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You found our list of virtual holiday party ideas, games and activities for work.

Virtual holiday parties are online celebrations usually held over video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Webex and Google Meet. Virtual holiday party ideas are specific games, activities and themes for your holiday gathering. These events give remote employees the chance to relax and reconnect with coworkers. These ideas are similar to virtual Christmas party ideas, virtual xmas party ideas and Zoom Christmas party ideas.

These events are a type of virtual team celebration, similar to hybrid Christmas and office Christmas parties, and include holiday team building activities and virtual Christmas games.

In this list you will find:

  • free virtual holiday party ideas for work
  • ideas for virtual holiday party activities during quarantine
  • virtual office Christmas party ideas for large groups
  • virtual holiday party companies

So, check out the list!

List of virtual holiday party ideas

Virtual holiday parties help remote employees mingle with far-away coworkers. These parties also give companies a chance to reward remote employees for all the wonderful work done throughout the year. Here is a list of virtual holiday party ideas and virtual Christmas party ideas to make your seasonal meeting merry and bright.

1. Fully Hosted Virtual Holiday Party 🎄

We created a Virtual Holiday Party event type specifically for remote workers. The experience is over a video conference platform, and includes holiday themed games like holiday trivia and stocking stuffer scavenger hunts. The goal is for this event to be the best darn online holiday party your people ever attended via Zoom.

Virtual holiday banner

Your booking includes a primary host to facilitate the fun virtual holiday activities and make sure your people stay engaged. For most online events, we also provide a co-host to manage the technical aspects and make sure it all goes smoothly. Our events are thoughtful, and have thousands of five star reviews from companies like Amazon, Apple and Google.

Learn more about our fully hosted virtual holiday parties.

2. Virtual Gingerbread Wars (Popular)

Gingerbread Wars is a fun, virtual holiday event that includes Christmas themed games, competitions and actual cookies. Before your event, we send each of your participants a gingerbread kit in the mail that includes gingerbread people, frosting, candies and more. Then, we bring everyone on a video call for Christmas Zoom games like holiday trivia and gingerbread self-portraits.

Gingerbread Wars is a 90 minute event, conducted over a secure online video conferencing line that we provide. We also provide a cheerful lead host that makes sure everyone on your team is engaged, and a co-host that manages the technical aspects. Gingerbread Wars is fun, cheerful, and maybe the best darn answer to how to celebrate Christmas online.

Learn more about Gingerbread Wars.

3. Sled Dog Sabotage

sled dog

Sled Dog Sabotage is all the fun of a murder mystery minus the murder– plus puppies! In this holiday whodunit, teams race to find out who kidnapped a beloved sled dog team mid-competition. Groups must work together to solve puzzles, earn clues, and reveal criminal motives and methods. A host moves the story along and can give tips to stumped players. This 90-minute event is cute yet competitive, as teams must solve puzzles quickly before other groups find the answers. Since the event is non-holiday-specific, this experience is a great option for non-secular and multicultural groups. However, any animal lovers are also sure to love this adorable adventure!

Learn more about Sled Dog Sabotage.

4. Virtual Holiday Bingo (Free Template)

Bingo is one of the most fun holiday games on Zoom, because it encourages interaction and competitive cheer. You can play this game any time in Q4, or as one of the games or activities at your main virtual holiday party too.

Here is a template you can use to play Virtual Holiday Bingo:

virtual holiday party Bingo card

Check out the rules and best practices for how to play Online Team Building Bingo.

5. The Naughty List (Fun Icebreaker)

The Naughty List is a unique holiday variation of the game Never Have I Ever.

The Naughty List game template

To play:

  1. Every team member starts the game by holding up ten fingers.
  2. Each team member takes a turn making a statement starting with “You are on the naughty list if…”
  3. If a team member has committed the act, the team member will lower one finger.
  4. The game continues for a set number of rounds, or until only one employee has fingers in the air.
  5. Whoever has fingers in the air at the end of all rounds wins the game.

You can add your own items to the Naughty List too!

