13 Best Virtual Boba Classes for Team Building

By: | Updated: January 20, 2024

Here is our list of the best virtual boba classes.

Virtual boba classes are courses and training sessions that teach you the basic skills to make bubble tea from home. Examples include Hello Boba Friends Class, The Boba Class by MILK+T, and Food Craft NY’s Bubble Tea Class. The purpose of these classes is to help team members bond virtually while making unique boba drinks together.

These classes are similar to virtual tea tasting classes, virtual tea parties, and online coffee tasting classes. These activities are virtual team building activities, virtual group activities, and online social events.


This list includes:

  • virtual boba making classes
  • online bubble tea classes
  • virtual boba classes with kits
  • virtual boba team building experiences

Let’s get started!

List of virtual boba classes

Virtual boba classes are more than just mixing different types of bubble tea. In most of these classes, you will learn the history of the drinks and how the bubble tea business runs. From District Tea’s Virtual Boba Class to Bubble Tea Making Class by Simon Wang, here are the best online bubble tea experiences to share with your team.

1. The Boba Class by MILK+T

The Boba Class by MILK+T is one of the best virtual boba team building experiences. The company usually curates and sends boba kits to guests before the event. The boba kits are available in different variations and contain enough supplies to make an average of five 16 oz drinks. The included ingredients are brown sugar, your preferred loose-leaf tea, boba balls, and a boba straw. You will also receive a QR code or link for joining the class virtually. Furthermore, MILK+T will provide a list of tools to bring and written instructions. You should plan to spend approximately 90 minutes for this experience.

An online bobarista will be available to lead you during the session. The private boba classes by MIlk+T are ideal for groups with 20 or more guests. Plus, the company will take care of your event’s logistics while your group sits back and have a great time. Furthermore, Milk+T occasionally schedules public classes for folks who would love to make boba with attendees outside their group. There will also be a Q&A session where you can interact with the teacher.

Learn more about The Boba Class by MILK+T.

2. Hello Boba Friends Virtual Class

Hello Boba Friends is a bubble tea store conveniently located around the East Village of New York. The shop offers private virtual classes for groups who would love to make great-tasting boba. The shop’s founder, Wendy, will lead your group through this online experience.

You will learn the recipes for making a classic bubble tea drink and tapioca. Wendy is pretty friendly and entertains her guests with fun and silly stories of when she started her own boba tea business. Hello Boba Friends’ past clients include Google, Slack, Netflix, Wish, and Stripe. The boba tea store prioritizes natural ingredients, from fresh milk to organic cane sugar.

Learn more about Hello Boba Friends Virtual Class.

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3. District Tea Virtual Boba Class

The class hosted by District Tea is one of the best virtual boba classes with kits. District Tea is a women-operated and family-owned small business situated around San Francisco. Before the class begins, the host will send a list of necessary ingredients. Also, the company will take care of the logistics, so you have enough time to focus on having fun with your group. Each attendee will have the kit shipped directly to their respective addresses. The kits include mason jars with lids, reusable straws, cane sugar, and jasmine tea from Taiwan.

You can enjoy a discount on the boba class once you purchase a kit for the experience. The virtual boba class will hold via Zoom. During the experience, you will receive detailed instructions from the founder on making two unique boba drinks. District Tea’s clients include top companies like Google, Twilio, and Salesforce.

Learn more about District Tea Virtual Boba Class.

4. Boba Empire Online Classes

If your team members would love to learn the trade aspect of boba making, then you can consider the online class hosted by Boba Empire. The class happens in two languages, English and Mandarin. The company follows Taiwan’s working hours to conduct the session. But if your group is not residing within Asia, then the company can adjust the class to a convenient time. The pricing for the live training course is around $2,000. This fee covers a three-day program, products kit box, and Boba Empire catalog.

Or, you can access a video training course on YouTube for a lesser fee. This option is ideal for your team if you are only curious about how to run a boba business but are not ready to start. During the experience, you will learn more about boba-making processes and essential ingredients. The instructors will also expand on tea brewing, blend tea making, milk tea, boba equipment, and kitchen tools.

Learn more about Boba Empire Online Classes.

