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30 Company Picnic Ideas, Games & Activities for Employees

You found our list of fun company picnic ideas.

Company picnics are events that bring your team together for food, activities, and entertainment. Examples of activities include three-legged races, taco bars, and DJs. The purpose of these occasions is to celebrate a milestone or gather the team for an afternoon of fun.

These events are similar to corporate family fun days and are examples of outdoor team building activities, group get-togethers, company offsites, corporate events, and corporate retreat activities.

This list includes:

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Here we go!

List of company picnic ideas

From Yard Kerplunk to Giant Four In A Row, here is a list of fun company picnic ideas to try with employees.

1. Team Sky Lantern Launch

A Team Sky Lantern Launch is one of the top group picnic ideas to end a celebration! To organize this launch, give each participant sky lanterns and art supplies for decoration. Team members can decorate their lanterns at any point throughout the picnic. Employees can personalize their lanterns with drawings, messages, or wishes.

As the sun begins to set, gather the whole team together. Once ready, the team will release their lanterns at the same time. This beautiful event fosters a sense of unity and shared moments.

2. Mindful Walking Labyrinth

Adding a bit of mindfulness to your picnic can help employees unwind. For a Mindful Walking Labyrinth, gather items from nature, such as flowers, leaves, or stones. Then, use the materials to set up winding paths for employees to follow. Participants can take slow and mindful walks through the labyrinth. Be sure to encourage employees to focus on their steps and surroundings. This relaxing activity aims to help participants reflect.

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3. Themed Costume Relay

Relay races are common employee picnic ideas, and you can add a fun twist with the Themed Costume Relay!

Here is how to host this activity:

  1. Gather costumes and accessories, like dresses, hats, and shoes.
  2. Split the group into teams.
  3. When the race begins, the first participant puts on a piece of clothing, a hat, and one more accessory as quickly as possible.
  4. Then, the first player runs a short distance in their costume to the next team member.
  5. The second member dresses up and runs to the third.
  6. The race continues until one team wins!

For some extra fun, award prizes for different costume categories after the race, such as funniest or best dressed. This entertaining version of a traditional relay brings laughter and team spirit to the event.

4. Drone-Racing Tournament

Teams who love technology will have a blast with a Drone-Racing Tournament. For this event, start by setting up a designated drone-racing course. Consider adding checkpoints or obstacles to make the course more challenging. Alternatively, you can ask players to take pictures or videos of certain landmarks during the race.

Then, either have members bring in their own drones or provide them. Players take turns navigating through the course. Whoever completes the challenge the fastest wins! This exhilarating activity combines tech and friendly competition.

5. Bubble Soccer Bowling

Bubble Soccer is a fun team building activity, and you can take it up a notch by adding bowling!

Here is how to host this activity:

  1. Gather bubble soccer balls and large inflatable pins.
  2. Set up a giant bowling alley in a big field.
  3. Place ten inflatable pins in the classic triangle shape.
  4. Participants roll, bump, and race to knock down the pins first.
  5. Whoever knocks over the pins wins!

Alternatively, you could play like traditional bowling and take turns individually to see who can knock the most pins over. Either way, be sure to give the winner a prize!

6. Planting Station with Seed Bombs

The best part about picnics is spending time outdoors, so consider enjoying nature with a Planting Station! To start, create a station where employees can make seed bombs by combining seeds, soil, and clay. Participants can mold the ingredients into small balls. Team members can take these seed balls home to plant them in their gardens. Alternatively, you can plant the bombs around the office to add some greenery to the space. This activity is hands-on and eco-friendly.

7. Bubble Station with Giant Wands

If you are looking for company family picnic ideas, then consider setting up a Bubble Station! To get started, set up a table with giant bubble wants and bubble solution. Team members and families can come up, dip their wands, and blow giant bubbles. You can even have a contest to see who can blow the largest bubble before it pops! This simple yet mesmerizing activity appeals to all ages, bringing joy to the picnic.