6. Send Holiday Gift Boxes

For me, the best and worst part about working in an office is the abundance of free food around the holidays. I live for homemade Christmas cookies and family-recipe fudge.

You can send your remote employees a box of goodies the week before the virtual Christmas party.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Hot cocoa mix
  • A mug
  • Cookies, candy, or other snacks
  • Fun holiday accessories like headbands, hats, and sunglasses
  • Holiday activities such as puzzles, crafts, games
  • Photo props for a video call “photo booth” shoot
  • Stationary
  • Gift cards for online subscription services
  • Holiday Recovery Kits – like these ones on Etsy

Holidays are times of togetherness, but remote employees might have trouble getting into the spirit. Sending a physical gift box to your remote coworkers is a great way to help your team feel included and appreciated.

Check out these lists of employee gifts and care package ideas.

7. Virtual Secret Santa

No virtual holiday party would be complete without a Secret Santa. Online gift exchanges recapture the fun of spending holidays in an office. To hold a virtual office Secret Santa, you can pick names using a gift exchange generator, then send presents, and wait to open gifts together over Zoom at the online party.

Physical packages add a more tactile and personal element, but teammates can also send each other virtual presents such as online gift cards or internet subscriptions.

Check out our guide on how to do a virtual Secret Santa for more ideas, and this one on virtual White Elephants.

8. Just A Darn Fun Holiday Event

Just a Darn Fun Event banner
Just like a real holiday party, Just A Darn Fun Holiday Event is unpredictable and tons of fun! This one-hour event is an online cocktail party, networking event, and holiday bash in one. Attendees participate in fast-paced mini-games and icebreakers designed for maximum team bonding and holiday cheer with zero awkwardness or Zoom fatigue. A host is on hand to keep the mood lively, the conversation buzzing, and the competition fierce yet festive. To round out the event, you can add on a holiday-themed cocktail kit so that remote teammates can share a drink along with many laughs.

Learn more about Just A Darn Fun Holiday Event.

9. Holiday Costume Dress-up

Sometimes I have a hard time getting in the virtual holiday spirit while working from home. While offices have tons of space for fake Christmas trees, strings of lights, stockings, webcams only show a tiny sliver of Christmas decorations.

You can team up with your remote employees for your online holiday party by asking team members to dress up. Your team can get in the holiday spirit by attending Zoom parties in seasonal garb. Some dress up suggestions:

  • Santa hats
  • Elf costumes
  • Reindeer antlers
  • Green Grinch hair

You can kick the experience up a notch by hosting a costume contest and offering a prize to the winner.

10. Most Likely To…

Most Likely To… is a game of seasonal superlatives that asks remote coworkers to consider which teammate is most likely to perform in specific ways during the holidays.

You can ask your team to decide, who is most likely to:

  • Spend a fortune on decorations?
  • Procrastinate Christmas shopping until December 24th?
  • Cry while watching a Christmas movie?
  • Forget the words to a carol?
  • Pick out the perfect present?
  • Make an epic cup of hot chocolate?
  • Fall while ice-skating?

Whichever employee’s name comes up most wins the round. You can keep track of all the round winners and name the most-mentioned employee as the king or queen of Christmas.

Here are more Most Likely To questions.

11. Make a Virtual Holiday Party Playlist

Every party needs music. Real parties have one DJ, but with virtual holiday parties, everyone can create the soundtrack. Holiday Playlist is an online holiday party activity that allows remote team members to choose the music.

Here is how:

  1. Create a Holiday Playlist on a service like Spotify.
  2. Invite all of your employees to add favorite Christmas/holiday carols to the roster.
  3. During your video call, play the playlist.
  4. Ask team members to guess which coworker added which song, or invite employees to talk about why that song is their favorite.

Here is a YouTube playlist you can use.

The great thing about virtual Christmas party ideas like Holiday Playlist is that every employee has a say, which makes the party-planning feel like a group effort.

12. Do Virtual Holiday Team Building Activities

In my experience, people talk and mingle less quickly at virtual holiday parties due to the lack of buffets and open bars. You can ease initial awkwardness by doing team building activities at your online parties.

