Updated: February 13, 2024

18 Best Outdoor Team Building Companies for Adventures

Here is our list of the best outdoor team building companies.

Outdoor team building companies are businesses that host outdoor team bonding activities. Examples include Wildland Trekking, Escape Adventures, and Pedal Pub. Outdoor team building events are a fun way to work on communication, build connections, and reward hard work.

Outdoor team building companies host outdoor activities, games, and events. These types of team bonding activities can be used to create a team building program. These providers are examples of in-person team building companies.

This list includes:

  • corporate outdoor team building companies
  • nature team building companies
  • outdoor activity companies for teams
  • outdoor team building providers

Here we go!

List of outdoor team building companies

You can host outdoor team building events for shorter activities or longer retreats. These companies may also be good options for conference locations. From backpacking to horseback riding to skiing, here is a list of companies specializing in outdoor experiences. These curated experiences get your staff working together and having fun.

1. Wildland Trekking

Wildland Trekking offers all-inclusive trekking trips around the world. The tours range from day hikes to backpacking trips. You can even go on a llama trek!

Wildland Trekking provides high-quality gear, so there is no need to worry about bringing supplies. Food is also included, and the guide prepares all the meals.

If you want to relax and focus on the surroundings, then you can hire a porter to carry your belongings. Be sure to check out the inn-based hiking options if you are not too keen on sleeping in the woods. With these packages, you can focus on hiking during the day and still have a warm bed at night. No matter your destination, hiking is a great team building activity.

Learn more about Wildland Trekking.

2. Volunteer.gov

With Volunteer.gov, your team building event can make a difference. This group partners with outdoor powerhouses such as the National Parks Service, the U.S. Forest Service, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

These agencies work together to conserve nature and share it with visitors nationwide. Volunteer opportunities range from one-day events to multi-month commitments, so you can make volunteering a part of your team’s routine. Tasks range from giving tours to cleaning up shorelines. No matter which event you choose, you can feel good about impacting your community.

Learn more about Volunteer.gov.

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3. Pedal Pub

Pedal Pub brings the pub on the road with this human-powered bike bar! Packages accommodate 8 to 16 riders and take guests on a tour around the city. One rider will be in the middle to steer, so there is no need to worry about drifting into traffic. Pedal Pub is an exciting way to see the city and relax. With franchise locations across the United States and Canada, there are plenty of places to explore via bike bar.

For your team building event, you may be able to create a customized route. Some locations will even let you rent out their entire fleet so that a large team could experience this traveling pub!

Learn more about Pedal Pub.

4. Arc Adventures

As one of the best corporate outdoor team building companies, Arc Adventures offers many bonding experiences. One fun option they provide is taking your team camping. You can go on an overnight or multi-night trip, and Arc Adventures provides all the equipment. Participants learn outdoor cooking techniques, tent building, and nature safety. Their camping tours are available all over the West Coast. Because the camping tour allows groups of up to 200 participants, Arc Adventures is an excellent choice for large teams.

Arc also offers a specific team building package. Your group will take part in activities such as obstacle courses, adventure races, and geocaching. Arc provides all the gear and set-up, and transportation is included if necessary.

Learn more about Arc Adventures.

5. Your First Mud Run

Your First Mud Run ships mud run fun straight to your door!

Packages contain all key elements to host a successful mud run, including a P.A. system, course markers, and parking signs. In addition, you can order up to 12 different obstacles for your course, such as a mud pit, a tire drag, and an inflatable tube run. You can also add on medals, T-shirts, and a D.J.

Events can be set up in one day, and YFMH’s team can help with the prep. To help integrate charity into your run, look at the fundraising page.

If you are not as keen on hosting your own race, then check out their events page for YFMR’s event schedule.

Learn more about Your First Mud Run.

6. American Ghost Walks

American Ghost Walks is one of the most unique outdoor team building providers. Tour guides take you around the city while sharing true historical stories about paranormal places.

