20 Exciting Group Gift Ideas for Your Workplace Celebrations

By: | Updated: March 26, 2024

You found our list of fun group gift ideas for work.

Group gift ideas for work are creative and thoughtful presents that coworkers can give as a team. For example, a balloon bouquet, custom caricature mugs, or branded personalized journals. The purpose of these gifts is to create office bonds and add an element of fun to the workplace. These gifts are also known as “cooperative gifts for work” and “employee group gift suggestions.”

These group gift ideas for work are similar to gift sending services, gifts for coworkers, and get-well gifts.


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List of group gift ideas for work

From a balloon bouquet to branded personalized journals, here is a list of group gift ideas for your workplace celebrations.

1. Balloon Bouquet

A bunch of balloons arranged in an attractive way makes a fun and colorful gift idea for occasions such as birthdays or farewells. Recipients and other coworkers are sure to appreciate the decoration, which creates a cheerful ambiance in the office space. These versatile gifts can convey various sentiments, from celebration to encouragement.

Giving a balloon bouquet as a group gift is an excellent way to bring joy and positivity to the workplace while promoting team spirit. Whether celebrating a colleague’s promotion or aiming to brighten a friend’s day, this gesture will surely make a lasting impression.

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2. Photo Cookies

Photo cookies are delightful and personalized corporate team gift options. These unique treats have edible images printed on them, like team photos or company logos. The desserts satisfy sweet cravings and add a thoughtful touch to any occasion.

Your colleagues will appreciate the effort put into creating a custom gift. These cookies combine delicious treats with cherished memories.

For example, check out these photo cookies from Wicked Good Cookies.

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3. Custom Caricature Mugs

Custom caricature mugs make for a fun and unique gift idea for work colleagues. These mugs showcase cartoon-style drawings of individuals, humorously capturing their unique features. These gifts serve as personalized presents and bring creativity to the workplace.

Custom caricature mugs can start conversations during coffee breaks and add a touch of lightheartedness to the office environment. Colleagues will value the effort invested in creating a custom gift that mirrors their personalities.  This product makes an excellent option for group gifts at work because it combines personalization, humor, and functionality.

You can find custom caricature mugs on Etsy.

4. Cute Desktop Mini Vacuum Cleaner

A charming desktop mini vacuum cleaner can be a delightful and useful gift for the office. This small device helps keep desks clean from crumbs, dust, and debris. Plus, fun designs add a playful element to the workspace. The cleaner’s small size makes it easy to store and carry around, making it a handy tool for maintaining cleanliness in shared work areas.

This device serves a practical purpose and also brings joy to colleagues with its cute design.  Overall, this gift idea combines functionality with charm, benefiting the entire team.

Browse cute desktop vacuums on Amazon.

5. Branded Personalized Journals

Branded personalized notebooks make exciting office gift ideas for the workplace. You can add the company logo or individual names to the notebooks, giving each gift a personal touch. The journals are useful for taking notes and staying organized. Additionally, these journals help foster a sense of unity and pride among coworkers during meetings or daily activities.

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6. Personal Snack Subscriptions

Individual snack subscriptions make an excellent group gift for the workplace. These subscription services deliver customized snacks to each team member’s door. With this gift, you can show appreciation in a fun and delicious way.

These subscriptions cater to various dietary preferences and offer a wide range of tasty treats to match individual likes. This gesture can enhance morale and generate excitement among colleagues when they regularly receive their special snacks.

Here are our top picks for snack boxes for employees.

7. Relaxation Packs

A relaxation package can be an excellent group gift idea for work, offering colleagues a well-deserved break from their busy schedules. These packages typically contain items like fragrant candles, bath bombs, cozy socks, and calming teas.

Such products help teams unwind after a lengthy day at the office. By giving relaxation packages, you are promoting self-care among your coworkers. This gesture also nurtures a more relaxed and positive work environment in general.

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8. Commissioned Group Artwork

Commissioning a group artwork are great creative workplace gift ideas. By combining resources and working together on a personalized art piece, coworkers can give a special and one-of-a-kind present. Commissioned artwork is a thoughtful gesture and makes a lasting impact.

You can surprise the group with a specially made piece, such as a cartoon portrait of the group together. Another option is to have the group brainstorm and vote on a unique piece of artwork to order. Commissioning art creates enduring memories that extend beyond the office environment.

You can find artists to commission on Artfinder.

9. Office Supply Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes for office supplies make a practical and considerate group gift for the workplace. These boxes are a convenient way to ensure the office always has a good supply of important items such as pens, notebooks, and sticky notes.

By enrolling in these services, the team can save time and avoid trouble by consistently receiving supplies. Furthermore, these recurring gifts can enhance productivity and morale in the workplace, as team members will have the necessary tools for success.

Here are some good office supply companies.

10. Office Upgrades

Upgrading the office can be a great gift idea for the team. Consider combining resources to buy ergonomic chairs, standing desks, or noise-canceling headphones to improve comfort and productivity. Improving common areas with new plants, artwork, or even a coffee machine can help create a more inviting and motivating workspace.

These upgrades boost morale and enhance efficiency and enjoyment for all employees. Ultimately, investing in office improvements is a wonderful way to show care for coworkers’ daily work experiences.

11. Wellness Vouchers

Wellness coupons are an outstanding group gift idea for work. This present encourages health and self-care among colleagues. These coupons offer access to various wellness services such as spa treatments, fitness classes, or mental health resources.