Games encourage employees to interact and help team members feel more comfortable with each other, while building remote work skills like communication and critical thinking.

Here are lists of online team building games and Christmas icebreakers.

13. Host a Virtual Card Exchange

E-cards waste no paper, but are just as much fun as sending physical holiday cards. You can revive this tradition but with a modern twist by instituting a Virtual Card Exchange.

Here are a couple of options:

  • Direct your remote employees to sites like JibJab or American Greetings which offer fun digital cards.
  • Consider allocating a budget so that teammates can send other members more upscale cards.
  • Invite employees to create cards on a site like Canva. You can host a competition with categories like funniest or most creative. Bill dresses up his cats as reindeer, Linda writes a very sassy letter to Santa, and everybody laughs.

Some online E-card sites cost money, so allocating a small budget for your card exchange is a nice touch. Regardless of whether or not your team spends money to send greetings, the team will benefit from exchanging kind thoughts.

By the way, check out these sample virtual holiday party invitations.

14. Mystery Holiday Theatre 3000

You can bring new life to old Christmas Classics with one of the great ideas for virtual celebrations. Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is a show where hosts comment on cheesy movies. Mystery Holiday Theatre 3000 is a virtual holiday party activity where coworkers watch and discuss a movie together on video call.

To play this game, first pick a beloved holiday movie. Some suggestions:

  • A Christmas Story
  • Home Alone
  • A Muppet Christmas Carol
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Elf
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • Krampus
  • A Christmas Prince
  • Jingle All the Way

You can encourage employees to chat and comment on the film. Funny conversation will create a more entertaining viewing experience. “If Kevin’s mom had a cell phone, this movie would be much shorter.” “Why is she closing her bakery the day before Christmas? Won’t all her customers be mad?” Mystery Holiday Theatre 3000 is a chance to let your team’s sense of humor shine.

15. Epic Holiday Party

epic holiday party

Epic Holiday Party is a fantastic option for large groups who want a little bit of everything in their holiday soiree. This option is available for virtual parties of 100+. This 90-minute event includes multiple Zoom rooms, multiple hosts, and various activities and is highly customizable to attendees’ interests. There are options to add on shipped cocktail kits and gifts and other finishing touches to make the online event even more personalized and memorable. Epic Holiday Party is a perfect solution for organizers who want a remarkable large-scale virtual event without the hassles of dealing with logistics and planning.

Learn more about Epic Holiday Party.

16. Sing Company Holiday Carols

The day after Thanksgiving, Christmas carols take over every radio station in America. Personally, I get sick of the tunes after about three days. We hear the same songs every day for a month every single year. By now, most of us sing the lyrics on autopilot.

You can spice up your Christmas Carol session with a dash of originality in the form of Company Carols. Before the party, you can instruct team members to write their own versions of classic carols. This works best if you assign specific songs to individual or small groups.

Come party time, you can enjoy hits such as “All I Want for Christmas is U(X),” “Silent Nightshift,” or “The 12 Clients of Christmas.”

Pro tip: If you really feel ambitious, compile a team carol songbook, CD, or YouTube channel afterwards.

17. Virtual Holiday Party Happy Hour

Virtual holiday parties and adult beverages go hand and hand. You can share the holiday spirit by having drinks with your remote team members. A Virtual Holiday Party Happy Hour is an online meeting where teammates gather together on a Zoom call to enjoy a drink together.

Here is how:

  1. First, check which states allow you to ship alcohol.
  2. If sending booze is banned, then give employees an allowance to buy drinks.
  3. Sip together on video during the virtual xmas party.

A fun twist on one of the most classic virtual holiday party ideas is to pick a Christmas cocktail like the ones on this list of drink ideas from Good Housekeeping, gather the ingredients, and make it as a team during the party.

Check out our list of virtual happy hour ideas for more inspiration.

18. Virtual Holiday Decorating

My favorite part of working in an actual office during Christmas is decking the halls or trimming a tree with my colleagues. While remote employees can cover desks in wrapping paper or trim the chair with garland, decorating alone is less fun.

