Updated: December 14, 2022

17 Best Virtual Gifts: Ideas for Clients & Employees

Here is our list of the best virtual gifts for employees and clients.

Virtual gifts are items you give to your friends, family, or workers electronically. Examples include gift cards, online subscriptions, and digital tickets. The purpose of these gifts is to make the gifting process easier and faster since you do not need to send the item physically.

These ideas are examples of work from home gifts, employee gifts, and client gifts. These presents make perfect virtual Secret Santa gifts and last-minute Christmas gifts.

This list includes:

  • virtual gifts for clients
  • virtual gifts for employees
  • virtual gifts websites
  • virtual gifts for coworkers
  • virtual secret Santa gifts
  • emailable gifts

Let us begin!

List of virtual gifts

Getting virtual gifts for employees can be a great way to show your team that you appreciate them and their contributions. Here is a list of online offerings you can send to your employees and clients.

1. Entertainment service subscriptions

Streaming services are essential to many workers’ and clients’ lives. After a long day at work, these services provide a way to let go and relax. You can send your employees the subscription for these streaming platforms as a gift card or virtual subscription.

You can get a subscription from Netflix, Tidal, Spotify, Disney-Plus, or Hulu for your team. Better still, you can ask your employees or clients what streaming services they prefer and get the subscription. Your employees will greatly appreciate this gift as they can catch up on shows and listen to their favorite music. You could even plan team building events around their shows and music tastes, encouraging employees with common entertainment interests to bond.

Some great options for streaming service subscriptions include Netflix, Tidal, Spotify, and Disney Plus.

2. Virtual cooking class

A virtual cooking class is a cool gift that can double as a team bonding activity if the team members do the course together. You can also personalize the gift for specific employees and clients. This virtual gift works best when the receiver is a food lover or cooking enthusiast.

You can email the recipient the invitation to the class or a list of cooking classes. Then, when the recipient selects the cooking class, you can send the ingredients to the employee’s home. Otherwise, you can send a gift card to a nearby grocery store where they can get what they need.

Here is a list of online cooking classes.

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3. Beauty and wellness subscription memberships

Self-care is essential to great self-esteem, but as busy employees, self-care can be difficult. Beauty and wellness subscription memberships are examples of out-of-the-box virtual gifts for clients. However, the message is clear that you care about your client’s health. You can send a little note with the gift expressing this sentiment.

Your clients will appreciate emailable gifts like this as it allows them to unwind and relax. Luckily, many subscription boxes are available for almost every type of wellness niche. All you need to do is send the subscription to your client’s email.

Depending on the type of subscription, your clients can start receiving special wellness packages monthly or have free online wellness consultations. Beauty and wellness subscription memberships are also great for employees as it shows that you care.

For personalized beauty and wellness memberships, check out Ipsy and Kinder Beauty.

4. Ticket to an online class

Online class tickets are excellent virtual gifts for employees because the gift gives your colleagues a chance to learn new skills for free. There is always something new they can learn online. Once you identify which employees are eager to learn new skills, footing the bill for them will be a welcome gesture.

You can send the team a voucher for a recorded or live class. You should choose a course that aligns with your company’s values and is relevant to the employee’s skill set. This virtual gift also works as a career advancement tool for employees, allowing them to grow their careers and move up in the company.

Options for online classes are available on Udemy and EdX.

5. Free in-game content

Free in-game content is a rather unconventional virtual gift for coworkers. This gift works well if you have core gamers on your team. As we know, video games can be a gratifying and relaxing hobby. But many games are pay-to-win, rewarding players that spend the most on in-game purchases.

You can leverage this and gift a coworker a rare in-game item they may not have but have openly expressed that they would like. Of course, any gamer on your team you do give this super-specific gift will appreciate it. Hence, asking one gamer employee to help you find the right item for other gamers might be a good idea.

You can also gift your gamer coworkers in-game currency if you are unsure what each person would like. The gift can also be an expansion pack or game pass so the colleague can continue having fun. You can get another gamer to send the present through the game with a cute note from the company.

You can buy your colleagues the game pass for Playstation and Xbox.

6. Online fitness membership

Remote workers spend long hours sitting behind a desk and staring into the bright lights of a computer. Remote work has benefits, but one of its most significant issues is a lack of physical inactivity. Physical inactivity is the risk factor for many ailments, which can, in turn, lead to reduced productivity in the long term. Thus an online fitness class membership would be perfect for your remote employees.

