Easy Talent Show Ideas for Adults

By: | Updated: December 12, 2023

You found our list of fun talent show ideas for adults.

Talent show ideas for adults are fun activities you can use to showcase talents. Example skills include acting, flair bartending, and vocal mimicry. The purpose of these activities is to offer adults a chance to let loose and show off talent. At work, these activities will also boost workers’ creativity and encourage teams to build non-professional skills. The performances are also known as “talent show talents.”

These ideas are in-person versions of virtual talent show ideas. Talent shows are examples of team building events, corporate events, and employee engagement activities.


This list includes:

  • 1 minute talent show ideas
  • funny talent show ideas
  • talent examples
  • things to do for a talent show
  • creative talent show ideas
  • talent show themes

Let’s get started!

List of talent show ideas for adults

Whether your team players know their talents or are attempting to showcase their capabilities for the first time, having a talent show for work is a fantastic idea. From coding to dancing and stand-up comedy, here is our list of the best easy talent show ideas you can enjoy with your team at work.

1. Painting

Painting is one of the oldest and the most respected forms of art. Humans express their dreams, emotions, and fears through painting, from ancient cave paintings to modern-day murals. Painting is also one of the best creative talent show ideas for adults that your team will enjoy. You can start by providing your team with supplies such as paint and canvases. Then, set a time when willing participants are available. You can also select a painting theme or let your team explore different types of subjects, mediums, and styles. For instance, participants can opt for abstract painting, a style where artists do not accurately represent the subjects, leaving viewers to interpret the art. Other teams can opt for realism, a painting style where an artist gives viewers a direct reflection of the real world. You can also let participants experiment with different painting mediums such as watercolor, oil, acrylics, spray paint, and pastel.

2. Instrumental Music

Instrumental music is any music that performers play without any vocals. You can rent a venue such as an open-air stage with a speaker system and microphone. Participants may choose the type of instruments to play for the team. Your team can play musical instruments like guitar, flute, trumpet, saxophone, and drums.

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3. Cooking

Cooking often gets ignored during the search for corporate talent show ideas due to the preparation time. However, a cook-off show is a great avenue where teams can learn new skills and tricks to make delightful meals. You can host a theme-style cooking contest where willing participants will show off their culinary skills. Participants can also bring their ingredients and make their choice of cuisine. Be sure to get a set-up that includes a stove, cooking supplies, and working stations.

Check out this list of office cook-off ideas for inspiration.

4. Graffiti

Graffiti is an art that involves painting, drawing, or writing on a surface within public view. This activity is an excellent option for companies searching for easy talent show ideas for work. You can start by getting a blank wall within your office space where workers will express themselves. Another option is to check out graffiti alleys within your locations, allowing access to outside parties. Then, provide participants with spray paint bottles. You can give your team the flexibility of choosing what they want to paint or a theme that all participants will follow. Officemates can watch artists create art live or enjoy the finished masterpieces.

4. Acting

Acting is one of the best office talent show ideas your team will love. You can start by setting up a stage area with a microphone and lighting. Then, let participants choose different acting scenarios such as enacting a movie scene or performing monologues. For a better acting experience, allow participants to pair up or form groups to present scenes.

Here is a list of improv activities coworkers can perform together.

5. Impersonation

If you have ever attended an impersonation show, then you know how much fun the event can be. An impersonation show is an activity where a player impersonates a common act or a famous personality. You can make an impersonation show better by having no-face talk performances. Attendees will talk or act like a famous personality, and other teams will state the person’s name. However, ensure that participants respect other cultures and personalities in their skits.

6. Miming

Miming is a creative challenge where participants will narrate a situation or story through facial expressions or body language, and it is often a hilarious experience. You can provide participants with a makeshift stage with lighting and face paint artists for participants who want to create dramatic effects. For extra fun, the performer can randomly select one audience member to narrate the story using words.

7. Face Painting

Face painting is a great talent show idea that encourages your team to embrace their inner child. This activity will reveal the talented artists within your workforce. You can start by listing a team of artists within your office who will paint other willing participants. Then, provide the essential supplies such as the paint, brushes, and paint removal kits. You can have different face painting themes like creative, funny, animal, or Halloween faces.

