Updated: February 12, 2024

20 Corporate Event Games for Work Parties

You found our list of fun corporate event games.

Corporate event games are activities employees can play during business gatherings. For example, a networking matchmaker game, an indoor mini golf tournament, and a team mural painting activity. The purpose of these games is to enhance communication, collaboration, and camaraderie. Plus, playing games together is fun! These corporate event games are also known as “business event games” and “company party games.”

These exercises are activities for corporate events. Corporate event games are similar to large group games and corporate team building activities.


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Let’s get to it!

List of corporate event games

From Alphabet Connections to Crossword Puzzle Race, here is our list of the best games to play during your next office gathering.

1. Ultimate Game Show (Top Choice)

Ultimate Game Show is a fun way to put your team to the test! Folks can feel like they stepped into a TV show with this experience.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 90 minutes with a world-class host
  • engaging games like Office Feud, Price Hike, and Final Quizardy
  • nostalgic competitions inspired by classic game shows

This high-energy experience will keep your team laughing and encourage friendly competition. Whether you are a huge game show fan or just love competing, Ultimate Game Show is a great addition to your event!

Learn more about Ultimate Game Show.

2. Alphabet Connections

Alphabet Connections encourages team building and communication skills. In this game, participants split into teams and claim a specific letter of the alphabet. Hosts will set a timer, and players will come up with as many words as possible that start with their letter. Teams that find the most words win! You can make this game more challenging by adding categories as well. For instance, folks could find words related to their industry, movies, or music.

This game promotes collaboration and teamwork as participants work together to brainstorm words. Moreover, Alphabet Connections stimulates creativity and problem-solving abilities. Participants must think outside the box to come up with unique words starting with their assigned letter.

Here are more communication games.

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3. Upcycling Fashion Show

An Upcycling Fashion Show is a fun activity for corporate events. Workers transform old clothes into stylish outfits, promoting sustainability and collaboration. Employees form teams and work together to design and create their outfits using old clothes. Teams can then show the finished outfits on a runway or in a virtual presentation. Judges can give out prizes to the best outfits!

In another variation of this game, players can use alternative materials instead of actual clothes. For instance, participants could make outfits from old newspapers and magazines.

Hosting an upcycling fashion show encourages creativity, teamwork, and sustainability by reducing waste. Employees also learn problem-solving and adaptability skills while working together.

Here are more Earth Day activities.

4. Indoor Mini Golf Tournament

An indoor mini-golf tournament can be a fantastic addition to your list of company event activities. To organize this tournament, you can create an indoor course with various obstacles and challenges. Courses could weave through offices, and you can use office supplies as obstacles. Players can putt their way through the office and keep score along the way. Players with the lowest score at the end win the tournament! This game is a great way to foster camaraderie and create lasting memories.

5. Networking Matchmaker Game

The Networking Matchmaker Game creates meaningful connections and conversations among participants. To play this game, give participants sets of networking cards. Cards contain unique conversation starters, icebreaker questions, or topics of discussion. Folks can mingle and try to find colleagues with matching conversation cards. For instance, one card could read, “What’s your favorite food?” The player with this card could look for a related one, like, “What’s your favorite thing to cook?”

Then, players can have discussions about the questions on their cards. Teams will learn insights, experiences, and ideas from one another. Ultimately, participants will get to discover common interests and forge new connections.

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6. Team Mural Painting

Team Mural Painting is among the best corporate event activity ideas. This exercise encourages teamwork, creativity, and collaboration. Participants work together to create a large painting. When planning this activity, provide art supplies. Then, have folks paint on a wall or large canvas. Artwork can represent the team itself or shared interests. For a better atmosphere, you can play music and provide drinks and snacks.

This activity showcases artistic talents while building unity within the team. Colleagues will also get a chance to learn from each other and reduce stress. Plus, teams will get an amazing piece of art to look at!

7. Lip Sync Battle

The Lip Sync Battle is a lively game that is perfect for corporate events. Participants take turns performing popular songs, mimicking the original artist’s movements and expressions. Participants can lip sync as either individuals or teams. To make this activity even more engaging, you can have workers make costumes out of office supplies! Optionally, give out awards for the best performances.

