will get exciting rewards, including a trophy for the victor and corporate swag to take home.

Find out more about Urban Axes.

16. Nature Exploration at Longwood Gardens

When the weather is nice, you and your group can head outdoors and enjoy Longwood Gardens. There are many fun activities to do on the grounds, from beer gardens to live music to shows. The best aspect about having a natural exploration as a corporate outing is the simplicity of organization. You can avoid the lines and hassle by buying your tickets online. With your ticket, your staff may arrive at the gardens early to enjoy the peaceful setting and get the most out of their team building experience.

Find out more about Longwood Gardens.

17. The Dinner Detective

The Dinner Detective is another choice for businesses looking for team building ideas in Philadelphia. A murder mystery dinner is a great way to bring your company together over a wonderful meal and team event, and it also helps improve communication, creative problem solving, and critical thinking. These dinner-centered team building exercises will have your group sifting through clues and working together to determine whodunit. As one of Philadelphia’s top team building activities, The Dinner Detective guarantees fun and engaging evening for all participants.

Find out more about the Dinner Detective.

18. Really Cooking with Robin

Really Cooking with Robin is a great activity for teams who want a team building event that feels more like fun than work. The facility can accommodate at least 50 people for a workplace team building event, thanks to the availability of two cooking islands. The per-person ticket at Really Cooking with Robin includes the dinner, an appetizer, sangria, and dessert, with a menu that contains several delicious options. In addition, the facility has a karaoke machine, picture booth, and HDTV with HDMI for meetings or to show the amazing company film during corporate events.

Find out more about Really Cooking with Robin.

19. Dave & Buster’s

Going to Dave and Buster’s for your next corporate excursion can save you time and money. You and your team can have a fun day playing pool, skee ball, or other arcade games and feel like kids again. Dave & Buster’s, which has many locations in the Philadelphia region, is a great place to have a business event that will not seem like work. Plus, the venue provides every resource your team needs, from games and bowling to a full restaurant and bar, so planning team events is a breeze. You can work with a Dave and Buster’s event planner to organize a memorable team building event for your group.

Find out more about Dave & Buster’s.


Philadelphia offers a wide range of options for business team building events of varying sizes and formats. Whereas Company A would find an afternoon at the bowling alley the perfect corporate event, Company B might find an afternoon of indoor skydiving to be the ideal option. Investing in team building is important and helps boost productivity, morale, and job satisfaction, as well as soft skills like communication, creativity, and problem-solving.

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FAQ: Corporate team building activities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Here are some frequently asked questions about Corporate team building activities in Philadelphia.

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Philadelphia?

Some good corporate team building ideas include bowling, escape room, painting, and trivia.

What are fun team building activities to do in Philadelphia?

Fun team building activities include ping-pong, ax throwing, and nature exploration.

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