Updated: December 20, 2023

20 Virtual Paint Night Companies & Ideas for Team Building

Here is our list of the best virtual paint night ideas.

Virtual paint night ideas are fun experiences where you and your group can create beautiful art and have fun. Many companies can help organize your virtual paint night. Examples include Fresh Paint, Paint The Town, and Painting to Gogh. The purpose of these ideas is to reveal the best online experiences and video tutorials you can use for your next paint night.

These ideas are examples of online socials and are ways to have fun with employees. Virtual paint nights are similar to online art classes and virtual team events.

This list includes:

  • free virtual paint nights
  • virtual paint and sips
  • pre-recorded virtual paint nights
  • team building virtual paint nights

So, let’s get to it!

List of virtual paint night ideas

You can use a pre-recorded video or hire an art company to live instructions during your paint night. From Impressionist Paint Night to Muse Paint Bar, here are the best companies and experiences to book for your next virtual paint night:

1. Painting to Gogh

Painting to Gogh offers art video tutorials for team building virtual paint nights. The company will handle all you need for your event, including painting supplies and instructions. You can go through the art gallery on the company’s official site to select the design your group would love to recreate.

The featured designs include Fireflies, Starry Night, and Monet’s Bridge. If your paint night falls during the holiday, then you can choose the Family Snow Globe, Gingerbread House, or even Sweet & Spooky Pumpkin. After deciding on the painting to recreate, the host will deliver the needed kits to guests within one to five business days. There are three kits to choose from, each featuring an art video tutorial. You and other attendees can watch the video on any device. You should plan to spend an average of 90 minutes during the session. The experience is ideal for participants at all levels.

Learn more about Painting to Gogh.

2. Virtual Paint Night by Jeanette

Virtual Paint Night is one of the best art experiences featured on Airbnb. The host, Jeanette, has reliable experience hosting painting events via Zoom. The instructions are easy to follow, making this event great for beginners.

For a private paint night, the host can accommodate groups of any size. Be sure to prepare all the needed supplies before the event, including a device with an internet connection, an apron, and a canvas. The pricing for a private group paint party starts at around $135. Also, depending on your event’s project, the class can last anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours. You can interact with the host and ask questions during the session.

Learn more about Virtual Paint Night by Jeanette.

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3. Paint The Town

Paint the Town hosts exciting virtual paint and sips for private groups. A live instructor will lead this event and give instructions for painting your desired art. Also, the company will dedicate an event coordinator to plan your virtual paint night. From painting tools to wines, you can rest assured that the host will provide all the needed supplies. If you have a large group or team members with different skill levels, then you can request additional breakout rooms. After, the company will dedicate an artist to each breakout room.

Paint The Town successfully organized paint parties for top organizations, including Quora, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. The company’s gallery features different painting categories you can choose from, including lifestyle, holiday-themed, and nature.

Learn more about Paint The Town.

4. Impressionist Paint Night

Impressionist Paint Night is one of the most exciting paint parties featured on Elevent. The host, Mr. Gao’s Art Studio, will arrange for art experts to lead your event on Zoom or your preferred platform. During your paint night, you and other attendees will explore your creativity while learning more about traditional art methodologies.

The host can accommodate groups having up to 100 members. Attendees will receive their painting kits right before the event. Instruction can happen in English and Chinese languages. Furthermore, the event pricing starts at around $300 for five guests. You and your group members will spend up to 90 minutes learning and creating fun artwork. You will also learn more about the items in your kit and basic painting techniques.

Learn more about Impressionist Paint Night.

5. Fresh Paint

Going creative with Fresh Paint is one of the best virtual paint night ideas. Whether your event is strictly for adults or involves kids, you can expect the best experience from Fresh Paint. The event will run on Zoom. The company will provide an instructor to take you through the steps for creating your selected art. The fun part is that you can use colors different from the ones the instructor uses. Fresh Paint takes pride in encouraging all participants to be as creative as possible.

After booking, you will receive a kit containing paper towels, paint colors, and brushes. But you can also have attendees bring their own painting supplies instead. The experience typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes.

Learn more about Fresh Paint.

6. Canvas n Cup

Canvas n Cup hosts exciting paint nights on Zoom. Whether you plan to celebrate a birthday party or bond with your team, the company will help you organize the experience according to your event needs. You can rest assured that your group will have a dedicated instructor to teach you the steps for painting creative artwork. The company can also provide a pre-recorded video tutorial for the painting session. This option is excellent for teams whose members live across different geographical locations.

You can choose from various paintings featured in the company’s gallery, from holiday scenes to animals. Canvas n Cup can host paint nights for virtual and hybrid teams. In addition, you can pick up the painting supplies at the studio or have a kit shipped directly to each guest.

Learn more about Canvas n Cup.

7. Meditate and Paint

Meditate and Paint is one of the most fun team building virtual paint nights. During the experience, you will follow the host’s steps in painting a landscape on a planter. Your instructor will also teach you how to mix different colors. Your booking includes a painting kit for each guest, containing items like an eco-friendly plastic planter, an instruction booklet, and acrylic paints.