8. Coding

Coding is the process of creating computer programs that develop websites, apps, and software. Coding is also one of the best office talent show ideas for technology companies. You will challenge participants to solve a complex computing program within a specific time. Participants can show off their tech-savvy skills by completing the set activity on time or successfully solving a complex technical problem. Be sure to let participants explore the programming languages of their choice.

For similar activities, check out virtual hackathons.

9. Stand-Up Comedy

Stand-up comedy is a performance or show where a comedian performs original jokes in front of an audience. While it may seem like an effortless act when watching, coming up with ideas that will make an audience laugh is not always a walk in the park. A stand-up comedy work talent show will unveil talented team players in your workforce. You can reveal the stand-up comedy winners depending on the opening, funny punchlines, creative transitions, and closing, which leaves the audience laughing.

For inspiration, here is a list of virtual comedy shows for work events.

10. Singing

If you are looking for fun talent show ideas for adults, then you must try a company-wide singing session. Your workplace will enjoy a free concert from their teammates. You can let participants choose their ideal music genres like pop, rap, R&B, and jazz. Participants can also arrange for different instruments on stage depending on their needs. Another idea you can use to make a singing talent show more enchanting is letting participants have optional dance teams on stage. You could also coordinate a company “American Idol” or “The Voice” type competition where coworkers face off to earn the title of the best singer. You can also host a singing talent show in an out-of-office set-up, such as a cocktail bar.

11. Flair Bartending

Flair Bartending is a unique talent show idea that will thrill your team. The activity involves the manipulation of liquor bottles and bar tools to entertain audiences. You can hold the bartending talent show during a happy-hour style event. Once you provide drinks for the participants, let contestants wow guests with their unique skills. Participants are free to create cocktails while showing off rare talents such as safely throwing and catching bottles. You can provide the bar tools, including cocktail shakers, flair bottles, and cocktail glasses. Your workforce can enjoy the creations as the flair bartending talent show continues.

Check out more office happy hour ideas.

12. Dancing

Dance, which dates back to the beginning of the human race, has become an essential tool for entertainment, recreation, health, and celebration. With the rise in creative dance styles, a boring dancing talent show is rare. You can let performers choose between ballroom, ballet, jazz, tap dance, or contemporary dance. Be sure to provide a large stage to accommodate participants’ needs. An out-of-office atmosphere such as a lounge or bar offers the best venue where teams can let loose and show off their moves. Also, arrange for each participant’s audio requirements for a successful show.

13. Spoken Word

Spoken word is an oral poetic performance based on poems and a presenter’s ability to enhance the recital. The activity can contain storytelling and musical elements such as rap and blues. Spoken word offers an audience a type of poetry that incorporates repetition, rhyme, wordplay, and improvisation. Some performers may also use body language, like facial expressions and gestures, while on stage. You can let attendees present spoken word focusing on specific topics, such as community and social justice.

14. Vocal Mimicry

Vocal mimicry is the use of the human voice to imitate other sounds. For instance, talented performers can mimic birds chirping, dog whistling, and cricket-like whistling. Participants who can mimic but also master the tones of different animals will be an entertainment force to your audience. Vocal mimicry is an easy talent show idea since you only need to provide performers with a staging area and a microphone.

For a fun spin, you can challenge participants to imitate creatures on the spot by handing out cards with animal pictures as prompts.

15. Lip Syncing

Lip sync involves matching a singing person’s lips movement with a pre-recorded soundtrack. While not every team player may be a talented singer, lip-syncing is a unique talent that any participant can perform. You can prepare for a lip-synching talent show by providing a stage with a sound system. Then, performers can play a song with familiar lyrics and pretend to sing. You can also encourage the artists to enhance performances via dance.

16. Athletics

If you are looking for high-energy company talent show ideas, then athletics is a great option. You can start by letting participants list the type of sporting activities to showcase. Then, get an open space. Participants can partake in sports such as basketball, running, soccer, or baseball. Your workforce can cheer on their coworkers. Another simple way workers can show off athletic capabilities is by holding a talent show on a stage. Participants can partake in low-force sporting activities such as soccer ball juggling and basketball dribbling without needing ample outdoor space.

For similar ideas, check out these guides to field days at work and office Olympics.