8. Cupcake Wars

No picnic is complete without dessert, and you can gamify your sweets by hosting Cupcake Wars.

Here is how to host this activity:

  1. Gather supplies like un-frosted cupcakes, frosting, sprinkles, and other candy decorations.
  2. Set a timer for five to ten minutes.
  3. Participants will decorate their cupcakes however they wish.
  4. After the time ends, a judge will give out prizes for the best cupcakes.

Prize categories can include the most colorful, most original, and funniest cupcakes. This sweet challenge adds a fun twist to the picnic.

9. Bubble Tea Mixology Station

You can set up a Bubble Tea Mixology Station so employees can make their own custom drinks! This station can include ingredients like different flavors of tea, toppings, and boba pearls. Employees can customize their own bubble tea by choosing their favorite ingredients. This station is a delicious and interactive experience.

10. Customizable S’mores Bar

If you plan on having a bonfire at your picnic, then add a S’mores Bar to your list of corporate picnic ideas! The bar can include various chocolates, marshmallows, and graham crackers. You can even add fun candy for a more unique treat, like Reese’s cups for the chocolate. Throughout the picnic, attendees can stop by and make their own custom s’mores. Plus, folks can enjoy sitting around the fire and telling stories. With a S’mores Bar, you can bring a classic campfire treat to the party.

11. Watermelon Carving Contest

Pumpkin carving is one of the top fall activities, and you can give it a fun summer twist with a Watermelon Carving Contest! You can choose two different ways to host this experience. In the first variation, start by bringing watermelons to the picnic. Then, set a ten- to 15-minute timer. Participants will carve the best watermelon design they can, and judges will award prizes.

In the second version of this contest, participants will carve watermelons at home. This version of the game gives participants more time and allows them to be more creative. Then, folks will bring their carvings to the picnic and put them on display. Finally, judges will choose winners and give out prizes.

Regardless of which method you choose, carving watermelons is a fun twist on a traditional activity!

12. Team Find and Seek Game

Team Find and Seek Game is a different spin on scavenger hunts. Instead of lists, teams receive ten cards with words on them, like “sparkly,” “square,” or “red.” Each team has one hour to find an item that fits the descriptions on all the cards. For example,  a diamond, a cereal box, or an apple. The team that finds all their items first wins!

You can customize this game to your picnic venue. For example, if your venue is at a beach, then you can use words like “sandy” or “blue.”

Check out more scavenger hunt ideas for adults.

13. Tutu Tug Of War

This activity is bound to bring some giggles! In Tutu Tug Of War, teams partake in a good old-fashioned game of tug-of-war sporting tutus! The costumes add playfulness to the game and keep competition light rather than fierce. The items you will need for this activity include Manila rope and tutus.

To set up your game, calculate the number of players you will have on each team. Next, measure two feet per person and five feet of Manila rope to separate the two groups. Then, tie a knot on the Manila rope every two feet. Each team member will grasp the rope. Finally, pick tutu colors for each team.

For extra fun, create signature team T-shirts to pair with the tutus. For example, Team TUTUlly Awesome!

Here are more outdoor field day games for adults.

14. Alice In Wonderland Croquet

One of the more whimsical outdoor company picnic games is Alice In Wonderland Croquet. In this take on the classic British game, teams compete against one another using flamingo mallets and hedgehog balls.

To set up the game, buy Alice in Wonderland Croquet sets. We recommend buying more than one set for simultaneous games for larger groups.

To play the match, set up your course according to the croquet set directions. Or, you can use YouTube croquet tutorials. These tutorials also outline basic rules. Next, divide teams up into two, four, or six. Finally, the team that completes the course first wins!

For additional Alice in Wonderland whimsy, add prizes for the winning team. We recommend a boozy swag bag with ingredients for Queen of Hearts Cocktails.

15. Mad Tea Party Picnic

You do not have to be a child to appreciate Alice in Wonderland. With a Mad Tea Party Picnic theme, your team can bond over games like Alice in Wonderland Croquet, tea party food, and an iced tea bar.

