15 Fun Trivia Games for Team Building

By: | Updated: September 08, 2023

You found our list of the best trivia games for team building.

Trivia games allow employees to spend time together while testing and improving their general knowledge on a particular topic, whether it be movies, geography, or ’80s pop tunes. Examples include Shot in the Dark, Death by Trivia, and Balderdash. No matter the subject, trivia games create the mood for a little healthy competition. In addition, trivia board games provide a good time for parties of any size.

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List of trivia games

You may play the best trivia board games with any age group, with as few or as many employees as you want, and for as long as you desire.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown (Team Favorite)

trivia night in nyc

Ultimate Trivia Showdown is the perfect addition to your list of trivia games for large offices! We offer an exhilarating team building experience that updates this classic activity through innovative games and activities. These exercises aim to keep your teams thoroughly entertained.

Here are the key highlights of Ultimate Trivia Showdown:

  • A 90-minute experience led by a skilled host
  • Engaging games like The Champion Challenge and Smarty Pants Ultimate Trivia
  • High-energy question rounds, games, and puzzles
  • Questions spanning a diverse range of categories, from history to pop culture

We can bring this experience to any venue you choose, and we will provide all the necessary supplies. Throughout this exciting competition, each player will get to showcase their knowledge. To enhance your team’s problem-solving skills, consider adding Ultimate Trivia Showdown to your team building agenda!

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. Brainiac: The Ultimate Trivia Game

Brainiac is an exciting and trivia game that challenges players across various categories of knowledge. In this game, participants become excited learners and test their wits through a series of multiple-choice questions. With questions in topics like science, history, and geography, Brainiac offers players a diverse range of challenges. The game encourages healthy competition and is a fantastic choice for workplace gatherings. Teams can showcase their expertise and discover a hidden passion for a new subject. Brainiac fosters a love for learning while offering hours of fun and entertainment.

Learn more about Brainiac.

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3. The Logo Board Game

The Logo Board Game focuses exclusively on the world of logos and brands. Players must identify well-known company logos and answer questions related to those brands. This game tests your familiarity with corporate symbols and uncovers the fascinating stories behind these iconic logos. The Logo Board Game is a great choice for marketing enthusiasts, advertising professionals, and employees who enjoy the challenge of recognizing everyday symbols. The Logo Board Game is a delightful and informative game that players of all ages can enjoy.

Learn more about The Logo Board Game.

4. Dumb Criminals

Dumb Criminals is a humorous trivia game that takes players through the world of bizarre and often comical criminal behavior. In this game, participants read stories of criminal activities, ranging from silly to unbelievable. Players must decide whether these stories are true or false. Teams will crack up as they hear the outrageous tales. Dumb Criminals is perfect for humorous and lighthearted events. The game provides endless amusement and starts discussions about the quirky side of the criminal world. This game proves that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and that a good laugh can be the best way to enjoy a trivia experience.

Learn more about Dumb Criminals.

5. Linkee

Linkee is a card game that will get your brain working in no time. Each card in Linkee contains four questions, with a single link between each pair of answers. For example, if you get John, Paul, George, and Ringo as responses, then the connection is obviously The Beatles. Every playing card contains a letter, and the first person to deduce the relationship wins that card. Whoever gets the “Linkee” card combination together first wins.

Linkee is one of the best trivia board games for adults. In each round, every employee takes part, excluding the one reading the question. You do not need all four answers to solve the link, so the trivia whiz in your party will not necessarily come out on top. The resulting tactical considerations are worth considering. You could sit back and listen to all four questions to figure out the link or take a shot after hearing two or three questions and hope you can predict the link before the other players. You can make only one guess. If incorrect, you might provide your opponent with valuable information to solve the riddle.

The wide variety of question topics, from sports to pop culture to history, means that the game should be accessible to a broad spectrum of participants.

Get Linkee.

6. Death by Trivia

As the name implies, Death by Trivia is a rare trivia game that really has the potential for life and death. All the question cards, from “corrosion” through “skinning,” have a topic related to a brutal murder. Death by Trivia is one of the exhilarating trivia card games for adults.

