27 Best Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kits for Work

By: | Updated: August 27, 2022

You found our list of virtual happy hour cocktail kits.

Virtual happy hour cocktail kits are packages of ingredients sendable to friends, employees, or colleagues for a Zoom or Teams happy hour. Happy hour cocktail kits often include cocktail mixers, bitters, syrups, and alcohol.

You can use these kits for virtual happy hours, office happy hours, Zoom mixology events, or online alcohol tasting experiences. These packages are types of swag bags and can double as employee appreciation gifts.

This list includes:

  • Zoom cocktail party kits
  • cocktail kits for employees
  • happy hour gift boxes for employees
  • cocktail kits with alcohol delivery

Here we go!

List of Virtual happy hour cocktail kits

From Moscow Mules to Blood Orange Cosmos, here is a list of virtual happy hour cocktails bound to make attendees happy.

1.  Strawberry Pineapple Sangria

One of the yummiest cocktail kits with alcohol delivery is Wood-n-Tap’s Strawberry Pineapple Sangria box. This $40 box has a 32 oz. Sangria base with a fusion of pineapple and strawberry. Alongside its sangria base is one container of strawberries and one bottle of Bosa Prosecco Brut. This box would pair well with a jar of olive tapenade and crackers.
Learn more about Strawberry Pineapple Sangria.

2. The Perfect Margarita

The Perfect Margarita box from Wood-n-Tap retails at $40 and includes alcohol delivery. The kit contains one bottle of Concierge Reposado Tequila, two bottles of House-Made Margarita Mix, one lime, and one container of kosher salt. This box can be made complete with fresh salsa and chips.

Learn more about The Perfect Margarita.

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3. Tiki Sangria

You can bring the islands to your virtual happy hour with a Wood-n-Tap’s Tiki Sangria box. This $40 box’s sangria’s base is a blend of Pinot Grigio, fresh juices, oranges, and cherries. The kit includes one orange, one container of Amarena cherries, 32 oz. of juice, 32 oz. of soda water, and one bottle of Anterra Pinot Grigio. This mix yields about ten sangrias. To add to the island experience, you can send all virtual partygoers a fresh pineapple or tropical fruit basket.

Learn more about Tiki Sangria.

4. Moscow and Blackberry Mule

Mule cocktails have become a happy hour favorite. I prefer a classic Moscow Mule, however, there are many flavor variations. Happyhourkits.com offers a kit that includes both a classic Moscow and blackberry mule. The kit contains one bottle of Pratt Standard Blackberry Mint Syrup, two dehydrated limes, one can of Goslings Ginger Beer, two limes, one Happied Jigge, and 100ml Vodka. All partygoers have to do is add ice!

Learn more about Moscow Mule and a Blackberry Mule.

5. Paloma and Cranberry-Orange Margarita

You can deviate from standard lime margaritas with a Paloma and cranberry-orange margarita. This kit includes ingredients for two tequila-based cocktails. The contents of the box include one bottle of Pratt Standard Cranberry Orange Syrup, one bag of Himalayan pink sea salt, one can of Q Sparkling Grapefruit, two limes, one Happied Jigger, and one bottle of 100ml Tequila (with Spirit Add-On).

Learn more about Paloma and Cranberry-Orange Margarita kit.

6. Old Fashioned Cocktails

One of the most fun cocktail kits for employees is an Old Fashioned Cocktail kit. This kit is easily portable and includes a small batch of aromatic bitters, cane sugar, a desk-size bar spoon and muddler, a recipe card, and a linen coaster for two cocktails. Alcohol is not included, therefore, we recommend sending small bottles of gin or vodka separately. The occasion would also be an excellent opportunity to put together a happy hour basket with small bottles of alcohol and snacks.

Learn more about Old Fashioned Cocktails.

7. Italian Spritz

You can give your virtual happy hour a summer feel with an Italian Spritz Kit. This kit offers sufficient supplies for two Italian Spritz cocktails. Ingredients include citrus cocktail syrup, a 1/2 oz. jigger, a travel-size bar spoon, a recipe card, and a linen coaster. You can add Italian fare with a food basket of Italian cured meats, pecorino, and bread.

Learn more about Italian Spritz kit.

