21 Virtual Alcohol Tasting Ideas For Remote Teams

By: | Updated: August 27, 2022

Here is our list of the best virtual alcohol tasting ideas.

Virtual alcohol tasting events are experiences where participants use online meeting platforms like Teams and Zoom to sample different types of liquor. During these events, participants taste distilled beverages and learn to prepare mixed drinks. These events aim to let teams interact in a relaxed setting while exploring new drinks. These experiences are also known as virtual alcohol sampling events and virtual liquor tasting experiences.

These events are examples of online team building activities and are similar to Zoom wine tasting classes and remote beer tasting events. In addition, these classes can function as virtual happy hours.

This list includes:

  • virtual bourbon tasting events with kits
  • virtual whiskey tasting classes
  • remote tequila tasting experiences
  • online vodka tasting ideas

Here we go!

List of virtual alcohol tasting events

Here is a list of distilleries and event companies that offer virtual alcohol tastings online.

1. Wanderback

Ideal for: Whiskey fans, teams of six or more, amateur whiskey sommeliers

Wanderback is a small-batch distillery that offers virtual whiskey tasting classes for teams of six or more. Their alcohol tasting events come with a bottle of limited-edition single malt whiskey for the team to sample. A whiskey sommelier guides the tastings and educates team members about the whiskey samples. These experiences are fun, relaxed environments for participants to learn about whiskey in a virtual social setting.

Learn more about Wanderback.

2. Distilled Living

Ideal for: Cocktail lovers, bourbon enthusiasts, teams of all sizes

Distilled Living is an event company that provides bourbon education for drinkers with a taste for bourbon and bourbon-based drinks. Teams can order bourbon for sampling or BYOB for easier preparation. Event themes include bourbon history and the differences between various bourbon types. You can also choose virtual cocktail classes featuring lessons in bourbon-based mixed drinks. Scotch and tequila tastings are also available for teams with a broader palate.

Learn more about Distilled Living.

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3. Liquor Lab

Ideal for: Mixology lovers, craft cocktail drinkers, Nashville-based teams

Liquor Lab is an event company that provides cocktail-centered virtual alcohol tasting ideas for teams to enjoy together. Cocktail specialists present live classes that teach attendees how to mix specialty drinks. There are also pre-recorded events available on demand. Groups can learn about drinks featuring tequila, rum, and whiskey. Each guest receives a kit that includes liquors, mixers, and tools for creating three beverages. Liquor Lab will also send refreshment kits to add snacks to the experience at an additional cost.

Learn more about Liquor Lab.

4. Reserve Bar

Ideal for: Teams with limited budgets, amateur mixologists, classic cocktail fans

Reserve Bar is a cocktail lounge that offers virtual alcohol tasting experiences through Instagram Live. Each event features a different branded beverage. A variety of experts can conduct the tastings, including distillers, company founders, and professional bartenders. Teams will also learn creative drink recipes to try. This company provides regularly scheduled live streams and links for purchasing liquor to make scheduling easier for teams with time conflicts.

Learn more about Reserve Bar.

5. Little Gin And Rum Co.

Ideal for: UK-based teams, non-alcohol drinkers, gin and rum drinkers

Little Gin And Rum Co. offers virtual liquor tasting events for teams of six or more based in Great Britain. Their tasting team provides hour-long virtual tasting sessions through Zoom. The company ships boxes with all supplies needed for tastings and can include snacks for an additional fee. Groups can choose from gin, rum, or mixed cocktail tastings. This company also has zero-proof spirit tasting kits available for team members who prefer non-alcoholic drinks.

Learn more about Little Gin And Rum Co.

6. Cocktails From Home

Ideal for: Social drinkers, fans of cocktail culture, corporate groups

Cocktails From Home is a company that provides online vodka tasting ideas for remote teams. Each team member receives a kit with alcohol testers and mixology tools required to create a selection of mixed drinks. The instructors are expert mixologists who teach cocktail classes that are entertaining and educational. Your team will have an evening of socializing online while creating professional-grade beverages to enjoy.

Learn more about Cocktails From Home.

7. Virtual Cocktail Network

Ideal for: Fundraisers, trivia champs, mocktail fans

Virtual Cocktail Network offers cocktail mixing classes and tastings that include trivia games and helpful home bartending tips. You can choose from several limited budget options, including 2- and 3-cocktail shows and demonstrations without cocktail kits. The business also provides mocktail kits, appetizer packages, and selections of bartending tools. Teams can also add a fundraiser feature to collect contributions for a favorite charity for an additional fee.

Learn more about Virtual Cocktail Network.

8. Fancy Sips

Ideal for: Private parties, fans of tiki drinks, groups of all sizes

Fancy Sips presents online cocktail classes for almost any size group. The company offers a wide-ranging menu of drinks that includes rum, tequila, and vodka beverages. Your team can choose from seasonal and holiday drinks, as well as familiar favorites and signature sips. Their instructors can also provide non-alcoholic options for every drink. All kits include the liquor, mixers, and tools necessary for creating the chosen beverages.

