Updated: November 27, 2022

23 One Minute Games to Play at Work or School

You found our list of fun one minute games.

One minute games are fun activities requiring participants to complete a challenge within sixty seconds. Examples include the Gravity Game, Lonely Socks, and Scoop It Up. These games make excellent team building activities since they require a few supplies and a short time to plan.

These challenges are similar to Minute to Win It games. These games are examples of fun team building exercises for workteam meeting gamesquick and fun office games, and team building games without materials. These ideas are ways to improve team cooperation in the workplace.

This list includes:

  • one minute games for adults
  • one minute games for kids
  • one minute party games
  • one minute team building games

Let’s get started!

List of one minute games

If you are looking for simple ways to engage your team, then one minute games are a good bet. You can pick simple supplies within your reach and host your activities. These ideas will foster team bonding and encourage healthy competition among participants in a fun way. From Gift Wrapping to Penny Hunt and Thread It, here is a list of one minute games suitable for adults and kids.

1. Face the Cookie

Face the Cookie game is one of the best one minute party games. You only need a few tiny cookies. You can start by handing all players one cookie apiece. Then, instruct players to place the cookie on their forehead, ensuring that it does not fall over. Players will then use their facial muscles to move the cookie to their mouths. You can eliminate any participants who do not manage to move and eat the cookie within the one minute timeframe.

2. Gravity Game

The Gravity Game is a simple game that adults and kids alike will enjoy. You need to pass two balloons to each player. Then, let participants blow out the balloons and set the timer. Players will toss the two balloons in the air and keep them up without using their hands. Since the gravity game may need participants to move around, get a large space that will accommodate all players.

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3. Bottle to Bottle

The Bottle to Bottle is one of the best one minute games for kids that will teach the importance of concentration. You can start by getting two one-liter bottles. Then, put significant amounts of small-sized candy like M&Ms in one bottle. Set the timer and let players transfer all the M&Ms into the empty bottle without spilling any candy.

4. Gift Wrapping

The Gift-Wrapping game is a simple yet high-energy activity requiring only a few supplies. If you have a large group, then we advise dividing players into small teams of up to five participants. You can start by offering each team or player one roll of tape, wrapping paper, scissors, and a medium-sized item that participants will wrap. Then, set the timer and let the game begin. You could even have a fun variation to the gift-wrapping game where players cover one team member as creatively as possible. You could reward the team that completes the gift wrapping or the group with the most creatively-wrapped gift.

5. Mobile Tomato

The Mobile Tomato is one of the simplest one minute games for kids. For this game, you can get different varieties of grocery items like tomatoes, potatoes, pieces of yam, or candy bars. Ensure that all the items are clean. Then, get tables within the play area and let the kids move the grocery items from one point to another. The twist is that players cannot use their hands to move the items and will only use their noses. You can also make the Mobile Tomato game more challenging by including breakable items such as eggs.

6. Edible Nut Stacking

The Edible Nut Stacking activity tops the list of fun activities for groups. This activity requires a simple preparation, including sourcing stackable large nut varieties. Some nut varieties ideal for this game include hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, or walnuts. Then, give each player or group ten nuts. Once you set the timer, let players stack nuts and create the highest possible tower within one minute. If you want to make the Edible Nut Stacking game more challenging, then you could instruct players to pile the nuts using one hand only.

7. Blow It Away

The Blow It Away game is one of the simplest one minute games that you can engage any demographic of players. Facilitators must first ensure that event venues have long tables where attendees can place their water bottles.


  1. Start by instructing participants to place a 500-milliliter water bottle on the table in front of them
  2. Hand out uninflated balloons to all participants and give players sufficient time to inflate the balloons
  3. Set the one-minute timer and let participants move the water bottles by deflating the balloons However, players must not touch the bottles with their hands or the actual balloon

The Blow it Away game is one of the best icebreakers event planners can use in meetings or conferences.

