24 Virtual Pride Month Ideas for Work

By: | Updated: May 22, 2023

You found our list of fabulous virtual pride month ideas.

June is Pride Month in the US, Hungary, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Greenland. This month commemorates the Stonewall riots, and champions equal rights for the queer community. Pride is a celebration of identity and a call for tolerance and acceptance, as well as an acknowledgement of the accomplishments of LGBTQ+ individuals throughout history. Pride Month is also known as LGBT History Month.

This event is an online version of Pride Month. Pride is an opportunity for virtual team celebrations and is an example of online employee engagement. You can also observe the occasion by sharing Pride quotes with staff.


This list includes:

  • Virtual pride event ideas
  • Pride ideas for work
  • Zoom pride ideas

Here we go!

List of virtual pride month ideas

From emojis to happy hours to Zoom backgrounds, here are ways to celebrate pride month online in virtual offices.

1. Zoom Pride backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds are one of the easiest Zoom pride ideas. During June, you can replace your normal backdrop with a colorful tribute to the LGBTQ+ community.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Pride parade
  • Rainbow flag
  • Rainbow company logo
  • LGBTQ+ activists or icons
  • Quotes about love and equality

Here are a few readymade backdrops you can download and display, along with instructions on how to change backgrounds on Zoom. Feel free to search for other scenes, or create your own masterpieces in Canva.

Pride '21 Virtual Background (1) Pride '21 Virtual Background 2 Pride '21 Virtual Background 3

These backgrounds are a simple and free way to celebrate Pride during video calls. Virtual backdrops are free, take no time away from the workday, and add a splash of color to the home office.

Here are more ways to make virtual meetings fun.

2. Pride Bingo

Bingo is a fun video call game for any occasion. First, send participants Bingo cards. Then, separate the group into breakout rooms, and encourage teammates to chat. If you have a small group then you can stay in the main room to play. Just be sure that the squares on the cards are randomized so that not every player wins at once!

Participants mark the boxes with the name of coworkers who fit the description. To win, a player must mark five boxes in a row, column, or diagonal. However, if the group is of substantial size, then players cannot repeat the names of coworkers in one line.

For more information, check out our guide to Team Building Bingo.

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3. Pride Trivia (Fully Hosted)

Pride Trivia is a 60 minute, interactive virtual team building event. A host guides groups of competitors in a series of knowledge quizzes and mini-games that celebrate LGBTQ history and pop culture. Beyond the standard question and answer format, participants make puns and wager bets, working together to rack up points and win ultimate bragging rights. Pride Month Trivia is equal parts challenging and fun, and provides remote colleagues the opportunity to bond through friendly competition. The event is bookable year-round and makes an excellent diversity and inclusion activity.

Pride Trivia banner

Learn more about Pride Trivia.

4. Queer History Lessons

Pride is just as much about education as celebration. For centuries, members of the LGBTQ+ community were forced to hide, and their roles in mainstream history were minimized. The parades, parties, and declarations in June are just as much about reclaiming the past as fighting for the future.

One of the most meaningful ways to recognize the month is to host virtual queer history lessons. You could invite a speaker to give a Zoom lecture, virtually visit a museum, take a guided online tour of a historically significant site, and view photo essays or watch a documentary together, just to name a few examples of possible programming.

Here are some helpful Gay History resources:

You can also include Gay History topics in your pride month social posts, blog articles, and newsletters.

5. Pride Playlist

Background music makes working from home more tolerable, and pride playlists honor the season with the sounds of embracing identity. Consider compiling a list of music by allies or queer artists, or songs that speak to the LGBQT+ experience. You can also include hits by gay icons like Madonna or Janet Jackson, as well as drag show favorites such as Lady Gaga.

Here is an example playlist on Spotify.

If these tracks are too distracting for the workday, then you could opt for instrumental versions instead.

To turn the exercise into a more collaborative experience, invite coworkers to make song suggestions, and then send around a team playlist.

6. Digital date with a drag queen

One of the more creative virtual pride month ideas for work is to plan a drag-themed team building event. For example, a virtual drag show, remote brunch, or online cocktail-making class. Since drag queens and drag kings are seasoned performers, they make engaging Zoom hosts. There are several companies and individuals who advertise drag-themed team building events, such as sangria-brewing queens in Portugal. You can also reach out to local drag bars or troupes to virtually collaborate.