17. Magic Tricks

If you have workers in your team who are masters of magic tricks, then you will have a fantastic talent show. You can let willing participants choose three to four illusions to perform. Some of the best magic tricks that will perform well for a large gathering entail visual elements and mentalism. In addition, some performers may need different kinds of props. Hence, you can request performers list items they may need for a successful show.

18. Toss Juggling

Toss Juggling is a physical skill where performers throw objects such as bean bags, balls, or rings into the air and catch them just before they get to the ground. As a form of object manipulation, toss juggling can be a great choice for entertaining company talent show ideas. You can let performers present their best toss juggling skill, whether shower, fountain, or cascade. If you have several toss juggling performers, then you can hold a competition where performers show off different skills and tricks.

19. Crafting

Crafting, an activity where participants make objects with their hands, is a creative talent show idea for your workforce. Setting up an art gallery with different creative projects in the performance stage is a great way to get shy employees to participate. Beyond showcasing unique abilities, crafting offers teams other benefits, such as relieving stress and boosting problem-solving skills.

Here are items that your team can make:

  • Wine bottle vases
  • Coasters using CR-ROM
  • Fringe Chandelier
  • Flowerpot decorations
  • Clay planters
  • Bracelets
  • Graphic clay mugs
  • Rainbow wall hangings
  • Paper flower frames
  • Stylish tote bags
  • Dry flower art

If you want to hold the crafting activities at work, then provide all the items that workers need. You can also let workers make their crafts at home and present their creative ideas to other team players.

20. Fashion Show

A fashion show is an idea where teams will get creative and experiment with different outfits at work. For example, you can ask all participants to bring random clothing pieces such as a hat, white pants, red socks, and an oversized t-shirt. Then, give attendees ten minutes to style the clothing and present their creations. Another fashion show idea is to request participants to carry one outfit from their heritage to work. All players will then showcase the outfit to all participants and explain the garment’s significance to the culture. At the end of an event, participants can vote for the best cultural outfit depending on factors such as ease of styling and creativity.

21. Karate

Karate is a Chinese martial art that uses kicks, punches, elbow strikes, and knee strikes to hit a target. To create an entertaining effect, performers can wear a karate outfit and break a board with a chop or a kick. Performers can also show off different kicks, such as the middle block, front kick, and the upper rising kick. Since karate is a high-intensity activity, advise participants to warm up before the show.

22. Beatboxing

Beatboxing is a form of vocal imitation where participants use the mouth, tongue, voice, and lips to mimic drum machines or other musical instruments. Beatboxing is now an integral part of the hip-hop culture, and you may have team players who are pros at the activity. Performers can also utilize body movements such as stomping and clapping to enhance the beat.

23. Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a type of sport that focuses on strength, balance, coordination, endurance, and flexibility. You can hold the activity in a gymnastics studio with all safety elements for specific sports. Or, you can opt for an open carpeted area where participants can only perform restrictive activities for safety purposes. For instance, if you do not have a gymnastic studio nearby, then teams can perform light activities such as splits, handstands, and turns.


Talent shows are fantastic ideas that you can use to nurture your workers’ hidden capabilities and encourage participants to work on non-professional skills. Talent shows are also fun and create a relaxed environment where your workers can decompress. These activities also provide a great opportunity for teams to bond and create a cohesive work environment. Be sure to encourage all employees to showcase their hidden talents, even those which may seem unusual.

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FAQ: Talent show ideas

Here are answers to common questions about talent show ideas for adults.

What are some good corporate talent show ideas?

Some good talent show ideas include fashion shows, lip-syncing, and singing. Planning a talent show can be a complicated experience since workers have varying capabilities. If you do not have many resources to accommodate every worker’s talent, then you can narrow it down to a few activities. Then, hold different activities in your next talent show to accommodate all workers.

How do you hold talent shows in offices?

When hosting a talent show at work, planning for the activities is key to a successful event.

Here are steps to ease planning a talent show in the office.

  • Set a date when all workers are available, even those who will not actively participate.
  • Let attendees list the talents which they can perform for the audience. You can then set a budget depending on the talent show activities.
  • Get a venue where you will host the talent show. You can hold the activities on your office grounds, at a local bar, or a venue that has a relaxed atmosphere. Be sure to get a venue that will accommodate all attendees and safeguards your team’s safety.

The key to a successful talent show is ensuring that all participants enjoy the day while adhering to each activity’s safety guidelines.

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