Some tours are interactive, putting you on the spot as the lead ghost hunter! For example, during the Prairie Avenue ghost hunt, you will learn how to use paranormal investigation tools and techniques. In addition, you can customize your tours to create a fun experience for all your employees.

Learn more about American Ghost Walks.

7. Farm Stays USA

Farm Stays USA is a nonprofit association focused on bringing visitors authentic farm and ranch experiences. Participating farms and ranches must be active agricultural operations and focus on educating guests about farm life.

To find your perfect stay, you can filter by farm activities you are interested in doing. For example, once you input your location, choose “I want to milk a cow.” The site will then suggest nearby farm stays that offer milking. A fun way to incorporate the farm activity filter into your business trip is to send the categories out to your employees in a poll. Then, you can find a stay that lets your team live out their farming dreams!

Learn more about Farm Stays USA.

8. Go Ape

Go Ape is one of the nature team building companies offering ropes courses nationwide. Go Ape hosts treetop adventures, treetop journeys, axe throwing, and monkey drops. For example, treetop adventure is the original package, with tree-to-tree crossings, zip lines, and swings high in the canopy. Treetop journey offers suspended bridges, obstacles, and zip lines. Axe throwing pits you against your team in a dangerous game of accuracy. Meanwhile, monkey drop challenges participants to climb to the top of a 40-foot platform and jump off.

Go Ape offers group discounts for corporate events. You can also create a custom event and choose your activities.

Learn more about Go Ape.

9. The Dude Rancher’s Association

The Dude Rancher’s Association is an organization that certifies dude ranches across the West. Over 90 dude ranches belong to the DRA. Members follow a set of by-laws, so each stay has the same core principles. The DRA focuses on horses, hats, hospitality, heritage, honesty, and heart. Stays are all-inclusive, so each package includes lodging, food, and activities.

To fill up your schedule, check out options for gold panning, archery, and horseback riding. A dude ranch stay is a wonderful reward for your hardworking team!

Learn more about The Dude Rancher’s Association.

10. Western River Expeditions

Western River Expeditions offers whitewater rafting trips for all experience levels. Depending on the location, you may ride in a high-speed raft, a paddle raft, an inflatable kayak, or an oar rig. Western River Expeditions provides all necessary camping gear and supplies. The guides also bring and cook the food.

Be sure to check the website for a free expedition guide, which includes information like river maps, itineraries, camping info, and packing lists. For larger groups, book a trip that uses Western’s J-Rig boat, which can hold up to 28 passengers.

Learn more about Western River Expeditions.

11. Equitours

Equitours offers horseback riding trips across the globe. These long-lasting tours are perfect for a company retreat.

Typically, Equitours includes other activities alongside horseback riding. For example, in Oregon, you can go on a six-day trip through the Willamette Valley, attend wine tastings, and stay at local inns. Another unique offering is their yoga and horseback riding trip in Wyoming. In Massachusetts, you can book a journey where you will learn the art of dressage. No matter where you end up, Equitours provides exciting horseback riding experiences.

Learn more about Equitours.

12. Escape Adventures

Escape Adventures provides guided mountain- and road-biking trips across the globe. This company offers all-inclusive multi-day custom tours for any group size. You can even choose from multisport adventures where biking is only one piece of the puzzle. For example, the Mount Saint Helens bike ride includes a cave exploration!

You can choose from different fitness levels to fit any team’s needs. In some tours, an e-bike is available, which can help support riders during the longer stretches.

Learn more about Escape Adventures.

13. Jackson Hole Mountain Guides

Jackson Hole Mountain Guides offers guided outdoor adventures in the western U.S. You can book rock climbing, mountain climbing, ice climbing, hiking, and even backcountry skiing and riding trips. JHMG has single-day and multi-day trips so that you can choose the best fit for your team.