This activity lets folks show off their inner performers and strengthens team bonds. Colleagues will also learn more about each others’ favorite songs.

8. Drone Challenge

When looking for unique business gathering activities, consider The Drone Challenge! This exciting game combines teamwork, problem-solving, and technology. To participate, folks can learn simple drone controls. Then, teams navigate drones through obstacles and complete missions together. For instance, players could deliver packages or take pictures. Whoever finishes their tasks first wins!

This challenge promotes collaboration and communication among team members. Plus, employees will have fun playing with new technology.

9. Guess the Office Desk

Guess the Office Desk is one of the most fun corporate event challenge games. Participants must identify their colleagues’ workspaces based on clues.

Each participant submits a photo of their desk. Then, hosts display the desks along with a series of clues. Folks who guess correctly earn one point, and whoever gets the most points wins! This game promotes team building and camaraderie. Plus, participants will enhance their observation skills and learn more about their colleagues.

Here are more guessing games to play with coworkers.

10. Build-a-Bridge Challenge

The Build-a-Bridge Challenge focuses on teamwork and problem-solving. Teams work together to construct a bridge using limited materials and time.

When planning this exercise, gather bridge-building materials like straws, tape, and paper. Then, divide players into teams. Folks can build the best bridges they can within ten to 15 minutes. You can award prizes based on which bridges stay standing. You can even put sturdy structures through a stress test by putting toy cars on them. This exercise strengthens teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Here are more team building activities for technical teams.

11. Company Trivial Pursuit

Company Trivial Pursuit is a fun game that helps teams bond and creates a positive work environment. Colleagues show what they know and work together to answer questions.

To play this game, get a classic Trivial Pursuit board. Then, write questions about the company’s history, products, or industry. You can color-code the questions to match the colors on the board. Folks will roll dice, move around the board, and answer questions. For each correct response, players earn a colored triangle. Whoever can collect all six triangles wins!

This game fosters healthy competition and camaraderie. Plus, employees will get a chance to learn more about the company.

Here are some Trivial Pursuit starter questions.

12. Office Apples to Apples Showdown

Office Apples to Apples is one of the company party games that workers will love! To make the game more office-themed, you can write your own Apples to Apples cards. For instance, responses could be industry related.

To play this game, assign one player as the judge. The judge picks a word card and shows it to the whole team. The rest of the players pick a word card from their hand that best matches the word the judge picked. Participants give their cards to the judge, who picks the one they like best. The player that gets the most cards picked by the judge wins! This exercise is a fun way to think creatively and talk with your coworkers.

13. Corporate Spartan Race

A Corporate Spartan Race combines physical challenges with camaraderie. In this event, teams compete in a series of obstacle courses. Obstacles could include climbing walls, monkey bars, and mud pits. To make the challenge more fun, you can add team building challenges along the way. Whoever finishes the race first wins!

Challenges test participants’ strength, endurance, and problem-solving skills. In addition, the race promotes teamwork, communication, and resilience among colleagues. Participating in a Corporate Spartan Race encourages employees to push their limits and work together toward a common goal.

14. Paperclip Chain Relay

Paperclip Chain Relay is a fun game for corporate events. Each team gets a bunch of paper clips and links them together. Players try to make the longest chain within five to ten minutes. The team with the longest chain wins!

This game helps with teamwork, as folks have to work together and talk to make a long chain. Teams will also need problem-solving skills because the paper clips may get tangled, and participants have to figure out how to fix them. Plus, this activity is a good way for people from different parts of the company to meet and get to know each other better.

15. Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is among the top business event games. To host this activity, set up a large wheel divided into sections with prizes, challenges, or penalties. Then, create a puzzle of a word or phrase. When displaying the puzzle, show participants the number of blanks they would need to fill in. Players take turns spinning the wheel and guessing letters to solve the puzzle. When participants guess the correct word, they win the prize from the wheel they landed on. Whoever solves the puzzle first wins an extra prize!

