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Here is our list of the top corporate team building activities in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Corporate team building activities in Minneapolis are outings, projects, and events that bring teams together for enriching interaction and bonding among coworkers. Examples of team building ideas include museum tours, art classes, and excursions to parks and outdoor spaces. These activities aim to get teams interacting in fun and interesting ways outside of the workplace in the Twin Cities.

These ideas are similar to Minneapolis corporate events and Minneapolis company outings.

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  • team building activities for adults in Minneapolis
  • corporate team building ideas in Minneapolis

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List of corporate team building activities in Minneapolis

Whether your team loves games, creative projects, or visiting exciting locations, there are corporate team building activities in Minneapolis that are sure to please.

1. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy banner

Superhero Academy gives the hero in every team member a chance to shine. Teams work together to defeat the villains and save the world through a series of games and puzzles, similar to an escape room experience. This remote challenge encourages collaboration, communication, and teamwork as keys to success. Associates have a chance to use their sharpest skills and hone some heroic new abilities in these 90-minute hosted sessions.

You can discover what Superhero Academy is about and plan an event for your team.

2. Mix n’ Mingle

For an icebreaker to introduce new team members or just as a way to break down walls, Mix n’ Mingle is a 90-minute networking session that builds connections. These virtual team building sessions feature top-notch hosts who know how to get your people interacting. With surprisingly fun and engaging activities, your associates will develop a kinship and discover common qualities in a fun, relaxing environment.

To reserve an event for your team, check into Mix n’ Mingle.

3. tiny campfire

Teams can gather around a tiny campfire of their own for sweet moments of unexpected connection in this semi-virtual experience. In addition, participants receive their own personal s’mores kits for snacking during the event. Once the fires spark, Camp Counselors facilitate 90 minutes of ghost stories, fun challenges, and camp-style games to build connections and create lasting memories.

There are more details available about putting together a tiny campfire to help your associates become your happy campers.

4. Comedy Workshop

Comedy Workshop banner

Your crew can get a first-hand virtual lesson on how to be funny! Crafted and hosted by professional comedians, Comedy Workshop gets team members thinking in new ways while learning to communicate differently through humor. These sessions break down what makes a joke work and teach attendees how to create their own jokes. The event wraps up with an open-mic moment for participants to share their hilarious new material with the team.

You can learn more about booking a Comedy Workshop for your team.

5. Cocktail Shake-Up

Minneapolis crews with a taste for craft beverages can learn the art of the pour in Cocktail Shake-Up, a 90-minute virtual happy hour for remote teams to enjoy. This course allows attendees to unwind and engage as they discover the secrets of masterful mixology. Depending on each team member’s location, they may receive a Moscow Mule kit or a gift card to purchase supplies for the course. There are also games, crazy stories, and fun happy hour activities, courtesy of your bartender host.

Specifics about Cocktail Shake-Up can help you with happy hour.

6. Three Rivers Parks

If your employees are outdoorsy, then a team building activity at Three Rivers Park should be on the agenda. Located 25 minutes outside the Twin Cities, this expansive park complex includes wildlife areas, picnic grounds, camping and water activities, and facility rentals for overnight team building activities. A meal as simple as a catered lunch in a ramada among the natural scenery can make a memorable outing for teams to connect in a relaxing new setting.

You can find out what Three Rivers Parks has to offer before planning your team building activity

7. Extreme Sandbox

Extreme Sandbox is a team-building activity must for Minneapolis groups who love digging in the dirt! This industrial vehicle wonderland is just 35 minutes outside the city. Adults line up to play with real fire engines, operate construction equipment like excavators and backhoes, and take out their frustrations in demolition games and training scenarios. Crews of up to 100 can get in on the heavy equipment action. There are even food trucks available for snacks and beverages afterward.

Anyone interested can dig into the details on Extreme Sandbox to book an outing.

8. Como Zoo and Conservatory

One of the most impressive free zoos in America, Como Zoo and Conservatory is home to animals from around the world. There are also acres of lush gardens to explore, a collection of outdoor art to admire, and seasonal events for visitors to enjoy. Minneapolis teams with an affinity for creatures great and small can connect over beautiful beasts and share lunch in the Como Zoo Picnic Shelter.

You can check into how to plan a wild time at Como Zoo and Conservatory for your team.

