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14 Virtual Tea Tasting Class & Event Ideas in 2024 

You found our list of fun virtual tea tasting ideas for teams.

Virtual tea tasting classes are online experiences where attendees meet up via video conferencing software to try different types of teas while guided by an expert host. These activities often include information about the different types of teas, brewing techniques, and the history and cultural significance of tea. The purpose of these events is to promote relaxation, mindfulness, and team building among remote coworkers.

These classes are a type of online team building activity and Zoom group social event. These experiences are similar to virtual tea parties and online coffee tasting classes.

This list includes:

  • virtual tea tasting workshops
  • Zoom tea tasting experiences for teams
  • online tea tasting kits
  • virtual tea tasting ideas

Here we go!

List of virtual tea tasting classes for groups

Here is a list of hosted online tea tasting classes with kits or bring-your-own-options, perfect for team building.

Kettle pouring tea into a cup on a saucer

1. Gourmet Boutique

Ideal For: Foodies, history buffs, the highly organized

Gourmet Boutique offers a variety of Zoom tea tasting experiences for teams. Class options include pairings with chocolates & macarons so teammates can enjoy a sweet treat alongside a steamy cup of tea. The accompanying Zoom session includes education about tea preparation as well as history and cultural significance of the drinks and the snacks. The event also involves hands-on exercises that encourage attendees to actively participate and use their senses. Packages also include a gift card so that guests can order directly from the shop.

Learn more about Gourmet Boutique.

2. Mindfulness Tea Ceremony

Ideal For: Budget-conscious groups, DIY-ers, traditionalists, travel lovers

Mindfulness Tea Ceremony is one of Airbnb’s online experiences. During this virtual event, a practiced instructor guides guests through a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The event posting lists out the supplies needed to follow along (both authentic and around-the-house substitutions), however brewing alongside the host is optional. The experience includes a short icebreaker, historical and cultural context, and a Q&A section.

Learn more about Mindfulness Tea Ceremony.

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3. Mansa Tea

Ideal For: Executives, high performers, hospitality professionals, remote teams in search of a special experience

Mansa Tea offers one of the more upscale virtual tea tasting workshops. The classes are led by a certified tea sommelier who gives insight into the history of tea alongside instruction in technique and guidance in the tasting process. Online tea class options include gaiwan brewing, cold brew brewing, aged tea tasting, and aged tea tastings with honey pairings. Standard virtual events are bookable for groups of up to four, however specialized corporate packages are available and can accommodate hundreds of guests. Mansa Tea will send class kits to participants, and kits for some classes even include teaware and can double as a nice gift.

Learn more about Mansa Tea and check out more executive team building ideas and luxury gift ideas.

4. Anna Ye Tea

Ideal For: Diverse teams, teams in need of relaxation, teams seeking customization

Anna Ye Tea conducts private virtual tastings for groups of various sizes. Each online tasting includes a kit with three tea samples alongside setup and brewing instructions. Anna helps organizers customize the class to fit the group’s interests and preferences and leads the group in proper preparation and tea education. The classes have a heavy emphasis on culture, community, and inclusivity, and can be a vehicle to expand your team’s horizons. Since bookings are tailorable, teams can experience more eclectic and out of the ordinary themed tastings such as iced matcha or Lunar New Year.

Learn more about Anna Ye Tea.

5. In Pursuit of Tea

Ideal For: Happy hour lovers, hobbyists, teams that could use a break

In Pursuit of Tea offers several virtual corporate tea tasting packages. The more unique offerings include a tea and cheese pairing and cold brew and tea cocktail class, and there are options to customize events. Standard event kits include tea samples, brewing info, and, if a food-centric event, accompanying snacks. For an additional fee, organizers can also add equipment to the kits. Sessions range from 60-90 minutes, can accommodate small or large groups, and are led by an expert host.

Learn more about In Pursuit of Tea.

6. Amico Tea

Ideal For: Small groups, researchers, groups serving global clientele

Amico Tea specializes in Chinese tea and sources its leaves from a specific grower. Attendees of these virtual tea events gain a deep understanding of where the tea comes from, alongside tips on how best to prepare and enjoy the beverage. The knowledgeable hosts provide background about the tea and are happy to answer audience questions throughout the session.Organizers can choose from two tasting box options: an Oolong assortment, or a variety of Amico’s signature blends. Each Zoom session is highly personal and interactive and can range from 45 minutes to two hours.

Learn more about Amico Tea.

7. The Tea Wala

Ideal For: Global groups, educators, teams celebrating special occasions

The Tea Wala hosts private and corporate virtual tea tasting events with kits. Each tea kit includes six tea samples from around the world, three of which will be brewed during the session. Selections are hand-picked by company founder and event host Mona, who provides insights into the tea profiles as well as the farm-sourcing process during the sessions. Events last 90 minutes, are slow-paced, and allow for plenty of time for team bonding and relaxation.