Some tea party food ideas include:

  • tea sandwiches
  • salads
  • tea cookies
  • teas
  • fruits and herbs for infusing the tea
  • flavored syrups

You can use a chalkboard to write iced tea combination ideas or to display on-theme art. To encourage kooky conversation, you can prepare unusual icebreaker questions. This theme is among the best work picnic ideas.

16. Team Caricaturists Activity

Hiring a caricaturist is one of the more unique work picnic event ideas. There are many ways you can organize this activity like:

  • Have the caricaturist draw team members from each department. Then, after the picnic, you can frame the pictures and hang them in each team’s common area.
  • Have the caricaturist mix and match different team members to get teams who may not often work with one another bonding!
  • Have the caricaturist draw the entire team to hang in the office.

Regardless of what method you choose, your team will love seeing their cartoon selves on paper!

17. Yard Kerplunk

Yard Kerplunk will rekindle your team’s childhood memories! Large stacked sticks hold multiple balls in the yard version of this game. Players from two teams take turns removing each stick. The team that chooses the sticks that make all the balls fall loses the game!

You can either purchase a Yard Kerplunk or DIY to set up this game. If you DIY, you will need the following items:

  • wire cutters
  • 7/16 x 36″ long
  • 25 feet of metal fencing
  • 100-200 ball pit balls
  • zip ties
  • spray paint

You can use ohsolovelyblog.com for a step-by-step tutorial on putting your Yard Kerplunk together. Feel free to have your group construct the set together before playing for an extra team building element.

18. Lawn Scrabble Challenge

In this game, Scrabble enthusiasts will love creating words with life-sized Scrabble pieces! To set up the game, divide players into four teams. We recommend capping each team to two players. Next, have each team choose letters. Then, each team takes a turn playing a word. Finally, the team that has the most points wins!

You can find life-size Scrabble pieces online for under $100, or you can DIY the game with poster board or wood scraps.

Here are more team building board games for groups.

19. Mason Jar Food and Art Picnic

In this activity, Mason Jars bring delicious food and art to your picnic goers. To set up a Mason Jar Food and Art picnic, create a menu.

Mason Jar food ideas include:

  • layered salads like Greek, pasta, and taco
  • main dishes like picnic taco jars, picnic burrito bowls, and lasagna
  • layers of cookies, sandwiches, and chips
  • soups like tomato seashell and miso noodle soup
  • desserts like peach crisp, strawberry shortcake, and lemon meringue pie

You can do a simple, inexpensive mason jar project for an art activity. To set up this activity, you will need:

  • mason jars
  • acrylic paints in various colors
  • sponge paint brushes
  • paint brushes
  • stencils
  • mason jar decals
  • tape

The sky is the limit with mason jars, and your picnic goers will love creating and swapping ideas with one another. They can try painting, using stencils, or applying decals to their jars!

Pro Tip: You can add plastic forks, knives, and spoons to your food mason jars using washi tape.

20. Team Lawn Yahtzee

You can ignite your team’s competitive fires with Team Lawn Yahtzee. This dice game is like traditional Yahtzee but uses life-sized dice, cups, and scoring sheets. The objective of Yahtzee is for teams to roll maximum points in each of Yahtzee’s thirteen categories and a higher overall score than the opposing team. For example, in the Yahtzee category of Large Straight, players have three chances to roll dice with “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” for a maximum score of 40 points.

To play the game, divide players into two teams. Next, each team player takes turns rolling five dice, three times a turn. Both teams continue to play until they have points for each category. The team who scores the highest total at the end of all 13 rounds, wins the game!

