14 Fun Skype Games to Play

By: | Updated: November 02, 2023

You found our list of the best Skype games.

Skype games are activities that take place on the messaging platform Skype. For instance, hangman, backgammon, and file roulette. The purpose of these games is to encourage team building between remote coworkers and make distant meetings more engaging.

These games are a subset of video call games and are similar to Zoom games, WebEx games, and games for Microsoft Teams.

This list includes:

  • games to play over Skype with coworkers
  • how to play games on Skype

Here we go!

List of Skype games

From Bingo to backgammon, here are all the best games to play on Skype at work.

1. Trivia

To play trivia on Skype, start by dividing into teams. Then, one coworker can read off the questions, and groups can answer by using the chat. You can update your Skype display name or current mood with your team name to better remember who is in your crew.

We made starter trivia questions for your game.

Skype Trivia Questions and Answers

Be sure to keep score throughout the game. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins bragging rights. 🙂

Check out our guide to virtual trivia.

2. Bingo

Playing games of Bingo on Skype is a great way to liven up long Zoom calls and is a fun bonding experience for remote teammates.

We made an example Skype Bingo card to give you an idea of how to play.

Skype for Business Bingo CardFirst, send cards to participants. Be sure to randomize the squares so that not every player wins at once! Since Skype for Business does not have breakout rooms, teams can play together in one large group. Players will volunteer information or ask each other questions to determine which teammates belong in which squares. If playing with a larger group, then participants cannot mark the name of the same coworker in any one column, row, or square.

Players can use the chat and the microphone to ask and answer questions. Sneaky players can use the direct messaging feature to find clues without alerting other players. Participants can also use the screen share function to provide proof.

The first player to mark off five consecutive boxes wins!

Check out online team building Bingo for more information.

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3. Word Jumbles

Word Jumbles make great warmup games for meetings on Skype. Simply screen share a puzzle page, then challenge attendees to type as many answers as possible in sixty seconds. The players or teams with the most correct answers at the end of the minute win the game.

Here is a template you can use:

Skype At Work Word Jumble

Skype at Work Word Jumble Answer Keys

Check out our full list of vocabulary games.

4. Hangman

To play Hangman games on Skype, use the digital whiteboard feature. One team member thinks up a word or saying and then draws a number of blanks corresponding to the letters. Other players guess letters, and player one either fills in blanks if players guess correctly or draws part of the hangman if not. The game ends when players guess the word or phrase or when player one finishes the drawing.

5. Backgammon

Once upon a time, Skype had an “extras” feature that enabled users to play plugin games during chats. Backgammon was one of the most popular games to play on the platform. While the Skype extras feature has fallen by the wayside, you and your teammates can still enjoy a game of Backgammon together.

Simply find a collaborative online version of the game, such as 247backgammon or VIPbackgammon. Then, invite teammates to play on the website. Join a Skype call together, then use the split screen function to display both windows.

Backgammon is a classic board game with simple rules, which makes it a great game to play with coworkers. However, there are many other board games you can play with remote colleagues by taking similar steps.

Check out our list of the best team building board games for inspiration.

6. Virtual escape rooms

Virtual escape rooms are among the top games to play over Skype with coworkers. To complete these online escape rooms, teammates must work together to solve riddles and puzzles. Typically, players must unravel the mystery within a set amount of time, such as an hour, to “escape the room.” Some virtual escape rooms are live video meeting challenges led by actors, while others are simply collections of puzzles on apps or Google Forms. Either way, completing these challenges tests teammates’ skills and brainpower and teaches remote groups how to collaborate online.

Check out our list of virtual escape rooms.

7. Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a game that asks players to choose between two actions. The options presented are often tough choices, uncomfortable situations, ridiculous scenarios, or opposite philosophies. No matter what, the game sparks conversations and helps players understand each other’s reasoning.

Here are some sample questions that are perfect for work:

  • Would you rather have unlimited vacation time or a high salary?
  • Would you rather forget your boss’s name or have the boss forget your name?
  • Would you rather build an ethical company that fails or a successful company that’s unintentionally unethical?
  • Would you rather have a boring job for high pay or a fulfilling job for low pay?

Playing Would You Rather on Skype is a great way for remote colleagues to get to know each other since explaining decisions helps teammates understand each other’s logic.

Check out our full list of Would You Rather questions.

8. This or That

This or That is one of the simplest Skype business games. The game asks players to choose between two related yet different choices. This or That is easy to understand, simple to play on Skype, and great as an icebreaker game to kick off virtual meetings.

Here are some This or That questions perfect for work:

  • Early bird or night owl?
  • Desk or couch?
  • Lunch break or snack break?
  • Potential or experience?
  • Work from home or work from a cafe?
  • Travel by car or travel by plane?
  • Coffee dates or company parties?

