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Here is our list of fun corporate team building activities in San Jose, California.

Corporate team building activities in San Jose are events that give employees the chance to connect and grow outside of their work roles. For example, zip lining through redwood trees, wine-based scavenger hunts, and observatory tours provide opportunities for meaningful engagements in new settings. The purpose of these activities is to help build connections among team members that might not be possible otherwise.

These ideas fall under categories like summertime team buildingoutdoor team building, and small group team building. These events are similar to San Jose Corporate Events and San Jose company outings.

This list includes:

  • team building activities for small groups in San Jose, CA
  • team building activities for large groups in San Jose, California
  • team building activities for adults in San Jose
  • corporate team building ideas in San Jose

Here we go!

List of corporate team building activities in San Jose

From outdoor adventures to opportunities for relaxation, you can find outing options that are sure to please. Here is the list of corporate team building activities in San Jose.

1. The Great Guac Off

This hosted 90-minute guacamole competition is a sure-fire way to get teams working together. Workers can get warmed up with Trivia-cado and a party game or two before putting together their best guacamole. Judges taste and rank competitor creations and present awards to the team member with the tastiest dip. These packages include all the ingredients for a great time, including a helpful host to guide the event.

There are more details about how The Great Guac Off.

2. Minute Madness

minute madness

Your team gets a chance to show off their hidden talents in Minute Madness. This fast-paced competition pits players against the clock as they perform physical feats and complete tests of cleverness and dexterity. You choose the location for your event, and everything else you need for this activity comes as part of the 90-minute package.

You can learn more about Minute Madness.

3. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy banner

The whole crew gets to use their superpowers to save the world in Superhero Academy. Your employees will combine their skills to unmask the mystery villain and foil his evil scheme. Each 90-minute event encourages teamwork in a fun and entertaining format. Teams learn collaboration and communication techniques they can use long after returning to their mild-mannered alter egos.

There are details and booking information for Superhero Academy.

4. Mix n’ Mingle

Mix n’ Mingle is just the team building event to illustrate that your employees have more in common than they may realize. This hosted 90-minute session can help employees build vital bonds and inspire insightful engagements. With networking activities and interactive games to keep the conversation flowing, the opportunities to connect are plentiful.

You can book a Mix N Mingle event for your team.

5. Bubble Soccer

If you’re on the search for team building activities for small groups in San Jose, a few rounds of bubble soccer might fit the bill. Players wedge themselves into hilarious inflatable bubbles and run headlong into each other. The goal is to knock the other players to the ground if only to watch them bounce and roll as they try to get back on their feet! Bubble soccer games are no free-for-alls, though. Instead, referees oversee the games to ensure everyone follows the rules and plays fairly.

There are rules and booking information at Bubble Soccer.

6. Monopoly in the Park

Downtown San Jose’s Discovery Park is home to the most giant Monopoly board in the world, a 930-square-foot version of the classic game. Teams will have a blast tossing enormous dice and moving oversized game tokens to spaces. The cost for a small team to rent the board is $300, with an additional $150 refundable security deposit, and includes a game host. Varying rates apply for larger groups based on the number of guests.

You can reserve Monopoly in the Park 30 days in advance.

7. Break Stuff

Break Stuff is a stress relief demolition center and a one-of-a-kind attraction in the city. Visitors can uncage their rage while breaking a collection of glass and electronic items using sledgehammers, baseball bats, and batons. A group of 20 can expect to spend an hour taking turns bringing the destruction.

Your team can get smashed at Break Stuff.

8. Vine & Seek

This ingenious blend of a scavenger hunt and a wine tasting tour takes employees on a trek through choice wineries and wine bars in Sonoma or Napa Valley. Guests answer wine-based trivia questions as they explore, submitting their answers and uploading photos and videos. Then, teams reassemble after the mission to tally the scores and review the fun moments in a slideshow created especially for the team.

You can book a Vine and Seek for your crew.

9. Calero County Park

Teams can find plenty of breathtaking views and lush outdoor spaces to unwind and connect at Calero County Park. Over 4,400 square feet of natural landscape changes with the season. Employees can enjoy water-based activities in the reservoir or watch for wildlife among the wildflower displays. Diehard hikers will find nearly 20 miles of trails to wander. A picnic lunch will complete a relaxing afternoon of team building in the lovely Northern California wilderness.