5. Bubble Tea Making Class by Simon Wang

Simon Wang takes one of the most fun virtual boba classes featured on ClassBento. The host runs a small store in North London called H&H Oriental Food Limited. You can have the host curate and deliver locally-sourced ingredients to your guests. But for a more cost-effective option, you can opt for the “class only” option with no kit. You can interact with the teacher during class and freely ask questions. Also, this session is ideal for experts and beginners in boba making. The teacher will teach your group how to prepare tea, make tapioca bubbles from powder, and add flair to your drink. You can add alternative ingredients to your drink, like chocolate powder, salt, ice cream, and marshmallows.

You will find most of the items you need on the booking page, such as milk, sparkling water, and a non-stick pan. In addition, this bubble tea making class by Simon Wang is ideal for both kids and adults. The class regularly runs as a shared experience. However, you can also request a private class for your group. The entire experience will last 90 minutes and can accommodate groups of up to 50.

Learn more about Bubble Tea Making Class by Simon Wang.

6. Fokus Bubble Tea Training

If your team wants to learn more about the bubble tea industry, then you can sign up for Fokus bubble tea training. Although Fokus designed this class for folks who wish to start a bubble tea business, the instructions are also helpful in learning how to make bubble tea from home. A certified barista will be available to guide you through the experience.

After paying the required fee, you will receive a training kit and access to a video that you can watch anytime. The best part is that you can consult with the barista even after the training.

Learn more about Fokus Bubble Tea Training.

7. Bubble Milk Tea Basic Business Training

Featured on Udemy, Bubble Milk Tea Basic Business Training is one of the best online bubble tea classes. The course includes a one-hour video tutorial explaining the steps for brewing black tea. From dark chocolate to wintermelon and Okinawa, this online class will also teach you the fundamental knowledge for making different bubble milk tea flavors.

Furthermore, the video includes valuable tips for starting and running a bubble tea business. However, to participate in this class, you must prepare special equipment like triggers, tea barrels, and shakers. The teacher will also explain the fascinating origin of boba milk tea and the drink’s health benefits. You can easily access this course on any device with an internet connection. In addition, the boba making video has 18 lectures lasting approximately 75 minutes.

Learn more about Bubble Milk Tea Basic Business Training.

8. Qbubble Classes

Qbubble is a wholesale supplier of bubble tea, smoothies, iced tea, and shaved ice. The company hosts exciting virtual boba making classes you would not want to miss. Also, the host provides a detailed explanation of this skill via Zoom. During the class, your team will learn how to prepare tender tapioca. You will also learn how best to brew green and black tea. Qbubble virtual class covers drinks like boba milk tea, passionfruit green tea, and Assam milk tea.

Aside from learning to make great-tasting tea, you will also look at Qbubble’s latest boba products. The company has a reliable experience in bubble tea training and consultation. You and your teammates can take advantage of this online class to gain insights into the fundamentals of bubble tea.

Learn more about Qbubble Classes.

9. The Boba Kit Classes

The Boba Kit is one of the most fun online boba classes run by Boba Guys. The session covers a step-by-step illustration of making boba. You and your team will also learn how to prepare a hojicha latte or matcha latte. The company will dedicate a bobaristas to lead you through the experience and entertain attendees with the story of Boba Guys. In the end, you and your colleagues will have enough time to interact with the host during a Q&A session.

The company takes fun classes for corporate groups with no less than 20 members. Additionally, you will receive a boba box before the class featuring ingredients gotten from Boba Guys store. This boba making class is available for booking only on two weekdays. Also, the host requires 90 minutes of prep before the session begins. Aside from bubble tea making class, the company sells a cookbook containing fun recipes for making Dirty Horchata and Matcha Latte.

Learn more about The Boba Kit Classes.

10. Bossen Online Boba Academy

Bossen’s Online Boba Academy allows teams to learn about boba making while focusing on the business aspect. Although the trainer designed the course for new or veteran business owners, your team can equally benefit from the lessons taught during the session. The training session centers around basic and advanced knowledge of bubble tea making.

After making a purchase, you can continually access this video tutorial for three months. The course is available in a basic and standard option, with the pricing starting at $400. Both options cover traditional Taiwanese milk tea, tapioca preparation, and flavored black and green tea.

Learn more about Bossen Online Boba Academy.

