20 Memorable Event Entertainment Ideas

By: | Updated: April 17, 2024

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Event entertainment is performances or activities that entertain guests. For example, live music, magic shows, and interactive games are all forms of event entertainment. The purpose of these activities is to create a memorable experience for attendees. These activities are also known as “charity event entertainment” and “corporate event entertainment.”

These event entertainment ideas are similar to corporate party entertainment ideas, conference entertainment ideas, and corporate events for teams.


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List of event entertainment ideas

From live bands to interactive food stations, here is our list of the best entertainment ideas that can make any occasion unforgettable.

1. Live Band

Your guests can experience the thrill of concert entertainment with a live band at your event. Whether you prefer rock, jazz, or pop music, live performances create unforgettable memories. Performers’ dynamic energy and ability to interact with guests set the perfect stage for a memorable gathering. Live music is a great addition to retreats, conferences, product launches, and holiday parties. If you have musical employees, then they may enjoy putting on a concert, too!

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2. Magician

A magician can bring an exciting and mysterious element to any event. The illusions and tricks captivate audiences, leaving them in awe. From card tricks to mind-bending illusions, a magician can entertain and engage guests throughout the event.

Hiring a magician for an event can make the occasion truly magical. The surprise and wonder that a magician brings can help break the ice and start conversations among attendees. Whether you are looking for corporate or children’s event entertainment, a skilled magician can customize their performance to fit the audience.

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3. Comic Act

Comic acts involve stand-up comedians or comedy troupes. These performers pull out all the stops for laughter-inducing shows. These entertainers easily break the ice, creating connections among audience members.

A stand-up comedian can bring laughs and joy to any event, proving to be a popular entertainment choice. These performers often have a unique talent for turning common situations into hilarious jokes. Such shows can put a light spin on events. Booking a comedian can guarantee a memorable, enjoyable occasion for the whole group. With several comedic styles available, a comic act can fit any event.

Here is a list of virtual comedians.

4. Fire Dancers

Fire dancers will truly mesmerize your event’s attendees! These performers show daring displays of leaping flames and graceful movement. The entertainers blend dance and fire to create a splendid spectacle. Ideal for outdoor events, these entertainers add a unique and exciting edge. If you are hosting a luau, charity event, or corporate anniversary, then these dancers might be a great fit! You can easily turn an ordinary night into a magical and memorable experience.

5. Ice Sculptors

Ice sculptors provide captivating entertainment for events. Skilled artists carve sculptures, turning blocks of ice into intricate designs. This unique form of live art mesmerizes guests and adds a touch of elegance to the event ambiance. Galas or product launches are great contenders for hiring ice sculptors. Consider hiring an ice sculptor for an unforgettable spectacle.

6. Celebrity Impersonator

A celebrity impersonator offers unique entertainment. Whether entertainers become musicians, Hollywood stars, or politicians, they put on familiar and unique shows. Impersonators are a hilarious addition to any party or team building experience. These shows ensure each event is memorable, which excites guests.

Here are some tips on hiring a celebrity impersonator.

7. Interactive Food Station

With an interactive food station, you can create an unforgettable event experience. For this activity, start by choosing a food folks can easily assemble. Examples include a taco bar, sushi rolling station, and ice cream sundae bar. Guests can customize dishes and participate in the cooking process.

This station provides entertainment and delicious dishes. This unique concept satisfies appetites and fosters fun, conversation, and connection among attendees.

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8. DJ

When planning charity event entertainment, hiring a DJ is a classic choice. A skilled DJ understands how to read the crowd and maintain high energy throughout the event. With their music selection and mixing skills, DJs establish a lively atmosphere. DJs can also be interactive, as some let guests make song requests.

Guests will have a chance to dance and enjoy themselves. You can even host a fun dance contest! Further, a professional DJ typically brings their own equipment, guaranteeing smooth sound quality. Hiring a DJ for your event can elevate the overall experience and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Pro Tip: Take the entertainment up a level by booking DJ lessons where a pro teaches attendees how to spin turntables!

Here is what to look for when hiring a DJ.

9. Stilt Walkers

Performers who walk on tall stilts entertain crowds by towering above the audience. These skilled individuals wear colorful costumes and interact with spectators. Events like carnivals, parades, and festivals are great choices for stilt walkers. Entertainers’ impressive height and graceful movements attract attention and wonder among onlookers. Stilt walkers bring a unique and eye-catching element to any event.

10. Cultural Dance Group

A cultural dance group brings liveliness and variety to any gathering. Performers do traditional dances specific to their heritage. The audience will love the bright outfits and rhythmic movements. Attendees also get a chance to learn about various cultures through the art of dance. Shows like this promote cultural appreciation and understanding. A dance group enriches the cultural event entertainment experience.

11. Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great entertainment feature at any event. Guests will have a chance to capture fun memories. With props and silly costumes, photo booths turn ordinary pictures into extraordinary moments. These stations come in various themes and styles, which you can customize based on the event’s mood. A photo booth can add charm, laughter, and instant keepsakes to your event.

Here are some tips on setting up a photo booth.

12. Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual reality gaming offers thrilling, immersive experiences to all event attendees. With VR headsets, guests can experience adventures, battles, or puzzles. Besides being high-tech and interactive, VR fits with various themes, pleasing every attendee. From one-on-one games to group challenges, role-playing has never been more real!

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13. Caricature Artists

You can add liveliness to your event with caricature artists! These skilled artisans offer unique keepsakes for your special day. Artists can create amusing and exaggerated portraits of your guests. This station offers interactive entertainment that also provides a personalized memento.

14. Silent Disco

Silent discos are a unique form of entertainment and are perfect for various events. Guests wear headphones and dance to music together. Headphones play the same songs to help folks connect and dance. The benefit of silent discos is only attendees can hear the music, so these events are quiet enough for any location. Attendees can enjoy music without excessive noise levels, offering an entertaining and considerate event choice.

15. Escape Room Experience

A thrilling escape room experience can engage and challenge your guests. Perfect for events, this interactive game combines teamwork, puzzles, and a little bit of pressure. Guests use clues to solve a series of tasks and “escape” a locked room. Escape rooms are a great addition to team building or customer appreciation events. Plus, you can customize these rooms to fit an event theme. This activity is a great way to foster camaraderie and offer an unforgettable experience.

Here are escape room themes for groups.

16. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting adds a touch of sophistication to any corporate event entertainment. Guests can sip on a variety of flavors from around the globe. Optionally, you can invite an expert sommelier to lead the session. This expert can discuss flavors, different wine regions, and vineyard techniques. This experience is sure to help attendees relax and have engaging conversations.

Here are some tips on hosting wine tasting parties.

17. Animal Shows

Animal shows bring the thrilling world of wildlife to your guests. Perfect for birthday parties, festivals, or corporate events, these interactive displays add an educational twist. Suitable for all ages to enjoy, animal shows are a chance to get up close with a variety of creatures. Experts can teach attendees about slithery snakes or majestic birds of prey. Guests might even be able to hold some of the animals! This exercise is a fun way to add animal friends to your party.

18. Robotics Showcase

You can immerse your attendees in future technology with a robotics showcase. Experts can bring in a variety of robots for teams to interact with. Examples include automated bartenders and expressive humanoid bots. Another option is battle bots, which compete in an arena setting. This entertainment idea is an educational way to learn about the advancements in robotics. Tech teams will have a blast during this fun and educational activity.

19. Sand Artists

Beachgoers will love watching sand artists perform! These artists use only sand and water to create captivating sculptures. Artisans craft detailed designs that mesmerize audiences with their beauty. Watching a sand artist in action is a special experience that highlights the talent and creativity necessary for this art form. Additionally, this entertainment option can have an interactive twist. While the sand artist sculpts, you can host an amateur sculpting contest and have attendees compete for a prize. The visiting artist can award prizes to the best sculptures!

20. Inflatable Park

At an inflatable park, participants can enjoy various fun activities. Examples include bouncing on inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and bouncy castles. These parks are typically set up outdoors and offer a safe environment for individuals of all ages to have a good time. Some parks even float, so you can add them to a fun beach or lake day!

The inflatable structures create an exciting place to spend quality time with friends and family. Inflatable parks provide a unique opportunity to stay active while having fun in a whimsical setting. These settings are perfect for hosting birthday parties or team building events. With different types of inflatables to explore, you can find a park to suit your party’s needs.

Here are some of the top inflatable parks in the US.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right form of entertainment can make or break an event. These activities and performances set the mood and give guests exercises to look forward to. Whether you are hosting a corporate function or a charity gala, there is an array of options available to suit every taste and budget. The goal is to provide an enjoyable experience for each guest.

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FAQ: Event entertainment

Here are frequently asked questions about event entertainment.

What are some unique event entertainment ideas?

Unique event entertainment ideas might include hiring sand artists, setting up a virtual reality gaming station, or even hosting an animal show.

How do you choose the right entertainment for an event?

Choosing the right entertainment for an event depends on several factors. You should consider your audience’s interests, your budget, and the nature of your event.

What are some affordable event entertainment ideas?

Affordable event entertainment ideas could include setting up a photo booth with props or hiring local talents like musicians or comedians. You can even ask your employees to perform if they have a fun talent.

What are some popular trends in event entertainment?

Popular trends in event entertainment include immersive experiences like escape rooms or virtual reality games. Other popular options include unique performances like fire dancers or magicians.

What are some corporate event entertainment ideas?

Corporate events often benefit from more sophisticated forms of entertainment. Examples include wine-tasting sessions or celebrity impersonators.

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