You can find park hours, fees, and activities listed at Calero County Park.

10. SoFA District

More than just a region in Downtown San Jose, SoFA is a lifestyle space that invites connections made in a relaxing environment. This exciting creative and commercial hub of Silicon Valley offers upscale boutiques and restaurants, with glittering art galleries and bars scattered throughout. Employees can hunker down in a diner for lunch before checking out the art and stopping into one of the lounges for cocktails and conversation.

You can see what SoFA has to offer your team.

11. Downtown Yoga Shala

You can add a bit of peace to your corporate team building activities in Seattle with a session at Yoga Shala. This warm community offers yoga and meditation for employees to tap into their inner calm while sharing space. In addition, employees can learn to tap into their relaxation responses by learning from teachers and guides in various yoga styles. With classes and workshops available year-round, you can check in and bliss out whenever necessary.

Check out what Downtown Yoga Shala has to offer.

12. SJ Walls Public Art

This ever-expanding outdoor art project is part of the greater Worldwide Walls program. Local and visiting artists fill public walls with vibrant and colorful works that express the community’s personality. Events occur in different San Jose locations, and murals change yearly. Employees can enjoy live music and learn from the artists as they follow the map and find brilliant imagery around every corner.

The schedule of events at SJ Walls will clue you in.

13. San Jose Brew Bike

Teams can get their exercise and sample new beer in the same team building activity with a San Jose Brew Bike excursion. These two-hour interactive tours take place on a multi-person bike propelled by pedal power from thirsty beer fans. Employees can choose two local brew houses from a list of fun options, including sports bars and pizzerias, to add noshes to the menu.

You can visit San Jose Brew Bike for pricing and tours.

14. Casino M8trix

The stakes are high at Casino M8trix, a full-service casino that can turn your workers into high rollers. One of the more engaging team building activities for adults in San Jose, this ultra-modern casino offers gaming and fine dining in four upscale restaurants and lounges. The Event Tower on the upper floors of the building provides a more secluded experience, including a VIP lounge and a deluxe dining room. You can also treat your team to their own gaming zone on the casino floor for hours of private play.

There are guidelines for booking your event at Casino M8trix.

15. San Jose Museum of Art

As cultural corporate team building ideas in San Jose go, San Jose Museum of Art tops the list. The facility prides itself on being on the cutting edge of contemporary art. With a permanent collection of over 2500 pieces, the museum offers teams a premier museum experience. Vibrant modern exhibits, video installations, and experimental audio art turn the space into an exciting multi-sensory art encounter.

You can find a listing of events and exhibitions at San Jose Museum of Art.

16. Henry Cowell Redwood State Park

You can add grand dimension to your corporate team building ideas in San Jose with a trip to this surreal American landscape. Located in the Santa Cruz mountains, the park is a 40-acre forest of colossal redwoods that boasts some of the world’s largest and oldest living trees. Next door to the park is Roaring Camp, a working steam-powered railroad that offers a 75-minute journey to the peak of Bear Mountain. Employees can also enjoy a train ride to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to see mountains, woods, and ocean in a single trip.

View park activities and train departure times at Henry Cowell Redwood State Park.

17. Adobe Semaphore

This unique attraction is part of the Adobe campus and one of the most intriguing corporate team building activities in San Jose for codebreakers and puzzle lovers. Projections of four discs appear at the top of the Adobe high-rise. Their shifting positions present an encoded message that visitors can attempt to decrypt. This clever, interactive art installment responds to the shockwaves from overhead planes! The downtown location makes it easy to pair your team’s visit with a nice lunch as they try to solve the puzzle.

Check out Adobe Semaphore.

18. The Plex

The Plex offers league sports and recreational gaming under the same roof as upscale dining and arcade excitement. Employees can bond over beanbag competitions and bocce or soar over the floor of the full-size roller rink. There are drinks, pizza, and sushi for hungry competitors to enjoy between rounds. If space size is a consideration for your event, then check into booking the private event area to accommodate team building activities for large groups in San Jose.

