Updated: December 12, 2023

23 Fun Office Breakfast Ideas for Employees in 2024

You found our list of the best office breakfast ideas.

Office breakfasts are work events centered around breakfast foods. Office breakfast ideas feature menus and themes that focus on regional food, cultural cuisine, visual motif, or fun activity. These events boost employee morale while everyone enjoys a delicious breakfast in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

These meals are similar to office snacks. Breakfast is an example of indoor team building ideas, team meeting ideas, and morning meeting activities.

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Let’s get to it!

List of office breakfast ideas

Whether you are serving up a selection of sweets and gourmet coffee or heartier fare, these office breakfast meeting ideas can help you plan an exciting event for employees to savor.

1. Pajama Party

Associates can enjoy the ultimate in casual dress codes by wearing their favorite pajamas to this office breakfast. Traditional breakfast foods like pancakes, bacon and eggs, hot chocolate, and a selection of cereals make a nostalgic selection of sleepover breakfast foods. To encourage fun pajama party interaction, have a few board games like Sorry!, Connect Four, and Operation set up around the space for attendees to play. The slumber party atmosphere will remind employees of Saturday morning sleepover fun.

2. Mexican Breakfast Fiesta

Putting together a Mexican food-themed office breakfast lets you bring some global flavor to the table. With dishes like egg and cheese burritos, huevos rancheros, and horchata on the menu, the authentic taste will be the star of the show. There are also options from the sweeter side, like Mexican fruit salad sprinkled with chili pepper and traditional pastries. The occasion calls for festive, colorful décor and Mexican music playing in the background to help attendees feel like they are dining south of the border.

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3. Waffle and Pancake Bar

A breakfast party that features a waffle and pancake bar gives employees a chance to pile up stacks of their favorite breakfast cakes and garnishes. A selection of toppings such as fruit, granola, yogurt, jams, and jellies provide all the fixings for a satisfying early morning meal. If an associate is willing to play chef, then they can operate a griddle and a few waffle irons to create piping hot breakfast treats for everyone.

4. French Bistro Breakfast

You can take employees on a whirlwind adventure to France without leaving the office with a French bistro breakfast. By serving omelets, crepes, croissants, and pastries with espresso and tea, you can create the atmosphere of a French eatery no matter where your event takes place. A playlist of classic French tunes and photos of famous French landmarks hung on the walls will help set the mood for an authentic bistro experience. Attendees can wear their best French attire if they choose.

5. Pastries from Around the World

Employees can sample delicious breakfast sweets from other cultures with a selection of international pastries. If your town has cultural bakeries, then you can order a selection from a few locations. With a small card listing the name and country of origin placed next to each treat, attendees can learn about each sweet.

Decorating bonus: Hanging a wall map in the event space with pins or stickers placed on the locations of the selections served. You could also give guests passports to mark. This experience will let employees trace their breakfast journey around the world as they dine.

6. Burrito Buffet

A breakfast burrito buffet gives attendees the chance to choose fixings. Traditional savory fillings like potatoes, cheese, peppers, and onions are a sure win. However, you can also include fruit fillings like stewed apples, mixed berries, mangoes, and pineapple to create pastry-like burritos. These sweet variations on the classic breakfast burrito are perfect for topping with whipped cream, jam, or chocolate sauce.

7. Decorate Your Own Donuts

With plain donuts, a few cans of frosting, and a variety of sweet toppings, you can have a breakfast challenge that lets employees invent gourmet donut flavors. Assortments of crushed cookies, fun cereals, chocolate chips, and sprinkles will let participants pile on the goodies for a sugar rush. For extra inspiration, you can post printed lists of suggested combinations that can help get the decorating started. The creations could give Dunkin a run for its money!

8. Breakfast Charcuterie Contest

If you are thinking of clever brunch games for adults, then try a breakfast charcuterie contest. The challenge is to create the most pleasing arrangement possible, in both design and taste. Competitors can choose the themes and use any breakfast options to assemble their boards. You can create a sign-up list ahead of the event to prevent duplications. A panel of judges circulates to sample the displays and choose a winner before employees dig in to enjoy the delicious treats.

Check out this tutorial on making breakfast charcuterie displays.

9. Tropical Breakfast Paradise

Caribbean- or Hawaiian-themed breakfast events can transport the team to an island paradise in their cubicles! With menus that include tropical fruits and regional dishes like Hawaiian spam and eggs, associates can enjoy bright, sun-soaked flavor no matter the climate. Having a bartender serving tiki-style juice drinks will add to the charm while keeping the sweet times flowing. A fun tropical dress code, island music, and themed decorations will immerse attendees in the spirit of the tropics.