One of the best virtual Christmas party ideas is to give employees a shared space to decorate.

A few ideas:

  • Use Instagram to make a video advent calendar. Assign each employee certain days.
  • Find a virtual Christmas tree or make your own in a shared spreadsheet like GoogleSheets.
  • Build a Christmas village in a game like SimsOnline.
  • Create an online photo album where colleagues can share home holiday scenes.
  • Make a holiday wallpaper that everyone can set as their background.
  • Design fun backgrounds to use during your holiday party video call.

Though your team might be limited to a computer screen, you can still decorate together!

Here are some holiday party themes to try and office Christmas decorating contest ideas.

19. Virtual Christmas Time in the City

Remote teams live and work in many cities, and Christmas may look different in each. While some team members build snowmen, others hang Christmas lights on palm trees. You can embrace all the wonderful ways to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year and highlight your teams’ homes in the process with Virtual Christmas Time in the City, the holiday activity where remote workers share hometown holiday traditions.

Here is how:

  1. Direct each team member to capture pictures and videos that show off how the hometown celebrates such as tree-lighting ceremonies, regional holiday eats, subzero swims.
  2. Ask each team member to prepare a short video or slideshow of their city and take the team on a “tour,” during the virtual party.
  3. Invite employees to compare and contrast these holiday traditions.

Virtual Christmas Time in the City is a great way for employees to share a piece of “outside” lives. Plus, the whole team gets to travel for the holidays without any airport hassles or traffic!

20. Celebrate a Variety of Holidays

Remote teams are diverse teams. Many companies operate in multiple countries. Chances are, team members celebrate different holidays. The logistics of office celebrations mean you cannot throw a party for every holiday, but online holiday parties offer more flexibility. For example, you can make virtual Hanukkah a main part of your event.

One of the best virtual holiday party ideas is to invite team members to share their culture’s unique celebration with the rest of the team. You can ask participants to explain the holiday’s significance to the others. You can also ask your “holiday leader” to prepare a special activity for the rest of the team such as making a traditional meal, playing a game, or performing a dance.

Celebrating a variety of holidays, as an alternative or in addition to Christmas, allows all team members to celebrate special occasions in the workplace and acknowledges and respects individuals. Plus, celebrating different holidays virtually means more parties to enjoy!

21. Virtual Holiday Photo Booth

Trying to cram your whole team into a photo booth at an office party will not end well. Thanks to programs like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, remote teams group shots are much easier to coordinate.

During your virtual holiday party, you can gather your team onto the screen for a video call, then use screenshots or a similar image capture feature to snap a photograph.

For maximum holiday photo booth fun, props are a must. You can either send your teammates printable photo booth props like these ones from Shutterfly, or ask your coworkers to bring an assortment of festive accessories to the call.

Suggestions for holiday photo props:

  • Santa hats
  • Reindeer antlers
  • Red and green boas or garland
  • Colored lights
  • Angel wings
  • Presents
  • Hats, mittens, and scarves

If posing for a picture seems too tame for your team, then you can always up the excitement factor. Try turning the virtual holiday photo booth into a game by challenging your team to concoct the zaniest expressions, group poses and recreations of holiday movies.

Once you get your shot, you can turn the photo into a virtual card and send all your teammates a memento of your virtual holiday party.

Virtual Holiday Party Games

Virtual holiday party games are fun games, competitions and challenges you can play at a Zoom holiday party. These games tend be optimized for video calls, and generally have a holiday theme like Christmas carols or elves.

These games are similar to video call games and may include Zoom games and Webex games.

So, here is a list of fun virtual holiday games for your party.