9. Pedaling Tours

Your team can take in the best sights in Minneapolis at a leisurely pace with Wheel Fun Rentals. Riders can choose from various vehicles, including chopper-style three-wheeled bikes, surrey, and double-surrey multi-rider carts, and quad sport four-wheelers. In addition, there are multiple locations around the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, with some offering boat and kayak rentals as well for a surf-and-turf team building activity. Annual passes are available for $12 over your initial rental price and are good for 50% discounts on all future rentals for a full year.

More information about locations and rental rates is available at Wheel Fun Rentals.

10. Lake Harriet Park

With a prime outdoor location, Lake Harriet Park offers team building activities for large groups in Minneapolis that are also cost-effective. There are free concerts and movies in the bandshell, biking paths, picnic areas, walking trails, beaches, and a boat dock. At 470 acres, expansive teams are free to take up space in the great outdoors while enjoying one of the best parks in the city.

The list of events, hours, and park features are available at Lake Harriet Park.

11. Minnesota History Center

Associates can learn more about their state with a visit to the Minnesota History Center. The onsite museum displays historical items that explain the city’s progress. At the same time, the community spaces offer interactive activities like photos in front of the oversized Minnesota postcard and a native garden in the hills outside. There are also opportunities for shopping and snacking while on the premises.

You can find out more about the Minnesota History Center.

12. Trampolines at Zero Gravity

Energetic teams will find much to love at Zero Gravity. This indoor trampoline arena is available for corporate team building events in Minneapolis. Though the trampolines are the main attraction, players can enjoy tag, dodge ball, and a ninja obstacle course.

A menu of events, attractions, and booking details is available at Zero Gravity.

13. SeaQuest Aquarium

A team building activity at SeaQuest lets associates do more than simply visit an aquarium. In this state-of-the-art attraction located 15 minutes outside Minneapolis, employees can engage with various critters around the grounds, including sloths, stingrays, and Asian otters. Corporate events for up to 380 guests include access to the aquarium and private tour guides and a reserved room for teammates to get better acquainted with one another once they have mingled with their new animal friends!

Information about attractions and setting up an event is available at SeaQuest.

14. Can Can Wonderland

You can let your employees loose in an indoor amusement park that appears vintage and modern all at the same time. Attractions include a full arcade, a mini-golf course, and comedy entertainment, all under one roof. Your team building activity can become a privately hosted corporate event accommodating up to 1,000 guests. If your group is smaller and looking for an afternoon of fun, then you can arrange a day trip as walk-ins with no prior notice.

You can discover the wonder Can Can Wonderland holds and explore the technicolor possibilities.

15. Walker Garden

Teams with an eye for oversized art will enjoy a trek through Walker Garden, home to the famous Spoonbridge and Cherry and the iconic LOVE sculpture. Tours of the outdoor art exhibits are self-guided and include 45 works that offer dozens of joyous photo ops for associates to post to social media. Admission to the sculpture garden is free, an attractive feature for teams on a limited budget.

A listing of all exhibits and features at Walker Art will provide specifics.

16. Midtown Global Market

A visit to this multicultural market is like several team building activities in one. Foodies can get their fill of global cuisine at the food hall, while craft beverage lovers can sample artisan beer and gourmet coffee. Shopping fiends can take advantage of the international fashion and décor available in 11 boutiques onsite. There are also live music and dance lessons available on the weekends for associates who love open-air performances in the heart of the city.

There are event schedules and a list of shops for you to check out at Midtown Global Market.

17. Bakken Museum

The Bakken Museum is an oasis for science lovers and STEM-enthusiasts to explore. With an emphasis on science, tech, and the humanities, this facility features interactive exhibits that let scientists of all ages keep their spark of curiosity ignited. Tours and group visits are available at various rates, depending on the team size.

You can learn more about the offerings at The Bakken.

18. Guthrie Theater

The Guthrie offers several free or low-priced team building activities among pricier options for crews on a restricted budget. This modern performing arts center is also an architectural gem of the Minneapolis skyline. Teams can visit for backstage tours, take in a show in one of three theaters, browse the gift shop, or hang out in the spectacular public spaces while enjoying coffee or dinner. In addition, the 175-foot cantilever bridge offers views of the Mississippi River, which is a cost-free attraction all on its own.