There are listings for all events and games at The Plex.

19. Valley Painting Parties

You can bring out your employees’ inner muses with a painting party! The team’s budding artists can choose a theme for their paintings and learn how to bring their canvases to life. There are collaborative projects that get the whole team exploring their collective imagination. When the event is over, everyone has finished work to take home as a souvenir.

You can book a party for your team at Valley Painting Parties.

20. Lick Observatory

Your crew can travel to the stars without leaving the ground with a visit to Lick Observatory. The facility stands on the highest peak in the Bay Area and holds public evening tours and photography nights for stargazers. Events begin around sundown and include a visit to the dome telescope. Visitors can enjoy complimentary beverages as they learn about the galaxy and its wonders.

Check out the agenda to see upcoming events at Lick Observatory.

21. Game Truck

Game Truck brings a mobile arcade to your workplace for an immersive video game theater experience. This team building activity on wheels lets teams of ten or more visitors enjoy digital competition without leaving the worksite. Players can choose from modern gaming consoles like X-Box and PlayStation and cue up more than 80 different titles, current and classic.

The details at Game Truck include pricing and scheduling for team events.

22. Club Auto Sport

Gearheads will get a real charge out of a team building activity at this car-centered destination spot. True collaborative tests like Pit Crew Challenge and whimsical competitive games like Tricycle Racing will have employees’ engines revving. The realistic racing simulators are a thrill for drivers of all skills and sensibilities. If a more formal outing is in the plans, then you can reserve one of the sleek auto-themed event spaces for the occasion.

You can learn more about planning an event at Club Auto Sport.

23. Guildhouse Gaming

Guildhouse is a haven for gamers with a slightly different sensibility. Tabletop and board games share the venue with digital screens, providing opportunities for friendly competition at every station. With open seating and a warm, casual vibe, the comfort factor is a check in the “yes” column. The in-house bar serves an extensive selection of craft cocktails and small snacks to make gameplay even more enjoyable. Workers can place their drink orders, choose their favorite title from the classic games collection, and settle in for an energizing time.

Your team can get their game on with a visit to Guildhouse Gaming.

24. Mt. Hermon Adventures

Teams take to the treetops in this sky-high amusement site in the lofty redwood canopy of the Santa Cruz mountains. Zip line adventures will crank up the adrenaline for the thrill seekers on the team, while the views from the calmer suspension course will please nature lovers. These eco-adventures are carefully conducted for minimal impact on the environment. With local guides on hand to point out the highlights, your workers are in for a fun and informative excursion.

For information on booking your event, take a look at Mt. Hermon Adventures.

25. Winchester Mystery House

The twists and turns of Winchester Mystery House have puzzled visitors for decades and even inspired a horror movie. The heir to the Winchester rifle fortune built this modern maze to confuse vengeful spirits who might rise to haunt her. These days, the site is a beloved Northern California attraction that includes guided tours, a Houdini-themed escape room, and axe throwing lanes in the stables. The only spirits this team building activity will raise are those of your teammates!

There are tour schedules and other details available at Winchester Mystery House.


San Jose is a blend of natural beauty and contemporary flair, with locales that inspire important interpersonal interaction. Teams can enjoy the best of dining, entertainment and outdoor adventures for memorable outings.

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FAQ: Corporate team building activities in San Jose, California

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about corporate team building activities in San Jose.

What are some good corporate team building ideas in San Jose?

If a relaxing team building event is a must, then a session at Downtown Yoga Shala can help employees refresh and recenter. Art-oriented activities like a visit to San Jose Museum of Art, Valley Painting Parties or a trek through SJ walls can bring color into your team’s life. Fans of the odd and unusual will thrill to visit Winchester Mystery House or take a turn at solving the cypher at Adobe Semaphore.

What are fun team building activities to do in San Jose?

Teams that love beverages will enjoy a San Jose Brew Bike experience or a Vine N Seek wine-based scavenger hunt. For gamers in the office, Game Truck can bring the interactive fun to your worksite. Adventure fans can bond over treetop suspension courses at Mt. Hermon Park or ride on an old-fashioned steam engine from Roaring Camp.

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