12 Top Team Building PowerPoint Topics

By: | Updated: May 11, 2023

Here is our list of the best team building PowerPoint topics.

Team building PowerPoint topics are ideas for presentation slides that teach about and foster team building. Examples include the goals of team building, team building topics, and five-minute team building activities. The purpose of these PowerPoints is to teach audiences about the benefits of team building and have them conduct some team building exercises.

Team building PowerPoint presentations are similar to virtual team meeting ideas, online team huddle ideas, and out-of-the-box team meeting ideas.


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Let’s get to it!

List of team building PowerPoint topics

When writing a PowerPoint on team building, it is important to create engaging slides. This way, audience members will want to focus on your presentation and implement your team building tips. To learn about the top subjects you can cover in your team building presentation, check out these team building slide ideas.

1. What is team building?

To start, some folks may not even be familiar with the idea of team building. Depending on your industry and your employees’ backgrounds, they may have never gotten the chance to bond with their team members. In that case, explaining what team building is creates a strong foundation for future interactions.

Here are some topics your slides can cover:

  • Definition of team building
  • Who can participate in team building
  • Benefits of team building
  • Examples of team building activities

At the end of this session, you can host a team building activity as an example. After sharing this info with your team, be sure to keep hosting regular team building activities. That way, employees can experience the many benefits of these exercises.

Learn more about the history of team building.

2. How to do team building

Staff members may be excited to get the team building experiences rolling, but they may not know where to begin. In that case, hosting a presentation on how to host these exercises may be beneficial.

Here are some topics your slides can cover:

  • General event planning tips
  • How to focus games and activities on your team’s needs
  • Types of exercises teams can try
  • When to schedule team building activities
  • How to make team building accessible for all members

After this session, consider asking attendees to take what they learned and plan a team outing together. This plan could be hypothetical, or you could implement it at the end of the meeting. As a bonus, planning an activity together counts as a team building experience!

For more information, check out these articles on the team building process and team building elements.

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3. Goals of team building

Generally, team building activities are fun and exciting. However, if you set up clear expectations beforehand, then members may get more out of the event than a little relaxation. Thus, consider sharing some slides about the overall goals of building strong teams.

Here are some topics your slides can cover:

  • Reiterate company missions, goals, and culture statements.
  • Brainstorm what skills your team could improve on.
  • Discuss how games and exercises foster different skills.
  • Outline how chosen events can improve said skills.

Ultimately, team building is a great way to get to know colleagues better. However, depending on your chosen exercises, these sessions can develop techniques that staff can apply to the workplace.

Here is some more information on the goals of team building.

4. Importance of team building

Some organizations may be new to team building, so it may be helpful to share why it is important to integrate it into your routine.

Here are some topics your slides can cover:

  • Helps coworkers bond
  • Teaches soft skills like communication and problem-solving
  • Prevents stress and burnout
  • Acts as a reward after team successes
  • Promotes workplace diversity and understanding
  • Demonstrates team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Fosters innovation and employee engagement
  • Increases overall productivity

Team building is one of the most essential aspects of leading a successful organization, and sharing this with your staff may encourage participation.

Read more about the importance of team building.

5. How to build strong teams

Building strong teams does not end after the hiring phase. While selecting the right candidates for the job is important, continuing the professional development process after hiring is equally essential. Sharing information with your leaders on building strong teams can help improve the organization at its core.

Here are some topics your slides can cover:

  • Diversifying your talent pool
  • Encouraging open communication
  • Offering professional development opportunities
  • Fostering a caring and collaborative environment
  • Cultivating soft skills

Hiring smart employees is a great foundation for a strong team. However, maintaining and improving that strength is where true success lies.

Learn more about how to build a strong team.

6. The power of teamwork

Colleagues will all be familiar with the adage that teamwork makes the dream work. However, knowing motivational phrases and putting them into practice is different. Thus, sharing why teamwork is essential to success is a great idea.

Here are some topics your slides can cover:

  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Encourages innovation and creativity
  • Saves time
  • Leads to improved work-life balance

Understanding the importance of teamwork can create excitement about team building and group projects. This excitement can lead to improved efficacy and culture.

To learn more about the power of teamwork, check out these articles on the benefits of team building activities and teamwork books.