Learn More about The Tea Wala.

8. Té Company Tea

Ideal For: High-level tea enthusiasts, small business supporters

Té Company Tea is a NYC-based small business that provides virtual tea tastings for corporate groups upon request. The business sends online tea tasting kits to participants so that team members can complete each step in the steeping process alongside the host. Classes are customizable and the staff is willing to work with a range of budgets. The company’s website also has a slew of resources for tea novices including an index of different tea types and brewing guides for various equipment.

Learn more about Té Company Tea.

Virtual tea tasting ideas

Here are creative ideas for virtual tea tasting events to help design a DIY online tea tasting experience.

1. Bubble tea tasting

For folks looking for a fun and upbeat experience, bubble tea tasting is an alternative to traditional tea tastings. Boba is a style of tea that originated in Asia and typically includes tapioca balls or similar chunky mix-ins. The tea is most often enjoyed cold and this activity is ideal for summertime or more trend-savvy teams. You can book a corporate boba making class, send participants a DIY kit and follow self-guided instructions, or simply have attendees order bubble tea from a nearby restaurant and reimburse the costs. Then, meet up on Zoom to make and enjoy the drinks together and chat.

2. Spill the tea

“Spill the tea” is a slang term that means to gossip. While gossip is often discouraged in workplaces, this form of tea-spilling is work-safe and just-for-fun. In this monthly or quarterly event, teammates meet up to share a cup of their favorite tea and catch up on juicy non-work news tidbits. Subjects of conversation might include the latest development on a mutually-loved TV show, the current drama happening with household pets, or scheme-sessions for prank wars. The main point of these events is to encourage casual banter between teammates, similar to a virtual water cooler hangout.

3. Teas of the world

Teas of the world is an ongoing virtual tea team building event where coworkers meet up on Zoom to try a tea from a different country every month. Team building works best as an ongoing effort, and this activity gives teammates a reason to meet up regularly and get to know more about each other in the process. You could either sign the group up for a tea subscription service, or simply choose a different country to feature every month and send or ask team members to get a tea from that region. If you have a globally diverse team, then you can also invite team members to lead sessions educating the group about tea practices in their homelands.

4. Cup or mug decorating

Cup decorating adds elements of online art classes to the tea tasting. When sending attendees online tea tasting kits, include a plain white ceramic mug or paper cup and markers in the package. Then, encourage participants to either decorate their cups beforehand and show off the results during the meeting, or to design the cup during the class. Art can be meditative and relaxing just like sipping tea, so these activities pair together perfectly.

5. Brew & breathe

Brew & breathes combine tea tasting with meditation. To do this activity, get a guide to lead the meditation exercises, or find a guided meditation online to play. There are many ways to structure the session, for instance starting and ending the meeting on mediation and tasting tea in between, dividing the meeting half and half, or doing short meditation and breathing exercises in between rounds of tea sampling. This activity is also a low-cost and low-maintenance event, and participants can bring-their-own-tea and there are many free meditation and breathing exercises available online.

6. Tea Leaf Fortune Telling

Fortune telling can be a fun bonus activity at the end of a virtual tea tasting. Many cultures read tea leaves to predict futures. You and your team can use the tea leaves left at the bottom of the cup to make guesses at future events. If you know someone who is skilled at the art, then you can invite that person to lead the group. Otherwise, the team can consult a tasseography guide or come up with impromptu interpretations.

Final Thoughts

While coffee encourages folks to speed up, tea often has the opposite effect. Virtual tea tastings are a time to encourage team members to slow down, be in the moment, and engage in quiet reflection. These exercises emphasize self-care, calming techniques and emotional regulation, and overall employee wellness. Plus, tea also has a deep history and widespread cultural significance, and learning about the drink can foster connection and support diversity education.

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FAQ: Virtual tea tasting classes

Here are answers to common questions about virtual tea tasting classes. 

What are virtual tea tasting classes?

Virtual tea tasting classes are online experiences where an expert guides a group through the brewing and tasting process with multiple kinds of tea. The purpose of these activities is to encourage relaxation and connection among virtual teams.

How do you do a virtual tea tasting?

The easiest way to do a virtual tea tasting is to book a class with an online provider. These packages often include tea tasting kits as well as sessions led by an expert guide, and organizers only need to pay and provide email and physical addresses for participations.

However, if you would like to lead a DIY online tea tasting experience, then simply make a Zoom link, collect RSVPs, gather tea bags or loose teas, create kits, and send packages to attendees at least two weeks in advance. Then, gather online to try the different teas together and talk as a team.

What are the best online tea tasting classes for teams?

The best online tea tasting classes for teams include Mansa Tea, The Tea Wala, Anna Ye Tea, and Gourmet Boutique.

What are some good online tea tasting ideas for groups?

Some good online tea tasting ideas for groups include brew and breathes, bubble tea tasting, and mug decorating.

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