8. Mimosa Cocktail Kit

You can host a virtual happy hour brunch with Heritage Distilling’s Mimosa Cocktail kit. This kit gives you the option of HDC Ruby Red Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Mango, or Pomegranate Vodka, and includes a bottle of Sparkling Wine and a bottle of Orange Juice. Specifically, in the kit are 1 oz. HDC Ruby Red Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Mango, or Pomegranate Vodka, 2 oz. Chateau Ste. Michelle Sparkling Wine, and 1 oz Orange Juice. Happy hour goers simply pour all the ingredients into a champagne glass and sip away!

Learn more about Mimosa Cocktail kit.

9. Pineapple Jalapeño Kit

The combination of pineapple and jalapeño sounds incompatible until you try it. I recently tried a pineapple jalapeño margarita and have no regrets! Camp Craft Cocktails offers a pineapple jalapeño mix with pineapple, lime, jalapeño, and citrus-infused non-GMO vegan cane sugar. This kit does not include alcohol, but some recommended infusions are vodka, gin, tequila, rum, or bourbon.

Learn more about Pineapple Jalapeño mix.

10. Blood Orange Cosmo Bar in a Jar

The $25 Blood Orange Cosmo Bar in a Jar is a unique spin on the classic Cosmopolitan. Packed neatly in a jar, the kit includes two Blood Orange Flavored Vodka minis, one can of cranberry juice, and ¼ oz. of lime juice. All happy hour goers have to do is pour the ingredients into a shaker with ice and enjoy!

Learn more about Blood Orange Cosmo Bar in a Jar.

11. I’m Your Huckleberry-Old Fashioned

You do not need an old-fashioned porch swing to enjoy this kit, although it would be an added bonus! This Huckleberry-Old Fashioned kit includes two bamboo skewers, one 10 oz. bottle of Cocktail Courier Basil Syrup, one packet of dried huckleberries, one I’m Your Huckleberry Mini Recipe Card, one passionfruit hibiscus tea bag, three bourbon bottles, and one 10 oz. Balsamic vinegar bottle.

Learn more about I’m Your Huckleberry-Old Fashioned.

12. The Gin Jam Fizz Bar

Even the name of this drink sounds fun! This jar comes with two Elk Rider Gin minis, a tiny jar of Bonne Maman jam, and a can of Fever-Tree-Club Soda. To make a Gin Jam Fizz, shake 1.5 oz. Elk Rider Gin, one tbsp. of jam and ice in a shaker. Then, strain the ingredients, pour, and top with club soda!

Learn more about The Gin Jam Fizz Bar.

13. Bloody Mary’s & Brunch Kit

You can spice up virtual brunch with a Bloody Mary’s and Brunch Kit and a virtual class. In this kit, you will find ingredients for stuffed pancakes and two Bloody Mary cocktails. This box’s ingredients include

Bloody Mary Ingredients:

  • George’s Botanivore Gin,
  • tomato juice
  • celery
  • green olives
  • Tabasco Sauce

Pancake Ingredients:

  • potatoes
  • scallions
  • carrots
  • jalapeno,
  • green cayenne

The kit also includes Zoom link instructions on setting up the class.

Learn more about Bloody Mary’s & Brunch Kit.

14. Peach Rosemary Cocktail Mix

This unusual cocktail mix fuses Michigan peaches, rosemary, and lemon. The kit does not come with alcohol but recommended alcoholic pairings include gin, whiskey, or white wine. Let’s Stay Home offers the following cocktail recipe:

Peach Rosemary Cocktail Mix Recipe

  • 5-6 oz. Let’s Stay Home Peach Rosemary Mix
  • One bottle of white wine
  • 4 oz. Elderflower liqueur
  • Sliced peaches, lemons, and rosemary sprigs to taste

You can order an online snack box from retailers like Harry & David to complete the experience!

Learn more about Peach Rosemary Cocktail Mix.

15. Blueberry Lavender Cocktail Mix

Let’s Stay Home offers a unique mix that blends blueberries, dried lavender, and lime juice. This kit does not come with alcohol, but Let’s Stay Home recommends pairing the mix with vodka or tequila. You can even make a boozy float with the cocktail mix, vodka, and vanilla ice cream.

Learn more about Blueberry Lavender Cocktail Mix.

