18 Fun Group Activities in Boston, MA

By: | Updated: February 13, 2024

Here is our list of the best fun group activities in Boston, Massachusetts.

Fun group activities in Boston are experiences, challenges, and organized exercises you and your colleagues can do in the city. For example, you can skate at Warrior Ice Arena, climb walls at Central Rock Gym, or explore the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. The purpose of these activities is to give participants a fun experience while facilitating good communication within a group.

These ideas are examples of group activities for adults and team building events. The activities are similar to Boston company outings and Boston team building ideas.

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Here we go!

List of fun group activities in Boston

Boston is a historical destination with many exciting experiences for locals and visitors. From camping at Bumpkin Island to getting ice cream at J.P. Licks, here are fun things to do in Boston as a group.

1. Mix n’ Mingle (Best for Networking)

Mix n’ Mingle is an immersive 90-minute event designed to foster meaningful conversations, build strong relationships, and create lasting connections.

Here is what you can expect during the Mix n’ Mingle experience:

  • we will meet you at the venue of your choice with all the needed supplies
  • an expert teambuilding.com host will guide you through a series of interactive exercises and activities
  • thoughtfully crafted exercises break the ice, facilitate conversations, and create genuine connections
  • engage in group discussions and team challenges that encourage collaboration, communication, and the sharing of ideas and insights
  • discover shared interests, common goals, and unique perspectives

By going beyond surface-level interactions, you can unlock the power of networking and establish lasting connections.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

2. Field Day (Top Outing)

If you are searching for an exciting outdoor event, then look no further than Field Day. This thrilling activity includes interactive games that cultivate teamwork, friendly competition, and camaraderie.

Here is what you can expect from Field Day:

  • choose a location that suits your preferences, and our team will be there to meet you
  • we will bring all the necessary materials and equipment to ensure a seamless experience
  • a skilled host from teambuilding.com guides you through an engaging 90-minute adventure
  • participate in a diverse range of thrilling outdoor activities like classic games and unconventional challenges
  • capture candid moments with team photos

Field Day is a fun way to strengthen relationships and essential skills that participants can use in the workplace. For an unforgettable team building experience, dive into the world of Field Day.

Learn more about Field Day.

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3. Espionage! (Popular)

espionage banner

Espionage! is a thrilling 90-minute team building adventure that will bring your staff into a world of spies! Mind-bending puzzles and strategic challenges will keep your team on their toes.

Espionage! features the following:

  • talented host from teambuilding.com
  • hosted at the venue of your choice
  • all needed supplies provided
  • secret teams of spies and agents
  • challenges like scavenger hunts, word searches, and code unscrambling
  • sabotage and secret identities

This adventure is filled with excitement, suspense, and the thrill of outsmarting your opponents. Espionage! will challenge your team’s abilities, forge strong bonds, and ignite your competitive spirit.

Learn more about Espionage!

4. J.P. Licks

J.P. Licks is the ultimate spot for a delicious treat! There, you can enjoy rich ice cream and frozen yogurt. If you are looking for a chilly beverage, then explore their frappes, smoothies, and dairy-free drinks. If you are feeling fancy, then try the sundaes, splits, or other delectable desserts. You can also customize your treat with an extensive selection of toppings.

In addition to their frozen delights, J.P. Licks offers a variety of cakes, pies, lixwiches, and cupcakes. Coffee enthusiasts will appreciate J.P.’s own roasted coffee beans and a selection of coffee-based beverages at the espresso bar.

When you are planning special events, J.P. Licks caters to your needs with options like sundae parties and breakfast catering. For larger gatherings, you can also snag a tub or party pack. Be sure to stop by for a delicious addition to your team outing!

Learn more about J.P. Licks.

5. SoWa Open Market

The SoWa Open Market in Boston offers a diverse and exciting experience for visitors. There is no admission fee to enter, and the market operates rain or shine, with seating options available.

The market features various food options, including food trucks and specialty vendors, along with alcoholic beverages. The market hosts a range of seasonal vendors, from farms and specialty foods to artists, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and handmade goods.

This spot is a dynamic gathering place every Sunday from May to October, and you can explore the vendor map online. For a fun-filled afternoon of eating and shopping, be sure to stop by!

Learn more about SoWa Open Market.

6. Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike operates behind Fenway Park in Boston. You and your colleagues can visit the location for large group activities like bowling, playing arcade games, or sharing a meal at the lounge. Lucky Strike also offers a discount for large groups visiting the center.

The center has more than ten lanes to explore. Your visit day will determine the bowling price charged by the hour. You will also find private rooms within the venue, which you can rent if you plan to throw a party. Furthermore, Lucky Strike offers free WiFi for guests, billiard tables, and high-definition TVs. The entertainment center also features a full-service bar and kitchen that serves gluten-free food and vegetarian options.

Learn more about Lucky Strike.

7. Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Located on the Congress Street Bridge, Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum remains a favorite attraction for many groups in Boston and nearby areas. The floating museum recreates the popular 1773 protest on a replica of the 18th-century vessel. Aside from the fascinating historical exhibits, the museum allows guests to relive the experience and even toss teas inside the water.

Your group will have a colonial host to guide you through the museum as you learn about the Boston Tea Party’s history. You can reserve a group tour available for a minimum of 15 guests. During the tour, you will experience a recreation of the town meeting induced by Samuel Adams in the 18th century. Your group will also throw teas into the sea and explore a surviving tea chest from the historical period.

Afterward, you and your group can relax at Abigail’s Tea Room & Terrace. During the Boston Tea Party, you get to taste five of the teas thrown inside the sea. The room also serves delicious treats, cookies, lemonades, and apple cider.

Learn more about Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.

8. Bumpkin Island

Bumkin Island is a destination within the Boston Harbour, particularly in the Hingham Bay Area. Located around ten miles from Boston, the island is a great site to go camping with your group members. Also, your group can explore the beautiful sea and travel down to the island with your kayaks.

The island has several picnic areas, composting toilets, charcoal grills, and campgrounds. However, your group should bring adequate food and beverages since you will most likely not find a food and water source. You and your colleagues can also hike trails on the island and connect with your natural environment.

Learn more about Bumpkin Island.

9. Boston Photography Workshops

The most fun group activities in Boston include learning to take better pictures at Boston Photography Workshops. The photography studio organizes in-person training available in a wide range of packages.

If your group members prefer to learn the skill’s basic, then you can take the Digital Cameras training designed to reveal camera capacities to attendees. For a more advanced level, Portraiture training is a great choice. Your group will work with a model and learn the steps for creating better portraits.

The programs will last close to four hours and can accommodate about six attendees. Regardless of your group’s photography skills, the training center has a workshop ideal for attendees at any level.

Learn more about Boston Photography Workshops.

10. Boxaroo Escape Room

Baxoroo is a local escape room company in downtown Boston with exciting games available in different difficulty levels. You can choose from several room themes like:

  • Storyteller’s Secret: Your group will solve puzzles to decipher the secret of the author who wrote a novel recognized worldwide.
  • Magician Study: You must learn about the secret of a mystical site before your time is up.
  • Conundrum Museum: This adventure will challenge you to channel your inner detective and investigate the mysterious event at the museum or get framed.

Boxaroo provides unlimited hints to players during the adventure, unlike many escape rooms. The company designed the rooms for a specified number of players. Therefore, you can consider playing in small teams if you have a large group. Also, the escape game’s duration varies from 60 to 75 minutes.

Learn more about Boxaroo Escape Room

11. Warrior Ice Arena

Warrior Ice Arena is a practice arena located in Brighton, Boston. Skating at the facility is one of the large group activities in Boston, Massachusetts.

The ice rink opens for public skate sessions. You can also do freestyle figure skating at the arena. However, the venue does not allow guests to practice choreographic moves, spins, and jumps during a public session. Furthermore, the arena is open for playing hockey and building your shooting skills, as long as each participant has the full gear.

Learn more about Warrior Ice Arena.

12. Central Rock Gym

Central Rock Gym is a climbing facility on Beverly Street, Boston. The center opens daily and is accessible to the public with day pass tickets. If you and your colleagues want to improve your climbing skills, then you can take a class at the gym. Central Rock Gym can customize the lesson according to your group’s goal.

If your group members have reliable climbing experience, you will take a few tests to prove your competence. Otherwise, you have to take an intro belay class designed for beginners. You can also access the weights and cardio machines at the gym with your day pass tickets.

Learn more about Central Rock Gym.