This virtual gift can also be a team bonding activity if you choose one welcoming to beginners so more employees can participate. Most virtual fitness plans do not need complex or expensive equipment. All your employees need is the will and discipline to follow the fitness program. An online fitness membership can also fit into different schedules and allow your team to be both productive and fit.

Here is a list of online fitness class ideas.

7. Digital tickets to concerts

Online gifts can also offer real-world fun. You can get a digital ticket if you have an avid music lover as an employee or client and seek to appreciate them. You can personalize the gift by choosing the employee’s favorite band.

Digital tickets are a thoughtful way to celebrate your team member’s personalities. This gift does not have to be expensive. However, for a more memorable experience, you can get a VIP pass. Whether it is a virtual concert, you will create an experience your employees will never forget.

For a range of tickets to fun experiences, including concerts, visit Ticketmaster and Seatgeek.

8. Donation to a charity or cause

Donating to a charity your client is passionate about is a great way to show you care. Beyond being thoughtful, you also get to contribute positively to society. This gift will work well if your client does not seem to like gifts. In such a case, a charity would go a long way to make that client feel seen and valued.

You should ask your client what cause they want the money to go to, or better still, listen to find out where their interests lie. If you are intent on making the present a surprise, then you can ask a close acquaintance of the client instead.

Directories that host a list of charities include Charity Navigator and Guidestar.

9. Gift voucher for a travel company

For some hard-working employees, taking breaks is rarely a priority. Relaxation can seem like a secondary need in a fast-paced and demanding work environment. With this virtual gift, you can encourage your team to travel with loved ones and have fun in a new environment.

You can do this by getting a gift voucher from a travel company. This virtual gift can be an investment you give your employee as a reward or for hitting a milestone. If you want to give this gift as a birthday present, then make sure you inform the employee or client early enough so they can plan ahead.

Get a selection of travel gift vouchers on Travelzoo and Flightgift.

10. Thrive Market grocery membership

A Thrive Market subscription is a virtual grocery store that offers several products, from eco-friendly toiletries to yummy snacks. With this subscription, the receiver will not need to leave the house, a convenience many would appreciate. Your busy clients or employees will also cherish the gift as well. If you want to make it more appealing, you can buy some credits for the membership.

Once you subscribe, your employee can make any choice of groceries. The recipient can also tweak the delivery dates and change the order at any time. There are several diet offerings, from vegan to gluten-free to keto, and the subscription price can be as low as $5.

Learn more about Thrive Market grocery membership.

11. Peleton digital membership

If you are wondering what virtual secret Santa gifts you can send your employees, then a Peleton digital membership will work for you. A Peloton membership comes with many classes, from yoga to outdoor running.

The membership is a good gift for your coworkers during the holidays because the present gives the coworker a chance to focus on their fitness. The Peleton membership includes an app, several expert-level instructors, and engaging music to get your receiver’s blood rushing. They can also tailor their workout to suit different moods, schedules, and goals.

Give your recipients access to various workouts with a Peloton digital membership.

12. Software resource subscription

A thoughtful way to make your clients and employees feel seen is to pay for a monthly subscription for resources they often have to buy themselves. This virtual gift will be welcome, especially if the software is a frequently used tool.

You can give your client’s team vouchers for subscriptions and resources such as stock photos. In addition, you could cover the cost of design software, productivity tools, and editing tools. This gift works well for tech companies.

Some popular software solutions your recipients probably use are Adobe, Canva, and AutoCad.

13. Gift cards

Gift cards are some of the most popular virtual gift ideas. You can hardly go wrong with this gift. Virtual gift cards are an easy and fun way to celebrate your client or employee. You can use a gifting service like Hoppier to personalize the card and attach a thoughtful email.

One of the coolest aspects of getting a virtual gift card is the flexibility the card gives. You can often find gift cards on the store’s website or many virtual gifts websites.  Essentially, the receiver can spend the card on a subscription, new technology, or even convert the card to money. With this gift, the recipient can get any gift from a store you choose.

Here is a list of the best virtual gift cards for employees.

14. Audiobook subscriptions

Many folks love to read but can not find the time in their busy schedules to open a book. However, busy professionals can listen to audiobooks on the go. If you have clients or employees who have expressed a love for reading, then an audiobook subscription might be the perfect gift.

With this gift, your colleague can rest and unwind after a stressful day with any book. This gift can also be used while exercising or when commuting to work.

Audiobook subscriptions are also one of the top virtual secret Santa gifts since the recipients can enjoy the service over the holidays when they have spare time. Amazon Audible, Scribd, and LibriVox all provide great listening experiences, and the recipients are bound to appreciate your gift.

Gift the best listening experience on Audible, Blinkist, and BookBeat.