10. Coffee and Cocoa Bar

Mixing tasty coffee and cocoa drinks as part of your office breakfast can make cold weather workdays feel much warmer. A welcoming arrangement of elegant coffees, rich cocoas, and fun flavorings arranged in the cafeteria or break room area is all it takes to make the event magical. You can also plan a few games centered around winter antics to energize the event. Activities such as a “snowball” toss, where competitors try to lob marshmallows into a basket from across the room, will help set the scene for a cozy wonderland filled with sweet flavors and good times.

11. Proper English Breakfast

A visit to Great Britain may not be possible, but a proper English breakfast can be the next best thing. Rather than using disposable tableware, a table set with silver trays of scones and jars of clotted cream, jams, and teacakes can turn your event into a charming English display. Extra touches like porcelain dishes, teacups, and cloth napkins will make the atmosphere special. Attendees can wear their best version of English attire for the occasion, and pictures of the royals placed around the table will add a bit of cheeky fun.

12. Smoothie Juice Bar

For the health-minded workplace, a smoothie juice bar is just what the nutritionist ordered. With a few blenders and a selection of fresh fruits, juices, and add-ins, a breakroom can become a haven for healthy beverages and satisfying breakfast shakes. Smoothie bowls topped with granola and dried fruit are similar options for anyone who prefers their breakfast smoothie in edible form. To make serving the smoothies easy, sign up one or two volunteer mix masters to handle blending duties rather than taking turns.

13. Brunch Gala

Sometimes office brunch activities call for the upscale glitz and glamour of a gala event. You can turn a basic brunch menu into an elegant spread by including gourmet breads, international cheeses, quiches, fine cold cuts, and pastries. Mimosas offered in both alcoholic and zero-proof versions will complete the setting for a refined breakfast gathering.

To recreate a gala atmosphere, cue up some soft jazz or elegant instrumental music to lend an air of sophistication to the space. For even more style to the gala, you can invite attendees to trade in their usual office uniform and dress up in their best party attire for the event.

14. Green Eggs And Ham

You can turn a classic storybook from Dr. Seuss into an early morning celebration with a Green Eggs and Ham-themed breakfast. Scrambled eggs change color from yellow to green with a few drops of blue food coloring. With an array of hams from prosciutto to honey-baked served on the side, you’ll have a grown-up version of the meal Sam I Am was so eager to share. Egg alternatives like Just Egg and plant-based sausages will satisfy the vegans and vegetarians in the group. For visual punch, striped decorations in black-and-white and bold colors decorating the space can provide the visual impact of a storybook come to life.

15. Breakfast Cocktail Mixer

Breakfast cocktails and mocktails can transform an office breakfast into a morning happy hour. If your workplace allows alcohol, then attendees can enjoy a mimosa, a bellini, or a Bloody Mary. You can also offer a selection of creative juice drinks if attendees prefer to skip the liquor. Using drink tickets will limit the number of drinks each employee can have to keep things professional. Breakfast versions of bar food selections like sausage sliders, homestyle potatoes, and breakfast nachos complete the theme.

Pro-tip: To make the event more memorable, recruit a team member to serve as a mixologist for the event.

16. Cereal Celebration

Enjoying a selection of childhood cereals can make an office breakfast feel like a nostalgic party! Cartoonish brands like Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, and Cocoa Puffs will make a happy cereal buffet for employees to enjoy. You can include a variety of milks, including dairy, plant-based, and flavored milks like chocolate and banana to add a sweet twist. A TV tuned to classic cartoons will add to the childlike atmosphere. You can also encourage employees to share their favorite childhood cereals to start a fun breakfast conversation.

This list of interesting cereal facts can make a fun trivia game for your cereal celebration.

17. Cowboy Cookout

If your team needs a reason to wear boots and denim to work, then a cowboy cookout breakfast is in order. You can choose a courtyard or nearby park for an outdoor setting to give your event a fresh air locale like a real cowboy camp. With a grill set up to cook omelets, hash browns, pancakes, and fresh coffee, your team can enjoy western-themed dishes while relaxing in the great outdoors. Add a country music soundtrack and invite the group to try their best line dance and two-step moves to complete your morning hoedown!