If you provide enough incorrect responses, then you will be eliminated. Once you have left the realm of the living, however, you may bring your opponents down by asking questions from a specific deck for which an incorrect response guarantees quick death. Compared to other games in its category, Death by Trivia raises the stakes with its tense “last player standing” action.

More and more players will ‘die’ as the game progresses, increasing the likelihood of instant death. With this gameplay, there is never a dull moment throughout the trivia game. The trivia speeds up to a bloody end.

Check out Death by Trivia.

7. The Game of Wolf

Two types of trivia enthusiasts exist. The players who thrive in a group setting and those who like to stand out as lone wolves by flaunting their superior knowledge. Both groups will enjoy this quiz game in which players’ allegiances constantly shift.

When your turn arrives in The Game of Wolf, you will first check out the round’s subject. You then choose a pack member to join you in answering those questions based on your assessment of who among the players will be the most helpful. Of course, the remaining players will make up the other side, and you will have to beat them to win points. But if you are confident in your trivia knowledge, then playing alone may increase your score for the round by a factor of two.

This game puts a premium on knowing your teammates’ weaknesses and strengths. One of the best aspects of The Game of Wolf is the wide variety of trivia questions and answers it offers, from Birds of Prey to Beyoncé. In other words, every player should have their day in the spotlight, but no one should expect to succeed entirely on their own.

Check out The Game of Wolf.

8. Colourbrain

Colourbrain is an all-color quiz that the whole family can enjoy. The game is a product of Big Potato, creators of other trivia games for office parties like Mr. Lister’s Quiz Shootout and What Came First. To streamline the trivia format, Colourbrain restricts all questions to those about a single color. Each player receives 11 color-coded cards and must answer questions like “What color is the Marmite jar’s lid?” with the corresponding color card. There is a Disney-themed version of the game, and the questions cover various topics from basic knowledge to pop culture.

Another cool game feature is that every player loses if just one person gets an incorrect answer. This feature prevents players from quickly gaining the lead via a run of consecutive accurate responses.

Check out Colourbrain.

9. I Should Have Known That

I Should Have Known That is a trivia game for folks who are not trivia connoisseurs, full of simple questions meant to make you beat yourself up. Many questions, such as “Is a penguin a bird?” are obvious. As a result, the game itself cannot help but subtly nag at you with the idea that you should already know the answers, as suggested by the box art.

True to form, scoring points for the correct answers is never an option. Instead of gaining points for correct answers, incorrect ones result in losing points. Different games have different penalties, and when you receive a huge negative score, it seems comical, like your quiz board game is judging you.

I Should Have Known That has specific questions that are more challenging than others. This feature will make you suspicious of the question because the most straightforward solution could be a trap. A few questions will probably fall flat if you are not from the United States, but you can easily skip them.

Check out I Should Have Known That.

10. Shot in the Dark

In Shot in the Dark, no player should expect to know the answers and should plan to guess. One of the issues with various forms of trivia is that if a player is very well-versed in a certain area and questions about that area come up, they may easily win the game. By posing specific challenges, such as “What proportion of a Greggs sausage roll is pork?” Shot in the Dark levels the playing field. You may also find questions like “What was the most valued sports team in the world in 2021?”

The questions include detailed answers, such as 18% and the Dallas Cowboys. Players will have to use their best judgment to pick the closest response. The team with the highest points wins. Players take turns reading out intriguing questions and then debating the startling response. The trivia is portable and convenient, coming in a compact package perfect for toting to parties or the local watering hole. It is worth noting that some questions can only be answered “true” or “false,” making the answers more of a coin toss than a shot in the dark.

Get Shot in the Dark.

11. Wits & Wagers

In Wits and Wagers, players acquire more points by betting on the player they think will be correct rather than merely answering questions correctly. The stakes are higher because you must bet to win in Wits & Wagers. Players on Wits & Wagers are given an equal chance by answering general knowledge questions like “How tall is the Statue of Liberty in inches?” or “How long did Theodore Roosevelt serve as president of the United States?”