Be aware that these services are likely to be in high demand during Pride Month. If booking a live event proves too difficult, then consider watching episodes of Drag Race online together as a backup option.

Check out more virtual team building ideas for work.

7. Employee resource groups

Pride month is a perfect time to introduce or promote employee resource groups. These resources offer support to individuals with different identities, including sexual orientations and gender. The groups provide a safe space for employees to assert their identities within the workplace, and empower staff to share their perspectives with the wider organization. Within these spaces, like minded individuals can exchange ideas and advice, share resources, and show solidarity. Employee resources are a way to ensure that the needs of all team members are addressed.

If your organization is too small to host robust employee resource groups, then you can point staff towards industry organizations.

8. LGBTQ+ lunch and learn

Hosting a lunch and learn is an easy way to educate and engage staff during Pride Month. Employees can stream a webinar or join a Zoom meeting while taking a midday break, eating lunch, or working quietly. Topics can be practical, entertaining, or a mix of both. First, choose a subject or find a virtual speaker. Then, select a date and time, create a Zoom link, and send an open invitation to the staff.

Here are some possible topics to explore:

  • Navigating benefits programs as a queer or transgender employee
  • How to be an ally at work
  • Gay rights throughout the world
  • Mental health and queerness

The subject possibilities are nearly limitless. Other options for digital lunch and learns include streaming TED talks. Here are more ideas for virtual lunch and learn activities.

Learn more about hosting a virtual lunch.

9. Support an LGBTQ+ business

One way to support the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month is to patronize queer-run businesses. For instance, you can order food from a queer-owned bakery or restaurant, curate a care package of goodies from independent LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, or book a queer artistst for an online performance. This gesture empowers queer entrepreneurs by investing directly in their small businesses, plus introduces staff to new LGBTQ+ companies to support.

For more care package ideas, check out our list of remote employee gifts.

10. Virtual happy hour

Virtual happy hours are one of the best remote Pride social events. These gatherings are like a night out with colleagues, only minus the wait to get drinks or line for the bathroom. Attendees can get comfy on the couch, wear whatever makes them feel comfortable or confident, and join or leave the party as their schedule allows.

You can structure the event with fun activities like Bingo, mixology lessons, and trivia. Or, just gather on Zoom and enjoy each other’s company while chatting casually.

Check out our guide to virtual happy hours.

11. Watch Party

There are several excellent films and tv shows that spotlight and celebrate the queer experience. Online watch parties are one of the easiest pride events to coordinate. First, decide on a movie or TV show to stream. Then, send out invitations to a Zoom call. Once all participants enter the meeting, use a program like Watch2Gether to sync media.

Also, be aware that many streaming services have safeguards to prevent screen sharing while watching. Participants will need to have streaming accounts on the preferred platform. If you have a budget for the event, then you could also cover or reimburse the cost of renting the movie online.

Watching suggestions:

  • Priscilla Queen of the Desert
  • Moonlight
  • Milk
  • Paris is Burning
  • My Beautiful Laundrette
  • Love, Simon
  • The Birdcage
  • Pose
  • Queer Eye
  • The L Word
  • Rent
  • Imagine Me and You
  • Will and Grace
  • A Secret Love
  • Kinky Boots

Another option is to coordinate a short film festival by building a playlist of great clips from queer media on YouTube. You can ask the team for recommendations, build the list, and set the videos to autoplay.

12. Social media

One of the most popular ways to observe Pride online is to dedicate a social media post or campaign to the occasion. The easiest option is to post a rainbow flag, graphic, or logo. However, you can also share relevant quotes, highlight a prominent LGBTQ+ historical figure, or spotlight queer employees. Spreading resources and awareness on allyship is another great use of your platform, as is coordinating a social media takeover to give LGBTQ+ organizations or businesses a shout out.

13. Charity Donations

One of the most meaningful Pride ideas for work is to make a company donation to an LGBTQ+ philanthropy.

You can either make one large donation to the organization of choice, or offer to match individual employee contributions up to a specified amount.

