17 Top TV Shows About Teamwork to Watch with Coworkers

You’ve found our list of popular TV shows about teamwork. TV shows about teamwork center around groups that combine their abilities as they work together toward a common goal. These shows may feature teamwork as an element of comedy or drama, with various portrayals of team dynamics and cooperation arising from each situation. Examples include Parks and Recreation, Severance, and New […]

16 Return to the Office Perks and Incentives

You found our list of return to the office perks and incentives. Return to the office perks and incentives are ideas that will attract workers to move from a remote work to a work-from-office arrangement. Examples include childcare benefits, pet stipends, and a hybrid work schedule. The purpose of these activities is to help workers […]

25 Employee Stress Management Ideas for Work

You found our list of the best employee stress management ideas for the workplace. Employee stress management ideas are techniques you can use to minimize strain caused by the work atmosphere. Examples include dance parties, employee recognition, and work rotations. The purpose of these activities is to boost employee productivity and improve mental health. The […]

20 Networking Event Ideas, Games & Activities

You found our list of the best networking event ideas. Networking event ideas are games and activities that you can use to facilitate meaningful and memorable connections among your guests at professional mixers. Examples include scavenger hunts, sporting activities, and birthday line-ups. The purpose of these activities is to provide an avenue for attendees to […]

17 Great Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

You found our list of fun ways to improve employee satisfaction. Ways to improve employee satisfaction are steps to make workers happy and fulfilled at work. Examples include autonomy, flexibility, and appreciation. The purpose of these satisfaction ideas is to motivate employees to accomplish their goals and have high morale in the workplace. These ideas […]

17 Top Virtual Assistant Skills to Get Hired in 2022

You found our list of in-demand virtual assistant skills. Virtual assistant skills are essential qualities necessary to function as a virtual assistant. Examples include word processing proficiency, social media management, and data entry. In addition, these skills are essential for handling administrative tasks such as client management, email responses, and content creation. These abilities are […]

17 Warning Signs an Employee is About to Quit

You found our list of signs an employee is about to quit. Signs an employee is about to quit are behavioral markers that often indicate a worker’s intention to leave their workplace. These signs include delayed email responses, low productivity, and emotional outbursts. Recognizing the warning signals of an employee’s imminent departure will help you […]

20 Unique Corporate Party Entertainment Ideas for 2022

You found our list of fun corporate party entertainment ideas. Corporate party entertainment ideas are fun activities you can use to appreciate your team and lighten the mood during an event. Examples include photo booths, magic shows, and celebrity impersonations. These elements aim to offer guests a memorable experience, improve brand image, and make a […]

24 Fun Employee Incentive Ideas (Monetary and Non-monetary)

You found our list of the best employee incentive ideas. Employee incentive ideas are acts that you can use to reward, motivate, and nurture your team. Examples include office upgrades, profit-sharing schemes, and office parties. The purpose of incentives is to help boost workers’ morale and increase productivity. Employee incentive ideas also help retain top […]

20 Best Employee Motivation Tips for Managers in 2022

You found our list of helpful employee motivation tips. Employee motivation tips are ways a company can make their workers happy to be at work. Some examples include holiday newsletters, community efforts, and employee appreciation. These activities help boost morale and productivity at work. Satisfied employees are also less likely to quit the company, meaning […]

17 Fun Culture Building Activities, Games & Ideas for Employees

You found our list of the best culture building activities for employees. Culture building activities are ideas and games that promote the values, beliefs, and actions in an organization. Examples of these activities include hosting a vision board party, donating to a non-profit, and offering professional development opportunities. These activities have a significant impact on […]

Quiet Firing: What It Is and How to Spot It

You found our guide to quiet firing. Quiet firing is when management creates non-ideal work conditions to make an underperforming employee quit. Examples of these tactics include pushing off promotions and isolating employees. This concept is a controversial, non-confrontational way to convince employees to leave a company, yet it is not an advisable approach due […]

22 Fun Office Mixer Ideas, Games & Activities

Here is our list of the best office mixer ideas. Office mixer ideas are games, activities, or places to host a fun and casual get-together for team members. For example, playing social games like Desert Island or What am I? or getting out of the office and going to a sporting event, or volunteering together. […]

Employee Talent Show Ideas for Work

You found our list of fun talent show ideas for work. Talent show ideas for work are fun activities you can use to showcase employees’ hidden skills. Example skills include acting, flair bartending, and vocal mimicry. The purpose of these activities is to offer workers a chance to let loose and show off talent. These […]

Quiet Quitting Statistics [Free to Cite]

You found our list of quiet quitting statistics. Quiet quitting statistics are data and facts related to the quiet quitting trend. For example, how many employees are quiet quitting and what percentage of companies are investigating it. The purpose of this data is inform audiences and support journalistic narratives. This data is related to quiet […]

42 Best Corporate Events for Teams in 2022

You found our list of fun corporate events for teams. Corporate events for teams are company gatherings that break away from the normal work routine and give employees the chance to make memories and socialize with peers. Examples include family fun days, escape rooms, and company offsites. These events fulfill many purposes, however, most allow […]

Quiet Quitting: How to Prevent & Combat it at Work

You found our guide on how to prevent quiet quitting. Quiet quitting is a form of employee disengagement where team members stop going above and beyond and fulfill the bare minimum job requirements to keep their jobs. Examples of ways to prevent quiet quitting include maintaining boundaries, keeping increases in workload short-term, and properly compensating employees. […]

Confetti Events

You found our guide to confetti events. Confetti events are any occasions or companies that use confetti in the name, or otherwise make use of small pieces of colorful paper. For example, Confetti Events & Cupcakes, Pink Confetti Events, and Confetti.Events. The purpose of these events is to entertain and delight guests. These events can […]

18 Fun Team Celebration Ideas For Work in 2022

Here is our list of the best team celebration ideas for work. Team celebration ideas for work are ways to show team members how much you appreciate them and recognize their accomplishments. Examples include making accomplishment timelines, throwing surprise parties, and virtual happy hours. Many team celebrations can happen regularly, but events such as holiday […]

20 Fun Treasure Hunt Ideas & Clues for Adults at Work in 2022

You found our list of the best treasure hunt ideas & clues for adults at work. Treasure hunt ideas are timed games where players search for hidden objects by following a trail of clues. Examples include photography treasure hunts, the math detective, bilingual ensemble and code hacking hunt. Hunts help employees gain critical thinking skills […]

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