21. Ladder Golf

Ladder Golf is one of the perfect picnic activities for adults. In this game, teams race to score 21 points before their opponents. To play the game, divide up two teams of three players. For larger groups, we recommend getting two or three ladder sets so many picnic goers can play simultaneously. Next, give each player a bola ball. Bola balls are two balls secured at the end of a small rope. Then, each player takes turns throwing the bola. The objective is to wrap the bola ball around one of three ladder rungs. Each rung equates to a different score. For example, the top rung is worth three points, the middle rung is worth two points, and the bottom rung is worth one point. The team who scores 21 points first wins the game!

22. Adult Water Slide

One of the top fun, simple company picnic activities is adult water slides. Picnic goers will feel like children again as they slip and slide! You can rent adult water slides that inflate like bouncy houses to set up this activity. Or, you can purchase modestly-priced inflatable waterslides online. You can add more water fun to the day by arming your team with water guns and balloons.

Pro tip: Warn guests to wear clothing that they do not mind getting dirty or wet so that they may enjoy the slide!

23. Glow In The Dark Picnic And Olympics

The beauty of picnics is that you can host them during the day or night. With a Glow In The Dark Picnic and Olympics theme, your team can eat delicious food at dusk and then transition into glow-in-the-dark Olympians after the sun sets. To set up this game, first, plan your menu. Next, outline your games.

Some glow-in-the-dark game ideas:

  • glow-in-the-dark volleyball
  • glow-in-the-dark capture the flag
  • glow-in-the-dark Tic-Tac-Toe
  • cornhole with LED lights
  • glow-in-the-dark ring toss

Finally, buy fun glow-in-the-dark party gear for your team. Some glow-in-the-dark party gear ideas include LED glasses, necklaces and bracelets, and team t-shirts.

To play the game, divide your picnic goers into teams of two to four players, depending on the size of your group. Assign two teams to each activity. For example, Team A and Team B compete in volleyball, and Team C and Team D compete in cornhole. After each game, compile scores from each category. Next, rotate all teams until each team has had the opportunity to compete against one another. Finally, award prizes to the team with the highest points in each category.

Here are more office Olympics ideas.

24. Picnic Sandwich Bar

Picnics are synonymous with sandwiches and games. You can delight your team’s tummies with a gourmet sandwich bar. A few ideas for a gourmet picnic sandwich bar include ciabatta bread, smoked turkey, brie cheese, and cranberry aioli. You can stock the bar with pre-made sammies, get a few party subs, or give guests the option of building their own masterpieces. You could even turn the bar into a cook-off-style competition by having attendees submit recipes for their ultimate sandwiches and asking a panel of judges to select the best-sounding combination.

25. Balloon Darts

Balloon Darts is one of the best small company picnic ideas. In this game, picnic goers throw darts at balloons for different prizes.

Supplies you will need for this activity:

  • four to eight feet of pegboard
  • 20-30 balloons
  • darts
  • prizes like money and small gift cards

To set up this activity, stuff the balloons with one prize. Next, blow up each balloon without tying the ends. Then, stuff each balloon end into a pegboard hole. Next, tie the balloons until they are secure. Finally, instruct picnic goers to take turns throwing darts at the balloons. They get to keep the prize inside every balloon they pop!

Pro Tip: You can use a regular funnel to help you insert prizes into the balloons. You can enclose small incentives into the balloons like a free day off or an extra hour of lunch break. Feel free to print pictures or write the names of larger prizes that will not fit inside the balloon.

26. Giant Four In A Row Game

Giant Four In A Row Game is a giant lawn version of the classic Connect Four game. In this game, picnic goers compete to get four tokens in a row within a seven-column, six-row grid. To set up the challenge, divide players into two teams. Next, each player takes a turn dropping a token into the grid. Finally, the team that gets four tokens in a row first wins the game!

27. Apple Pie Moonshine Making Class

Apple Pie Moonshine is not actually moonshine but a cocktail. Regardless, your picnic goers will love making this delicious drink!

