15 Virtual Easter Party Ideas, Games & Activities

By: | Updated: August 01, 2022

You found our list of the best virtual Easter party ideas!

Virtual Easter parties are online celebrations of the holiday held via video call. These events may include games, activities and challenges related to Easter egg hunts, rabbits and other thematic elements. The purpose of these parties is to build community, increase engagement, and celebrate spring. You can choose to host a virtual Easter party for remote offices, family members, or kids. In 2022, Easter is on Sunday, April 4th.

Virtual Easter parties are a subset of virtual celebration ideas and Easter team building, and an example of a virtual holiday party event.

This article includes:

  • virtual Easter ideas for adults
  • ways to celebrate Easter online with kids
  • games to play at a virtual Easter party
  • fun Easter themed virtual activities
  • virtual egg hunt activities

Let’s hop to it! 🐰

List of virtual Easter party ideas

From virtual Easter egg hunts to brunch-offs, here is a list of ways to celebrate Easter online.

1. Virtual Spring Bingo

Games like virtual spring Bingo keep online guests entertained. To play, send each attendee a card. Then, divide participants into breakout rooms, or talk as a group, and write down the names of players in applicable squares. To encourage guests to talk to as many folks as possible, players cannot re-use the name of the same person in any consecutive row, diagonal, or column.

We made a template to use for the game.

Virtual Spring Bingo

Be sure to randomize the squares, and feel free to add your own clues too!

Here are more Bingo boards you can use.

2. Chubby Bunny

There is, perhaps, no better time to play Chubby Bunny than Easter. First, grab a pack of marshmallows. Then, place one marshmallow in your mouth and say, “chubby bunny.” Every round, each player adds one marshmallow and repeats the phrase. When a player cannot fit any more marshmallows, he or she is out. Repeat until only one player remains, or you run out of marshmallows.

chubby bunny score card

Pro tip: Use screen capture to snap a picture of the group’s chubby rabbit cheeks, or use the record option to grab audio and video clips.

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3. Virtual Easter Scavenger Hunt

Quick online scavenger hunts are entertaining activities for groups. Similar to an Easter egg hunt, a scavenger hunt sends players searching the house for clues. Instead of scouting for eggs, players find objects or perform actions that relate to Easter or spring.

Lightning scavenger hunts tend to work better for virtual events, since the short search time holds audience attention longer than lists of tasks. To hold a lightning scavenger hunt, give prompts one by one.

Here is a template to start with.

Virtual Easter scavenger hunt

And here is a guide to doing scavenger hunts online.

Add other clues to keep the game going longer!

4. Bunny Hop Workout

Bunny hop workouts are a fun way to host occasion-appropriate online workouts. In this fitness challenge, every action corresponds to an Easter animal.

The instructor gives instructions such as:

  • Hop like a bunny
  • Peck like a chicken
  • Swim like a duck
  • Leap like a goat
  • Lay like a lamb

Bunny Hop Workout

Participants respond to the instructions, and continue to perform the action until the leader shouts out a new request. Higher intensity workouts contain more “hop like a bunny” directives, while lower-impact workouts include many “lay like a lamb” commands.

Learn more about team building workouts.

5. Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are one of the most common activities at Easter time. Moving the hunt online is simpler than it may seem. Simply hide bright colored eggs in one area of a room, such as a desk or kitchen counter, and snap a photo.

During your online party, share your screen with the photo. Be sure that guests have the ability to annotate the image, so participants can mark the eggs.

Ask each partygoer to come prepared with a picture, and take turns hosting the hunt. If you host a virtual Easter party for kids, then place the eggs in obvious, easy-to-spot locations. If your guests are adults, then have fun with the photos. For example, you can hide pop culture references throughout the picture.

6. Internet Easter Egg Hunt

This virtual Easter egg hunt is strictly for adults. Instead of searching for actual eggs, participants look for and share internet easter eggs, or neat hidden features on websites. This activity is great fun for programmers or web designers who can create their own Easter eggs, or share their favorite finds. Plus, searching the web sharpens players’ research skills.

Consider hiding extras on your own company website for staff to find. Or, ask the group to hunt for Easter eggs in songs, movie scenes, or games.