16. Lavender Pastel Rickey

Lavender is not only wonderful for cooking but adds a unique flavor to cocktails. Cocktail Courier offers a Lavender Pastel Rickey that happy hour goers will love. This kit includes two Bacardi Superior Rum (50ML bottles), one Cocktail Courier Blackberry Lavender Syrup Bottle (10 oz.), one lavender stem packet, one lemon, and one of SanPellegrino Limonata. Dark chocolate goes well with lavender so send your happy-hour-goers dark chocolate bars for extra pizazz!

Learn more about Lavender Pastel Rickey.

17. First Bloom Collins

This drink kit screams spring in a box! Pineapple flavors combined with rose notes will give your happy hour goers spring feels, even during winter! This kit contains one Cocktail Courier Pineapple Syrup bottle, one lemon, one can of Q Mixers Club Soda, one Rose Water Dropper Bottle, two gin bottles, and one Cocktail Courier dried rosebuds packet.

Learn more about First Bloom Collins.

18. Call Me, Beep Me-Spritz

The Call Me, Beep Me-Spritz from Cocktail Courier is one of the most fun happy hour gift boxes for employees. The name of this kit alone is intriguing! This box includes one can of sparkling wine, one Cocktail Courier Tonic Syrup, one lemon, one can of Q Mixers Club Soda, and one Cocktail Courier dehydrated orange wheel packet. You can send your employee gourmet popcorn or a charcuterie gift basket for added flair.

Learn more about Call Me, Beep Me-Spritz.

19. Frozen Wine Slushies

Frozen wine slushies are the perfect summer drink! Lush Wine Mix offers fun like frosé, sangria, and strawberry basil lemonade. However, since these mixes do not include alcohol, I would recommend buying the mixes in bulk and then creating a DIY wine slushie basket.

Some ideas for a DIY slushie basket include:

  • One bottle of wine
  • One bottle of water
  • Bar of chocolate

Each mix has enough for nine to ten servings, so you can create four to five wine slushie kits with mini bottles of wine, mini water bottles, and fun chocolate treats.

Learn more about Frozen Wine Slushies.

20. Mojito Cocktail Kit

One of the fun Zoom cocktail party kits is a mojito cocktail mix kit. Crafty Cocktails have crafted mojito boxes that come in all sorts of flavors, such as:

  • Jasmin Cha Mojito: fuses jasmine green tea and orange blossoms
  • Tropical Smoke Signal Mojito: combines mango with smoky paprika
  • Coco Beet Mojeet-O: a concoction of beetroot powder and coconut extract

None of these mixes include alcohol, but rum is often the base alcohol for mojitos.

Learn more about Mojito Cocktail Kits.

21. Brandy or Cognac Cocktail Kit

A cocktail kit perfect for winter nights is Crafty Cocktail’s brandy or cognac cocktail kit. This kit comes with three options:

  • Sparkling Pear: a unique fusion of mulberry, demerara syrup, Bartlett pear, and sparkling soda
  • CCB Alexander: this screams cozy with brandy, cocoa, nutmeg, and demerara syrup
  • Noyer Noir: an intriguing blend of walnut bitters, black lava salt, Rosso vermouth, and lemon zest

These mixes do not include alcohol, but brandy or cognac are the recommended alcohols.

Learn more about Brandy or Cognac Cocktail Kit.

22. Cachaca Cocktail Kit

Cachaca is a popular Brazilian distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane. You can bring Rio De Janeiro to your happy hour goers with a Cachaca cocktail kit that offers three options:

  • Caipirinha is Crafty’s version of Brazil’s national drink with raw sugar and lime
  • Black Star combines blackberry jam, lime, and green apple
  • Coco’s Assistant will give you a tropical feel with coconut and lime flavors

Cachaca is not included in the box but can be found online or in liquor stores.

Learn more about Cachaca Cocktail Kit.

23. Sazerac Rye Cocktail Kit

You can transport your happy goers to balmy Southern nights on a porch swing with a Sazerac Rye Cocktail Kit. This kit has fun options like:

  • The Cheasapeaken Ramos Fizz fuses Ruby Fassinola syrup, muddled peach, and Old Bay seasoning in this eclectic mix
  • Streetcar Named Crafty’s is as sassy as it sounds with homebrewed sweet tea, lemon curd, and  pure citric acid.