Apple Pie moonshine ingredient ideas:

  • apple cider
  • apple juice
  • brown sugar
  • vanilla extract
  • spices like cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, and cardamom
  • high proof grain alcohol
  • mason jars

To set up your class, first, designate a teacher to teach the tutorial. Next, print out Apple Pie Moonshine recipe cards for each picnic goer. Then, set up working tables of all the ingredients and mason jars. Finally, mix the drinks and enjoy a delicious cocktail!

For more fun with mixology, check out these virtual happy hour cocktail kits.

28. Sip and Picnic Rug Paint

One of the most unique corporate picnic activities is a Sip and Picnic Rug Paint activity. This project is a spin on popular sip and paint nights. In this activity, picnic goers sip wine while painting picnic rugs.

Items needed for a Sip And Picnic Rug Paint Activity:

  • canvas drop cloths
  • spray paint and acrylic paint in various colors
  • stencils
  • paint sponges
  • masking tape
  • wine glasses
  • a variety of wines like red, white, rosé, and sparkling

Picnic goers can choose different ways to paint their blankets. Crafters can use stencils to create fun patterns like pineapples or masking tape to create lines or checkered patterns.

To set up the project, choose an outside venue like a park. Next, on the picnic day, lay out all canvas drop cloths about three feet apart. Then, help picnic goers choose the style, paint, and pattern for their picnic blankets. Finally, serve up the wine and let the creativity flow!

For more instructions on picnic rug painting, we recommend Within the Grove, brit+co, or Freutcake.

29. A Boho Picnic

When looking for company picnic themes, consider A Boho Picnic! The word “Bohemian,” AKA “Boho,” often refers to an eclectic fashion sense with mismatched patterns and colors. You can give your team members all the Bohemian feels with a Boho-style luxury picnic.

Some Boho food and picnic ideas:

  • low picnic tables with colorful pillows for seating
  • throw blankets in various patterns
  • mismatched plates and glasses
  • vibrant flowers in vases
  • charcuterie boards of meats, cheeses, fruits, and desserts
  • sangria wine

You can create a Boho ambiance with LED lanterns, mismatched vintage blankets, and candles. This upscale picnic decor will make your event feel chicer and is bound to be more memorable than a simple cookout with picnic tables and potato salad.

30. Tie Game

A fun activity is the Tie game. The object of this game is to learn more about other team members. To play the game, get a large ball of multi-color yarn. Next, designate one player to start talking about themselves. When that person says something of the same interest or that is common to another team member, that particular team member yells, “Tie!” The turn-taker tosses the ball to the team member who yells out “tie” first. Then, the ball continues to get tossed around until every team member has had a chance to talk about themselves. Finally, all team members can see the many “ties” with one another!

Check out more get to know you game ideas.


Company picnics are perfect opportunities to bring teams together. These events do not need to be extravagant to be successful. Simple ideas like gourmet sandwiches, balloon darts, and adult water slides can create fun team memories without breaking the bank. Picnics have several great elements of team building, including shared meals and fun games. Plus, these outings are a great way to help employees relax and get some fresh air and sunshine.

For more event inspiration, check out these lists of field day ideas for work, beach party ideas, office cook-offs, and culture committee ideas.

You can also plan breakfast at the office.

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FAQ: Company picnic ideas

Here are answers to questions about company picnic ideas.

What are company picnics?

Company picnics are a popular summer activity for organizations. Company picnics can thank employees for their hard work or strengthen teams via team-building activities. These events are also known as “employee picnics”, “work picnics” and “corporate picnics.”

How do you plan a corporate picnic?

The first step in planning a corporate picnic is determining your picnic’s objective. For example, your goal may be to celebrate a milestone, boost morale, or celebrate an achieved goal. Then, choose themes, activities, and games. We recommend deviating from traditional picnic fanfare like hamburgers and hotdogs. By getting creative, you are showing your team members that you care enough to create something special and you will leave lasting memories. Finally, buy picnic supplies and prizes that fit your theme and activities.

What are some fun work picnic event ideas for employees?

Some fun work picnic event ideas include Ladder Golf, Alice In Wonderland Croquet, and Team Caricaturists.

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