15. Retail therapy choice gift card

Whether we are shopping for groceries, clothes, or books, shopping can be a cathartic experience. Thus, a retail therapy e-gift card is a great choice to get your employees out of the routine of work.

This gift card is a versatile multi-store card that hosts about six known retail brands. These brands are GAP, Macy’s, Wayfair, Nordstrom Rack, lululemon, and Ulta Beauty.

With this gift card, you can get furniture, makeup, apparel, and home goods. This gift will be especially great if your colleague just moved to a new house. All you need to do is email the colleague the e-gift card as a housewarming gift. Therefore, instead of trying to find the perfect gift, the giftee chooses their ideal gift. You can also add a cute message when you send the card.

Learn more about Retail therapy choice gift cards.

16. Pilates class subscription

A pilates class subscription is a fun twist to a traditional gym membership. However, instead of the high-energy aerobics and routines of an online gym membership, an online pilates class is a more calm alternative. With this gift, the giftee can stretch from the comfort of home with an expert instructor providing directions on what to do.

Stretching is a known relaxation technique. Stretching frees the joints, relaxes the muscles, and engages the mind. The online pilates class has different levels so the recipient can join even if they are beginners. Depending on your budget, you can get a monthly or yearly subscription. Either way, it is the thought that counts.

Choose from a selection of pilates classes on Pilates Live and Pilates on Demand.

17. Personalized message from a favorite celebrity

This virtual gift is the ultimate gift if you have an employee or client who is a known fan of a particular celebrity. You can plan the present by getting the employee or client’s favorite celebrity to record a one-minute message and surprise the recipient on a special day. The celebrity you can consider range from their childhood heroes to reality show contestants, popular authors, and mainstream movie stars.

The more popular your celebrity of choice is, the more you should budget for this gift. However, if you are low on budget, a local celebrity will do just fine. No matter the cost, you can rest assured that your client or employee will never forget the gift and your thoughtfulness.

Get personalized messages on sites like Cameo and Memmo.


Managing a business means you have to keep both your customers and workers happy and engaged. The folks who work with you need to feel appreciated and seen, which is why gifts are important. Virtual gifts are excellent alternatives to sending gifts by mail. This gifting style can also be an eco-friendly way to celebrate your employees and clients. With virtual gifts, you do not need to think about too much logistics and planning. Some gifts only take a few button clicks and a working payment method. Virtual gifts for coworkers and clients also make sense when dealing with a large team or client base. Everyone appreciates a gift, especially if it is personalized to them, so corporate gift-giving is an investment with lasting rewards.

Next, check out gift sending services and corporate gift boxes for employees.

FAQ: Virtual gifts

Here are some of the frequent questions about virtual gifts.

How do you send virtual gifts?

You can send virtual gifts through email, with a few exceptions. For instance, you can send online subscription login details in a heartfelt email to the recipient. In addition, emailable gifts are convenient to buy and hassle-free for the recipient.

What are some good virtual gifts to send employees?

Here are some good virtual gifts to send to employees:

  • Peleton digital membership
  • Amazon Explore Virtual Experience
  • Gift voucher for a travel company
  • Digital tickets to concerts
  • Beauty and wellness subscription memberships
  • Personalized message from a favorite celebrity

You should ensure these gifts match the employee’s interests.

What are the best virtual gifts to send clients?

Here are some of the best virtual gifts for clients:

  • Software resource subscription
  • Donation to a charity or cause
  • Entertainment service subscriptions
  • Audiobook subscription certificate
  • Virtual gift cards

Choosing the right gifts for your client is essential to getting and retaining brand loyalty.

What are the benefits of sending virtual gifts?

Here are the benefits of sending virtual gifts:

  • Sending a virtual gift is convenient:  Wherever you are, you can quickly get on your personal computer and send a gift to your client or employee. Moreover, you can do this for multiple employees without visiting numerous physical stores.
  • Sending a virtual gift saves time:  Virtual gifts only take a moment to purchase and send. Since the shopping is online, you can save time you would have spent packaging separate gifts for employees and clients.
  • Niche gifts are accessible: From online gym subscriptions to software resource subscriptions, it is easier to find niche gifts that your employees and clients will love.
  • Better prices: As there is not always the need for real-life delivery and many options to choose from, virtual gifts have several reasonable prices.
  • No distance limitations: Sending virtual gifts makes delivery easier since there is no need for physical delivery. With the click of a button, recipients thousands of miles away can receive a gift in a second.

Virtual gifts can also be a last-minute savior for an impromptu event or celebration.

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