The event can take place on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. After booking, you will receive a link to the chosen platform. Meditate and Paint by Crockd is an excellent choice if you want a relaxing paint night your group members can hardly forget. Aside from painting, you will also meditate and practice several breathing techniques.

Learn more about Meditate and Paint.

8. Muse Paint Bar

Muse Paint Bar organizes fun paint nights for groups. Painters at any level can participate in this experience. Muse Paint Bar will send out the painting supplies directly to each participant. Virtual artists are available to provide simple steps for creating artwork.

Plus, the company will dedicate an event planner to organizing your event. You can paint whatever art design you want, whether seasonal scenery or animals. The company can also create custom artwork for your paint night. The instructions provided in this experience are live and easy to understand without prior experience in painting.

Learn more about Muse Paint Bar.

9. Art for Beginners: Drawing & Watercolor Painting for Fun

Art for Beginners: Drawing & Watercolor Painting for Fun is one of the best tutorials for free virtual paint nights. This video is accessible on Udemy. If you are a new subscriber to Udemy, then you can opt for the free trial to check out this tutorial.

The video’s duration is around 90 minutes, within which you will create seven unique projects. You will find a list of the essential supplies in Lecture Three or the Course Landing Page. This tutorial is especially great for children or beginners. The instructor, Em Winn, takes pride in teaching students in a relaxing way. During the session, you will also learn and apply different watercolor techniques.

Learn more about Art for Beginners: Drawing & Watercolor Painting for Fun.

10. Hands On Art 4 Everyone

Hands On Art 4 Everyone organizes adventurous painting experiences for different groups. You do not need any prior experience to participate. An event manager will arrange and send the painting materials, like canvasses, paints, and brushes, to guests. You can also request easels added to the kits.

Groups interested in a virtual experience at this studio must have a minimum of eight members. You can explore the company’s paint night gallery to find inspiration for the artwork to paint. Hands On Art 4 Everyone offers virtual paint night experiences for all ages. However, you must make a reservation at least a week before your event date.

Learn more about Hands On Art 4 Everyone.

11. Paint Cabin

Paint Cabin provides a detailed pre-recorded video you can use as a guide during your paint party. With Paint Cabin’s tutorial, you can share your screen with your friends and learn to paint at your convenient pace.

First, the studio requires you to pick from the paintings displayed on the “On-Demand Virtual Paint Party Night” page. You also must select your preferred canvas size and the number of paint kits your group needs. Each kit contains paint colors, rags, brushes, and canvasses. The best is that you can also transform the paint box into an easel. The pre-recorded video pricing is around $60.

Learn more about Paint Cabin.

12. Online Paint and Sip

Online Paint and Sip offers fun pre-recorded virtual paint nights. If you prefer a live experience, then you can arrange for the event to take place via Zoom. The company’s website features a list of the paintings you can reserve for pre-recorded and virtual live parties. For the pre-recorded option, you only have to purchase one video and share your screen with attendees.

On the other hand, if you reserve the Zoom-led paint night experience, then a certified instructor will guide you through the activity. The studio can also ship painting supplies to guests in different locations worldwide.

Learn more about Online Paint and Sip.

13. The Paint Sesh

The Paint Sesh is one of the best paint night companies. You can choose your favorite painting from The Paint Stash online gallery. The host can also create a custom painting for your event for an added fee. Be sure to reserve a date and time convenient for all your group members. An instructor will teach you how to recreate your favorite painting during this interactive paint night.

Furthermore, this live-streamed painting experience is excellent for almost any event, from employee appreciation to birthday parties. The Paint Stash requires a minimum of 16 painters to participate in the virtual paint experiences. Before your event, the host will send you a full list of all the necessary supplies. You can also purchase a pre-packed kit from the studio’s site. The event usually runs for two hours. Nevertheless, you can extend your event duration for an additional charge.

Learn more about The Paint Sesh.

14. Starry Nite Studio Virtual Paint Party Instructional Videos

Using Starry Nite’s Studio instructional videos is one of the best virtual paint night ideas. If you do not have painting supplies at home, then you can purchase a kit from the studio. The pre-recorded video pricing starts at $10. You can get videos for different paintings, from animals to natural scenery. The company regularly updates the online gallery to provide customers with more painting options.

Furthermore, Starry Nite Studio can dedicate an instructor to organizing a live virtual paint night for your group. The company also offers bonus lessons where you can learn to sketch and paint your pet.

Learn more about Starry Nite Studio Virtual Paint Party Instructional Videos.

15. Pinot’s Palette

Pinot’s Palette is among the best art studios organizing virtual paint nights. The studio only offers public classes for participants over 18 years old. However, any age group can book a private paint night. The virtual paint-at-home events feature pre-recorded painting instructions. Depending on your preference, you can also access the instructions in a written format.

In addition, the host will assist you in planning your event details, including music and drinks. Your booking also covers painting kits. A dedicated digital planner will help you customize the experience to fit your event goal, whether fund-raising or work celebration.

Learn more about Pinot’s Palette.