Learn more about Fancy Sips.

9. Liberate Your Palate

Ideal for: Socializers, upscale drinkers, groups of up to 100

Liberate Your Palate has been providing mixology and alcohol tastings since
Their online offerings include one-hour courses for your team to make three cocktails. There are also shorter courses that offer one- and two-drink lessons. Their virtual alcohol tastings are conducted through Zoom and include breakout rooms for team members to mix and mingle. Team members are encouraged to interact with instructors and other team members during segments between lessons. You can sample pre-recorded virtual cocktail classes through their website to understand how their courses are conducted.

Learn more about Liberate Your Palate.

10. Class Bento

Ideal for: Charitable groups, regional beverage fans, snack lovers

Class Bento connects drink lovers through entertaining virtual alcohol tastings and cocktail classes. This provider celebrates the special drink styles enjoyed in various regions of the U.S. Their offerings include unique courses such as remote tequila tasting experiences, instruction on adding herbal elements to cocktails, and zodiac-themed beverages. Each course includes a kit with tools and tasters for creating the chosen drinks. With each booking, Class Bento makes a contribution to NAMI, or National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Learn more about Class Bento.

11. Ice & Alchemy

Ideal for: Creative drinkers, home bartenders, teams of 6 members and up

Ice & Alchemy offers engaging 90-minute virtual alcohol tasting ideas for remote teams. A master mixologist with over 15 years of cocktail experience leads the tastings. First, participants learn the structure of mixed drinks by creating two familiar beverages using spirits such as vodka and whiskey. Then, attendees use their new skills to craft a custom cocktail of their creation. Public classes are offered on a limited schedule at a reduced rate, while private classes for groups of six or more can choose their schedule for a slightly higher rate per attendee. You can also opt for a shorter session as an add-in to your own larger virtual team event, such as a holiday party, meeting, or special celebration.

Learn more about Ice & Alchemy.

12. Virtual Cocktail Class

Ideal for: Groups of up to 500, amateur bartenders, cocktail connoisseurs

Virtual Cocktail Class provides alcohol tastings and cocktail classes that include technical coaching to make sure participants absorb mixology concepts. The cocktails for each class are customizable to taste and include a shopping list with all required ingredients. There are also cocktail kits available for each 45-minute two-drink session. With professional bartenders serving as teachers, each class serves as a lesson in expert drink creation and a chance to mingle.

Learn more about Virtual Cocktail Class.

13. Hanson of Sonoma

Ideal for: Fans of vodka, drink and food pairing, martini drinkers

Hanson of Sonoma is a family-owned Northern California distillery specializing in a unique grape-based vodka. The distillery partners with neighboring Ceja Family winemakers who create the wine that becomes Hanson vodka. Their four virtual alcohol tasting events feature lessons in combining martinis and caviar, and even a course in pairing vodka with chocolate truffles! Attendees receive kits that include vodka, mixers, and recipe cards before the tasting event. Other add-ons like bar tools and glassware are available add-ons to complete the experience.

Learn more about Hanson of Sonoma.

14. Hollow Leg

Ideal for: Science lovers, gourmet beverage crafters, kitchen experimenters

Hollow Leg is an award-winning beverage event company that offers cocktail mixing classes exploring the science concepts behind great beverages. In these classes, your team will receive everything they need to prepare their drinks, including a helpful guide for recreating their drinks whenever they choose. The 90-minute session includes 80 minutes of instruction and 10 minutes of Q&A afterward. There are also tastings available featuring several types of spirits and a course that focuses on syrups and bitters for creating more sophisticated concoctions.

Learn more about Hollow Leg.

15. Suerte

Ideal for: Tequila fans, restricted budgets, margarita drinkers

The executives at Suerte are so excited to share information about their tequila that they offer online tastings for free! Teams can choose from four different event formats: a 15-minute taste-and-toast event, a 30-minute cocktail class, a one-hour tasting experience, or a customized event. The one-hour tasting provides information about the distilling process Suerte uses and samplings of three different tequilas. These tastings are an ideal option when your event has a limited budget.

Learn more about Suerte.

16. Whiskies of the World

Ideal for: Discerning drinkers, fans of international whiskey, lovers of whiskey culture

Whiskies of the World creates customized one-hour whiskey tastings based on your preferences and budget. Each team member will receive a whiskey flight personalized for the event, a set of tasting notes, and a Zoom invitation. Whiskies are chosen from a collection of over 200 international brands. A company expert will work with you to decide on the best experience for your team to ensure your event is successful. These tastings feature whiskey ambassadors who conduct the sessions while sharing facts and information about the whiskies your team will be sampling.

Learn more about Whiskies of the World.

