16 Virtual Workshop Ideas for Online Offices

By: | Updated: January 20, 2024

Here is our list of the best virtual workshop ideas.

Virtual workshop ideas are interactive online activities and sessions where participants discuss a topic or acquire a skill. These workshops usually take place in a virtual space like Zoom, Webex, or Microsoft Teams. Examples include financial wellness workshops, online yoga, and remote lunch and learn. The purpose of these ideas is to help attendees learn a skill or engage in a discussion in a fun way.

These ideas are similar to corporate workshops and virtual lunch and learns. These workshops are examples of professional development activities.


This list includes:

  • interactive virtual workshop ideas
  • virtual workshops for adults
  • Zoom workshops
  • virtual leadership workshop ideas
  • remote workshop ideas
  • virtual team workshop ideas

Let’s get started!

List of virtual workshop ideas

A virtual workshop is an instructor-led training session or experience that takes place via a video conferencing platform. From virtual speed networking to dance workshops, here are the best workshop ideas you can try out on a virtual platform.

1. The Art of Storytelling (Hosted)

With The Art of Storytelling, you can improve your storytelling skills and confidence. This experience teaches teams how to share personal narratives that interest and inform their audiences.

Key features of The Art of Storytelling workshop include:

  • a 120-minute session led by an expert guide
  • in-depth lessons on the five elements of engaging storytelling
  • strategies and techniques to maintain audience interest
  • practice time for participants to refine their storytelling skills
  • detailed feedback provided by the hosts

In addition, we will bring all the necessary materials to your preferred venue. Companies looking to boost their staff’s storytelling abilities should check out The Art of Storytelling!

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

2. Financial Wellness Workshop

Financial problems can decrease employees’ morale and reduce productivity at work. Therefore, a financial wellness workshop is one of the best virtual team workshop ideas. This workshop usually educates attendees on various financial concepts. First, be sure to decide on the topic for the session, depending on the attendees’ needs. You can take an online survey to determine the areas employees need to improve financially.

Great topics to use for a financial workshop include:

  • Budgeting and Saving
  • The Smart Decision: Saving for Retirement
  • Acquiring a Money Mindset
  • Understanding and Improving Your Credit Score

Furthermore, consider inviting a virtual financial keynote speaker to address your employees. Be sure to clarify your expectations from the workshop. Then you can take a survey after the experience to find if attendance gained value from the workshop.

For more ways to improve employees’ financial wellness, you can check out these employee financial wellness ideas.

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3. Virtual Speed Networking

Organizing a virtual speed networking is one of the best virtual workshop ideas. During this event, attendees will mingle and interact within a short timeframe. To host this workshop, split participants into groups, depending on the number of attendees. Then send each group into breakout rooms. Also, set a short time limit for groups to spend in the room. The idea is for guests in each group to interact, exchange contacts, and learn more about one another within the time limit.

Once the time is up, all participants will return to the main room. Then shuffle the groups to give attendees yet to meet each other a chance to mingle. You can repeat this step as many times as desired. The major challenge lies in re-pairing group members that already met and interacted with one another. However, having a high turnout will solve this challenge.

Here are more networking event ideas.

4. Online Yoga

An online yoga session is one of the best remote workshop ideas. This workshop can promote mindfulness, help with remote burnout, and increase productivity at work. You can arrange for a yoga expert from your team or an online yoga studio to lead you during the experience.

Before the session, create a list of tools attendees need, such as yoga mats, blocks, and fitness bands. The best part is that you can substitute these tools with items easily found at home, such as a blanket, scarf, or stacked books to replace yoga blocks. If your employees find online yoga helpful, then you can do the activity regularly.

You can also check these virtual team fitness classes for online yoga ideas.

5. Virtual Improv Workshop

If you want to create a virtual environment where attendees can laugh and learn, then you can host a virtual improv workshop. During the improv session, you and your colleagues can explore your creativity and test your strategic thinking ability. The workshop is excellent for employees playing various roles in a company, from salespeople to marketers.

You can play improv games during the workshop, including a “customer service game.” In this game, two players will engage in a conversation as a customer and a customer service representative. The goal is for one of the players to end the conversation in their favor. A good scenario to use is a situation where the customer needs a refund for a supposedly defaulted product while the sales representative tries to cut costs.

