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You found our free random truth or dare questions generator.

Random truth or dare generators are online tools that produce game questions on demand. For example, you may want to generate prompts for team building or a round of drinking games. The purpose of these generators is to provide you with great prompts at the click of a button. This tool is also known as a “truth or dare simulator” and a “t or d generator.”

These generators are useful for icebreaker games and improv games.

Note: The tools below are safe for work.

Press the button to generate a random truth or dare prompt:


This one is specifically a truth generator:


And this one is a dare generator:


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FAQ: Truth or Dare Generator

Here are the most common questions and answers about truth or dare question generators.

What is a truth or dare generator?

A truth or dare generator is a simple software application that generates game prompts on demand. These prompts are used to play the classic game of Truth or Dare?”. The tools are usually free and easy to use.

Are there any risks to generating random questions for truth or dare?

The main risk with generating random truth or dare questions is that you may not know the full library of prompts. Therefore, you may find certain prompts awkward, embarrassing or inappropriate for your group.

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