This or That can accelerate the team bonding process by helping remote teammates find similar interests and common links.

Check out our full list of This or That questions.

9. Online murder mysteries

Online murder mysteries are games that ask participants to roleplay a crime story and figure out which character is a killer. Playing a character helps coworkers socialize without the pressures of presenting their best selves to colleagues. Not to mention, the mystery gives participants’ brains a good workout and teaches teammates how to collaborate online.

To play a virtual murder mystery game on Skype, first choose a mystery, then send each attendee a part. Participants will read through the script, look for clues, share suspicions, and deduce the identity of the killer together. Skype’s file-sharing and screen-sharing features make it easy to view clues together. Bonus points if any teams or characters dress the part!

Check out our list of the best virtual murder mystery games.

10. Team building quiz

Team building quizzes help remote colleagues get to know each other better. To make a team quiz, use the poll feature in Skype. Pose a question to the group and show the results. You can run a mini quiz with one question per meeting or ask a series of questions. Feel free to discuss answers and bond over experiences.

Here are some good questions for team building quizzes:

  • What is your favorite part of working here?
  • What was your favorite team outing?
  • What is your workday “power hour?”
  • Who is the funniest team member?
  • Who is the most caring teammate?
  • Favorite work snack?
  • If you could vacation anywhere, where would you choose?

Check out our guide to team building quizzes.

11. Online Poker

Online poker is one of the best card games to play over Skype with coworkers. Poker teaches players to remain calm and composed, and is a great exercise in strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and decision-making.

To play poker on Skype, first find a poker website or app like Zynga Poker or LiPoker. Next, invite team members to play on the app. Then, join a Skype call together and either play on a separate mobile device or use the screen split feature in Skype to display both windows simultaneously.

12. File Roulette

The premise of file roulette is simple. Players start a chat on Skype and drop random files to each other by using the file-sharing feature. Players might dare each other with prompts like, “Show me the last file in your downloads” or “What is the oldest picture in your photos folder?” To add an element of randomness, participants can use a random number generator. For example, a player might say, “Send me the fourth file in your documents folder.”

Ideally, players should not have any inappropriate or offensive files on their work computers. However, if employees do have such files, or if the requested file is confidential information, then players should use good judgment and skip to the next appropriate file.

13. Phone a Friend

One of Skype’s best features is the ability to phone international numbers at a low cost. Phone a Friend is a Skype game that connects your crew with folks from around the world.

First, choose a country with a common language. Next, dial a foreign number, ideally an acquaintance or a team member in another country. However, you could also choose a restaurant or a shop, as long as you start the conversation by verifying the other caller isn’t too busy to talk. When calling, be respectful of time zones too.

Then, ask the caller questions. It helps if you and the team decide on questions before making the call. Examples might include:

  • What do you see outside your window right now?
  • What event are you most looking forward to?
  • Describe the best thing your business sells.
  • What’s the big news today in your location?
  • Have you ever visited our country?
  • What questions do you have for us?

This is also a great game for the classroom. Just be sure to respect your caller’s time and keep the call short. Note also that you will need to have some credit on your Skype account since international calls are not toll-free.

Here are more fun question games to play with friends.

14. Copycat

Skype’s side-by-side video display is perfect for Copycat. Players join a video call and designate one participant as the leader. The leader goes through a series of motions that the other players duplicate in real time. As the game progresses, the moves get more complex. Players are out of the game if they miss or mess up a move. The last player to remain standing wins the game.


Skype may not be the most popular virtual meeting platform, nor the one with the fanciest features. Still, there are many games you can play over Skype with remote colleagues, and the quality time is just as meaningful.

Not to mention, Skype integrates with many Microsoft programs, meaning you can incorporate features like emails into peer playtime. Many of these games also double as great remote hybrid activities as well. If you are wondering how to play games on Skype, then this list is a great place to get started.

Next, check out our list of free virtual team building activities, these fun virtual games for large groups, and this list of FaceTime games.

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FAQ: Skype games

Here are common questions and answers about Skype games.

What are Skype games?

Games for Skype are competitive activities you can play with remote teammates or friends on Skype. The purpose of these games is creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, and fun. These games are a great way to make Skype meetings more engaging.

What are the best games to play over Skype?

The best games to play over Skype include trivia, online murder mysteries, This or That, and team building quizzes.

How do you play games on Skype for business?

To play games on Skype for business, join a group call with your remote colleagues, then use the microphone, webcam, and chat box to play a game of choice. You can also use the split screen feature to display a multiplayer online game next to your Skype call.

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