17. Snake Oil Cocktail

Ideal for: Cocktail fans, budding mixologists, lovers of sweet drink

Snake Oil Cocktail is a cocktail company that hosts virtual alcohol tasting events through a Zoom-based program called Virtual Barstool. These sessions include lessons on bartending basics, instructions for using bar tools, and methods for creating and balancing cocktail flavors. Each team member receives a bar kit that contains tools and non-alcoholic ingredients for the mixed drinks. Attendees should bring a spirit of their choice, plus knives and peelers for preparing fruit and herbal ingredients. Mixologists conduct these events to help your team forge deeper connections through fun cocktails.

Learn more about Snake Oil Cocktail.

18. Kentucky Spirits Limited

Ideal for: Liquor academics, whiskey historians, Kentucky-based teams

Kentucky Spirits Limited treats their virtual whiskey tastings like college courses, with Bourbon 101, 102, and 103 classes covering various aspects of bourbon and whiskey. These tastings use private YouTube Live to stream 30- to 45-minute sessions. Participants receive tasting kits that include three sample bottles and a handy flavor wheel for tracking tasting notes. In addition, your team will learn about the process of making whiskey, the importance of using the proper glassware when drinking whiskey, and other valuable tips and tricks for enjoying whiskey to the fullest. These events are ideal for die-hard whiskey fans looking for a bit of background on their favorite drink.

Learn more about Kentucky Spirits Limited.

19. Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

Ideal for: Whiskey drinkers, Texans, snackers, teams of 10 or more

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling provides private hour-long virtual whiskey tasting Zoom classes that feature their award-winning bourbon whiskey. Whiskey experts are online to answer questions about the unique qualities of Texas whiskey, the difference between whiskey and bourbon, and more. Local attendees in San Antonio can pick up their tasting kits onsite, or the distillery can ship kits to remote participants. Sampling kits are available in four and eight packs, each with corresponding prices. Chocolate and cookie pairings are also available for tasters who like a touch of sweetness with their whiskey.

Learn more about Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling.

20. Distilled Leadership

Ideal for: Bourbon history buffs, novice bartenders, medium-sized teams

Distilled Leadership is a company that offers corporate coaching through bourbon tasting events, including virtual bourbon tastings. The event host is a master distiller who explains the history of bourbon and describes what makes certain bourbons better than others. Each tasting consists of a one-hour virtual tasting using Zoom, a video tutorial for creating the bourbon drinks selected for your tasting, and non-alcoholic alternatives for non-drinking team members. The remote tasting event comes with a 30-minute pre-event consultation to ensure the right balance of elements for your team.

Learn more about Distilled Leadership.

21. Rabbit Hole Distillery

Ideal for: Louisville residents, Kentucky rye drinkers, bourbon experts

Rabbit Hole Distillery offers virtual bourbon tasting events with kits featuring their award-winning bourbons. These tastings are interactive online events conducted by distillery tour guides who lead your team through bourbon tasting, sip by sip. Tasting packages include three bottles of distinctive bourbons and a tasting mat with instructions. Participants can explore the various flavor notes in 4-grain bourbon, Kentucky rye, and straight bourbon processed in sherry casks. The cost of the event includes the price of the sampling kit, which can help when budgeting.

Learn more about Rabbit Hole Distillery.


Virtual alcohol tastings bring your team together in a relaxed, remote setting to learn about and enjoy spirits and cocktails. Tasting from home allows participants to imbibe safely while connecting with their teammates in an unexpected way. Creating and sampling beverages together can inspire bonding between remote workers that might ordinarily happen in a happy hour setting. Attendees also get valuable expert advice on whiskey, vodka, rum, and mixed cocktails, from beverage and mixology professionals who know their stuff. Whether your team members are cocktail champs, drink novices, or a blend of both, a virtual alcohol tasting can be a great occasion to sit back and savor the sweet moments together.

Feel free to also check out these guides to online drinking games, remote chocolate tasting events and virtual mixology classes.

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FAQ: Virtual alcohol tasting

Here are answers to questions about virtual alcohol tasting.

What is a virtual alcohol tasting experience?

Virtual alcohol tasting experiences are online beverage sampling events conducted through Zoom, Teams, or other remote meeting platforms. Teams gather virtually to learn about whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, or mixed drinks. These events are usually led by liquor experts, professional bartenders, and mixologists who share their expertise while entertaining participants. What is a virtual alcohol tasting experience?

What are some good virtual alcohol tasting ideas?

Some good virtual alcohol tasting ideas are whiskey sampling events, vodka tastings, rum presentations, and mixed cocktail courses.

What are the best virtual liquor tasting classes?

The best virtual liquor tasting classes include Liquor Lab, Rabbit Hole, Hollow Leg, Liberate Your Palate, Ice & Alchemy, and Distilled Leadership.

How do you do virtual alcohol samplings?

To hold a virtual alcohol sampling, select a date that works for your team members. Consult with the company you’ve chosen to determine whether creating the meeting link is your task or theirs, as this varies greatly among companies. Next, select your tasting experience, book your event, choose tasting kits and add-ons, and send instructions to your team regarding details and extra purchases. Liquor shipping laws vary by date, so make sure to check with your team members before committing. Once things are set, tune and sample delicious beverages with your co-workers from the comfort of your own homes!

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