18 Fun Virtual Minute To Win It Games for Adults

By: | Updated: November 30, 2023

You found our list of the best minute to win it virtual games.

Virtual minute to win it games are challenges to complete in sixty seconds. For example, cookie face, book brain, and simultaneous charades. These competitions often occur in person. However, many games are also playable online via video meeting software like Zoom. The purpose of these games is to sharpen reaction time and promote team bonding.

These challenges are online versions of minute to win it games, and a subset of quick group activities for conference calls, team building games online and video call games. The activities can be similar to virtual team challenges, virtual games for teams, large group games for Zoom, and 5 minute team building activities.

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Let’s get to it!

List of virtual minute to win it games

From Cookie Face to Noodle Doodlin, here are some of the best minute to win it games to play on Zoom.

1. Pack Attack

Supplies Needed: It’s a surprise until the game starts!

To Play: Pack Attack is a super fast lightning scavenger hunt. First, set the scene by telling players that there is an emergency, and they only have one minute to pack as many items as possible. Right before the timer starts, share your screen with the list of items.

We made a template for you to display:

Pack Attack Game Template Card

The player with the most objects at the end of the sixty seconds wins.

2. Cookie Face

Supplies needed: fist-size or smaller cookies

To Play: Participants place one cookie on the base of their foreheads. When time starts, players use their facial muscles and gravity to move the cookie into their mouths. Using hands is not allowed during this game.

You could either award points to every player or team who finishes, or tier points so that the first player to bite the cookie scores the most.

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3. Snowball Fight

Supplies needed: ball of paper and a mug

To Play: Snowball fights are one of the best Christmas virtual minute to win it games. Participants place a mug on a surface and then make a mark on the floor exactly three feet away. Next, each payer crumples up a piece of paper into a ball. Standing on the mark, players must toss the snowball into the mug as many times as possible within sixty seconds.

Or, players can substitute cotton balls or mini marshmallows for the paper ball, and count up the number of objects in the cup at the end of the game.

For more online Christmas team games, check out our guide to virtual holiday parties.

4. Human Dictionary

Supplies Needed: None

To Play: Human Dictionary is one of my favorite virtual minute to win it games with no supplies. To kick off the game, one teammate types two words starting with the same letter in the chat. When the clock starts, players have sixty seconds to list words that come between those two terms alphabetically. The word suggesters can use real dictionary pages as inspiration. Or, you can use the advanced search features in this online word generator to choose two random words with the same starting letter.

We suggest awarding one point per word or per syllable. For more fun with language, check out our list of vocabulary games.

5. Noodle Doodlin’

Supplies Needed: Pen and paper

To Play: Noodle Doodlin’ is one of the easiest do it yourself minute to win it games. Pen and paper are the only materials you need. Each round, give players an object to draw, such as a sailboat, a rose, or a dancing rabbit. Participants must place the paper on top of their heads and draw the image. Then, the group votes on the best picture and the winner earns points.

6. Takeout Typing

Supplies Needed: Chopsticks, computer keyboard

To Play: The gamemaster shares the screen to display a long paragraph. Players must type using chopsticks instead of fingers. At the end of sixty seconds, participants submit the copied paragraphs in the chat. The typist with the most words and fewest errors wins the round.

7. Black Box

Supplied Needed: Digital whiteboard

To Play: Black Box is one of the simplest Zoom minute to win it games. First, the meeting host shares the digital whiteboard and enables annotation. If participants are not already in groups, then the game leader should assign teams. Next, the host draws an equal number of large rectangles. When the timer starts, players use the thinnest pencil setting to draw within the squares. The object of the game is to fill as much white space as possible. However, other teams can use the eraser to sabotage opponents. When the minute is up, the team with the most space covered wins.

8. Flip Cup

Supplied Needed: Plastic cup

To Play: Flip cup is one of the most popular virtual minute to win it games for adults. Participants place the cup on a flat surface, rim facing up. This setup should be within full view of the computer screen. Players must tap the cup so that it flips completely upside-down, with the rim touching the table. At the end of the minute, players gain one point for each successful flip.

Flip cup is a classic drinking game, and you can play without alcohol too. For similar challenges, check out our list of Zoom drinking games.

9. Trunk Junk

Supplies Needed: Empty tissue box, pantyhose, tape, ping pong balls

To Play: This game requires preparation and gets a little messy. Each player fills an empty tissue box with ping pong balls. Then, participants tape the box to the pantyhose, and tie the pantyhose around their waists, so that the box is affixed to their lower back. When the clock starts, players must shake the boxes so that the ping pong balls fall out. The winner is the player who empties the box first, or shakes out the most balls.

10. Simultaneous Charades

Supplies Needed: None

To Play: The game leader sends each player a term to act out, either in a pre-meeting email, or privately in the chat. Participants set meeting screens to gallery view. For thirty seconds, players act out their words simultaneously. For the remaining thirty seconds, participants type out their answers. When time is up, players send the responses in the chat. Players get points for each correct answer, or the team with the most correct answers earns one point.