Also, you can play “follow the dance step,” where students try to imitate a dance instructor’s moves. These exercises are excellent ways to Improve attendees’ communication skills and build a team.

Here are more Zoom improv games you can play during the workshop.

6. Mental Health Workshop

Mental health workshops are among the best virtual workshops for adults. These workshops usually increase awareness about mental health issues at work, including existing stereotypes of mental illness. First, determine the specific area to focus on doing the event. For example, you can educate attendees about ways to support their colleagues having mental health issues. You can also teach attendees how to evaluate their mental health status.

After clarifying your goals, look for hosted online workshops focusing on your desired goal. On the other hand, you can invite mental health specialists to address attendees on a virtual meeting platform. A good idea is to start the virtual session with a few mental health icebreaker activities. For instance, you and other attendees can take turns saying a few words about your best and worst days at work. Mental health is often a sensitive topic to discuss. Aim to create a safe virtual space that encourages attendees to open up without criticism or judgment.

Check out these lists of virtual employee wellness ideas and Mental Health Awareness Month ideas.

7. Leadership Survival Game

Playing a leadership survival game is one of the best virtual leadership workshop ideas. The activity helps participants build their strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. The goal is for players to work together and figure out survival techniques.

First, create a survival scenario for the game. For example, pretend that participants got stuck on a deserted island after a plane crash or are survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Then divide the group into teams. You should send each group to breakout rooms so members can properly discuss. Also, create a list of survival items upon which the groups can base their strategy. Once the time is up, the groups will return to the main room to discuss their plan.

Check out more leadership games and leadership activities.

8. Virtual Giveaways

Organizing a giveaway is one of the best virtual workshop ideas. Giveaways are promotional items gifts guests receive during an event. These gifts are a great way to drive attendance to your workshop and promote a particular brand or cause. Giveaways also provide an opportunity to collaborate with other brands. That way, you can also increase your own brand or event’s visibility.

First, decide the prize to give, such as gift cards or money. If you partner with a brand, then you can give out the brand’s product. You can also make the products relevant to your workshop. For instance, if you are hosting a fitness workshop, then you can give out a branded fitness gift box. Additionally, set the rules for winning the gift. You can ask questions at the end of the workshop and award the prize to the winner. Regardless of how you choose to give out the gift, properly advertise the giveaway on social media and other virtual platforms.

For inspiration, here is a list of conference giveaways.

9. Leadership Traits

Organizing a leadership traits session is one of the best virtual leadership workshop ideas. In this activity, attendees simply identify their best leadership traits. First, list several leadership traits, such as self-motivation, trustworthiness, and great communication skills. Then call out the traits one after the other. You and other participants will signify if the host calls out a leadership trait you believe you have.

Also, you can let attendees give personal examples from real-life situations proving their leadership traits. This activity helps attendees identify their best leadership traits and their weak areas. Furthermore, you can ask attendees to point out their leadership role models. Then attendees will mention the leadership trait they admire in their respective role models.

Here is a list of leadership competencies.

10. Dance Workshop

Hosting a dance workshop is a fun way to keep fit with the group while sharing amazing moments. There are countless dance classes you can try out, from traditional dances to dance cardio. Therefore, you should ask your group members to choose a dance to learn. Whether you are an expert or a beginner dancer, you can take your dancing skills to another level by attending an online workshop.

You can equally ask a group member who has reliable experience in the kind of dance you would love to learn to lead the class. If your group members find the dance session interesting, then you can do this activity regularly. A good idea will be to subscribe to a dance class where you get new dance tutorials regularly. If you plan to host the workshop yourself, then you can also invite a DJ to play music for attendees and create a nightclub vibe.

11. Remote Lunch and Learns

A remote lunch and learn is one of the most interactive virtual workshop ideas. During this experience, attendees meet in a less formal space during lunchtime to discuss and learn. To host a remote lunch and learn, select a topic that aligns with your expectations from the event. You can find topic inspiration from customer feedback or seek attendees’ suggestions.

Also, ensure that the event host you choose has a good understanding of your lunch and learn topic and knows how to engage with the audience. In addition, plan the lunch attendees will have during the gathering. You can have a food service deliver a meal directly to attendees or cover the cost of lunch purchased by each guest. You can do a few icebreakers to fuel the fun when the session starts. Be sure to open the floor for a Q&A session after the discussion.