Answers to all questions are numbers, and players or teams record their best-educated guesses. The best predictions go on the board in ascending order of size. Before revealing the answer, players wager on the guess that is most likely to be accurate. Then, players can bet on themselves or other players. These wagers determine the distribution of points.

Using this casino-style system to determine who has the greatest knowledge about a particular subject is a lot of fun. Most of the questions are about American culture and sports.

Check out Wits & Wagers.

12. Terra

Terra is a must-have for geography enthusiasts who want to test their geographical knowledge. The game is full of challenging questions like, “What is the length of the longest bridge in the world?” Players take turns guessing the characteristics of one of the world’s locations by putting cubes on a game board displaying a globe map. Since no two players’ cubes may occupy the same space, you must quickly decide which answers are most important to you.

Terra is a beautiful educational quiz game for kids and adults. The board and world cards have excellent illustrations, and the game itself is less competitive than most trivia card games for adults, making it ideal for a night in with the rest of the team. If locations are not your forte, the same developer also created Fauna, which has similar gameplay but focuses on broader animal-related topics.

Check out Terra.

13. Pointless

Pointless is a wonderful reenactment of the afternoon TV program that tests your obscure knowledge. The game’s goal is to get as few points as possible by coming up with the most obscure answers to trivia questions. An example question might be, “Name a film directed by Steven Spielberg.” Scores for the answers come from a poll of 100 persons who answered the same question, much like the inverted version of Family Fortunes.

The board game recreates the four rounds of the program. The first few times through may seem awkward since the rounds are different, but you should quickly adjust. The winner receives a little trophy after the game.

Check out Pointless.

14. Blockbuster

Blockbuster is a nostalgic trivia game for movie buffs who recall renting VHS cassettes. You will need at least four people. Average gameplay lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Blockbuster is a trivia night staple for cinephiles. In this movie-themed card game, players split into two teams and must collect eight cards.

The game is in two halves. At the outset, two contestants face off in a buzzer round, during which they take turns naming films that fit a given theme, such as “based on a book” or “set in the future,” until one side gets it wrong or runs out of time. The winner then has the opportunity to earn cards by performing a performance based on one film, reciting a quotation from another movie, and describing the third film using just one word.

Blockbuster is a fun game that is great for employees with active imaginations and a penchant for memorizing movie phrases. The game is designed for movie fans and even comes in VHS packaging.

Checkout Blockbuster.

15. Timeline

Gameplay in Timeline involves remembering a series of events and arranging them in chronological order without the benefit of any dates. History buffs will like this game. Each participant gets four cards, two depicting a historical event and two concealing the date it occurred. It is up to the players to sort the cards into the correct order by making educated guesses about which events came first and which came second in the chronology shown by the cards. You win the game if you are the first to place all of your cards correctly.

Timeline is an engaging instructional card game. Players who are not history buffs need not worry. The accompanying images should give you a good idea of what is happening.

Get Timeline.


A good round of trivia games can be really rewarding. There is nothing quite like the “aha!” moment when you remember some unbelievable statistic or unique piece of information that will blow your colleague’s minds. While there are many excellent television quiz programs, the quality of trivia board games varies widely. Trivia board games are balanced and fair, providing more opportunities for players to participate, and are more fun.

Check out our list of virtual game night ideas,  fun question games, and our article on trivia night ideas.

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FAQ: Trivia games

Here are frequently asked questions about office trivia games.

What are office trivia games?

Office trivia games are competitions that test participants’ knowledge of random, irrelevant information over a wide range of categories. A trivia game can range from a board game played at the office with coworkers to an online trivia night hosted on Zoom.

What are some good trivia games for offices?

Some good trivia games include Pointless, Timeline, and Linkee. You can also play Trivial Pursuit in the office.

How do you play trivia in the office?

Each round of a trivia game or competition often has a set time limit in which players must respond to questions either orally or in writing, or following the regulations of the game or competition in question. After the allotted playing time, the winner is the player with the most right answers.

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