7. Mail Easter Baskets

Raiding the candy basket come Sunday morning is the highlight of any Easter. While your virtual guests may not share a communal basket, they can still enjoy an Easter treat by receiving a goodie bag in the mail.

What to include in your Easter basket:

  • Chocolate bunnies
  • Jelly beans
  • Malted milk eggs
  • Marshmallow Peeps
  • Chocolate eggs
  • Carrot-shaped Reese’s Pieces
  • Easter earrings and headbands
  • Pastel nail polish
  • Stickers
  • Stuffed bunnies, chicks, or lambs
  • Easter craft kits

Keep in mind that chocolate and marshmallows may melt in the mail, so you may want to insulate the package or choose different candies. Feel free to deviate from the standard Easter basket items. Stationary, candles, gourmet foods, or tech accessories make great gifts as well.

8. Celebrate Spring Holidays

Instead of celebrating Easter specifically, consider paying homage to spring in your virtual party. After all, not everybody in the office or the community celebrates Easter. Throwing a spring bash is a great way to learn about other cultures and holidays.

Here is a list of spring holidays you can observe during your virtual party:

  • Passover: Passover is a Jewish holiday that honors the freeing of ancient Israelites from Egyptian slavery. Observe Passover with a remote seder feast and online storytelling. Perhaps host a holiday-themed cooking class.
  • Holi: Holi is an Indian festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. People celebrate Holi by throwing colored powder or paint on each other. To celebrate virtually, load color changing backgrounds and eat Indian sweets like ladoo. Or, create a shared album where participants can upload the aftermath post-powder-throwing.
  • May Day: May Day is a holiday that honors the first day of May with singing, dancing, and festivals. To celebrate virtually, wear flower crowns and do Zoom karaoke.
  • April Fool’s Day: Laughter releases tension, increases satisfaction, and facilitates friendships. By sharing funny videos, silly jokes, and playing harmless pranks, your group can reduce stres and grow closer this April Fool’s Day.
  • Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day occurs on the second Sunday of every May, and pays homage to mothers. Virtual Mother’s Day celebrations can include homemade ecards, video tributes, and multi-generational online activities.
  • Star Wars Day: Star Wars Day is a holiday that originated on the internet, so it makes sense to celebrate virtually. Stream Star Wars movies and clips together using screen sharing or a video syncing app, and invite attendees to dress as favorite characters. Also, play Star Wars trivia and online games.
  • Spring Solstice: Spring solstice, also known as spring equinox, celebrates the first day of the season. To honor spring, craft planters or make flower-arrangements together virtually, whip up dishes and cocktails that use fresh herbs and edible flowers, and swap pictures that show the first signs of spring in each neighborhood.

These examples are some of the most popular spring holidays, and you can also incorporate other spring celebrations into your virtual party!

9. Brunch-Off

The term “holiday meals,” conjures up images of Christmas and Thanksgiving spreads, but Easter recipes are great too. Holding a brunch-off competition helps your crew prepare for an Easter feast by learning new recipes and perfecting delicious dishes.

There are a few ways you could execute the event virtually. Either send guests boxes of ingredients from meal-prep services or collections of random food products Chopped-style. Or invite every attendee to demonstrate a different recipe, and send guests a recipe collection afterwards. Participants will leave the event with ideas and tips for frittatas, fruit tarts, and Easter breads to impress brunch guests.

You can also incorporate an online cooking class.

10. Easter Virtual Happy Hour

A spring-themed cocktail makes any meal fancier. Easter cocktail possibilities are every bit as endless as mimosas at bottomless brunch, and you can try out festive recipes by hosting an Easter virtual happy hour.

For this activity, simply send attendees a list of mixed-drinks like lavender lemonade, strawberry mimosas, and chocolate cream egg martinis. For spring mixed drink inspiration, check out these lists of Easter Cocktails from Delish or Country Living.

During the Zoom call, discuss holiday plans, play virtual happy hour games, and answer Easter icebreaker questions.

11. Easter Icebreaker Questions

Posing fun questions jump-starts conversations at your party, especially if your guests are not well acquainted. The list below contains Easter-themed topics.

