Updated: October 17, 2023

Corporate Holiday Party Favor Ideas for Adults in 2023

You found our list of the best corporate holiday party favors.

Corporate holiday party favors are gifts presented to employees at company Christmas parties. Traditionally, these gifts are part of individual place settings or sit on a designated gift table. However, if your holiday party is remote, then you can still send party favors to thank attendees for sharing in the festivities. The purpose of these favors is to spread joy and gratitude.

These favors are similar to employee gifts and perfect for virtual corporate holiday parties, office Christmas parties, office parties, and remote team celebrations.

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List of corporate holiday party favors

Below is a list of festive favors suitable for any winter holiday.

1. Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot cocoa bombs are chocolate balls filled with popular hot chocolate toppings like marshmallows and sprinkles. Just place in a mug, add warm milk, and the ball dissolves into a rich cup of cocoa, for a show and dessert all in one!

Etsy seller KittysGiftShop produces hot cocoa bombs in over 40 inventive flavors such as peanut butter cup, s’mores, Irish creme, peppermint mocha, and dark salted caramel. Each artisan, handmade chocolate ball consists of flavored milk, dark or white chocolate, and comes individually wrapped. The seller ships the treats within one business day, so recipients are sure to get a fresh product.

Buy Hot Cocoa Bombs.

2. Mini Global Symbol Snow Globes Set

Instead of the standard snowglobe wintertime scenes, these globes contain global monuments and world culture. For example: the Eiffel Tower, Buddha, and a llama. By gifting these unconventional decorations, you pay homage to your team’s diversity and worldliness. Each snowglobe is approximately two inches tall and contains either gold or silver glitter instead of snow.

Buy Mini Global Symbol Snow Globes Set.

3. Pine cone fire starters

Though unconventional, pine cone fire starters make fitting favors for winter parties. To use, gather firewood, light the pinecone, and place the starter on top of the kindling. A wax base helps the cone burn for up to 15 minutes, ample time to spark a flame. Outdoorsy employees will enjoy this gift, and fans of living room fireplaces can make use of it too. Each pine cone fire starter comes wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon.

Buy pinecone fire starters.

4. Live Christmas cacti

A living plant can perk up any space, especially if your employees work from home. Christmas cacti are hearty houseplants that bloom with bright white or fuschia flowers around holiday time. This plant species requires little water and is easy to care for. Succulents Box sells Christmas cacti in two choices of size, with an option to add mini clay pots.

Buy live Christmas cacti.

5. Candy Cane Edible Shot Glasses

If your virtual Christmas party includes adult beverages, then edible candy cane shot glasses are one way to add extra fun. Each glass is made of peppermint candy that infuses the chosen liquor with a hint of mint. The vessels are safe to eat, so party attendees can take a bite after taking a shot. One case contains 12 candy shot glasses.

Buy Candy Cane Edible Shot Glasses.

6. 12 Coffees of Christmas

Sending seasonal blends primes your team for a holiday-themed virtual coffee break. This assortment contains flavors such as peppermint mocha, spiced eggnog, and roasted chestnut, and each label features a charming Christmas cartoon. Because the gift box is so affordable, you can send the whole set to every employee. Or, divvy the bags up and present one or two flavors to each guest.

Buy 12 Coffees of Christmas.

7. Holiday candles

The cozy glow of a burning candle sets a Christmas atmosphere. These candles from Etsy seller NatureWorksCandles are available in scents like pine, cinnamon, and spearmint, with names like peace, joy, and comfort. Each candle comes in a metal tin with a customizable holiday label.

Buy these holiday candles.

8. Gingerbread tea

Gingerbread tea is a spicy black tea with hints of cinnamon, orange, and ginger. The blend tastes good on its own or with milk and sugar added. Reviewers compare the taste and scent of the blend with chai. The loose tea is available in pyramid-shaped tea bags, and makes a lovely standalone favor, or a great addition to a holiday mug.

Buy gingerbread tea.

9. Custom label olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Holidays revolve around food, and gourmet gifts tend to be home runs. These artisan olive oils and balsamic vinegar blends come in sophisticated flavors such as basil, honeybell orange, and the seasonally-appropriate cranberry pear balsamic. Each bottle includes a customizable label that an event favor specialist will work with you to design.

Buy custom label olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

10. Reindeer key bottle openers

These bottle openers give a subtle and sophisticated nod to the holidays with a vintage reindeer key design. Each opener includes a cardboard tag that reads “the key to happiness is love… and the ability to open a bottle.” The charms are made of a metal alloy with a weathered finish. The understated style means that recipients can utilize the tool yearlong, not just in December.

Buy reindeer key bottle openers.

11. Cranberry cocktail sugar

Christmas themed cocktails abound in December, many of which would benefit from a sprinkle of extra seasonal sparkle. The sugar blend consists of three different types of cane sugar, with notes of cranberry, hibiscus, and orange peel. This gift elevates recipients’ cocktail game, whether they use it to rim a martini glass, or find a way to incorporate it into the drink.

Buy cranberry cocktail sugar.

12. Mulling spice

Mulled wine is a traditional Christmas drink that has been around for centuries. When cold weather comes, countries like England, Germany, and France enjoy variations of warmed red wine spiked with cloves, allspice, orange, and cinnamon. By gifting these spice blends, you enable guests to brew up their own batch of mulled wine or mulled cider. This mulled spice kit from Etsy seller Sukimoonstone arrives in a tasteful cardboard box with a ribbon and a gift tag, and makes for a picturesque present.

Buy mulling spice.

13. Holiday berry jam

These 5oz jars of holiday jam contain blueberry preserves made from all-natural ingredients. Gifters can customize labels by choosing a background color, a seasonal greeting, and up to 40 characters of additional text. Each set comes with eight jars. Orders typically ship and get delivered within ten business days, and a rush shipping option is also available.