This game is a fun way to encourage problem-solving skills and adds excitement to the work event. Additionally, Wheel of Fortune is a fun way to give employees rewards!

16. Interactive Polling Quiz

An Interactive Polling Quiz puts a fun twist on a classic activity. When organizing this game, create a quiz on a live polling platform like Kahoot or Mentimeter. Guests can use smartphones or tablets to respond to quiz questions. Topics could be related to work or general trivia. You can display the responses on a screen so the whole team can see the results. Be sure to offer a prize to the player who gets the most answers correct!

This game is a dynamic and engaging way to test participants’ knowledge. Further, folks can work together to discuss their answers or interesting findings.

Check out more quiz websites.

17. Wine-Tasting Challenge

A Blind Wine-Tasting Challenge is a fun happy hour game. Participants taste different types of wine without knowing the type, region, or label. Folks will taste each drink and compete to identify the wines. Players can use the color, scent, and flavor of each wine to assess them. Whoever guesses the most wines correctly wins! The prize could be the winner’s favorite flavor of wine from the tasting.

This game allows folks to enjoy drinks they have not tried before. In addition, this friendly competition is a great way to unwind at a work party.

18. Healthy Cook-Off Competition

A Healthy Cook-Off Competition is a fantastic addition to any corporate event. Participants can showcase their culinary skills by making nutritious dishes using fresh ingredients. A panel of judges can score the meals on taste, creativity, and presentation. The best dish earns a prize! This activity promotes team building and friendly competition. In addition, this exercise encourages employees to make healthier food choices.

Here is how to do an office cook-off.

19. Office Supply Tower

An Office Supply Tower is a fun game for corporate events. To play this game, you will need office supplies like pens, paper clips, and rubber bands. Participants split into teams and gather the same supplies. The goal is to build the tallest tower using only these materials. To make the exercise more challenging, you can set a time limit. The team that builds the tallest tower wins!

This game promotes teamwork and problem-solving, as groups must work together to build a stable tower. This activity also sparks creativity as teams find different ways to construct their towers. Plus, you can play with supplies you already have around the office.

20. Crossword Puzzle Race

A Crossword Puzzle Race is a great game for corporate events. This exercise encourages teamwork, problem-solving, and friendly competition. Participants split into teams. Hosts will give each group the same crossword puzzle to solve. Teams work together, sharing ideas and tasks to find the answers. Whoever solves the puzzle first wins!

Customizing puzzles to fit the company’s theme or industry adds extra engagement. This activity enhances problem-solving skills as teams analyze clues and brainstorm solutions. Colleagues will have fun communicating and thinking creatively.

Check out some more team building puzzle games.

Final Thoughts

Corporate event games are more fun activities that help teams bond. These exercises are an exciting way for employees to bond outside of their usual work environment. Playing games together breaks down barriers and encourages communication. You can add these games to any corporate event, from networking gatherings to workshops. Spending time together outside of work promotes collaboration, which is key for any firm.

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FAQ: Corporate event games

Here are frequently asked questions about corporate event games.

Why are games important during corporate events?

Playing games during corporate events breaks the ice between employees who may not interact often. In addition, these activities allow individuals to step out of their usual roles and connect with others on a personal level. Not to mention, games are great energizers during long events!

When should you play corporate event games?

You can play corporate event games at any time during a work gathering, depending on the schedule of events. For example, games work well as opening icebreakers, during breaks, or after events.

How can games improve team building in corporate settings?

Games can improve team building in corporate settings by encouraging cooperation and communication. Teams often have to work together toward achieving a common goal, which fosters unity and teamwork.

What are some popular indoor games for corporate events?

Popular indoor games for corporate events include Interactive Polling Quiz, Office Supply Tower Building Challenge, and Wine-Tasting Challenge. These games are engaging and fun while promoting team building.

What are some popular outdoor games at corporate events?

Popular outdoor games at corporate events include the Corporate Spartan Race and the Drone Challenge. These games encourage strategic thinking and collaboration.

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