Climbing requires strong teamwork to keep participants safe, making it a great team building exercise. JHMG provides all the climbing equipment, but the rest of the gear is up to you. Be sure to look at their gear list tab to see which essentials to bring.
For corporate trips, give JHMG a call. You can design custom adventures that are great for team building.

Learn more about Jackson Hole Mountain Guides.

14. Golf Trip Junkie

Golf Trip Junkie hosts golf trips to destinations around the country. These packages include lodging, course access, golf cart use, and resort fees. Teams of any fitness level can enjoy golf’s leisurely pace, and staying at resorts is a great way to relax.
Golf Trip Junkie specializes in corporate outings for team building. You can build your own package if you know which course you would like to visit. If you want recommendations, you can call the company to set up a personalized vacation.

Learn more about Golf Trip Junkie.

15. Oars

When looking for water-based outdoor activity companies for teams, check out Oars. Oars is a multisport guide, hosting global rafting, kayaking, and fishing trips. You can choose from one-day, multi-day, or international trips, making Oars an ideal choice for many occasions.
Be sure to look at the special interests section for themed trips. For example, your group can go on an astronomy-based rafting experience. This package focuses on escaping the city’s light pollution and appreciating the natural landscape.

Learn more about Oars.

16. REI

You may know REI as an outdoor gear retailer, but they also host various trips! Destinations are available across the U.S. and range from Alaska to Wyoming. REI leads all kinds of adventures, from biking to climbing to snowshoeing. The packages are all-inclusive, and REI provides all the necessary food and gear.

One exciting aspect of these trips is REI offers special member pricing. If you are not already a member, then a lifetime membership is a one-time fee of $30. After joining the co-op, you can save hundreds of dollars on the adventure packages.
When planning team building events, you may be interested in their private trips. For groups of six or more, the pricing is the same as their other tours.

Learn more about REI Adventures.

17. Ski.com

Ski.com is a one-stop shop for skiing destinations. From flights to rentals to lessons, Ski.com can help you plan your entire trip. This site offers stays at over 120 locations.

Skiing is a great option for large corporate teams. Ski.com has experience with booking groups of 20 to 2,000 skiers. When planning your adventure, you can even have a ski expert join your Zoom call. The expert can help you construct the perfect event to fit your budget and team needs.

Learn more about Ski.com.

18. Polaris

For the adventurous team, consider planning an outdoor vehicle trip! Polaris sells off-roading vehicles, but they also offer rentals and adventure packages. You can choose from off-road, on-road, and snow-based trips.

Off-roading vehicles are a thrilling way to see beautiful sights. You can visit national parks and climb to new heights. For an on-road adventure, consider an Indian motorcycle or a Slingshot three-wheeled vehicle. Be sure to read Polaris’s blog for destination suggestions, safety information, and gear lists.

Hundreds of locations across the U.S. offer Polaris rentals.

Learn more about Polaris.


Outdoor activities are an excellent way for your team to bond. Most of these activities require communication to be safe and successful. Practicing communication outside of work hours teaches employees how to cooperate, which translates to the office. Sharing these incredible experiences also promotes unity in the workplace. Not to mention, these events help professionals take a break from the office and get much-needed fresh air and sunshine! These outdoor team building companies can help run events that will make a lasting impression.

If you are looking to plan a retreat, check out our list of group retreat activities. For other outdoor inspiration, consider a field day, a family fun day, and summer team building activities.

FAQ: Outdoor team building companies

Here are answers to common questions about outdoor team building companies.

What are outdoor team building companies?

Outdoor team building companies host outdoor experiences that emphasize teamwork and togetherness. These businesses create exciting environments that keep employees engaged and collaborating. Many of them have all-inclusive experiences, so all you have to do is show up and have fun! Some examples include Oars, The Dude Rancher’s Association, and Volunteer.gov.

What are the best outdoor team building companies?

Outdoor team building companies host a wide variety of outdoor activities. Some of the best outdoor team building companies include Arc Adventures, Go Ape, and Farm Stays USA. With any of these businesses, your team will create lasting memories.

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