Here are some suggested charities:

Consider contributing to a smaller or locally-based LGBTQ+ philanthropy as well. You can also ask your staff for suggestions of organizations to support.

You could even host an online event to raise funds for a worthy cause. For tips, check out our list of online fundraising ideas.

14. Rainbow emojis

One of the easiest ways to celebrate Pride Month remotely is to create rainbow emojis in Slack. First, find or create fun rainbow graphics such as pride flags, fun phrases, queer celebrities, and rainbow hearts. Feel free to get the staff involved by soliciting suggestions.

Next, add the emojis to Slack using this tutorial. Then, encourage the staff to react with the on-theme emojis during Pride Month and beyond.

For more Slack hacks, check out our guide to apps for Slack.

15. Online Book clubs

Reading queer authors is an excellent way to honor pride month. By hosting an online book club, you can turn the normally solitary act of reading into a community event. First, pick your book.

Reading suggestions for pride month:

  • The Color Purple by Alice Walker
  • Fun Home by Allison Bechdel
  • Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde
  • Juliet Takes a Breath By Gabby Rivera
  • Boy Meets Boy David Levithan
  • Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin
  • Redefining Realness by Janet Mock
  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

If you have trouble deciding on a title, then consider sending four to five options to members and asking them to vote. Just be sure to announce the assignment at least two to three weeks before the meeting to ensure participants have enough time to obtain and read the book. Offering a discount or a reimbursement of the book to attendees is also a nice touch.

Many times, you can find book club discussion questions online. However, you can also think up your own questions, or leave the conversation open-ended so that attendees can share their thoughts freely.

If your group is short on time, then consider assigning a shorter piece instead of a novel or memoir. Depending on interest, you could even host an ongoing event series that discusses a different piece every week.

To help you be a better ally, check out our list of diversity and inclusion books.

16. Pride Month Emails

One of the easiest and least expensive means of celebrating Pride Month at work is to send a special email to staff. The message can include various element such as quotes, profiles of LGBTQ+ figures, historical facts, reading suggestions, links to queer fundraisers, and invitations to virtual team events. To make the mail more interactive, encourage staff to reply-all with their own resource suggestions, gifs, and best wishes.

17. Blog post

Blogs are another venue for spotlighting the queer community during Pride Month. There are many possible content topics you can write about in June.

Here are some blog post ideas:

  • LGBTQ figures within your company or industry
  • What pride means to employees
  • Ways staff will celebrate Pride this year
  • Guide to allyship at work
  • Ways companies can support LGBTQ+ communities
  • Spotlight a LGBTQ business or collection of businesses
  • Roundup of fun Pride Month brand campaigns

The exact nature of the post may vary depending on your industry. Blogs give you the opportunity to do a deeper dive into a topic and give more coverage than a social media post.

18. Remote Cabaret

Remote cabarets are one of the best virtual pride event ideas, because these gatherings help your group showcase their special talents and unique personalities. To host a remote cabaret, first put out a call for performers. After sign-ups start coming in, create a show order. Next, recruit an emcee to oversee the evening. Once the details are in order, send invitations to your audience. When the evening arrives, meet up on video conference software and start the show. Be sure to use the clap reaction to show support for your performers in addition to applauding and cheering via audio.

Pro tip: Record the Zoom meeting. When the performance ends, edit together a highlight video to share with attendees and social media followers.

For tips, check out our list of virtual talent show ideas.

19. Online parade

Parades are by far the most famous Pride events. You and your group may not be able to gather for an in-person parade or block party, however you can recreate the experience online. To host your own parade, ask each attendee to film or livestream themselves and their guests strutting down the street or around the house. You can encourage the use of costumes, props, and decorations, and invite family members, friends, and pets to join the fun. If filming live, then decide an order and spotlight each attendee in shifts. Otherwise, edit together a video of submitted clips and send the short film to your team.

Or, you and the group can find a parade to livestream and chat with each other while watching.

Pride Month tips for work

Celebrating Pride at work is a relatively recent practice. Here are a few professional etiquette tips to ensure that workplace observances are safe and comfortable events for the whole team.

