11 Cozy Virtual Fall Activities for Autumn 2024

By: | Updated: January 08, 2024

You found our list of fun virtual fall activities.

Virtual fall activities are ways to celebrate the Autumn season with your remote team. For example, with games like trivia, Bingo and a pumpkin spice taste test. The purpose of these activities is to have fun and build engagement remotely.

These activities are a subset of virtual team celebrations and may include virtual Halloween parties and virtual Thanksgiving.

This list of ideas includes:

  • virtual fall party ideas
  • virtual fall team building activities
  • virtual Autumn festival ideas

So, here is the list!

List of virtual Fall activities

From online Autumn foliage galleries to virtual Halloween parties to fuzzy socks, here is a list of ways to celebrate Fall online with your crew.

1. Online leaf peeping

virtual autumn celebrations

The highlight of every Fall is the leaves changing color. If you are lucky enough to live in an area that experiences all four seasons, then you can enjoy weeks of brilliant fire-colored trees. Some people even travel to other states to marvel at the most brilliant Autumn arbors. Because your distributed teams likely live in many geographical areas, your whole team can enjoy an assortment of Fall foliage without the road trip.

To engage in online leaf peeping, create a shared album with your team, whether on social media, photo sharing sites like Imgur, or on the iCloud. Teammates will upload photos of Autumn leaves and landscapes so that everyone can enjoy the local beauty.

You can incentivize your colleagues to contribute by launching a photo contest. The owner of the picture that receives the most likes or votes will receive a prize; perhaps a Starbucks gift card, so that your coworker can indulge in a pumpkin spice latte or two.

If none of your teammates live in a foliage-friendly area, then you can still enjoy the scenery by browsing Pinterest albums.

2. Pumpkin spice taste test of terror

The pumpkin spice fad has created delicious desserts, but has also resulted in a few questionable combinations. Weird pumpkin spice products include spam, hummus, twinkies, salsa, kale chips, and butter, among others. These crazy concoctions inspired a fall-themed taste teste you can play remotely.

To play:

  1. Ask your teammates to procure strange pumpkin spice flavored foods.
  2. Invite the crew to a video call.
  3. Try the weird snacks on camera.

Or, your teammates can also buy products and send to other group members. If your colleagues struggle to find oddities in local stores, then searches on ecommerce sites like Amazon and Etsy can help.

You can also turn the game into a type of truth or dare where players must reveal a secret or try a foul pumpkin food. No matter how you play, the activity is a fun and silly bonding experience. Best of all, the capture screen setting in your web conference platform can immortalize intense reactions!

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3. Football streaming party 🏈

Fall is football season. Many people enjoy gathering to watch a game. Though you and your crew cannot crowd together on the couch, you can still enjoy the sport through streaming. Online game days are great virtual fall party ideas for sports fans especially. To stream a game, simply join a video call, then either share screens or use an app like Watch2Gether to sync video. You can provide live commentary via chat or conversation. Attendees can wear jerseys or team colors to show support. It’s ok for teammates to cheer on opposing sides, as long as the rivalry remains friendly.

If your virtual team contains several sports fanatics, then you could also play fantasy football together through a game site or Google Sheets.

4. Digital fireside chats

Fireside chats are intimate informal talks, typically given by a person in power. The nature of remote work means that managers interact less frequently with teammates, and communications tend to be more professional than casual. Digital fireside chats can humanize leaders and build trust between remote managers and virtual teams. Though the original fireside chats quelled panic and rumors in a time of crisis, you can use the talks simply to connect with your crew.

In terms of free online fall event ideas, digital fireside chats are one of the simplest; not to mention, free! To host a chat, invite your colleagues to a video call. Feel free to create a cozy atmosphere by playing a fireplace video and setting a pajama dress code. Once your guests arrive, engage in casual conversation. You can use virtual ice breaker questions to warm up the crowd.

5. Online warm beverage breaks ☕

During the final four months of the year, warm beverages reign supreme. You can upgrade your standard virtual team coffee break by highlighting festive seasonal drinks: think cocoa, warm cider, flavored coffee and tea, caramel lattes, chai, and of course, the much-saluted cup of pumpkin spice.

You and your team can show off your favorite mugs and take a minute to unwind and bond during your day. In Autumn the days get shorter and the sun sets earlier. The extra darkness can amplify the feelings of loneliness that remote workers often experience, but virtual human connection and a hot drink can provide a much needed mood boost!

6. Autumn cocktail virtual happy hour

People catch pumpkin latte fever come Fall. That frothy beverage may be the unofficial drink of Autumn, but the season also boasts a broad array of delicious cocktails. Whether harvest fruit like cranberry or pomegranate flavors your drink, or you opt for a Halloween drink like these concoctions from The Spruce, this time of year offers a never ending assortment of mixed drinks to try.

You and your team can mix and sample Fall-themed cocktails during your next virtual happy hour. Simply choose your recipes, gather your ingredients, then pour and taste the drinks together during your call. If some of your dispersed teammates abstain from alcohol, then you can mix up Autumn mocktails instead!