18. Breakfast Sandwich Medley

Sometimes breakfast is nothing more than a quick bite at the beginning of a busy day. A selection of famous breakfast sandwiches like egg muffins and croissant sandwiches make an enticing menu for employees on the run to grab and go. You can bring in a selection from a beloved bakery or restaurant or have the aspiring chefs on the team create them from scratch. Baked breakfast sandwiches such as banana bread PB&J and muffin sliders with chocolate hazelnut spread centers will satisfy diners with a sweet tooth. For a nice collection of portable beverages, set up carafes of gourmet coffee and teas with choice creamers and encourage attendees to fill their mugs.

19. Family Favorites Potluck

Associates may have family breakfast traditions to share with the group. Fanciful dishes like casseroles and strata, or even simple spreads like bagels with cream cheese, are a part of family breakfasts everywhere. To learn more about your team’s traditions, invite employees to create and share their family’s favorite breakfast foods for an early morning potluck. Labels and copies of the recipe placed next to each selection will allow everyone to share their new favorites with their own families. You can encourage employees to share the history and significance of the dishes they contributed as they dine.

20. Mini-Food Festival

Miniature versions of breakfast treats make a whimsical spread for your office breakfast event. There are plenty of sweet finger foods that fit the theme, such as silver dollar pancakes, mini-muffins, donut holes, and bite-sized tea cakes. The menu can also include mini-quiches, ham and cheese sliders, and French toast sticks for heartier fare. In keeping with the “mini” theme, encourage attendees to engage in “small talk” during the event, fun discussions centered around anything but work topics!

21. Dessert Breakfast Blow-Out

With a few simple twists, you can turn an office breakfast into a dessert festival that takes the cake. Waffles made from flavored cake mixes, healthy breakfast cookies, granola and yogurt pies, and parfaits made with frozen yogurt all blend the best elements of breakfast and dessert into something unique. Setting up stations with different options around the office will allow employees to mix and mingle as they assemble their own party plates. With such a sugary spread on the table, try offering simple drinks like carbonated mineral waters or herbal teas.

22. Rainbow Buffet

A rainbow buffet in bright colors can add visual flair to your early morning fare. Displays of fresh fruits arranged by color serve as a striking centerpiece that sets the theme while surrounding dishes and beverages can use color to enhance the spread. Providing yogurts, fresh oatmeal, granola, and nuts will allow diners to create parfaits or breakfast bowls. Vibrant décor and table settings will impact the cheerful vibe, and employees can wear bright colors for the occasion.

This idea makes for a great Pride Month event.

23. All About Bacon

A breakfast spread that features bacon in some form in every dish will be a bacon-lovers dream come true. Since bacon comes in many forms, the menu can include unexpected options such as bacon-stuffed breakfast quesadillas and Canadian bacon and cheese sliders served between buttermilk biscuits. Because bacon fans love to talk about their favorite food, facts about bacon served up in a bacon trivia game can help turn your breakfast event into a celebration.

Here is a list of bacon facts you can share with the team during the event.


Office breakfasts can get the day off to an enjoyable start and add happy energy to the usual staff meeting. By using a bit of imagination, you can turn an office breakfast event into an occasion that brings the team together.

For more food-related team building, check out these guides to conference food, virtual lunches, and online cooking classes. Plus, this guide to setting up the best office coffee stations.

We also have a list of office mixer ideas and a list of office move tips.

FAQ: Office breakfast ideas

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about office breakfast ideas.

What are office breakfasts?

Office breakfasts are fun events that bring teams together for great food and good times. Events like office breakfasts often have a theme, which can include coordinated food, décor, and themed attire. You can organize an office breakfast to celebrate a holiday, commemorate a special occasion, or add cheer to your work environment.

What are some good office breakfast party ideas?

Pajama parties, western omelets, and donut decorating are all good ideas for office breakfast parties. You can include activities that tie into the theme, like having a hoedown at a western-themed breakfast or encouraging employees to create and discuss their family’s favorite dishes at a breakfast potluck.

How do you hold an office team breakfast?

You can start by choosing a date, time, and theme for your office. Then, organize a menu, décor, and activities that fit the theme. You may need to reserve a space in the office to accommodate the event. If you plan to have food brought in, then arrange for delivery and secure onsite catering if necessary. When the details are set, send out invitations with specifics listed and inform guests of any special considerations like attire or bring-your-own dishes for potlucks. Because eating requirements can vary among groups, consider some alternatives you can add to the menu. For example, if the menu features eggs, bacon, and sausage, then you can include plant-based alternatives for vegan and vegetarian associates.

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