13. Key To Amaze VR

Key To Amaze VR welcomes groups to explore the immersive 3D virtual world. The center opens on most days of the week. After checking in with your group, the center will review the equipment and set up your game. Then you and other players can have minutes of fun and long-lasting experience. The games have different occupancy capacities, with the highest being around eight players.

You can also extend your game time and even receive a discount for a second reservation. If you want an upgraded experience, then you can book an event. You will have access to a party host, food, beverages, multi-player games, and 12 headsets.

Learn more about Key To Amaze VR.

14. CityGolf

One of the indoor locations you can visit for small group activities in Boston, MA, is CityGolf. The golf club offers group lessons led by certified instructors. The training can last up to one hour. Whether your group members are expert golfers or new to the sport, the lesson is ideal for any skill level.

You can also visit the center to practice your swing in the golf simulator or play 18 holes on the courses. Depending on the experience you want, you can reserve a practice time lasting from 30 minutes to three hours. Your group will find golf clubs to use at the venue.

Learn more about CityGolf.

15. Boston Paintball

Exploring the arena designed by Boston Paintball is one of the fun group activities in Massachusetts. Boston Paintball has facilities in Ashland and Maynard, Massachusetts, and serves groups in the Boston area. During your gameplay, you will have a certified referee lead you through a fun and safe adventure.

The center operates on specific weekdays. Also, you can play the game indoors or outdoors, depending on the location your group visits. You can reserve a private party if you want to share the experience with your group alone. Chest protector and party room are available as add-ons to private group packages. In addition, you can come along with food and beverage to dine with your colleagues after an immersive game.

Learn more about Boston Paintball.

16. Laugh Boston

Laugh Boston is a stand-up comedy club with a state-of-the-art showroom. The venue features a general seating arrangement. You and your colleagues can arrive at the venue early to sit together. The comedy club features comedians like Rosebud Baker, Nina King, Adam Conover, Chris Franjola, and Ben Brainard. Funniest Person in Massachusetts is one of the theater’s fun shows where you can watch comics engage in a stand-up comedy competition. You can also watch New England’s best drag performers sing and dance in the DRAGtacular Drag Brunch show.

The ticket pricing will vary for different shows and performing comedians. You will find an event calendar on the comedy club’s website for a list of upcoming shows and ticket information.

Learn more about Laugh Boston.

17. Franklin Park

Franklin Park is one of the largest open spaces in Boston. Several neighborhoods connect to the park, including Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, and Roxbury. The park is among the best sites to do fun group activities in Boston. For instance, you can go for a golf tee challenge at the Willliam J. Delvin Golf Course.

Also, you and your group can also explore the famous Bear Cage, once one of the city’s major attractions. The abandoned zoo features stunning visuals, including the engraving of a 1912 Boston seal held by bears, old swimming pools, and several cages.

Learn more about Franklin Park.

18. Harpoon Brewery

The fun group activities for adults in Boston include visiting Harpoon Brewery. The company organizes weekend tours lasting about 50 minutes. During the experience, your group will gain insight into the brewery’s history and learn about beer production. The tour also covers a 20-minute tasting experience. Furthermore, you can reserve a tasting experience that includes a walk around the brewery.

Your group can stop by the company for a drink even if you do not plan to take a tour or a guided tasting experience. You will find indoor and outdoor seating available on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, the brewery has a kitchen providing tasty pretzels, pizzas, and sandwiches.

Learn more about the Harpoon Brewery Tour.


Aside from being one of the largest cities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston is among the most historical destinations in the United States. The city is full of history, portrayed in renowned attractions like the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, Arnold Arboretum, and Franklin Park. The fun part is that your group can take a trip to the locations to relive the past and explore the sites. Also, from skill acquisition opportunities to competitive games, Boston provides a list of activities to make each second spent with your group worthwhile. Your group will have a memorable experience with these activities in Boston, Massachusetts.

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FAQ: Fun group activities in Boston

Here are answers to questions about fun group activities in Boston.

What are some good group activities in Boston, MA?

Some fun group activities in Boston include learning to take pictures at Boston Photography Workshops, exploring Boxaroo escape rooms, and bowling at Lucky Strike.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in Boston?

Defining the exercise’s goals and objectives is a significant step in planning fun activities in Boston. After, you can decide the best type of activity that will help you achieve the specified goals. Also, you can set up a planning committee from your group to make the process easier. The committee can gather opinions from your group members to help you decide the appropriate activity to do in the city.

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