8. Candy Corn Balancing

If you are looking for entertaining one minute team building games, then the Candy Corn Balancing game is an excellent pick. For this one minute game, you will need popsicle sticks and candy corn. First, hand each player a popsicle stick and six candy corn. Then, set the timer and let players place one candy corn at a time until they place the six pieces. The first player to get all the candy corn on the popsicle stick without dropping any pieces wins.

9. Candy Separation

The candy separation game is a simple activity ideal for kids and adults. You only need to give each group or player 20 to 30 multi-colored candies like Skittles or M&Ms. Then, set the timer and let players separate the candies based on their colors. However, participants will only move one candy at a time. The first player to separate all colors within the one-minute timeframe wins.

10. Move It Up

The Move It Up game is a fantastic choice for team leaders looking for simple one minute activities. This idea only requires 25 to 30 party cups for each team. However, event planners need to purchase same-colored cups and one black cup. To play, give each player or team leader stacked cups with a black cup at the bottom. Participants will move the cups one by one and get the black drinkware at the top within one minute.

11. Sticker Search

Sticker Search is one of the most interesting one minute party games. For this activity, you will start by dividing players into groups of five to ten participants and let each team select a representative. Then, set up a table for each group and place 15 to 20 opaque cups on each station. Put a reasonable amount of the drink of choice in each cup, ensuring to put a sticker on only one cup. Each group’s representative will pick one cup at a time and gulp the drink if the water vessel does not have a sticker at the bottom. Players continue until they find the cup with a sticker. If you opt for alcoholic drinks, then you can let players take turns choosing the cups and drinking the contents.

12. Ping Pong Throwing Competition

The Ping Pong Throwing Competition is a fantastic choice for companies that are on the search for simple one minute games. To plan this activity, you only require ping pong balls, trash cans, and a large open space. You can start by handing each player about ten ping pong balls. Then, place a large trash basket in the center of the room and let participants form a circle. Set the timer and let participants throw the ping pong balls in the trash can. Players get one point for each ball they successfully throw in the can. For large groups, you can set up several trash bins in the room. Also, ensure that you do not place the trash bins too close to the players.

13. Fetch and Move

The Fetch and Move game is a simple one minute activity to engage your team in the office. You could start by placing varying items on an office table on one side of the room. You can include items such as stationery, snacks, and water bottles. Then, instruct players to pick as many items as possible and race to the finish line on the other end of the room. The game has an interesting twist, in that players can use their hands to pick items. However, participants must not use their hands to hold the items as they race to the finish line. Players get points for the number of items they can move across the room.

14. Lonely Socks

The Lonely Socks game is one of the most creative one minute games for adults. For this activity, facilitators need to get different pairs of socks. Then, mix two to three pairs of matching socks and 15 to 20 socks that do not have their pairs in a large container. You can then set the timer and let players get the matching socks pairs from the container. The first player to get the three matching pairs wins.

15. Scoop It Up

The Scoop It Up activity is a great one minute game selection for adults and kids. For this activity, you will place ping pong balls and a spoon in one bowl. Then, place another empty bowl 30 centimeters away from the other dish. Players will pick the ping pong balls by placing the spoon in their mouths. Participants must not use their hands to pick the balls. The player who moves the most ping pong balls to the empty bowl wins.

16. Thread It

The Thread It game is a seemingly simple activity that may be challenging for some players. You can start by getting five needles and a thread. Then, set the timer and let players thread as many needles as possible. Players who manage to thread the most needles win. The Thread It Up is a great one minute game option for adults.

17. Name Dropping

Great for seated activities, the Name Dropping game is a simple activity that will recharge attendees without the need to move from their seating positions. The activity requires participants to write as many celebrities as they can within one minute. For a simple version, you could let players write names for celebrities from any niche. You can, however, make the game more challenging by giving specific niches. For instance, participants can write ten renowned personalities in the athletics, comedians, TED speakers, or wellness categories.

18. Nose Drive

The Nose Drive activity one of the most fun one minute games for adults. The game’s goal is for participants to transfer small balls of cotton from one bowl to another. However, players will only use their noses to pick and drop the cotton. Any use of hands leads to automatic disqualification. For this activity, you will require a jar of petroleum, cotton balls, and empty bowls.