22. Tradition or Not?

From hiding a pickle on the Christmas tree to stuffing gifts in shoes to running away from the Krampus, some truly strange holiday traditions exist. Chances are that your teammates might practice some unique personal holiday customs, too. Perhaps Delilah’s family lights a Star Wars themed menorah. Maybe Jaquelin’s friends and family compile a poetry anthology every Kwanzaa. Perhaps Jorge’s family celebrates Christmas with a horror movie marathon.

tradition or not

Tradition or not? reveals all of your teammate’s most bizarre or endearing holiday rituals. The game is a festive twist on Two Truths and a Lie that challenges team members to guess whether a colleague has revealed a fact or fiction. To play, each team member will share a quirky holiday tradition. The other players must guess if the tradition is real or fake.

23. Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Online scavenger hunts are virtual holiday games worthy of any occasion. Teams scour the house and web for seasonal clues. Winter holidays are especially fun times to play, since there are so many options for unique hints both online and offline.

We made a holiday scavenger hunt that you can play with your remote team over Zoom, but you can feel free to make your own challenge from scratch!

Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt template

Examples of virtual holiday scavenger hunt prompts:

  • Pet dressed up in Christmas clothes
  • Drunken Santa
  • Family photo gone wrong
  • Terrible present
  • Elaborate decoration
  • Heartwarming story
  • Rich person Christmas
  • Definitely getting a stocking full of coal

You can split the group into teams and turn the hunt into a race, or you can award points based on the originality and absurdity of the answers.

Here are more holiday themed scavenger hunt templates.

24. Winter Trivia

Winter Trivia is a classic crowd-pleaser for holiday parties. This straightforward 60-minute event is a quiz-style competition that challenges teams to show what they know about the coldest time of the year. A host acts as emcee and elevates the experience from a standard Q&A sess to a raucous, game-show atmosphere. Since the content is winter-centric and not holiday-centric, this game is great for non-secular groups and inclusive end-of-year team building fun.

Learn more about Winter Trivia.

25. Online Holiday Party Trivia

Any online event can benefit from virtual team trivia, but trivia makes online holiday parties especially fun. To play, prepare your questions, split the group into teams, and quiz your crew on holiday knowledge. For extra festive flair, you can ask teams to choose holiday-centric names like “The Grinches,” “Bah-Humblebrag,” or “The Wisemen.”

We created a list of starter questions to kickoff your online holiday trivia game. Download the PDF here: virtual holiday trivia questions.

online holiday trivia listTo play:

  1. Divide the group into teams.
  2. Quiz each team on holiday knowledge with seasonal questions.
  3. Allow each team two minutes to discuss the answer with teammates in a separate chat window.
  4. Collect the teams’ answers on the video platform’s private chat feature.
  5. Keep score. Tally points at the end of the game. Declare a winner.

Holiday trivia can fall under categories such as holiday songs, traditions, movies, stories/lore, but there is no need to limit yourself to these categories. You can get creative in your questions by tapping into topics like the ghost of Christmas ads past, holidays around the world, or celebrations gone wrong.

Virtual holiday team trivia infuses your virtual party with a fun competitive edge and lets your teammates combine collective knowledge in a bid to earn yuletide bragging rights.

26. Chubby Elf

Growing up, The Polar Express was my favorite Christmas story. I read the book dozens of times, along with other classics like “The Night Before Christmas,” “Frosty the Snowman,” and “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” By now, I know every word to these stories by heart, but even I would fail to recognize these tales if the storyteller’s mouth was full of marshmallows.

Chubby Elf game template

Chubby Elf is a similar game to Chubby Bunny. The rules require the storyteller to recite the plot to a classic Christmas story with a mouth full of marshmallows. Teammates will try to guess the story as quickly as possible. The team or individual with the most points at the end of the game wins a holiday-themed prize, like a snow-globe, or maybe the rest of the marshmallows.

26. Holiday Special

There is a heated debate as to whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Since the events of the first two movies take place on Christmas Eve, technically, you could consider the films a holiday franchise.

The holiday special game turns other unconventional flicks into holiday movies by imagining additions. To play, teammates will describe a fictional “deleted scene” that transforms the film into a holiday movie. The most entertaining or outlandish take wins the game.