Easter icebreaker questions:

  • Which do you eat first on a chocolate bunny, ears or feet?
  • What is your favorite Easter candy?
  • How old were you when you found out the Easter bunny wasn’t real?
  • Have you ever taken part in a church play?
  • Where would you hide an Easter egg to ensure it would stay hidden?
  • Choose one: lambs, chicks, ducklings, bunnies.
  • If you had to choose a new animal to be the Easter mascot, which one would you choose and why?
  • Spring or fall?

If your group is large, then feel free to split up into breakout rooms to give every guest the chance to discuss answers at length. Otherwise, answer in front of everyone so all guests become acquainted.

Here is a list with more sample questions.

12. Watch Farm Animal Webcams 🐣

The Easter bunny is not the only animal star of Easter; lambs, chicks, and ducklings share the spotlight. Though your party guests may not live on a farm, they can still pay a virtual visit to beloved Easter animals via webcam.

Here are some live farm animal webcams worth visiting:

More live rabbit webcams are sure to crop up around Easter time, and playbacks from past bunny cams are watchable on YouTube.

These digital displays encourage safe and responsible enjoyment of these animals, as opposed to purchasing pets just for the holidays.

13. Decorate Eggs

Decorating eggs is one of the most common Easter party activities, and there are several ways to adapt the tradition for virtual parties:

  • Use the digital whiteboard and annotation feature to decorate a group Easter egg.
  • Send plastic or paper mache eggs along with paint markers, gems, and glitter glue.
  • Visit ABCYA’s Easter Egg Maker and encourage young guests to craft and share digital eggs.
  • Mail egg coloring pages, and encourage guests to show off the results on camera
  • Invite participants to boil real eggs and color the shells with markers.

You can also assign a theme for the egg decoration, like outer space or monster eggs. Or, allow guests to use their imaginations to dream up a design.

Another way to boost this activity is by blending it with online art classes.

14. Easter Bonnet Contest 👒

An Easter Bonnet Contest is part craft, part race, part fashion show, and all fun. To start, every guest grabs a plain white paper plate, along with a string, ribbon, or rubber band to serve as a tie. Partygoers have 10 to 20 minutes to turn the plate into a beautiful Easter bonnet. You can also send guests embellishments like bows, ribbons, stickers, and tissue paper, or they can use decorations from around the house. When time is up, each contestant shows off the creation, and a judge determines the winner.

Easter Bonnet Contests are a great virtual Easter party activity for kids, and make for a fun photo too.

15. Duck Duck Goose

To play Duck, Duck, Goose virtually, first gather pictures of all participants. Next, turn the pictures into a presentation in Google Slides, and share the file with all party guests. The player deemed “it” will take a moment to rearrange the slides in the presentation, labeling most players with “duck,” and one with “goose.” Then, the player starts the presentation. When the goose slide appears, the “goose,” and the “it” player must stand up, run around their chairs three times, and quickly sit down. Whoever sits last is the next “it” person.


Hosting a virtual Easter party can be a great way to collectively celebrate the holiday. Hosting a virtual party gives your group the opportunity to gather, socialize, and enjoy seasonal activities together. Virtual parties can be a great bonding experience and morale booster, not to mention a fun pastime.

Next, check out our list of fun games to play on Zoom, this one with fun virtual activities for teams, and these holiday team building activities for work.

Other occasions to recognize in April are Virtual April Fool’s Day and Virtual Earth Day.

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FAQ: Virtual Easter Party

Here are some of the most common questions and answers about virtual Easter parties.

What is a virtual Easter party?

A virtual Easter party is an online gathering to celebrate spring and Easter. These parties typically happen via video meeting software such as Zoom, WebEx, Skype, or Microsoft Teams.

How do you do a virtual Easter party?

To do a virtual Easter party, first send festive invites to potential guests. Be sure to include the Zoom or WebEx link within your invitation. Plan activities and games to entertain your guests. Mailing Easter baskets to your guests is a nice touch too, and a great way to build excitement for your event.

What are good virtual Easter party ideas?

Good virtual Easter party ideas include conducting a virtual Easter egg hunt, mailing baskets of treats, and watching live farm animal webcams. Guests can also play fun games like virtual scavenger hunts and Virtual Spring Bingo.

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