12 Real Benefits of Team Building at Work

October 18, 2020

Here is our list of benefits of team building.

Team building benefits are the organizational gains of investing in team building activities, workshops and exercises at work. For example, these benefits may include helping your team stay happy and work better together, and or improving company culture.

These benefits are kind of the opposite of team building disadvantages.

Specifically, this list includes:

  • benefits of team building activities
  • benefits of team building workshops
  • benefits of team building at work

And more too 🙂

So, here is the list!

List of team building benefits

While team building may seem silly or “discretionary” first glance, it does more than just entertain your team. Find out how your team benefits from team building with our list:

1. Fosters friendships among team members

When working in a company, team members are not regularly in contact with all members of your organization, especially if the company is large-sized. Because of this, team building activities present a rare opportunity for your team to get to know members from other departments. Team building is also a great way for your team to meet new members. Fostering friendships is a great reason to do team building because members feel more invested in your company if they know who they work with.

2. Underscores company culture

Team building can also be a powerful way to underscore company culture. When you devote resources to team building, your actions illustrate what kind of company environment you would like to create for your team. By doing fun activities together, you show your team that you value who they are and want to cultivate positive relationships within your organization. This is a benefit of team building because establishing a company culture that values these connections draws in great talent and increases employee retention.

3. Brings out hidden talents or strengths

Team building activities are a fantastic opportunity for team members to tackle challenges outside their job description. To face these challenges, members often display hidden talents or strengths. Discovering these hidden abilities is a great objective of team building because your team can learn new things about each other, which brings them closer. These newfound skills also encourage managers to let members try new things at work that suit those skills.

4. Drives team cooperation and collaboration

The best team building activities require members to work together to accomplish something. While cooperation is crucial for teams to work well together, it may require some practice. Team building offers the perfect opportunity to collaborate and learn what kind of workflow works best for your team, helping your team become more efficient in the process. Helping your team work better together is an essential team building benefit.

5. Creates shared memories and talking points

When team members who do not frequently interact are thrust into a situation where they have to, a lot of the awkwardness they share stems from not having shared memories or talking points. Doing even simple activities like ice breakers gives team members shared experiences that they can talk about when they next meet, which helps grow friendships within your organization. Thus, a clear benefit of team building is helping your team build shared memories so they can more easily befriend one another.

6. Boosts team spirit and morale

Participating in team building also boosts team spirit and morale. Not only will successfully surmounting team challenges give teams a sense of solidarity, but it also helps boost members’ self-efficacy. This sense of solidarity makes your team feel more invested in each other and in their work.

7. Inspires productivity and motivation

While some managers may feel that working their employees as much as possible maximizes productivity, that’s not the case. Working your team non-stop leads to burn-out, which is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed”. Setting aside time for team building relieves stress and re-energizes your team, which increases productivity and motivation at work.

8. Strengthens communication among team members

Not everyone communicates the same way, so teams need to practice to better understand what communication style works for them. Since team building exercises require coordinating with team members, they naturally strengthen communication by providing opportunities for your team to try different communication styles. Improved communication is a great reason to do team building because it bolsters interpersonal communication between team members, which makes your company a more enjoyable place to work.

9. Hones conflict resolution and problem solving skills

Team building games are a wonderful opportunity to hone conflict resolution skills. By regularly scheduling team building, your team will have opportunities to develop problem solving skills through these games. Conflict resolution and problem solving skills are invaluable in the workplace because your team needs to successfully navigate disagreements to work well together.

10. Breaks up the monotony of the work week

Team building should not be a one-time thing or even an annual thing. Instead, regularly programmed team building keeps your team happy and working well together. Thus, team building activities break up the monotony of the work week by periodically inserting fun activities. Keeping boredom at bay raises your team’s engagement and lets them recharge so they can return to work refreshed.

11. Encourages new skill formation

Since team building activities plunge your team into new situations, they also encourage new skill formation. During an activity, a team member who never really explored art may be emboldened to further develop their sketching and design skills after drawing portraits of their coworkers.

12. Stimulates creativity and innovation

Team building often requires team members to exhibit creativity to achieve a goal. Not only do these new experiences give team members fresh material and life experience to work from, but they also reinvigorate your imagination so you can flex your creative muscles. This innovative spirit is invaluable in the workplace, which is why stimulating creativity should be one of the main objectives of team building.

Final thoughts on the benefits of team building

Team building really has a lot of benefits that make it a great investment.

Next, check out our list of team building skills you can develop!

FAQ: Team building benefits

If you’re curious about how team building helps your team, here are some commonly asked questions about team building and its benefits.

What are team building benefits?

Team building benefits are the positive consequences of participating in team building exercises, games, and challenges. Many of these benefits strengthen your team and build camaraderie among members.

What are some benefits of team building?

Some team building benefits include:

  • Fostering friendships among team members
  • Underscoring company culture
  • Bringing out hidden talents
  • Driving team cooperation
  • Creating shared memories
  • Boosting team morale
  • Inspiring team productivity
  • Strengthening communication
  • Honing conflict resolution
  • Breaking up the work week monotony
  • Encouraging new skill formation
  • Stimulating creativity

These benefits are solid reasons why your team should regularly hold team building activities. By giving team members opportunities to collaborate and hang out together outside of work-related activities, team building is key to a happy and effective team.

Why should organizations do team building?

Organizations should do team building because it’s an investment that keeps your team happy at work and increases employee retention. When you plan team building activities for your team, you let your team know that you value them as people and want to get to know them.

Author: Jessica Chen

Team building content expert. Jessica has a double major in English and Asian Studies, and experience working with teams across cultures; including 3+ years in Taiwan.

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