11. DIY Bubble Tea Class by The Works Seattle

The Works Seattle offers a fully hands-on online bubble tea class. This experience is among the best virtual boba classes with kits. You can participate in this boba class, whether a beginner or an expert in boba making.

The experience will run for 60 minutes. Before the class, you will receive kits containing the supplies you need, from boba straws to syrup, and an instructional video. You can get up to six servings of bubble tea from one kit. The Works Seattle can also accommodate large and small groups. This woman-owned company takes pride in bringing folks from around the world through their shared hobby of making bubble tea. At the end of the class, you will be able to make your bubble tea without guidance and experiment with various flavor combinations.

Learn more about DIY Bubble Tea Class by The Works Seattle.

12. DIY Bubble Tea Craft Box/Kit

DIY Bubble Tea Craft Box/Kit is one of The Works Seattle’s online boba tea classes. However, the host designed this experience for attendees who prefer a pre-recorded tutorial over a scheduled, live-streamed class. In the video, you will learn more about the secret to making restaurant-quality bubble tea. The tutorial also includes boba tea’s history and tips for brewing tea.

You will find a list of items to bring for the class on the booking page, such as a mason jar, a wooden spoon, and water. This class is equally great for groups of all ages and makes a unique team building experience. The pre-recorded video pricing starts at around $50. After making a reservation, you and your team members will receive a bubble tea craft containing the required ingredients and access to the instructional video. You should plan to spend an hour on the entire experience.

Learn more about DIY Bubble Tea Craft Box/Kit.

13. Food Craft NY’s Bubble Tea Class

Food Craft NY takes one of the most fun virtual boba team building experiences. The class is ideal for all kinds of groups, including kids. Within one hour, you and other attendees will watch a live-streamed demonstration of the techniques for making boba. Once you request your preferred event time, you will receive a kit containing the needed supplies. Each kit includes syrups, taro mix, toppings, and snacks. Food Craft NY also contains instructions and recipes you can go through before the event. Furthermore, you will receive a link to the video meeting platform where the class takes place. This bubble tea class by Food Craft NY is fun, engaging, and quite informative.

An experienced host will teach you how to brew teas and share tips for making tapioca. The host will also entertain your guests by narrating the history of boba. You do not need any experience in boba making to participate in this session.

Learn more about Food Craft NY’s Bubble Tea Class.


Learning to make bubble tea in a virtual space is a fun way to bond with your team members. Online boba classes usually teach attendees the basic and advanced skills to make unique bubble tea. Most of these experiences already cover kits for guests after making a reservation. But if your class does not include a kit, then you will receive a list of ingredients and tools to bring for the session. A boba class can run anywhere from one to three hours. Also, the experience can be in the form of pre-recorded video tutorials or a live-streamed session. Before signing up for an online boba making class, understand what aspect of bubble tea your teams would love to learn. While many of these classes teach techniques for making the drink, you will also find several virtual boba classes focusing on running a bubble tea business.

Next, check out these lists of virtual beer tasting ideas, Zoom wine tasting classes, and virtual chocolate tasting experiences. You can also check these virtual alcohol tastings and virtual happy hour ideas.

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FAQ: Virtual boba classes

Here are answers to questions about virtual boba classes.

What is boba?

Boba are miniature balls with a chewy texture made from cassava starch. These balls are among the significant ingredients used to prepare the famous bubble tea, also called tapioca or pearl tea. Also, folks often dip the boba pearls into brown sugar syrup to make the balls taste sweeter and have a dark black color. Boba drinks originated in Taiwan in the 1980s.

What are virtual boba classes?

Virtual boba classes are online events or tutorials where you can learn how to make bubble tea. Whether you are an expert or a beginner in making this drink, you will find an online boba class that fits your skill level. These classes can come in a live session or pre-recorded video format. Also, depending on the service you book, your group members can receive boba kits. Virtual boba experiences are great for team building and are a great way to channel your inner bobarista from the comfort of your home.

What are some good virtual boba experiences?

Good virtual boba experiences include the Food Craft NY’s Bubble Tea Class, The Boba Kit Classes, Qbubble Classes, Bubble Tea Making Class by Simon Wang, District Tea Virtual Boba Class, Bossen Online Boba Academy, and Fokus Bubble Tea Training.

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