By giving wellness coupons as a group gift, coworkers can enjoy personalized experiences that meet their well-being needs. This gesture shows appreciation and support for each other’s health and happiness in the workplace.

12. Commissioned Motivational Posters

Custom motivational posters make an excellent collective gift idea at work. These personalized posters can motivate and inspire employees, fostering a positive and encouraging atmosphere. You can start by choosing quotes or messages that resonate with the team members. Messages can also incorporate elements of the group’s humor or personalities.

Then, artists or graphic designers will create posters that act as daily prompts for goals and values. Finally, hang the posters around the office for the ultimate motivational gift! Unique artwork tailored to the office space promotes a sense of camaraderie among coworkers.

13. Plant Packages

Packages of plants make a great addition to any workspace. These gifts bring nature indoors and help clean the air, creating a healthier environment. Plants can increase productivity and morale among colleagues, making them a perfect group gift for workplaces. Consider choosing various low-maintenance plants to suit different preferences and skill levels in plant care at the office.

By giving plant packages, coworkers can enjoy the benefits of greenery. Plus, taking care of plants together builds teamwork and camaraderie through shared plant care responsibilities. Encouraging all coworkers to join in watering and caring for the plants can create bonding opportunities during breaks or after meetings.

Here are the best office plants.

14. Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet coffee makes excellent employee group gift suggestions. This present adds a touch of luxury and indulgence to the office setting. You can choose from options like premium global beans or a gift set with unique flavors and blends.

Whatever you decide, gourmet coffee can cater to different tastes in the workplace. Sharing high-quality coffee can also foster camaraderie among colleagues during breaks or meetings. These tasty brews create opportunities for bonding over a shared love for exceptional beverages.

15. Professional Books

Professional books make an excellent group gift idea for work environments. These works offer valuable knowledge, insights, and inspiration that can benefit the whole team. Topics cover leadership, communication, productivity, or personal development, and readers can learn and grow professionally. Sharing books among colleagues can foster discussions, promote a learning culture within the team, and strengthen bonds through shared reading experiences.

Check out this list of books about good habits.

16. Cord Organizers and Storage

Cord organization and storage make practical and considerate coworker gift suggestions. These items help maintain tidy and efficient workspaces by preventing tangled cords and clutter. Various designs cater to different preferences and needs, including cable clips, organizers, and boxes. Promoting workspace organization can result in a more focused and productive team overall.

17. Zero Waste Grocery Kit

A zero-waste grocery kit makes a considerate and practical group gift idea for work. This kit usually includes items like reusable produce bags, glass jars, beeswax wraps, and stainless steel straws. By encouraging sustainable practices, this gift promotes environmental consciousness among coworkers. The packs support eco-friendly habits in the workplace and nurture a sense of community through shared values in sustainability.

18. Custom Stationery

Personalized stationery can make a thoughtful and practical group gift idea for work environments. Adding the company logo or individual names to stationery items can give a personal touch to office supplies. This customization may boost team morale and foster unity among coworkers. In addition, custom stationery promotes the company’s brand identity.

However, you can also hyper-personalize the stationery. For example, consider working with an illustrator to create a fun design, adding coworkers’ names, or even printing photo stationery. Customized stationery is a useful tool for daily tasks and symbolizes team cohesion at work.

19. 2-in-1 Mug Warmer with Wireless Charger

A mug warmer that doubles as a wireless charger is an ideal gift for the workplace. This clever device keeps your drink hot while charging your phone wirelessly, making it a useful and handy addition to any work area. Your coworkers can savor their preferred beverages at just the right temperature without worrying about their gadgets losing power. This considerate gift combines usefulness with technology, appealing to both coffee aficionados and tech enthusiasts at work.

20. Branded Turkish Beach Towel

A branded Turkish beach towel makes excellent cooperative gifts for work. These towels are luxurious, stylish, and practical for any beach or pool outing. The high-quality material and unique designs set them apart from regular towels, adding elegance to leisure activities. Whether your colleagues prefer lounging by the water or soaking up the sun, a branded Turkish beach towel is a considerate and impressive gift.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right group gift can significantly enhance workplace relationships, boost morale, and create lasting memories. The practice showcases a team’s thoughtfulness and shows appreciation for colleagues. Whether you gift a custom caricature mug or a commissioned group artwork, these gifts can make your colleagues feel valued and appreciated.

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FAQ: Group gift ideas for work

Here are frequently asked questions about group gift ideas for work.

What makes a good group gift for work?

A good group gift for work resonates with the whole team. The gift should be an item most colleagues would appreciate or find useful. Examples include office supplies, relaxation packs, or gourmet coffee.

Why choose group gifts for workplace celebrations?

Group gifts for workplace celebrations foster unity among coworkers. These presents allow each individual in the office to participate in giving a present, which makes the gesture more meaningful.

How do you choose an appropriate group gift for coworkers?

When choosing an appropriate group gift for coworkers, consider their interests, needs, and preferences. Also, consider any company policies regarding gifting within the workplace.

Are there guidelines to follow when buying group gifts for work?

When buying group gifts for work, consider guidelines like budget constraints and workplace appropriateness. Keeping these factors in mind will help you choose great presents.

What are some affordable group gift ideas for work teams?

There are many affordable group gift ideas for work teams. For example, custom stationery, cord organizers and storage, or even a 2-in-1 mug warmer with a wireless charger.

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