Example: Pirates of the Caribbean is actually a Christmas film. Since the setting is the tropics, you cannot tell it is winter. Towards the end of the movie, there is a scene where Captain Jack Sparrow escapes the zombie pirate ship by hitching a ride on Santa’s sleigh. In fact, a famous line from the original script read, “But why is the rum gone… I was about to make eggnog!”

Of course, you can play this game during a variety of online holiday parties, not just Christmas.

27. Name That Tune: Holiday Edition

Name that tune is a game where players race to identify a specific melody, and is one of our favorite virtual holiday game ideas. You can give the classic game a modern and festive twist by playing during your virtual holiday party. To play, ask teammates to either hum the tune or mute the microphone and sing the song. The other players must listen carefully or read lips to pinpoint the holiday carol.

Song suggestions for name that tune holiday edition:

  • All I Want for Christmas is You
  • Feliz Navidad
  • The Chanukah Song
  • Lift Every Voice and Sing
  • The Dreidel Song
  • Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
  • Carol of the Bells
  • Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
  • Run Rudolph Run
  • Last Christmas

You can throw a couple of curveball songs into the mix, like Sufjan Stevens’ “Christmas Unicorn,” to add an extra challenge among the typical holiday carols.

28. Cookie Decorating Contest

Around the holidays, Gingerbread Wars is one of our most popular events. Though assembling a team gingerbread house remotely may prove to be a struggle, your distributed team can still indulge in the holiday spirit with a cookie decorating contest.

To host a cookie decorating contest during your online holiday party, you will need to mail supplies to your teammates about a week ahead of time. You can find gingerbread person or house kits for cheap online, or you can always assemble your own kits with frosting packs and homemade cookies. Local bakeries sometimes sell cookie decorating kits around the holidays, too.

Once your online party begins, you and the team can decorate the goodies together and compare results. Or, you can allow teammates to decorate cookies independently and upload results to a shared photo album or social media group. Then, vote via poll function and announce winners during your video call.

29. Holiday Buzzwords

There are certain words we only hear around the holidays, yet we tend to hear these words in rapid succession come December. You can use these seasonal buzzwords in Zoom holiday games. To play, ask every holiday party attendee to select a term such as the examples below.

holiday buzzwords game

Holiday buzzwords:

  • Elf
  • Candle
  • Snow
  • Present
  • Snowman
  • Carol
  • Dreidel
  • Santa
  • Miracle
  • Nutcracker
  • Tree
  • Family

Participants must take a drink upon hearing the word. If your guests do not want to drink, then you can assign a different command for the word. For instance, the player must perform ten jumping jacks every time the word “tree” enters the conversation.

Holiday buzzwords is an especially fun game to play while listening to carols or watching holiday films.

30. Silent Night Charades

Silent night charades puts a seasonal spin on the classic party game. This holiday challenge is one of several free virtual holiday party games that can spice up your remote gathering. Traditional charades rules apply; turn-takers cannot talk (or type!) and must act out the prompt. Other team members must guess the holiday scenario.

Silent night charade ideas:

  • Holiday movies, like Home Alone or The Nightmare Before Christmas (You can act out the name or the plot.)
  • Carols and holiday songs, like Silver Bells or I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
  • Seasonal traditions like sleigh rides or mistletoe
  • Christmas characters like Mrs. Klaus or Frosty the Snowman

Silent Night Charades challenges players to name that tune without actually hearing the tune. To play, you will message the name of a carol to the turn-taker, and that player will act out the names or stories of popular holiday songs so that teammates can guess the title. Songs like “Silent Night,” might make for easy guesses, but “Feliz Navidad,” might prove more of a challenge. For the latter, the player might mime falling, before drawing or acting out “navy” and “dad.”

This online holiday game helps your team learn to read body language, which is an especially useful skill when your team communicates frequently via video calls.

31. Guess the Gift

virtual holiday party gift game

Naughty children and adults alike love snooping for presents and trying to guess the gift based on the size and shape of the package. You can harness this innate curiosity and enjoy one of our favorite fun virtual holiday party activities. Before your party, ask each teammate to wrap and photograph an object.