You can check these ideas and topics for virtual lunch and learns.

12. Social Media Content Creation Courses

Social media content creation courses teach participants the basic skills required for creating great content on social media, from Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest. Creating awesome content can help you attract potential clients and top talents to your company.

Social media content creation workshops usually revolve around written content, videos, photography, graphics, and website traffic. Plus, content creation skills are great for effective advertisement and engagement with followers. Most of these courses also teach participants how to monetize this content. With this workshop, you can equally expand your knowledge on balancing posts for sales and engagement.

13. Remote Conflict Resolution Workshops

Remote conflict resolution workshops are among the best Zoom workshops where you can learn how to resolve disputes at work. These workshops usually reveal techniques for recognizing subtle signs of conflicts at an early stage. You can also learn the best practices for solving these conflicts.

The areas of conflict resolution you focus on entirely depend on the workshop you attend. But generally, you can expect to learn the basics, like conflict styles, causes, and risk. By the end of the workshop, you will have the skills needed to reach a mutual understanding and create an effective environment at work. You can also learn more about the importance of communication and negotiation in remote dispute resolution.

Check out more conflict resolution activities.

14. WFH Time Management Courses

If you work from home and would love to increase your productivity, then you can take an online time management course designed with remote workers in mind. These workshops are also great for folks looking to develop focus at work and eliminate distractions from their daily routines. Online time management courses are essential for remote workers looking to create a work-life balance.

Working from home can contribute to burnout and low morale. But in a time management workshop, you will gain insights into ways to stay motivated while working. After attending a WFH time management workshop, you will have the skills to get the best from your personal and work time.

Here is a list of books about time management.

15. Email Best Practices Course

An email best practices course is one of the best virtual workshops for adults. Whether you need to up your game in email marketing or learn email etiquette, you will find various courses that will help you improve your skills.

Taking this course is a great idea if you struggle with writing emails that capture recipients’ attention. You can learn how to create valuable emails that rank high on the search results. Furthermore, you can take an email best practices course to gain insight into improving your emails’ open and click-through rates. In these workshops, you can also learn how to send personalized email messages in bulk without spending a lot of time.


A virtual workshop can be fun, even without real-life interaction and in-person communication. All you need to do is to plan the event to be as interactive as possible for attendees. Be sure to choose a workshop your group finds interesting. Virtual workshops can be for various purposes, such as onboarding, staff training, and skill acquisition. Therefore, you should specify your goal to choose the best workshop that meets your expectations. Furthermore, virtual workshops are usually more engaging when held within a shorter timeframe and with small groups. So consider splitting attendees into breakout rooms if you have a large group.

For more virtual experiences, check out our list of online tours, virtual field trips, online art classes, and online team socials. We also have a list of free virtual team building activities and online team meeting ideas.

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FAQ: Virtual workshop ideas

Here are answers to questions about virtual workshop ideas

What are virtual workshop ideas?

Virtual workshop ideas are fun activities and events you can host on an online meeting platform like Zoom, Slack, and Google Meet. These workshops are similar to in-person workshops but different in terms of being “virtual.” You can host the virtual workshop as a training session for employees playing different roles in the company, from leaders to sales representatives. You can also host the workshop as a skill acquisition program to learn arts like cooking, crafts, and dance.

What are some good ideas for virtual workshops?

Great ideas for virtual workshops include hosting a remote conflict resolution workshop, remote lunch and learn, online yoga, financial wellness workshop, and mental health workshop. You can also take various courses like social media content creation courses, WFH time management courses, and email best practices courses. Furthermore, consider organizing giveaways to increase attendance at your workshop.

How do you run a virtual workshop?

To run a virtual workshop, decide on the topic or skill to learn. You can seek suggestions from attendees. After, choose a video meeting platform for the gathering. Be sure to send attendees a list of needed supplies and the event link before the workshop. Also, choose a facilitator with commendable public speaking skills to host the event. You can organize the workshop yourself or work with an online company. The company will take care of all you need for the workshop, from the virtual platform to an interactive host. Furthermore, you can have a Q&A session at the end of the workshop and give attendees feedback, especially if the session involves a project.

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