20. Do not force employees to participate

Employees may opt out of celebrating Pride Month for a variety of reasons. Love life and sexuality is personal, and some employees are private and prefer to keep their home and work lives separate. Other individuals might come from cultural backgrounds or carry religious beliefs that conflict with Pride. Perhaps a global colleague’s current location makes it unsafe for them to join Pride celebrations. Or, maybe the occasion simply is not of interest.

While Pride is about togetherness and inclusion, it is important to respect all team members’ feelings and beliefs. Forcing participation can be counterintuitive to the cause, as it can further negative feelings. Giving employees time and space on the subject is fine. Keep in mind that there is a difference between opting out of the celebration and preventing others from celebrating. As long as team members fall into the former category, there is no problem with Pride being an optional celebration just like any other holiday.

21. Avoid stereotypes and tokenism

Queer culture has tropes and cliches like any other culture. It is important to recognize that the LGBTQ+ community is diverse. While there are often common characteristics and shared experiences within the community, it is important to recognize that individuals experience and express queerness differently. Try to avoid making assumptions or generalizations that might offend or alienate your staff.

22. Focus on allyship and inclusivity

Although Pride is a major occasion in the LGBTQ+ community, it is not solely a queer holiday. Pride is about togetherness, tolerance, and acceptance. Queer celebrants often welcome straight allies to participate in the festivities, in part because the battle against homophobia and the fight for equality is a shared responsibility. Pride events are about community and inclusion, and office celebrations should be open to all.

An emphasis on allyship and inclusivity serves a dual purpose. Not only does this attitude allow more folks to join in on the fun, it also makes celebrations more comfortable and less personal. Team members who are not comfortable outing themselves or drawing attention to their sexuality or gender orientation can still enjoy the season.

23. Keep it PG-13

Self-expression is a big part of Pride, however, a sense of workplace decorum and professionalism is still necessary. Gender and sexual orientation and sexuality are two separate concepts, and references to the latter are typically not appropriate at work. To maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all team members, be sure to communicate ground rules to staff at the beginning of the celebrations. Aim to be as PG as possible in your festivities, and ask staff to leave any bawdiness for after hours.

24. No hollow gestures

While some folks celebrate that corporations are finally paying attention to Pride Month, others criticize companies who post rainbow logos without committing to meaningful change. Celebrating Pride at work is an important gesture, however the organizational environment should align with the spirit of the occasion. Be sure that your company culture and corporate policies are inclusive and support LGBTQ+ staff, for instance by providing equal benefits to same sex couples and encouraging self-expression yearlong.

Final Thoughts

A sense of psychological safety is necessary for employees to trust teammates and bring their best selves at work. Observing Pride Month sends the message that your organization recognizes and values the contributions of all employees regardless of gender or sexual orientation. By holding Pride-themed events at work, you signal to staff that the workplace is a safe place for self-expression. Plus, Pride events are about togetherness and acceptance, making the gatherings an opportunity to spread camaraderie among distanced teams.

For more community-centric activities, check out this list of connection games.

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FAQ: Virtual pride month celebrations

Here are answers to common questions about virtual pride month celebrations.

How do you celebrate Pride virtually?

Remote Pride celebrations happen most frequently on social media platforms and virtual meeting software like Zoom, Skype, and GoogleMeet. To host virtual pride celebrations, first plan meaningful programming, then advertise the events. After inviting participants to a Zoom meeting, Slack channel, or social media page, gather together throughout the month to participate in online activities together.

What are some good virtual pride month ideas?

Some good virtual pride month ideas include fun custom emojis, drag queen team building, Pride Zoom backgrounds, and supporting LGBTQ+ businesses.

Why should you celebrate Pride virtually at work?

Nobody should be discriminated against or fired for their sexual orientation or gender identity. In the not-too-distant past, coming out of the closet was often cause for termination and blacklisting. Despite progressive anti-discrimination laws and a growing mainstream acceptance of the LGBTQ+ rights movement, there are many places in the US and the world where employees are pressured to keep their identities secret or face professional consequences. Observing pride virtually at work assures employees that they are welcome and accepted, empowering them to bring their full selves to work. These celebrations also show support for queer rights movements.

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