Buy holiday berry jam.

14. Light-up Christmas cactus

Chances are, your teammates do not own any Christmas decorations like this cactus. These figurines put a fun spin on the traditional Christmas tree by decking a ceramic cactus in ornaments instead. The tiny balls on the cactus light up when admirers flip a switch. The knick-knack includes a miniature book of eccentric holiday traditions from around the world.

Buy light-up Christmas cactus.

15. Penguin sticky tabs

The penguin sticky notes come in three designs, each exhibiting a different facial expression. Since these festive stationery supplies come in handy for desk jobs, they make great office Christmas party favors. Each pack contains 50 sheets of tabs, which is ideal for taking notes or making memos. The tabs are also fun for work from home staff members looking to add some personality to remote offices.

Buy penguin sticky tabs.

16. Retro reindeer Christmas mint tins

Each of these treat tins contains a vintage-style Christmas image, in an aesthetic ideal for a retro-style holiday party. Similar designs consist of other reindeer, Saint Nicholas, snowmen, and flamingos in Santa hats, so choose the pattern you like best, or mix and match designs. You can also choose whether to fill the tins with mints or various flavors of jelly beans.

Buy retro reindeer Christmas mint tins.

17. Metallic party crackers

Party crackers, also sometimes called Christmas crackers, are cardboard paper tubes meant to be pulled apart. The crackers sometimes make loud noises, and often include small prizes or confetti. These party crackers are white with metallic gold polka-dots, and are appropriate for holiday parties as well as celebrations anytime during the year. Each cracker contains a paper crown, a card with a quote, and a small gift such as a miniature magnifying glass or pack of playing cards. Since surprises include practical objects like luggage tags and tape dispensers, these crackers make suitable Christmas party favors for adults, especially in office settings.

18. Personalized stemless wine glasses

This gift is ideal for virtual holiday happy hours, and makes a great holiday present for employees. Either inscribe the vessel with a simple company name or department name, or add a special message. Since each glass arrives in a simple but tasteful cardboard box with a clear window, you won’t have to worry about adding gift wrap or spending extra time on preparation before your party!

Buy personalized stemless wine glasses.

19. Hot apple cider tubes

Hot apple cider is a drink that is fitting from fall to wintertime, and this cranberry hot cider variety is especially appropriate for the holidays. Each mix comes in a tube tied with a plaid ribbon and cinnamon stick, and includes directions for making the drink. The seller also offers to customize tags with logos or personalized holiday messages for employees.

Buy hot apple cider tubes.

20. Hand sanitizer

Though sanitizer might not be the kind of alcohol one associates with holiday parties, recent history has shown how useful travel disinfectants can be. Available scents include chocolate mint, lavender, and citrus, and all ingredients are natural and vegan. You can personalize the label with your own text, and choose from a large variety of holiday images such as holly, Christmas trees, menorahs, and puppies in santa hats. These sprayers make great holiday swag.

Buy holiday hand sanitizer.

21. Logo ornaments

Ornaments are one of the most basic corporate Christmas favor ideas. These customizable baubles from DiscountMugs are shatter-proof and made in America. They come in over a dozen colors, with the option to add text, logos, or artwork to each. These ornaments make great gifts for clients as well as employees. You could even start a tradition and send a different color bauble every year.

Buy logo ornaments.

22. Snowflake bottle stoppers

Wine bottle stoppers are popular wedding favors, and make classy yet affordable corporate favors as well. These snowflake toppers are perfect for wintertime. Each silver snowflake tool is made of chrome and rubber, and comes in a printed, window-front box wrapped in a white ribbon. For a small additional charge, you can add a custom message to the attached gift tab.

Buy snowflake bottle stoppers.

Virtual holiday events that include favors

Booking a virtual team event that includes mailed components takes care of the party-planning and favor-ordering processes in a single move.

23. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Games is a friendly holiday competition between teammates. Participants receive a kit in the mail complete with gingerbread people, frosting, and sprinkles. During the event, a host leads the teams through mini-games, choose-your-own-adventure experiences, and a decorating contest. At the end of the Zoom call, the cookie decorators get to enjoy their creations.

Learn more about virtual Gingerbread Games.

Final Thoughts

Swag is one of the highlights of any event, and holiday swag is a perk of Christmas parties. Just because your annual party is virtual, does not mean that you cannot send goodies to your team. Shipping surprises is a great way to make your bash feel more momentous and to make your team’s season merry and bright.

Next, check out list of holiday messages for employees, this one with the best company swag bag ideas, and this one with employee appreciation quotes.

We also have a list of office decorating contest ideas for the holidays.

FAQ: Corporate Holiday Party Favors

Here are answers to common questions relating to corporate holiday party favors.

What are corporate holiday party favors?

Corporate holiday party favors are gifts given at the end of office Christmas parties. Employers use these tokens as a way to say thank you to staff for attending the annual holiday party, and for working hard throughout the year.

What are good corporate holiday party favor ideas?

The best corporate holiday party favor ideas embody the holiday spirit, capture the imagination, and delight guests. Some good corporate holiday party favors include hot cocoa bombs, party crackers, logo ornaments, and festive bottle openers or wine stoppers.

Another good idea for corporate end of the year parties is to book a virtual team building experience that includes a mailed component or activity kit. This approach takes care of the event facilitation and swag distribution so that you can focus your time and energy towards finishing the year’s work and participating in holiday celebrations.

Should I order corporate holiday party favors for a virtual Christmas party?

Ordering party favors for a virtual Christmas party makes your online affair a more tactile experience. Gifts can be a great way to engage guests, spread holiday cheer, and show your remote employees that you care. Not to mention, most folks enjoy receiving packages, especially around the holidays!

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