Each player should take several pictures, with a little bit of wrapping paper removed each time. Other guests will try to guess the item before all the paper is gone. Teammates can ask questions and give hints to try to solve the mystery. Your team can also use video clips to include elements like sound that provide additional clues.

32. Holiday Movie Pictionary

Pictionary is a game where one player draws a picture of a word and the other players try to guess the word before the first player finishes the drawing. Holiday Movie Pictionary challenges your team to draw scenes from favorite festive films, whether that means Flick’s tongue stuck to the pole in “A Christmas Story,” or Kevin booby-trapping his house in “Home Alone.”

Here is how it works:

  1. Ask each team member to bring a blank piece of paper, preferably poster board, or use your video conferencing platform’s drawing feature.
  2. Divide the group into two teams. Instruct teams to guess only during designated turns.
  3. Allow the artist to choose a holiday movie, or message a title to the artist.
  4. The artist will draw the selected movie.
  5. Team members will guess the film.

Whichever team ventures the most correct guesses wins the game and makes Santa proud.


You do not need to ask Santa for the perfect virtual holiday party or online Christmas party. Instead, you can plan your own event with the ideas on this list.

Virtual company holiday parties offer a great opportunity for employees to reflect on the past year and get excited for the year to come. Plan an online holiday party over Zoom, and make sure your remote employees do not get left out of the fun!

Next, check out our list of virtual team events for the holidays, ideas for virtual New Years Eve, these virtual party games, and this list of virtual team building activities.

You can also brush up on your holiday party etiquette for work, review fun office party ideas and games, and play these fun holiday icebreaker games.

If you are in the UK, check out this list of fun virtual Christmas party ideas in the UK.

FAQ: Virtual holiday parties

Here are answers to the most common questions about virtual holiday party ideas, games & activities.

What are virtual holiday parties?

Virtual holiday parties are meetings and events over video conferencing platforms that are meant to celebrate a specific holiday. For example, you might have a virtual Christmas party or online Xmas party that includes games and activities themed for that holiday. These events are also known as “Zoom holiday parties” and “virtual year end parties.”

What are virtual holiday party ideas?

Virtual holiday party ideas are suggestions for online holiday parties that involve and engage remote employees. Holiday parties allow companies to thank and celebrate employees for the past year’s hard work. You can use the same or similar ideas at online Christmas parties. Virtual holiday party ideas during covid are especially important, since your colleagues do not have as much face-time and may not have the opportunity to celebrate in person.

What are the benefits of throwing an online holiday party over Zoom?

Traditional office workers enjoy every day water cooler chats and seasonal get-togethers with peers, but remote workers get fewer chances to connect casually with coworkers. The benefits of throwing an online holiday party over Zoom is that virtual celebrations allow employees to unwind and bond with coworkers, which in turn creates happier and closer teams.

What are the best ideas for virtual Christmas parties for remote teams?

The best virtual Christmas parties allow employees to meet casually yet eliminate any possible awkwardness. Some of the best ideas for virtual holiday parties for remote teams are Goodie Boxes, Holiday Playlists, and Celebrating Non-Mainstream Holidays.

What are some simple virtual office Christmas party ideas?

Celebrating holidays remotely does not have to be complicated. Some simple virtual office Christmas party ideas include a Virtual Card Exchange, Holiday Happy Hour, and Dressing Up.

How do you make a virtual Christmas party fun?

To make a virtual Christmas party fun, first decide what holiday team building activities you would like to include. If you do not plan your party, then you may have a harder time keeping everyone entertained and interacting come party time. Feel free to use the ideas in this post and brainstorm more of your own. Do your preparation work, send out your e-vites, and then have a great time!

What are the best virtual holiday party games?

The best virtual holiday party games are Tradition or not? Never Have I Ever holiday edition, and online holiday scavenger hunt. These games embrace the seasonal spirit and help remote group member connect through fun and creative challenges.

What is a Zoom holiday party?

A Zoom holiday party is an online holiday party that takes place over the video conference platform Zoom. These parties are a subset of virtual holiday parties and are similar to Zoom Christmas parties.

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