7. tiny campfire 🔥 (facilitated event)

tiny campfire banner

Autumn is peak bonfire season. Crunchy leaves and campfires go hand in hand. Though you and your team may not be able to rustle up hay bales and sip cider around a real fire, you can simulate the great outdoors with tiny campfire. This virtual activity allows you and your remote teammates to share icebreakers, ghost stories, and team building competitions while enjoying s’mores. The online event provides all the bonding power of a bonfire night, minus the chilly Autumn air, making it a great choice for a virtual Autumn celebration.

If you are after remote team building that draws the spirit of the season into the home office, then look no further than tiny campfire.

8. Virtual Halloween party 🎃

To some, Halloween is synonymous with Autumn. As soon as the air turns crisp and the first leaves fall, many people dust off the artificial cobwebs and start dreaming of ghouls. Though you may not be able to decorate your virtual office with grinning jack o’lanterns and dancing skeletons, you can still celebrate by throwing a virtual Halloween party. To host your frighteningly good online party, send your gang a video call invite. You can plan spooky digital fun like virtual Halloween games and virtual haunted houses to entertain your guests.

We also host a fully facilitated Virtual Halloween Party if you want to leave the spooks and scares to us!

8. Remote Autumn dinner party

From soups to roasts, pumpkins to squash, there are so many delicious seasonal foods. You can infuse your standard virtual dinner party with Fall flair by featuring Autumn recipes. Simply invite your teammates to a video call and instruct each member to bring a hearty meal. You can ask your attendees to describe the Fall comfort foods and encourage your coworkers to share recipes and memories. Food has mighty connecting powers, Fall food especially. You can even cook Autumn recipes together to turn your virtual dinner date into an online team bonding activity.

Of course, you cannot mention Autumn meals without speaking of the ultimate Fall food holiday, Thanksgiving. Hosting a virtual Thanksgiving celebration with your remote crew is one of the best online November party ideas for adults. Sharing food and gratitude with your team is a great way to foster closer relationships.

You can spice up the conversation at dinner with some this or that questions.

9. Comfort funds or cozy care packages

Comfort is king in Autumn. Just because your teammates work from home, does not mean that their home offices are at maximum coziness. Perhaps Sonny has a drafty house, or Cher has a spouse that nods off at his remote desk if the thermostat passes 70. Or, maybe your virtual teammate could simply use an upgrade to add a sense of hygge to the workspace. You can send some warmth your remote teammates’ way by providing a “comfort fund” stipend of up to $25 to buy snug home office accessories. You could also send your virtual team cozy care packages.

Ideas for a cozy work from home care package:

  • Blankets
  • Socks
  • Scarves
  • Sweaters
  • Mug warmer
  • Space heater
  • Heating pad
  • Scented candles

Your gifts might contain your company’s logo, but you could send non-swag as well. Sending comfortable gifts is a welcoming gesture that lets your people know that you care about them. Of all the virtual Autumn celebration ideas, care packages are the most thoughtful and personal.

10. Online Oktoberfest 🍺


Hopping a plane to Munich might be out of the question, but you and your remote company can celebrate Oktoberfest virtually. To host your own online Oktoberfest, send a WebEx or Zoom invitation to your guests.

A few Online Oktoberfest ideas:

  • Sample beers together
  • Snack on pretzels, wurst, and other German delicacies
  • Dress up in dirndl or lederhosen, or just photoshop yourself in costume!
  • Set your Zoom background to pictures of the Alps or Munich
  • Learn about Munich and Oktoberfest history through a virtual tour
  • Check the official Oktoberfest webcam to check the crowds of the actual festival

Germany has beer gardens where friends gather to drink together, so if the weather allows you can simulate the experience by taking the call outside. This celebration is about togetherness, which makes it a great opportunity for team bonding. Oktoberfest is one of the ultimate virtual Autumn festival ideas, and a great way to add some world culture to your company culture.


Autumn in the office is a special time full of exciting change. Your virtual workplace could benefit from Fall cheer, too. This time of year is a favorite for many, and you can incorporate Autumn activities into your remote routine for a cool weather mood boost and a fun virtual Autumn celebration.

For more virtual celebration tips, check out our article on games for online Christmas parties and this one with ways to do pumpkin carving online.

We also have a list of the best team building activities for Thanksgiving and a list of the best Halloween team building ideas for work.

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FAQ: Virtual Fall Activities

Here are some of the most common questions and answers about virtual fall activities.

What are virtual Autumn celebration ideas?

Virtual Autumn celebration ideas are ways to enjoy the season with your remote teams. Fall festivities can make your online workplace a more comfortable environment for your dispersed teams.

What are good virtual Autumn celebration ideas?

Some good virtual Autumn celebration ideas include online leaf peeping, virtual Halloween parties, tiny campfire, and warm beverage breaks.

How do you celebrate Fall online with your team?

Sending cozy care packages, enjoying Autumn foods via video call, and playing fantasy football are a few ways to celebrate Fall online in a virtual workplace.

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