7. Team building topics

Team building can cover a wide range of subjects, making it a versatile tool that can fit any team’s size and needs. When discussing team building topics, you can get a read on your staff and see what aspects interest them the most. Thus, you can find new ways to build your team that they will find engaging.

Here are some topics your slides can cover:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Training courses
  • Games, icebreakers, and activities
  • Workshops
  • Comedy and storytelling
  • Communication skills
  • Company culture
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Team building can take many forms, so presenting several subjects can help you narrow down the best avenues for your staff.

For more team building topic ideas, check out these lists of team building trends and team building examples.

8. Five-minute team building activities

Some folks think team building is a huge time commitment, but even hosting five-minute activities before a meeting is a huge step. Gathering several ideas into a presentation is a great way to have team building ideas prepared at any time. Plus, you can find out what interests your team most.

Here are some topics your slides can cover:

  • Icebreaker questions
  • Employee-guided pep talks
  • Five-minute trivia
  • Show-and-tell
  • Meditation or yoga

Many five-minute team building exercises require little to no preparation, making these a great addition to any workday.

To learn more about quick team building activities, check out these articles on one minute games, minute to win it games, and 5 minute team building activities.

9. Team building skills

Team building activities can foster a whole host of skills, which is one of the factors that makes them so valuable. If folks regularly participate in these exercises, then their knowledge will improve.

Here are some topics your slides can cover:

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Active listening
  • Adaptability and resilience
  • Time management
  • Conflict management
  • Organization and planning

Soft skills are just as important to a worker’s success as hard skills, and team building is a great way to boost these techniques.

Here are some more team building skills.

10. Team building activities

Companies can choose from a whole host of team building activities, from minute to win it games to week-long retreats. Presenting some of these ideas will help leaders gain an understanding of their team’s interests in smaller and larger events.

Here are some topics your slides can cover:

  • Meal ideas, like lunch and learns, potlucks, and barbecues
  • Mindfulness activities, like yoga, meditation, and nature walks
  • Crafty activities, like pottery, painting, and office decorations
  • Party planning, like holiday celebrations, birthday parties, and retirement parties
  • Games, like video game tournaments, puzzles, and cup stacking
  • Recurring activities, like book clubs, movie nights, and happy hours
  • Longer events, like conferences, workshops, and retreats

No matter which activity you choose, your team will appreciate the opportunity to relax, learn, and connect.

Check out these articles on office team building activities, unusual team building activities, and leadership games and activities.

11. Team building workshop

Team building workshops are a great way to facilitate learning. Even within the category of workshops, there are several categories you can choose from depending on your needs. Alternatively, you can craft your own course and present it through PowerPoint.

Here are some topics your slides can cover:

  • Types of team building workshops
  • Benefits of attending workshops
  • Workshop goals
  • Team building activities and games

Educational courses are an essential part of professional development. Team building workshops range from relaxed fun to serious skill building, so you can find a workshop for any occasion. As a bonus, many premade courses come with a certificate of completion, bolstering your team’s qualifications.

To find the perfect team building workshop, check out this list of team building training courses and workshops.

12. How to be a team player

The ultimate foundation of team building is creating a group of effective team players. Presenting staff with information on collaborating will improve communication and productivity.

Here are some topics your slides can cover:

  • Proactively helping when needs arise
  • Willingness to step in
  • Communicating clearly
  • Working well with others
  • Leading a team or project
  • Self-awareness and taking feedback

Overall, team players are the backbone of successful enterprises, so educating your workforce on these techniques is crucial.

Check out more information on good team player characteristics.


Presenting a PowerPoint about team building can help facilitate the conversation about why team building is important, how to do it, and what you can learn from it. These team building presentations can act as a first step to introduce the concept of team building to your staff, or they can be a continuing education on activities you already do. No matter why you present about building teams, these ideas should help you foster a strong workforce.

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FAQ: Team building PowerPoint presentations

Here are answers to common questions about team building PowerPoint presentations.

What are team building PowerPoint presentations?

Team building PowerPoint presentations are speeches that leadership can give to staff members about elements of team building.

Why should you use team building PowerPoint presentations?

Using team building PowerPoint presentations is beneficial because it can introduce your team to the concept of team building, share its benefits, and help you learn what your team may be interested in.

What are some good team building PowerPoint presentation topics?

Some of the best team building PowerPoint presentation topics include the importance of team building, the power of teamwork, and how to be a team player.

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