Rye whiskey does not come in this kit. You do not have to commit to Sazerac Rye Whiskey and you can swap it out with an American rye whiskey.

Learn more about Sazerac Rye Cocktail Kit.

24. Korean Soju Cocktail Kit

Soju is an ancient distilled spirit that is the center of Korea’s drinking culture. Often made from rice, wheat, or sweet potatoes, Soju has a clean and fresh finish. Crafty Cocktails has created cocktail kits that capitalize on Soju’s simplicity with three kits:

  • Tropical AF
  • Seoulgrita
  • Yogusan

These boxes include unique Korean products like:

  • Maesil-Korean green plum extract
  • Milkis-yogurt soda,
  • Gochuganu-a chili flakes
  • Ms. Better’s Cypress bitters
  • dehydrated savoy cabbage
  • Nelson Olive Oil Co.
  • lemongrass
  • mint
  • white balsamic
  • Blue Monkey Sparkling Papaya
  • fresh kalamansi
  • Rosyro Passionfruit syrup

This kit does not include Soju, but the spirit is available online or at a liquor store.

Learn more about Korean Soju Cocktail Kit and check out ideas for Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

25. Juggling Vodkas Cocktail Kit

Juggling Vodkas Cocktail Kit is as colorful as it sounds. It’s summer whimsy in a box! This kit has three flavor options:

  • Carnival Cream Soda
  • House of Mirrors
  • Last Ride Tea

Some of the eclectic ingredients included in the kits include:

  • Blue or Red Dad’s Cream Soda
  • condensed milk
  • Kinsip Vanilla Rye bitters
  • Crafty Cocktails Thyme Infused Pear Nectar
  • black tea tincture
  • fresh lime
  • Porter’s Earl Grey Syrup
  • vanilla salted limes
  • Labrador tea leaves
  • Bergamot water

This kit does not include alcohol, but pairs well with mandarin, raspberry, or peach-flavored vodkas.

Learn more about Juggling Vodkas Cocktail Kit.

26. Emerald Isle Cocktail Kit

Irish eyes will be smiling with Crafty Cocktail’s Emerald Isle Cocktail Kit. This Irish whiskey kit has three options:

  • Howth Express is sweet and spicy with crushed cardamom, lime, Cardamom bitters, and Chartreuse or Maraschino spritz
  • Proper Apples fuses cinnamon, ginger beer starter, sweet Apple Cider, apples, and a touch of lemon

Whiskey is not part of this kit, but Jameson Whiskey is a good option.

Learn more about Emerald Isle Cocktail Kit.

27. Hair of the Dog-Brunch Cocktail Kit

You can deviate from average brunch Bloody Marys and mimosas with a Hair of the Dog-Brunch Cocktail kit. This kit includes three options like:

  • Screwed-Up mimosa is half mimosa and half screwdriver with elderflower/orange champagne syrup, orange-infused vodka, orange juice, and Rootside Orange bitters
  • Blood-Ghee Mary blends Ghee infused vodka, blue cheese olives and brine, Maritime Madness Garlic Goodness Hot sauce, and Maldon salt

This kit doesn’t include vodka or champagne.

Learn more about Hair of the Dog-Brunch Cocktail Kit.


Remote happy hours bring camaraderie and fun to teams that might not be able to meet in person. Virtual happy hour kits are not only convenient but safe ways to drink together. Happy hour goers can enjoy delicious cocktails without worrying about Ubers or finding rides home. Not to mention, the drink kits can double as care packages or employee appreciation gifts.

For more online experiences with gift-add-on options, check out virtual chocolate tasting and Zoom beer tasting.

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FAQ: Virtual happy hour cocktail kits

Here are answers to questions about virtual happy hour cocktail kits.

What do virtual happy hour kits include?

Virtual happy hour kits include bitters, syrups, mixes, and sometimes alcohol.

What are the best virtual happy hour kits?

Some of the best virtual happy hour kits are Blood Orange Cosmo in a Jar, Frozen Wine Slushies, and Call-Me, Beep Me Spritz.

How do you send a virtual cocktail?

You can purchase virtual cocktail mixes online and send them directly to partygoers. However, liquor shipping laws vary by state. Some online stores will not ship to certain states. You can also gather ingredients for a virtual cocktail mix and send boxes to partygoers yourself.

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