  1. Start by placing the bowls a few feet apart
  2. Let each player apply petroleum jelly on the tip of their nose
  3. Players will carry cotton balls with their noses to an empty bowl

We advise that you plan this game for a small group since each player might require their own stations. If you have a large group of players, then you can divide participants into small groups and let each team select its representative. You could let players reapply the petroleum jelly as needed. The player or team that moves the most cotton balls wins.

19. Chopstick and Rice

The Chopstick and Rice game may be one of the most challenging activities that will leave players laughing. For this activity, you must provide participants with one bowl of rice, chopsticks, and an empty bowl. Then, let players move as much rice as possible to the empty bowl. You could make the Chopstick and Rice game more challenging by providing players with uncooked rice.

20. Toothpick Word Spelling

The Toothpick Word Spelling is an interesting one minute game requiring players’ full concentration. For this activity, you can start by providing players with a large pile of toothpicks. Then, ensure that all participants have a sufficient working area. Let players begin the activity and spell out five-letter words within one minute. However, participants must not bend or break the toothpicks. The first participant to complete the game wins.

21. Shamrock Shake

The Shamrock Shake game is a great option if you are looking for laughter-inducing activities. You will need an empty tissue box, small ping pong balls, and a rope. You can start by filling the tissue box with ping pong balls. Then, use the string to tie the tissue box around the participant’s waist, ensuring the box is at the back. Players will have a hilarious moment as they attempt to drop the ping pong balls through body movements such as jumping or dancing. Participants who drop the most ping pong balls win the game.

22. Penny Hunt

The Penny Hunt is one of the best one minute team building games that will inspire lots of laughs. The competitive game requires prior setup and a few supplies. To set up, get legwear such as stockings. Then, put up to five pennies at the bottom of each leg. Next, place the legwear on a table and let participants fish out for the pennies. The trick is that players must use one hand on each leg simultaneously. Any player that drops a penny on the floor exits the game. You can get the number of legwear that equals the teams. Also, ensure that the stockings do not have any holes lest you lose some pennies.

23. Marshmallow Munch

If you are looking for one minute activities for a few players, then the Marshmallow Munch is a good bet. You will need a small cup of hot chocolate and mini marshmallows for this game. To set up the game, place an equal number of marshmallows and a cup of hot chocolate in front of every player. Participants will attempt to eat and drink as much as possible within one minute.


One minute games are entertaining and amusing activities that participants can play individually or in groups. These games are perfect icebreakers for official events or parties. The activities help to break the ice between strangers and foster new bonds. You can organize one minute games with available supplies without stretching your budget. We advise that you customize your choice of games according to the availability of resources and your team’s capability. However, make the games challenging while still making it possible for participants to win.

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FAQ: One minute games

Here are answers to common questions about one minute games

What are one minute games?

One minute games are activities that require participants to complete a set of challenges within a one-minute timeframe. The concepts of these games rely on simple rules that give the impression that the activities are not difficult. However, with the limited time, participants often struggle to complete the games.

What are some good one minute games to play with groups?

The right choice of one minute games depends on the demographic of players and the available resources. Some good one minute games to play with groups include Marshmallow Munch, Fetch and Move, and Bottle to Bottle.

How do you play one minute games?

One minute games are some of the best ideas that add excitement to events. While these games are perfect icebreakers for groups, organizing each activity may be hectic, especially due to the time limitation.

Here’s a simple guide to one minute games based on the setup:

  • Individuals- Individual one minute games are ideal for small group setups. With this setup, each player can complete an activity within one minute. Team leaders record the performance and give other participants chances to play.
  • Teams- In this setup, teams get to choose a player who will be a representative in the challenges. Facilitators use a scoring system to determine winners of the one minute challenges.
  • Groups- The group setup involves selecting two players who will compete to finish a one minute game first. The first player to complete the game wins.

The one minute game setup depends on the number of players, the number of games, and the resources available.

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