16. Paint and Sip Live

Paint and Sip Live hosts one of the most fun virtual paint and sips. This online painting experience is perfect for both expert and beginner artists. During the session, the host will entertain participants by playing music. The best part is that you can choose whatever song you want to listen to while painting. You can also select your preferred painting. Paint and Sip Live can accommodate groups of any size. If you book a private party, then you will spend up to two hours on the session. However, your group must have a minimum of ten members before booking a private paint night.

You can come with your art supplies or order a painting kit from the company. Furthermore, a dedicated instructor will guide you through the experience on an online meeting platform. The event pricing starts at around $20.

Learn more about Paint and Sip Live.

17. Paint by the Pints

Paint by the Pints offers private painting parties for both virtual and hybrid teams. The studio can also deliver the paint supplies to your team members in different countries. You can have the virtual event customized according to your needs.

The private event usually lasts two hours. Paint by the Pints can host groups having up to 200 members. You can also request a custom painting created for your event. A dedicated art teacher will guide your group with simple step-by-step instructions. Ultimately, you will have a masterpiece you can show off or gift to a family or friend. You can expect a fantastic paint experience regardless of your skill level.

Learn more about Paint by the Pints.

18. Grand Theater Center for the Arts Free Online Paint Night

Grand Theater Center for the Arts offers one of the most fun free virtual paint nights. Although the live event already took place on Facebook, you can still access the video on the center’s official site. The center also lists the required supplies, such as paintbrushes, canvasses, and six paint colors.

The video’s duration is a little over one hour. Since the video is free, you can access the tutorial anytime and with any device with an internet connection. Also, you can pause the video whenever you like, rewind, and learn at your own pace. If you plan to experience the paint night with your group, then you can share your screen with attendees while playing the recording. This tutorial is excellent for kids and adults.

Learn more about Grand Theater Center for the Arts Free Online Paint Night.

19. DIY Pet Portrait Sip and Paint

If you would love to involve your pets in your next virtual paint and sip, then you can opt for the DIY Pet Portrait Sip and Paint experience. This experience is one of ClassBento’s events hosted by Paint The Town. The painting session will run for two hours.

After reserving your convenient time, you will receive a kit containing the essential supplies. You will also receive a link to the platform where the experience holds. This event is an excellent opportunity for attendees to have fun and spend time with their pet companions. Before the event, you must send a picture of your pet to the host. Then the host will resend a sketch image of your pet on a white canvas alongside the painting supplies. But you can also send an animal picture aside from your pet’s image. After, follow the live instruction, sip wine, and have fun with your pet and friends.

Learn more about DIY Pet Portrait Sip and Paint.

20. Painting with a Twist

Painting With a Twist offers at-home painting nights led by an artist who will also entertain your group. The event takes place live on a video meeting platform. Painting With a Twist ensures that the virtual paint nights are just as fun as in-person events. You will find a list of upcoming online events you can book on the studio’s site.

If you cannot find a live event on the site, then you can opt for the Twist at Home kit featuring a pre-recorded video. This recording is among the best pre-recorded virtual paint nights. You are free to bring your own painting supplies. But if you do not have the needed tools, then the studio can help you arrange and deliver a paint kit before your event.

Learn more about Painting with a Twist.


Virtual paint nights provide an opportunity for attendees to relax and bond. Many art studios offer online paint nights as part of their services. After booking, you will receive a link to join the event on the agreed platform. The best part of working with a paint night company is that a dedicated host will plan all you need for your event, from instructions to kits. Many companies also provide pre-recorded video instructions for clients who prefer this option or love to learn at their own pace. Whether you opt for pre-recorded videos or live instruction, you will leave the event with a creative painting to show off and keep at home.

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FAQ: Virtual paint night ideas

Here are answers to questions about virtual paint night ideas.

What are virtual paint nights?

Virtual paint nights are social events where you can explore your creativity and paint beautiful works. The experience usually takes place live via a video conferencing platform. The company you book can help you plan your event, send kits to attendees, and provide an artist to guide you. But you can also get the class instructions in a pre-recorded video and follow the tutorial during your paint night.

Which companies run the best virtual paint nights?

The companies that run the best virtual paint nights include Painting with a Twist, Hands On Art 4 Everyone, Pinot’s Palette, Paint and Sip Live, Muse Paint Bar, Paint The Town, Canvas n Cup, and The Paint Sesh.

What are some good ideas for virtual paint nights?

A good idea for a virtual paint night is to use the service of reliable art studios like Online Paint and Sip, Paint by the Pints, and Painting with a Sip. If you prefer to host the event yourself but need instructions to follow, then you can get a pre-recorded paint night video. Also, a good idea is to send paint supplies to attendees before the event. Many of these studios can help you curate and deliver the kits directly to guests.

What do you do during virtual paint nights?

The major activity you do during a virtual paint night is painting an artwork. Therefore, you should first decide on the artwork to paint before the event. You can look for a pre-recorded video on the painting you like or hire a studio to provide live instructions for your group. Aside from painting, you can also interact with the host, ask questions, and listen to music. If you run the experience as a BYOB, then you can also come with your favorite beverage.

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