11. Upside Down

Supplies Needed: Nearby items

To Play: Participants turn as many objects upside down as possible. For example, players may overturn a cup, reshelve a book, or rotate a poster. All items must be within view of the screen, and they all must stay upside down on their own. When time is up, players count up the topsy-turvy objects. The player with the most upside down items wins the round.

Pro tip: Award bonus points if a team member turns themselves upside down by doing a handstand!

12. Countin’ On It

Supplies Needed: None

To Play: This game is one of the top online minute to win it games for adults that requires listening, communication, and teamwork. First, divide the group into breakout rooms. Once in breakout rooms, teams must count to the highest number possible in the alloted time, with a few conditions:

  1. The group must count by ones.
  2. Only one teammate counts at a time.
  3. The same player cannot go twice in a row.
  4. If two members start to speak at the same time, the group must start over at one.

When time ends, recall attendees back to the main room. The teams share the highest number reached, and the group with the largest number wins.

13. Card-carrying Ninja

Supplies Needed: Playing cards, and a semi-soft object like styrofoam, clay, or, a potato

To Play: Participants take aim at the object and throw the playing cards like ninja stars. The point of the game is to get the cards to stay in the item. You could either stop the game after the first player hits the target, or award points for every card that sticks.

14. Tower Power

Supplies Needed: Cards, pennies, dice, blocks, or any other stackable object, and a ruler or tape measure

To Play: The point of the game is to construct the tallest tower in under one minute. Towers must be freestanding and within view of the camera. To determine a winner, ask players to measure the height of the structure with a ruler or tape measure.

This game has many variations. In another version, you can ask players to build a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows just like in the classic team building game. Or, you can designate other building materials such as toilet paper rolls, paperclips, and rubber bands. You could even challenge participants to build a tower out of whatever items are in arm’s reach of their desks– a method that is sure to inspire interesting results!

15. Take a Turn

Supplies Needed: Wheeled office chair

To Play: Participants sit cross legged in the office chair. Using only their hands, they must make as many revolutions in the chair as possible in sixty seconds, without grabbing any nearby stationary objects. The player with the most full spins at the end of the round winds.

16. Memo Mouth

Supplies Needed: Sticky notes, preferably in two colors

To Play: Participants either use two colors of sticky notes, or draw two different symbols on the notes. Either way, there should be six of each note. Participants line up the notes across the desk, with one color or symbol on each side. When the timer starts, players must use only their mouths to switch the notes’ positions. The player or team with the most notes moved at the end of sixty seconds wins.

17. Letter leaders

Supplies needed: Keyboard

To Play: First, assign each player a letter. Then, put sixty seconds on the clock, and challenge players to make as many words as possible in the chat, typing one letter at a time. Words must be spelled correctly and letters must be in the correct order, or else the words do not count. You can either play all together as one group, or split the group into teams by using breakout rooms.

18. Book Brain

Supplies needed: Books

To Play: The point of this game is for players to balance a book on top of their heads for the full sixty seconds. To make the game harder, ask participants to stand up, shake or nod their heads, or add a second book. At the end of the minute, all players who have not dropped the books earn one point.

Virtual minute to win it scorecard template

We made a template for you to keep track of points and winners in each minute to win it challenge.

Virtual Minute To Win It Scorecard Template


Online minute to win it games make great icebreakers or re-energizers for virtual meetings. Since most games involve movement, they encourage remote workers to be more active throughout the day. Plus, the silly challenges loosen up participants and help them feel more comfortable among peers. Occasionally, the games even uncover hidden talents, like crazy flexibility, artistic ability, or super speed.

For more remote team challenges, check out our lists of virtual amazing race challenges, Zoom breakout room games, Slack games, virtual energizers, and improv games to play over Zoom.

We also have a post with virtual game night ideas, one with virtual activities for groups of coworkers, one with virtual fun Friday activities, and this one with at least 10 not lame virtual team building activities.

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FAQ: Virtual minute to win it games

Here are answers to common questions about virtual minute to win it games.

What are virtual minute to win it games?

Virtual minute to win it games are sixty second challenges you can play on video call software like Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. These games get players moving and test their ability to act quickly and keep cool under pressure. Remote minute to win it games can serve as virtual icebreakers, online team building exercises, or quick meeting warmups.

How do you play virtual minute to win it games?

To play virtual minute to win it games, first gather your supplies. Then meet up with your crew on a video call platform like Zoom, Skype, or GoogleMeet. Next, set a stopwatch to sixty seconds, and start the first game. When time runs out, record scores before moving to the next game. Be sure to keep a running tally of points, and name a winner at the end of all rounds. Participants can either compete individually or as part of a team.

What are the best virtual minute to win it games?

The minute to win it games to play on video calls include Human Dictionary, Cookie Face, Noodle Doodlin’, and Tower Power.

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