You can learn more about Guthrie Theater and check out a schedule of performances and events.

19. Paisley Park Museum

Music-minded teams will appreciate a trip to Prince’s Paisley Park as their team building activity. This working recording studio and soundstage is also a museum honoring Minneapolis’s best-known musical idol, a figure who put the local music scene on the map. Associates can enjoy guided tours that follow Prince’s creative process and explore exhibits displaying his awards, instruments, and iconic clothing worn by the Purple One himself. Tour length and prices vary by package.

You can learn more about pricing and scheduling for your event at Paisley Park.

20. Minneapolis Center for Book Arts

When exploring team building activities for small groups in Minneapolis, add this intriguing art experience to your list. Minneapolis Book Arts is a bookmaking studio that teaches artisans to create and bind their own books. For art-minded associates, there are courses that cover various book designs, papermaking, and printing. There are also free public exhibitions related to books and storytelling for teams to discover.

You can learn more about the Minneapolis Center for Book Arts to coordinate times and travel to the center.

21. Skylab Glass Arts

Teams with an artful side can express their creativity with a class at Skylab Glass Arts. The studio offers courses in beginner lampworking, with safety training and lessons in using a glass-forming torch. After this introduction, participants can experience simple glass melting using marbles. Beginning classes are $65 per person and include training and materials.

There are details about booking and scheduling at Skylab Glass Arts.

22. Snow Tubing and Sledding

No list of team building activities for adults in Minneapolis is complete without a little fun in the snow! The Loppet Foundation provides and maintains the snow tubing and sledding hill at Wirth Park. A two-hour tubing session during the season costs $17 per person, with passes available on a first-come first-served basis. Sledders can bring their own sleds for rides down the separate sledding hill.

You can track park hours for tubing and sledding at the Loppet Foundation as snow season approaches.

23. Forest Bathing

This team building activity from Motz Studios lets associates soak in the restorative powers of wooded spaces through a practice called forest bathing. With guided walks through serene groves, visitors become mindful as they immerse themselves in the calming magic. These treks last between two and three hours and go at a gentle pace to allow the relaxing effects of the surroundings to work their magic. As a result, stressed employees will emerge refreshed and rejuvenated.

Details about times and pricing are available at Motz Studios.

24. Minnesota Ice Castles

Like the magic of winter itself, the Minnesota Ice Castles only come once a year. Luckily, these award-winning interactive sculptures are an annual event only 20 minutes outside Minneapolis. Teammates with a love of cold weather fun can take a ride down a slide made of solid ice, explore caverns and mazes, and crawl through tunnels created with the adventurous in mind.

You can check Minnesota Ice Castles for updates on when the castle will return.

25. Brit’s Pub

A true British-style pub like Brit’s Pub makes an ideal spot for a team building activity in Minneapolis. There are pints for teammates to raise together as they bowl on the expansive lawns and a full menu of classic English pub bites. Season fun includes outdoor fireplaces in cold weather and football games on the screens inside.

Menus, events, and hours of operation are available at Brit’s Pub.


There are many possibilities for team building activities in a city as diverse as Minneapolis. With elements of culture, entertainment, outdoor activity, and gorgeous public spaces, you can explore several options to engage and delight your crew.

Next, check out these guide to indoor team building and this list of employee engagement activities.

FAQ: Corporate team building activities in Minneapolis

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about corporate team building activities in Minneapolis.

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Minneapolis?

Museums like the Bakken, Paisley Park, and the Minnesota History Center are good corporate team building ideas for Minneapolis teams who appreciate learning. For associates with a creative streak, activities such as a glass art class at Skylab Glass Arts, a visit to Guthrie Theater, or a stroll through the sculpture collection at Walker Garden are great ideas for inspiring appreciation of the aesthetic beauty of Minneapolis.

What are fun team building activities to do in Minneapolis?

Fun team building activities in Minneapolis range from a trip to the whimsical Can Can Wonderland arcade to playing with life-sized industrial machinery at Extreme Sandbox. There are also fun pedaling tours of parks and other public spaces throughout the city with Wheel Fun Rides, wildlife experiences at SeaQuest and Como Zoo and Conservatory, and energizing trampoline experiences at Zero Gravity.

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